Neville Goddard I Remember When || EP 155

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This is an analysis and a retelling of another wonderful lecture by Neville Goddard called:

I Remember When

It is really very simple and explores the idea of using memory as a trick to create reality. By going into states and becoming someone who can use this technique of remembering when something that has yet to occur. It has great power to help you move into new states and create magnificent new realities.

I remember when….

Welcome to the Reality Revolution

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Welcome to the reality revolution today. I’m excited to talk about a lecture that Neville Goddard gave on April 10th, 1968 it has some great revelations in it. I learned a lot and we can apply some of the teachings in it. It’s called, I remember when an old classic Neville language and examples, I think what he’s saying is very true, especially when I look at my own life and you’ll have to tell me what you think. So he begins by saying, when I receive a great revelation concerning the creative power of God, I cannot keep it to myself, but must share it with all that will. Listen. Here is one I received many years ago. I found myself in spirit in the interior of a stately mansion in New York city. It was the kind of home the great financial giants lived in at the turn of the century, fully awake and aware. I was visible to the three generations who were present. The son spoke to his children saying, your grandfather would stand on an empty lot and say, when I, I remember when this was an empty lot, and then he would paint a word picture of his desire for that lot so vividly that those who heard him could see it completed right before their eyes. This is the grandfather who made the fortune. We are now enjoying. I awoke, recorded the experience and returned to sleep and re dream the dream. Only this time I was the grandfather speaking to those present. I said, I remember when this was an empty lot. Then I pictured the building place there so vividly. The very stones molded themselves into the form I envisioned. What a wonderful idea. You walk around your house and imagine something being there and then say, I remember when that was empty right there and imagine what was really there using the principle that Neville Goddard has so clearly defined. That is so powerful. That is a part of the law of attraction. That is a part of a lot of people that talk about manifestation, but it’s just so uniquely captured by Neville is that you go into a state and here he goes into the state of the grandfather that looked at the empty lot and he became that creator. And so there’s a little lesson here and not in just sitting in saying, I remember when, but also going into the state of the person that can create in the same manner this principle can be used. Neville says in a destructive or constructive way. You can say, I remember when this was a glorious building. And look at it now as you become aware of rubble, where once a glorious building stood or you can stand on rubble and say, I remember when this was all rubble. As you imagine a glorious building, you can say, I remember when my friend had nothing, and now he has much. Or I remember when he had much and now he is so poor. You can say, I remember when she was healthy, which would imply she’s now ill. or I remember when they were unknown, implying they’re now famous. So you see what power was in that revelation. It’s entirely up to you how you use your imagination, but the operation of your creative power is completely up to you. You make the decision and are therefore responsible for its effect on the world. In the 12th chapter of the book of numbers, we are told if there is a prophet among you, I the Lord will make myself unto him in a vision and I will speak with him in a dream. A scriptural prophet is not one who tells your fortune, but one who hears the word of God and fulfills it. If you asked me if I were a prophet, I would answer in the affirmative. I’m not one who prophecies by looking into a crystal ball. Tea cup leaves, cards or astrology, but one who has fulfilled scripture. I know I am the central figure of scripture called the father. I came into the world to fulfill scripture and share my revelations, my experiences concerning the power to create in this simple way, God revealed his power to create his power, to remember when having nothing. You can become aware of being surrounded by wealth and feeling wealthy. You can say, I remember when I had nothing. Does that statement not implied that the state of poverty no longer is exists for you? I remember when I was unknown. I remember when I couldn’t sell a book. I remember when I couldn’t sell anything I wrote. I remember when now you fill in the events, the desires and fulfillments. I remember when do not those words imply memory? In the first vision I heard of memory, but in the second version I vision, I experienced it as I stood on a vacant lot. I remembered and as I did a fabulous structure took form and the dream was doubled, affirming that it was fixed, that the law was established by the Lord. As told us in the 41st chapter of the book of Genesis, I tell it to you now in the hope that you will put yourself in an I remember when mood and trust your memory, because your memory is your own wonderful human imagination. The one and only creative power of God. Scripture calls Jesus Christ. When people say, Jesus Christ is coming again, do not believe them for Jesus has never left you. Did he not say, lo, I am with you always even to the end of the age. Then how can you look for him to return? Scripture States that Christ was taken up into the kingdom of heaven, which is within, and that he will come in the same manner as he was taken up. If Christ God’s creative power is in you, he cannot come from without. Although he seems to be invisible. Christ has never left you. You cannot detach yourself from imagination. So in this particular passage, Neville Goddard is saying that Christ is our imagination or God’s creative power and replacing the word Christ with that word and saying that heaven, when we talk about heaven, it is within not a place that’s outside of us. I know that I read stuff like that and that people are triggered. People hear the words, Jesus Christ and they turn it off, especially in certain kinds of spiritual community. Please understand this is the way that Neville Goddard was communicating this as a teaching from the Bible that goes beyond the Bible as a metaphor and there is power in that in what he is saying. Don’t let it trigger you because there’s still an important teaching in here. And some people get turned off a little bit by Neville Goddard because it brings back those old memories of preachers telling us stories from the Bible and using them effectively to minimize and change our spiritual beliefs in ways that did not work for us. And some people become triggered by that. So this is not material that you should look at. In that way. He is offering you an alternative way to look at this material. Yes, Christ will come, he says, but not in the way that you were taught. Listen to these words from the eighth chapter of John carefully. If you remain in my word, you are my disciples and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. Questioning this statement that people said, we are sons of Abraham and have never been in bondage to anyone. To this Christ replied, he who commits sin is a slave to sin. You were taught to believe that sinning is when you do something wrong, but I say you’re sending when you miss your Mark in life by failing to move. If tonight you find yourself in a state, you no longer desire to express, you must learn how to move into your desired state. If you do not move mentally, you continue to live your undesirable state, thereby sinning and missing your Mark in life. Regardless of what you made desire persist in feeling it’s fulfillment for if you do, feeling will become believing to say here that Neville saying that sin is literally you not missing your Mark and failing to move and failing to move into your desired state. As sons of Abraham, the people claim to have never known bondage yet Jesus told them, if the son sets you free, you are free. Indeed, this is true for only when you recognize God’s son David as your son. Are you really free? When David stands before you doubt fleas and as you feel this wonderful relationship belief set you free in the beginning of creation, the spirit of God, his creative power called Christ moved upon the face of the deep. Now, motion cannot be detected, saved by change in position relative to another object. Unless there is a fixed reference from which an object moves, no movement will appear. Let us use a weak sick man as our fixed reference and looking into our minds. He is strong, healthy man and say, I remember when he was weaken sick, but look at him now. Do that and you’ve moved relative to the man. So do you have somebody that’s sick or suffering, try this out. And I remember when they were sick and they’re so healthy now, do you have, do you know of somebody that’s that’s, that’s poor or doesn’t have a job? Say, I remember when you were, I remember when they were unemployed, start to apply this. It’s a free gift you can give to the people around you and this power when used for good works, I have not really tried it in the other in the other way, but I don’t believe that it is effective because there’s a deep part of your subconscious. But I do think when you, when you use this power to benefit others in service of others in visualizing or even stating, I remember when that it’s pretty powerful and you can see changes. I have seen changes when I’ve done, I remember when he was weakened sick, but look at him now. Look at yourself in the mirror and dare to see radiant health and happiness reflected back to you than say within yourself. I remember when my reflection was so different. Persist and seeing your new image reflected there and you will resurrect that state. Your image, your concept of yourself or another is in your own wonderful human imagination who is Christ and Christ is the only God, God, the father and Christ your creative power are the same being. Therefore, he has never left you. When I interviewed Kate jaggedy, an expert on Neville Goddard, that was one her for her favorite exercises, the mirror exercise, and I’ve used it. Now you kind of have a soft focus on the mirror and you look at it and you imagine something different. You use your creative mind with your eyes open and I have to tell you, I was pretty impressed once I got done with that interview, very quickly I tried that technique and check that interview out. Try that technique, check her book out. She’s got some great exercises from Nova Goddard tonight. Neville goes on to say, regardless of whether your dreams are beautiful or horrible, you are aware of them because Christ has never left you. And when you awake in the morning, Christ, your imagination awakes with you or you could not remember your dreams. The human imagination is the God the world honors as they should for imagination is the creative power of the world. Learn to control your wonderful imagination and you will discover that the whole vast world is yourself pushed out. One of the favorite phrases that people use with Neville Goddard, and I haven’t had an episode on it, I will do it once I understand it better, but here we see one of the first references on my channel when I’ve done these lectures is pushed out and here he doesn’t say that. Let’s, let’s look at this again. Learn to control your wonderful imagination and you will discover that the whole vast world is yourself pushed out. He’s not saying other people are pushed out. He’s saying the whole vast world is pushed out. I see no reference in this. He is saying the whole vast world. So in the previous sentences he is, he is referring to imagining for other people. So this is maybe one of the key key areas where people get this particular reference. What is your opinion about it? I think in some ways this teaching has been misused, uh, denoting that people have some kind of power or that they’re solipsistic in the world and they have complete control of people around you. I don’t think it’s that, that you see things come reflected back to you. But in this particular case, I don’t know. Um, as I said, I’m still a student. So learn to control your wonderful imagination and you will discover that the whole vast world is yourself pushed out. So at the beginning of the sentence seems to imply learning to control your imagination is when you begin to see that you are yourself pushed out, which to me just really means that when you control your imagination, you start to create your reality. Last night I visited many of my friends, not only those who are here, but those such as my brother who have gone through that little gate, the world calls death. You see? To me, this world is no more real than the world I visited last night. My friends, although gone from this fear are having the same experiences they had while they were here, hating, liking, loving, disliking. They’re the same people only young with the same problems they had here. This I know for being fully aware that I have already died. I can close my eyes to this world and enter that world instantly. I spent my entire night in a world which is not real to this one yet so solid and real to those who inhibit in habit. Now, in the 14th chapter of the book of John, the central character of scripture said to those who were beginning to fulfill scripture. You heard me say to you, I go away and I will come to you. If you loved me, you would have rejoiced because I go to the father for the father is greater than I. This statement appears to be conflicting, but it is not in the audience. Tonight are three to whom I made the statement and they rejoiced fulfilling some scripture. Now I say to all, unless I go away, I cannot come to you. If you love me, you will rejoice in the depth of your soul, for you will know that although I will be invisible, I will never leave you becoming invisible. Christ became you. Therefore, he cannot return. I have told you, I am the father, that the father dwells in me and I dwell in you and you dwell in me and so when you find me, you find yourself as the father. This is the unity of our being and there is no other. Take what I’ve told you this night to your heart and put it to the extreme test. In this world of Caesar, there is no to your creative power. Simply stand on your new belief and say to yourself, I remember when. See what you want to see in your mind’s eye in place of what you see on the outside. May I urge you to always use your power in a loving way for it can be used, unloving Lee with the same results. It is possible to take a business that belongs to another and tear it down. This has done many times unwittingly, but the effect is the same. A few years ago while in Barbados, I asked my brother about the business and he replied quite innocently. It is doing remarkably well. The man who owns two thirds of it is a good manager, but his hours are long and I think he is getting tired. Six months ago the man asked my brother to buy him out stating that the hours were too long and the responsibility to great my brother set the whole thing in motion and because the man wanted out, my brother got the business at his price. Victor has done this many times before, but not from revelations unless my father told him one day the two of them were standing on the 50 acres of undeveloped land, which opened to the beach. When my father said, you know, Vick, this would be a good place to build homes and hotels. The property was then owned by three sisters who were not interested in selling, but one day when they were ready to sell the man who had really wanted the property was in Brazil. So my father bought it. The thought expressed by my father seemed to be an idol one, but it wasn’t for thought only takes a moment of intensity to be made alive. A kettle of water placed on a low flame is slow to boil, but when the flame is increased, the boil is assured. I was so intense in my vision of being the grandfather here again, we see him taking the state as the key to his technique. I was so intense in my vision of being the ground father that I built a word picture so clear that those who heard it saw the building as something objective to them. The key is this. While in a state you’d no longer desire to express. You must move inwardly by claiming. I remember when I was in a state, I did not like, if you can remember it, you are no longer in it. So if you are depressed, for instance, this isn’t an example that Neville would probably go with if you’re depressed. I remember when I was depressed and stead, you’re becoming aware of your new state as a present. Objective fact, if you will remain faithful to your new awareness, meaning that you have to stick with when he says that if you remain faithful, it means that it’s not just instantaneous. It will crystallize. You will find yourself moving across a series of events which will lead you to the fulfillment of your desired state. How it will it come about? I do not know. I only know it will enfold and here again, Neville always emphasizes, don’t worry about the how, the how is not important. I meet so many people that are on this journey that just get too caught up in the how. Start now to remember when your friend wasn’t well by imagining he is healthy. Remember when your daughter was single by imagining she is married. Go through life remembering when haven’t you heard people say, who does he think he is? I remember when he had nothing and he was a nobody. Now you may have heard a little jealousy in their tone. And that is good because envy adds fire to the statement which causes the one spoken to have more. He may never know who caused the success, but it was done by an act of remembrance with intensity. So here we have an example of Neville talking about how you can affect other people. I haven’t had an episode on finding a specific person and we don’t have to re, but we’re still talking about everybody as you pushed out. And so in this particular example he’s saying that you can, if you you, you can use jealousy as a way to help somebody. So if you sound a little bit jealous so you can say, who does, who does he think he is? I remember when he had nothing, he was nobody. And so you can purposely evoke a little bit of jealousy for that person if you want them to be successful. It’s an interesting way of of manipulating that emotion. My vision, although experienced many years ago, was doubled, thereby affirmed and made a principle for all to prove. So I asked you to try it. Compare what you want with what you have. If they differ, you must make the effort to move. You must learn the secret of emotion. Many years ago, my friend Bob discovered this in his vision. He questioned me saying, how long have I been here? And when I replied two years, he asked, did I learn anything? To which I answered, yes, you learned how to move. You must have a frame of reference by which you can detect movement. [inaudible] memory is such a frame. Perhaps your friends remember you as poor and unknown. You can move by assuming you have changed so much that they no longer recognize you. And from that of reference, you can observe the expression on their faces. Those who love you will empathize. Those who do not will show envy. If you see envy, don’t try to change it for their envy will become a resisting force, which will help you move forward. Everything needs resistance in order to move. I couldn’t leave this platform without it. Oh, what a great example. If you envy somebody, and this is something that uh, I had a mentor that taught me, if you envy somebody, you will not get what you envy. And so if somebody’s envying of you, it’s like they’re pushing what they want themselves to have and giving it to you like a gift. So sometimes you can feed like some people feed on fear, feed on whatever energy, some energy vampires out there. You can feed on people’s envy. You couldn’t drive your car without resistance. So if you discover one who desires to play the part of envy, let him play it. Dare to assume you’re the only one you really want to be. Use your same circle of friends, but this time see them from a different angle. Observe their faces and listen to their whispers as they look at the new you. And remember when this is what I was shown, and God spoke to me through the medium of vision and made himself known to me in a dream. If we know that God speaks to us in a dream or vision, is there anything more important in the world? Is there any TV program, movie, radio or newspaper, greater than a revelation which comes from the depths of the soul giving an internal principle of creation. There is nothing in this world equal to it. I urge you this night to seek the kingdom of God and all these things will be yours and for Neville, he’s saying to search for your imagination, do not let anyone tell you that Jesus is coming again for he has never left you and you as your own wonderful human imagination. Christ is crucified in all and will eventually awaken in all as he gathers us together into himself, into his one body, one spirit, one Lord, one God and father of all. So maybe the revelation when Jesus says the resurrection, it’s your resurrection in you. Now, some of you are having physical and emotional problems. As I told a friend tonight, no one ever promised you that it was going to be easy to bring forth the greatest gift in the world, so don’t expect it. There will be problems, horrible problems, but be of good cheer for. We are told in the 16th chapter of John, when a woman is Intervale, she suffers, but when the child is born, she forgets everything because of the joy that the child is born. You are destined to know such joy for the child to be born in you is Christ Jesus the creative power of God. Okay? I’m not promising you complete relief from all physical problems, but I have given you a law which will cushion the blows of life. Things are going to happen and you will find all kinds of challenges, but you now have a law which States whatsoever you desire, believe you have received it and you will. That’s a law which will never fail you and there is no limit to your power of belief. It’s entirely up to you as to how and when these revealed laws of God are used. But I do know that you are going to conceive and bring forth the greatest thing in this world, which is the birth of God, the birth of joy. As Blake said in his poem, the mental traveler. I traveled through a land of man, a land of men and women to and heard and saw such dreadful things as cold earth Wanderers, never knew for there. The babe is born in joy. That was begun in dire. Whoa. Just as we reap, enjoy the fruit which we in bitter tears did. So here Blake is telling us what he saw in his mental journey ending on this lovely note. All is done as I have told, and he meant exactly that everyone will experience scripture just as it was foretold the resurrection, your birth from within, finding your son David, your ascent into heaven and the descent of the dove. This is your destiny, yours to experience when your memory is restored. But don’t forget what I have told you this night. It came to me from the depths of my soul, which is God the father. It is he who speaks to you from within and when he appears, you will know him for you will be just like him. And as he rises in you, all impossibilities will dissolve. As you realize that everything is coming into your world from within. Listen to these words carefully and you will see that the father never left you. I came out from the father and where is the father in heaven and where is heaven within? So I came out from within the words within and above as well as without and below are the same in scripture, coming out from within IC a world and others who have power over me. Now I want to leave the world and go to the father. How is that done? By returning within and since there is only one within where I can go that I can come again to be seen coming from without. When you return to the source, the cause of all life, you will know that you and I are one. You will know it is because there is only one father and one son. And when my son calls you, father, memory will be yours and you will know the truth of what I say. Now that I am in my father and my father is in me and I am in you and you are in me for we are one [inaudible]. Welcome to the reality revolution.

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