Guided Meditation – Isn’t It Wonderful? || EP 154

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Can I ask you just one question ?

Isn’t it wonderful?

This meditation is based on a technique that Neville Goddard taught in one of his lectures. This is designed to get you into the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

Goddard advises saying isn’t it wonderful or thank you, thank you, thank you repetetitively like a mantra. This is similar to ho’oponono. By repeating this simple phrase you begin to align yourself with the wish fulfilled. It is only a matter of time before this reality becomes manifest.

Isn’t it Wonderful?

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Welcome to the Reality Revolution

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Music by Mettaverse

111Hz ✧ The Language of Light ✧ Balancing the Mind ✧ 444Hz Tuning

777hz deep relaxation

111hz “the holy frequency”

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