Neville Goddard Our Real Beliefs || EP 1107

Our Real Beliefs

Neville Goddard


Tonight’s subject is “Our Real Beliefs.” I really want this series to be the most productive that we’ve ever had. By that I mean I want everyone present to really have a goal, a noble goal, and realize it, realize it before we close in May. May I tell you, you can realize it, I mean that seriously. So what do I mean by our real beliefs? Our real beliefs are what we live by. Real belief and knowing are one. When a man really believes, it’s just as though he knows, it’s tantamount to knowing. But I tell you, belief—I call it faith, I call it belief—it is not complete till it becomes experience.  

One must experience it and then they know it. Now you will hear the same thing tonight. Everyone present will hear exactly the same thing, but no two will hear it in the same depth. Some will hear it on the surface, others will hear it below the surface, and others will hear it down in the very depths of their being. It’s where you live. As we are told, “The word came to them as it did to us; but it did not profit them, because it was not mixed with faith in those who heard it” (Heb. 4:2). They heard it and rejected it, but they heard it. It came in and went out. It did not receive acceptance by those who heard it, and so they instantly rejected it. Tonight, I hope you will not reject what I’m going to tell you. But that’s your choice. You’re free; you can accept it or reject it.

NEVILLE. Imagining and the Transformation of Man: 1964 Lectures .  

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