Interview with Renee Garcia – “Queen of Transurfing and The Real Life English Tufti” || EP 156

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Renee Garcia is an expert on Reality Transurfing. She has coached it and trained others how to use it and apply the principles in the real world. I have been trying to interview you her for a while and I was elated to finally get a chance to sit down and talk to her about Reality Transurfing and more.

I learned a lot about Renee and a variety of topics in this interview. We talked about how to apply the principles of Transurfing such as the space of variations, pendulums, the mirror, meditation, activating the plait and a variety of other techniques and philosophies. We discuss many additional topics as well such as the famous Russian writer G.I. Gurdjieff.

Renee carries lots of experience in this field and the story of her personal journey was super interesting. I learned a lot from this interview and I am sure you will too.

(When the interview was complete she requested the title the queen of transurfing and the real life tufti, I happily obliged.)

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Welcome to the reality revolution. I’m so excited to have Renee Garcia, the ultimate transfer surfer here with us today. As anybody that’s followed my channel. I’ve talked a lot about trans surfing, a lot of these concepts, but I’ve always wanted to talk to Renee because you coach trans surfing and you’ve actually applied these principles beyond just reading the book and talk about it. You’ve taken these principles and coached other people on how to apply it. And so there’s unique knowledge from that. And so for people that may not know, Renee, I want to do, give you guys an opportunity to get to know her and get to know her story and we can talk and go deep a little about about trans surfing. So welcome to the reality revolution. Or thank you for having me. Brian, I want to correct you on something. I no longer coach trans surfing. Yeah, I did it for a number of years, I think close to five years and I retired myself from it, uh, at the beginning of this year. So whatever I do now, uh, is really for free. I don’t take money for it anymore except for the certification process. If you want to become a certified coach, that costs money. But besides that, um, this is my contribution to the mirror, so to speak. All right, well, at a minimum you’ve had some experience coaching trans surfing concepts, right? So, Oh yeah, yeah, for sure. I’ve had lots of clients. I’ve had some pretty, uh, pretty successful people come to me, which was a little TIFF intimidating at first, you know, um, they’re, I like to say that the trans surfing knowledge can help people in pretty much two different camps. The first camp is the people that their wives are kind of Iraq, right? People that have a lot of pendulums on them, people that you know, can’t make sense of their personal relationships, people that don’t have money, um, people that are just trying to get to like ground level, you know, and then, then the other camp is the people that are highly successful already and they want even more success. So those are the two sort of, I, you know, there are some exceptions obviously, but those are the two sort of camps that I’ve encountered doing my instruction. And yeah, anytime somebody super successful came to me and I was like, okay, go, what else can I do? I’m like, Oh my God. So before we go into all of the trans surfing stuff, let’s, let’s find out a little bit more about you. A lot of people may not know about your story and where you came from and how you got into this. So w tell us a little bit more about your, your journey to this point. Well, um, my journey has been, um, has been very dynamic. Um, I really, from a very young age, I knew that I was destined for a lot more than the position I was born into. And the programming, I guess you could say that was put on me by my surroundings, my environment, my family. Uh, I was, I was born and raised poor white trash. Uh, we never really had much, you know, my parents were very, very working class. There was a lot of us. Um, and yeah, I grew up in California and a trailer park and my life kind of, you know, it was what it was until I had the power, I guess, to sort of create a new trajectory for myself, which is what I did. And I set out into the world. And I realized very, very shortly into, uh, my journey of adulthood that I was not really fit for a conventional way of life. Um, I had a lot of struggles maintaining employment. I really felt like I was just constantly, um, being confined or restricted by not only my programming but the system, you know, the whole system, the way that it was. And I took these concepts and this is why I think I’ve not only been able to take trans surfing as far as I have, but then also help others. And utilizing these concepts is I, I realized very, very quickly these, these concepts before I even read the book. And I would do all these trans surfing like things in my life, uh, to get myself, you know, climbing to higher tracks. And when I was, let’s say I’m in my early thirties, people started asking me questions because I was living a pretty remarkable life at that point. Uh, I had a lot of success. I had a lot of freedom. Um, I had a pretty amazing lifestyle. Like I, you know, lived on my own sailboat in, in, in Marina Del Ray. And people were like, Whoa, you know, who the fuck is this chick? And like wa, you know, like, like, how are you doing this? You know? And I, um, I really couldn’t explain it. You know, I would say things like, uh, I just do it, or I just started taking action or I just pushed myself any, any, um, any, anything that I felt like I could do, I would take it a step further. Right? I just always pushed outside of that comfort zone constantly. And it wasn’t until I found trans surfing that I was like, Holy shit, this is what I’ve been doing. You know, this is what I’ve been doing. And so many people had asked me previously, what, what, what is it exactly that you’re doing? Especially in a place like Los Angeles, right? Where it’s like a rat race. Everybody’s trying to get, you know, a bite of the cheese so to speak. And when you can come up, especially being a single female, no college education, right? And people were like, well, how are you doing this? So when I found trans serving, I was like, okay, now, I mean, I use the concepts in, in, in, in their traditional form and kind of built the, uh, the vocabulary and my brain of what it was I was doing. Exactly. But after about a year of that, I was like, okay, I know what I need to do now. I need to tell people what it is that I’ve been doing using these concepts and, uh, using these terms to explain it to people and try to help people just gain better realities for themselves. You know, that’s really, really what it’s about. You’re one, you’re one of the only people I’ve ever talked to that’s actually met Vadim Zealand, which is an amazing, it’s amazing thing. So what at some point you read the book and it was incredible, and then you decided, I’m going to go to Russia and I’m going to take this to the next level. Tell me about that. That’s, so that’s, that’s always me by the way. I’m always like, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll find something that I like and then like, I’m not kidding you. A month later I’ll be taking it to the next level. Whoa. Like, where do you, what, how do you do that? And I’m just like, okay, everyone here’s the, here’s the deal. You are not confined to a box. Nobody is, nobody is confining you but yourself in your mind. You can do whatever the hell you can do if, if your brain can go there first, right. So, so once your brain gets past that point, then everything sort of opens up. And you know, it sounds sort of ambiguous or mystical or something when you don’t quite understand it. But for me, it’s just the mode that I operate in. You know what I’m saying? It’s just so, yeah. Um, I, I realized quickly that I wanted to get to the source. I was obviously super curious who Vadim Zeeland was and I gained the opportunity to go to Russia and to meet him. And it’s actually a pretty crazy story. Um, I was out on a date that the night that I thought I, before I was supposed to leave. So I’m sitting out at a date on in Oakland. I was living in the Bay area. That’s at the time I’m sitting out at a day and I get this notification on my phone that my flights just been canceled. And I’m like, and I’m, and I’m like, what the hell? Why has it been canceled? So I excused myself from the table and I go, go and, you know, try to figure out what’s happened and reason that it was canceled was that I missed the first leg of the flight from San Francisco. I was supposed to be at the airport, work to your advantage perfectly. Oh gosh. It was crazy. It was crazy. I was, I was like, Oh my God, I can’t believe this. I just miss my flight to Russia. I came back to the day, I was like, this is so weird, but I, I’m supposed to be at the airport right now. So anyway, that night I bought a new plane ticket. I got to Russia. Yeah. Russia was an amazing experience. The Dean was awesome, you know, he really, uh, showed up as being, uh, extremely supportive of my visions of what I wanted to do with trans surfing. And you know, what I saw for trans surfing in the U S and yeah, it was a pretty, pretty Epic. Um, it was a pretty Epic meeting of the minds. And ever since then he has been by my side. He’s been awesome. He supports me in almost everything. I do a once in a while I’ll step outside of the lines a little and he’ll be like, well, Renee, what are you doing? Once he was called me nuts. He’s like, are you nuts? I’m like, Oh, wow. And the Dean calls you nuts. That’s pretty funny. Right? Uh, but so it was, it was a class setting. It was a one on one training. How did that, no, it wasn’t training. It wasn’t training. It was, yeah, I, I met him through a friend and I just, um, yeah, I got the opportunity to show up to a restaurant and, uh, the publisher of the book, the reality transforming steps one through five was there. And so was, um, Tatiana, the director of the uh, yup. Tuesday. Right. So [inaudible] you met [inaudible]. Yeah. Wow. That’s amazing. Yes. A weird non-important question. What did he eat? Um, so he doesn’t eat meat and we talked, we talked quite a bit about diet that in the morning he eats, um, fruit only fruit for lunch he eats vegetables only and then for dinner he allows himself to eat whatever he wants, but he does meet me. Wow. Yeah. I, I’ve, I’ve read, I, I’ve tried after I read that his diet is hard. Sorry to do that raw diet with itch. I guess eventually I could pull it off, but yeah. Yeah, it is. It is. It is. Um, it is challenging. I did the raw diet for probably about a year when I lived in LA. I was like a hardcore Rodriguez, but um, yeah, I’m kind of the opposite now. I’m actually like, he know now and I really do. I really, I eat a lot of fat. I eat a lot of red meat. Um, but I really do feel like diet is very, very specific to, to your blood type in your body and who you are ranked crazy. I’ve tried so many crazy things living in LA, you know how it is. Everybody’s like, Hey, 50 bananas a day and I’ve done all that shit. But a KIDO kind of me, my brain likes the saturated fat and I know the Dean’s got his theories about food and I respect those, but I’ll talk to my body. Um, so the first time you read the book, it wasn’t like if it was like me, it was just wow. I mean it’s just this huge eyeopener. It’s the explosion of information that condensed everything together. That’s part of it, you know. Um, yeah. I, I’ve heard you interview and, and, and it’s, I’ve had the same, I have friends cause I have, you know, video explain trans surfing to me and then I’ll, okay, then you start to try to explain it and it’s not something that you can explain in a single sentence. So there’s the deep explanation for people that are watching this and maybe they have never heard of transferring. There’s going to be some people watching this and this may be their first exposure. That’s always, so it’s always an interesting thing. I think you do a better job of it. Um, but we have time. So let’s go with the deep explanation. Let’s go with the deeper explanation of your concept of trans surfing. If we want to explain it to people so they can better understand it. Yeah. So, so like I’ve said, um, this, this describing of trans surfing, it really, it really does matter who it is you’re speaking to. Right. You know, um, people that are very, very asleep if you want to use for Jeff’s terms, you know, very, they’re mechanics, right? Like their programmings on them and they’re, they’re not seeing the white yet. I have a certain way of describing it. And then people that are a little more, you know, a student understand, um, you know, metaphysical stuff and their awareness and all that, then there’s a different way. So I’ll just kind of go down the middle of the road a little bit. So, so what I like to say is that trans serving is a set of tools or concepts that help you understand and manage the background of reality and what it is exactly and then you get to manage your relationship to it, right? So there’s two, there’s two ways of looking at trans surfing. There’s what’s outside of you, right? The space of variations or the alternative space, pendulums, right? Um, things that would cause an induced transition. Um, there’s opportunities, there’s all this information is matrix of information that’s outside of it, but then you have the reality that’s in your, in your head, in your brain, you’re programming your thoughts. And what you’re attempting to do with trans surfing, with these tools are created for, is that you get to break down what reality actually consists of, what your mind is actually doing, and then connect and fuse to that outer environment via your inner environment, right? In a way that’s going to allow for more pleasure as a human being for yourself. Success, happiness, um, you know, feeling content with your reality, feeling like your world’s a safe place and it’s taking care of you and things are awesome, but you have to reconcile both. You can’t be of sound mind and your mind be in a state of awareness and your mind functioning well, but then you think your reality, you’re out. Your outer environment is not a nice place. Those two won’t go well and it goes the same in the other direction. You can’t be fucked up in your head and then think the world’s a great place that’s not going to work either. So it really boils down to how you, how you manage your thoughts, keeping track of your thinking, keeping track of what your brain is doing, why it’s doing it. Um, importance was one of the just, I mean talk about blowing my reality wide open, right? Um, really gaining a very, very solid sense of importance. What importance is why you do it when you’re doing it and how do you connect that with your external environment? If you could implement one thing from the trans surfing book and see results, I mean you could implement any of the concepts and see results. Just one I think hands down is the most valuable concept that will change your life. Let’s talk about that because that was the thing that really struck out to me cause I had been able to go back and look at all the mistakes I had made and it was all related. Oh man, I made that so important. And that’s why, so I’ve had, I’ve had discussions with friends that have, have explored trans surfing. Can you reach a point where you, you, you focus on importance so much that everything becomes unimportant and that that can something be important or my kids important? Is it a mental tool or can’t? I mean there’s, can there be an extreme where you start to think everything is unimportant and then it takes away some of your motivation and your desire and things like that. There’s, do you understand the question I’m asking because you can take it to the extreme. I can start saying this is not, that’s not important. My kids aren’t important. This relationship’s not important. This business isn’t it? And then it can end up working against me a little. Is there balancing forces from, I think the focus on unimportant important. Yeah, I understand exactly what you’re saying. Um, it is a very, very interesting theoretical question that you’re proposing here, uh, that if you take the concept of dropping importance too much, um, you know, will we destroy our realities really? But, but I think being human, we’re a little bit protected. We’re a little bit safeguarded against that happening because we will always need certain things, right? We will always need some shelter. We’ll always need human connection, you know, we’ll always need, um, you know, regardless if we have it or not, we’ll always leave money in the bank, uh, warm bed, sleep. And so you know, dropping importance I think is not so much about devaluing these external desires, so to speak. It’s more about disconnecting emotional attachment from them. It’s not that I’m saying I don’t want to be rich. It’s not important. It’s about saying that I don’t care. Do you understand the difference? I know it’s so vague and it’s so funny. I guess to me it’s a, it’s an, it’s an emotional attachment. Like you said, if I put my emotions, the importance I put the emotions towards, that’s when the imbalance occurs. I’m thinking about the balance that is that it’s like a, I see a scale almost and as soon as I create importance that the scales. Yeah, no, I know. I know exactly what you’re saying. I know exactly what you’re saying and I actually have a few little tricks now. I know that like I’m kind of a weirdo, right? I we, we love weirdos on the reality revolution. Okay, good. I live my life to a very, very different set of rules than those people and I am a, I am a gambler at heart. I truly am like I have made a lot of very, very big bets in my life, you know, and I knew that it was either I’m going to win at all or I’m going to lose it all, you know? And I’d become very, very comfortable with that. So, so the concept of dropping importance to me just really rides right next to that sort of mentality runs there. Right. So I’ll give you an example. I go to a park with my dog where there are a lot of homeless people hanging out and I kind of observe the homeless people there, you know, laying on their blankets, they’ve got their dogs, they’re, they’re, you know, taken drugs or smoking cigarettes or doing whatever. And I think to myself, and I know this sounds crazy, but I think to myself, okay, worst, worst, worst case scenario. I ended up on one of those blankets hanging out in California taking drugs. So can say that’s worst case scenario. Is that actually that bad isn’t actually that bad? Could I figure out a way to be happy in that scenario? Yeah. I actually could figure out a way to be happy in that scenario. You know, the one thing that I would buy, I would buy, I would keep my cell phone and I would keep teaching people about trans surfing, you know? Yeah. Is it that bad? Like is it that I would, I would have my buddies I’m hanging out with. Yeah. Some, some bad things would happen, bad things, but I could find the advantage of them. Right. My mental is just like Vadim Zeeland says in the book. You could be happy in a prison serving life or however he words it. Right? You can be in a prison, you can be in a jail cell and you could find out a way to be happy when you can approach life from that mentality, dropping the attachment to building, dropping the attachment to gaining Trop, dropping the attachment to having, or being someone or being wealthy, whatever it is, and just assume that you could go to the bottom and be just as happy. Then you have a fucking chance to win. You know what I’m saying? Yeah. I, I think that you’re right. Even if somebody has not learned of the concept of importance, that polarity, that accepting the worst case scenario, super powerful. Oh, it’s more powerful, I think. And I think that’s why like, you know, to Betten Buddhism, right? Those, those Buddhist monks, those Tibetan Buddhist monks, when you, when you sign up for that life, you were stripped of everything. He probably had nothing to start with. But you literally walked around the countryside, sleeping in barns that people allowed you to sleep in. You had a bowl with you and empty bowl and people would come and give you a bucket scoop of food and, and you walked around the countryside. Just, I know. It sounds very liberating, doesn’t it? Yes. So there is a reason why that was a thing. And that’s not the only, that’s not the only culture that has that sort of tradition, right? There’s lots of nomadic people that live off the land. There’s all sorts of, throughout history, there’s always been their happiness, their level of happiness wasn’t lower than ours because they had less, you know, that Buddhist monk was probably happier than most people today in the U S you know what I’m saying? So it really comes down to like where you personally are putting your levels. How is your scale, right? Are you viewing having no money in the bank? Now I’m not advocating for having no money in the bank, just accepting the possibility because focusing on the possibility also can sometimes the fear of it can sometimes attract that lifeline or induce a transition. Like you said, it can induce a transient transition, but, but worse than that, the fear of it you’ll live with will be a reality regardless of what it does externally outside of you, you know, what sort of consequences that, that mentality reaps for you. It’s just going to be living with that fear constantly. And I used to that. I mean, there were times in LA I had, you know, lots of money and lots of stuff and I was just always fearful losing it, you know, now I was able to do enough to keep it right. I didn’t induce transition myself and go down to zero or anything like that. But I definitely know what it’s like to live with scarcity mentality. It doesn’t matter how much you have, you know, you’re never going to be comfortable. If you can’t see right. You can be a millionaire and still have that fear. Oh, and I’ve known lots of people with money. You know, I, uh, I, I won, I once watched a guy I was having lunch with who was a billionaire and I am kidding you has $1 billion. Okay. And he paying for lunch, dropped a coin on the ground and I’m not kidding you, he looked for that coin for five minutes. I think that’s part of the reason he’s a billionaire too also. Yes. Yes, it is. It is. Absolutely. And I understand what you’re [inaudible] spec for the smallest amount, respect for the smallest amount. And I do believe in that. I always, always, always pick up a penny, you know, talks about that too. Yes. [inaudible] any, yeah, I will. I, if I see a coin out of reach, like I’ll, I’ll go get it right. And then you start to look for it. [inaudible] you think it’s not important, you don’t see it. So when you treat the smallest thing as if it’s important. Yeah. One of the more fascinating concepts, and you’ve talked about it on other, is the idea of the pendulum. And it’s interesting because people have misunderstandings of the pendulum. They don’t understand how it works entirely. And I make a comment on this and maybe you, you can agree when it’s, uh, Vadim has a sort of Russian way of explaining things and it’s kind of scary. So when you read it, I don’t, I don’t mean to denigrate any Russian, but if you read Russian literature you can definitely tell there’s a style to it. And there’s a, there’s sometimes a little darkness, the shadow. So yeah, I get the pendulum, I get there, there’s a little Russian flavor to it. Like you better be scared. Cause the pendulum going to get you when you go to bed. And that’s with the grill. Yeah. Coaching people. And you noticed that there was a distortion that occurred with teaching. I know you mentioned it before, but for, for my listeners, I want to talk a little bit, you don’t have to freak out about the pendulum. It can, it can work to your advantage, but your awareness of it is important. I wanted to get your idea of explanation of that a little bit more. Yeah. So I kind of blew the lid off this one. Um, last year when I gave, uh, when I gave a seminar, uh, for dr [inaudible] L Rashad and the international Academy for personal development, we’re probably about 300 participants. And I was teaching trans serving one Oh one. And I got up on stage and I told everyone that pendulums were actually good for you and there was like a collective gasp, right? I mean, I’ve read the book, it’s natural to start really seeing ghost a little bit. Yes. Yes. So, so what happened was there were a few trainers from Europe that took the information down to the middle East and they, um, the middle Eastern people kind of took hold of this information, translated it on their own, sort of, you know, they had their own interpretation and they interpreted it more towards the back. Right. They interpreted it as pendulums were to be avoided at all costs. Now I’ve done some pretty interesting experiments in my life with my own personal pendulums. I, um, a couple of years ago before buying my house, I, I don’t know if you’ve heard this story, but I’ll restate it just for people who have not. I decided that I was going to rent a piece of land with a house on it. It was out towards Yosemite. It was a hundred acres of land and the house was up on a Hill at three 60. You could look all the way around and not see another house or another road. Okay. Can you imagine how I actually owned a place in Wyoming once? I always regret getting rid of it cause it had a view and I could look around three 60, the track, it’s a trip. There’s something special about it. It feels like you’re alone in the universe a little bit. Totally. So that’s a good point. You’re alone in the right. Why? Thought I was going to go to this property and I was just going to start working like crazy. You know, I had all these projects I wanted to do, I had all this stuff I wanted to write and I got there and I felt like kind of listless and like groggy and I would sleep a lot and I couldn’t really motivate myself and it was so beautiful there. And Yosemite was just a short drive away and I was just kinda like chillin, you know? And I really was like, okay, why can’t I get motivated? And this is, you know, probably two, three years into my trans surfing, um, you know, my trans surfing journey and I, uh, I realized that I did not have enough pendulum actually because the part that we forget about the deems explanation of the pendulum is that there is a tradeoff occurring. Right? Get energy from it. Exactly. You, the pendulum has to pay you something. Otherwise why would you put your energy into it? There’s not a lot of things in this reality. If you really break it down. There’s not a lot of things that don’t give us something in return. And usually those things that don’t give us something in return, they die off rather quickly. Right. So I just did not have enough pendulums in my life. I didn’t have the social pendulum. I didn’t have the competitive pendulum. I didn’t have, you know, um, a bustling city around me to get me kind of like, you know, amped up and like, Oh, I’m going to do something. You know, there was a lot of, there was, uh, the pulling back of the energy from my life at that point I realized I can’t do this. I can’t live out here like this. You know, I can understand for retirement and stuff like that, but I’m, I’m going to need more energy. So, and a few things like that that have proven to me, and this is why I’ve taken the stance with pendulums that I have that have absolutely 100% without a doubt proven to me that you absolutely need pendulums in your life. You just have to be careful of the deal. So the deal is that you address this pendulum, what are you giving me and what am I giving you and what are you giving me in return? Right? And when, when the deal looks pretty good, right? It’s at least equal or if not more in your favor, right? Cause that’s the, that’s the real, that’s the real money shot, so to speak, is that you have the pendulum giving to you more than you’re actually giving it. Um, then that’s a good deal. If you look at the pendulum and you’re like, okay, what are you giving me and what am I giving you? Is that not worth it? Then then this is where self-awareness comes in, right? You need to be able to answer that question, right? Is this worth it for me? And if it’s not worth it for you, then you are the one in the position that has to renegotiate the deal, right? The pendulum’s a mindless entity. It’s a group of people. It’s a concept. It’s a whatever, right? You are the one that has to say, okay, can I renegotiate this deal? And then you set the terms a little up a little bit differently, right? And, and, and if the P and usually the pendulum will agree, but if the pendulum does not agree, right, then that’s your answer. It’s time to cut that one off. Right? Well, I have a theory after the biggest teaching from that is the awareness of the pendulum. If we have as the power over our minds and energy like we do, we can interact with any pendulum and take whatever energy we want from it. And we don’t have to give any of it unless it’s a small or insubstantial amount. There’s this idea that we have to give energy to a pendulum, or did they automatically take it like there’s some kind of invisible vampire? I kind of think that once we’re aware, we can choose to give it energy if we want, even if it’s super powerful. Um, pendulum. You think that’s true or am I in my wrong in that impression? No, that’s a, that’s, you know, that’s kind of advanced trans surfing, right? You’re, you’re getting into an atypical deal with the pen. Right. I do the same thing in another way. I, um, sometimes I’ll use pendulums to charge me up intentionally. Right? Right. Like in the morning, and I know this is going to sound very, very untrained surfing of me, right? But in the morning, sometimes I’ll watch the news just to get myself fired up, you know, because I know, I know that I will get some little kind of charge from it or whatever. But the key here, and it’s kind of like what you’re talking about too, it’s being very, very aware of the energy exchange. No, it’s, it’s not, it’s not just, you know, it’s the sleeping machine that is just letting some weird mutual exchange happen and who knows who’s coming out on top. Probably not you. Right, right. Is there a physical way to know when we’re giving energy, when we’re in that awareness point, like do I feel it in my heart? Is it, do I get listless? I mean, that’s what, the only thing I can say, I’m aware and I’m not going to give my energy, but maybe I, you know, is there some, in your experience with it, is there any tips on how I can tell if I’m giving energy to a pendulum or is it always by my choice? Does that, that’s a weird question. No, I, I kind, I kind of understand what you’re saying. I mean this, this is the way, this, the way that I sort of live my life today. If, and I know this is going to sound incredibly vague and like, wow, well that was a little bit of a let down, but it’s, it, this is the truth. This information is sort of flowing through my veins at this point. I don’t have to really think about it. Right. You know, if I’m having a good day like I have had today, today is a very good day. Nothing, nothing really incredible happened. But I woke up in the morning, I really enjoyed my cup of coffee. Um, I had a little, you know, a little discussion with my boyfriend that kinda got me a charge. I went to, um, I went to my workout class and then I went to the real estate office and I stayed there for a couple hours and did my little real estate deals. And then I took my dog to the dog park. I came home, I took a bath, and now I’m on a call with you. Right? Nothing crazy happened. I didn’t make a bunch of money. I didn’t, um, you know, nothing, nothing really substantial, but I had a really good day. Right? So what this says to me is that I’m living the track that is intended for me at this moment. Free of any, I’m free of any pendulums that like, this is kind of my base, good day of not having, um, substantial, good things happening to me, which elevate my mood. But this is sort of where I like to be, right? This is, this is where I like to be when I’m doing that. Okay. When I’m, when I’m living that way, when I’m living that where I like to be and this is the track I, I know, I know a few things. I know I’m in control. I know that I’m aware because multiple times throughout the day I thought to myself, I’m really enjoying myself. I’m really enjoying my day. I’m really enjoying my reality. Right? Um, I’m not experiencing induced transition. I’m feeling heart and mind coordination about the simple things in my life, right? My little goals, my little time with my dog at the dog park, my, you know, keeping my body healthy, taking a nice, enjoyable bath in the middle of the afternoon. Right. You know what I’m saying? Like, like I’m actually living this stuff. I’m not right now. I mean, there ha, there are times where I’m reaching for the stars so to speak, you know? But right now I’m just living and I know, I know when I’m doing well, when I’m living life like this, that I kind of have like somewhat of a little invisible force field around me that protects me from pendulums. It’s really hard for pendulums to hook me when I’m living this way. No talks about the wave of fortune as a kind of response to the pendulum and the way it’s set up in the book where he starts talking about the wave of fortune. Uh, and so it sounds to me like you’ve been, you’ve included that I’ve been doing that. That’s the one of the big things I learned. I picked something out in the morning just to be happy and excited about. It’s like I, I can almost visualize a wave going out and then my frequency is up the rest of the day. I feel happy because of course we’ve all had those days where we get a flat tire and stub our toes and get out of bed. And then it just leads to three or four other things, which I had never really connected until real oddity trans surfing. Once I became conscious, I’m going to consciously take this cup of coffee and it’s going to be the best copy I’ve ever had. And so that is an eye. It is a response to the pendulum a little bit. That energy of the wave kind of just washes out the pendulum. Yeah. Yeah. And, and the other thing that you’re doing is, um, you are enjoy. So let’s say you wake up in the morning and like you, you open your curtains and you look out the window and you’re like, Oh wow, it’s really beautiful outside. And then you like pour yourself a cup of coffee and you’re like, Oh wow, this coffee tastes really good. Those first few steps in the morning of focusing on the little things that bring joy. That is, that’s it. That’s it. That it’s a huge deal. There is no, there is no possible way for you to catch the wave of fortune or have a good day or be on a high life track. If you wake up and you start picking your reality apart immediately. This is the number one take home that I, uh, really adult though the whole space of variations or the alternative space. Um, this is the number one point in there that has helped me so much and I’m actually getting ready to do a, I’m going to call it an express lesson and I’m going to give an express lesson on YouTube of the space of variations and we’re going to go over, I’m going to go over this point substantially. There is evidence to support all theories in your reality. There is absolutely everything to insult, to support any thought that you have. You want to wake up in the morning and tell your life, tell yourself that your life is shitty, your reality is going to person present to you an infinite amount of information that will help you prove that theory. Right? It’s the same with happiness. It’s up to you. You have to decide. And if you can wake up in the morning and note how nice sky looks, know how good you’re coughing, know how good it feels to take a hot shower. You know, man, that’s where it’s at. It’s not about anything else. And this is what really pisses me off about. Um, and I know that’s not very Transurban people say, but um, this is what really pisses me off about people with the, um, the whole like manifestation and uh, you know, I want to be rich and I want this and I want that. And lots of people, I could show you emails for days. People emailing me, asking me how they get the, the, the, the romantic relationship of their dreams and how they get rich. And I’m just like, dude, that is not what it’s about. I’m not saying give it up, right. But it is not what it is about. It’s not what it’s about. And once you can do that, it’s kinda like going back to, you know, going back to, to, to nothing and live in at the park with the homeless people. Right. Once you, yeah. Once you give it up. And I have lots of women that texted me and emailed me about the, um, the relationship thing. Right. You give it up. I struggled with that shit for years. Once I finally gave it up and just lit, started living my life. You had all kinds of great relationships come your way, right? Oh, totally. It was, it was me looking for that thing. It’s the same with money. When I go out looking for money, I encounter trouble. You know, when I sit back, like right now, I don’t have a ton of business right now, you know, coming out of the real estate market, because in the December and November, people, it’s the holidays. People don’t want to be buying homes. Um, and you know, I, it’s, it’s kind of like a little downtime for me. I don’t trip about it, you know, I enjoy my time, I relax a little more and I just wait for the wave, right? The, the, the, the human condition is when there’s a scarcity of something, then you start to panic and like think, Oh no, it’s ended. I’m not making money anymore. What happened to me? You know, and I’ve just, I’ve really just stopped with all that. So I want to go back, cause what you said is, is one of the powerful things of the end of re reality. Trans surfing, you can find validation for anything that you believe in. Every theory is true. Every theory when you read the dual mirror and you really, there’s a brutal truth to it that everything is true. Whatever you reflect. So there’s, I had some backlash. I had an episode where I talked about Bodine’s concept of the mirror makers, uh, of astrologers. And I’m saying th there may be truth to the astrologers. There is truth. Absolutely. And that’s a script that you can have created. Uh, but that’s because everything is true. Whatever you reflect in the mirror. I wanted to get your, uh, if you, if you have a client in back when you were coaching in a client come to you that’s heavily into astrology. There are Neptune is in and they’re Jupiter and Mercury’s in retro gate and they’re literally thinking about those things with everything they’re doing. And I want to, I want to explain that stuff is true. There’s a script, no doubt that stuff is true for sure. But you have the power to overcome it by. I want to get your impression along what you said, because what if we accept ourselves as the true creators of our reality or choosers of reality? That stuff doesn’t, is not important. So, uh, what is your, what is your take on that? Yeah, I mean, I think that’s, I think that’s, um, part of the reason why I actually stopped coaching, believe it or not, is because I couldn’t argue with people anymore about why they needed to adopt a new world view or why they needed to start operating in a different manner, wanted to get all the things that they wanted in life. They were buying in to their theories, hook, line and sinker, and they were pulling evidence from their environment to support those theories. Now, me as an outside third party person who, you know, here’s, here’s the funny thing about coaching and I’m sure lots of different modalities, instructors in different modalities would say the same thing. In fact, I do, a lot of times people don’t want to know the truth. People want you to confirm their beliefs because the last thing that anybody ever wants is to be wrong, right? You can’t, when somebody has a deeply embedded thought process about themselves or their reality, a collection of information and evidence, it is going to be very, very, very challenging to break that down in four one hour sessions. You know what I’m saying? It just, it just is and it’s not. And it’s not. It’s not that I don’t feel for the people, you know? I do believe that they do want something to change. But this is my, this is my belief, and I know it sounds a little bit harsh and I’m not trying to talk down any instrument right now, but here’s the thing. If you want change for your reality, you want change for your mind, you want to create a different reality for yourself. Fucking do it yourself. You know what I’m saying? You don’t need, don’t need anybody tell you how to do that. You all the answers yourself and if you don’t have them, go and find them yourself. Don’t look to another human being to create a new worldview for you. You know what I’m saying? Right? Believe me, I, I, I’m not trying to talk down anybody else and this is just my theory right now. If you told me that instruction is great, then that then you have all that evidence for you as well and you believe is true. Yes, whatever you believe is true, but all these people like, you know, flex in that they know the answers and they’re going to give you the answers for this, this, this dollar amount and all that stuff. You know, it’s just like, it’s an easy way out for somebody thinking, wow, I’d really like to change my reality and I can pay someone $750 you know what I’m saying? No real thing is what’s happening. Basically, you’re having somebody else create your mirror for you. They’re making a mirror, but it works out. Yeah, exactly. I know, I hope it will, but I think a lot of times it doesn’t, you know, and I think that, not that, that kind of ex, uh, extracting myself from that scene urging people, listen, if you want a new reality, read the book. If you have any questions, ask me on Facebook right now. If you, if you really, and, and, and this is, and this is, and this is what I’ve done and this is what I urge anyone else that wants to do what I’ve done. And this is what I urge you to do. Read the book. Get involved in the trans serving community and stay in it, you know, have transfer for friends. Talk about the concepts. If something crazy happens to you during the day, see it through the trans surfing filter, talk to your Transurban buddy about it later on. You don’t need a coach. You know you don’t need, you don’t need somebody to tell you, you know what happened, you know what happened, know what I’m saying? Do it. Do it yourself. And that’s, and that’s where you’re going to really gain is, is when you take accountability for yourself. You learn the tools, you learn the concepts, you apply them to your life. You see the, the, the, the, the scales going up and down, you know, on your own. You don’t need somebody to do this for you. Now I know a lot of people would say, well God, you, you certify people to instruct trans serving. How can you, how can you do that? You know, and then have this, have this mentality. You know, I, I believe both. I guess you could say. I believe in the people that I’m instructing I or that I’ve certified that are instructing. I know for a fact that a number of them have helped others substantially. I also believe in doing it yourself. So you know, I can’t go without asking you about the plat. I’ve, I’ve, I’ve had like 12 or 13 different interviews I’ve asked people that have no idea what it is. Physicists. So I definitely want to ask you, uh, it was such an interesting concept when it is different and novel and interesting concept when it was first introduced and in many ways like anything we believe that comes true, it gave us a tool to really focus, um, our visualization. So how, how has your experience been with the plot when you were first saying, I mean they’re in the first book you mentioned the assemblage point and so we see the beginnings of the Platte and he really does a great job of collapsing that, those last chapters with two 50 you in such a wonderfully enjoyable way. Such a great writer. So I wanted to get your impression when you started to experience the plot yourself, do you feel a sensation? Do you visualize it? A lot of people want to know how does it work for you? So I think, you know, it works for me in a pretty pretty, um, true, true to the, the, the, the idea that Vadim has presented to us about it. It works pretty true for me. At first I was kinda like, what’s this weird thing he’s talking about? And it was funny because, um, I can’t remember what we were talking about, but the Dean and I were emailing back and forth and he said to me, um, he said, do you do, do you feel the place? I call it the plate? He said, do you feel the plate? And um, I said, yeah, I, I feel like I do, but I don’t know if it’s true. I don’t know if it’s exactly right. And it’s like, well, it’s different for everyone. It’s literally different for every single human being. Yeah. So don’t try to, you know, think that it needs to be something. And, and there have been a number of conversations about it on the Facebook group too, and a lot of people say different things, you know, but I feel like mine kind of is the way, like first of all, now this really weird thing happens as soon as anybody mentions it. Or even if I just like, you feel it right now? Yeah, right now too. I was like, Oh boy, there it is. I just see this like a stack of Tuffy books in my office. Well, if I just see the book, it’ll activate. Like all I need is thinking the same thing. There it goes. Yeah. No, it’s, it’s pretty true. You know, it comes, come, starts out. The base of my, the base of my, uh, my skull, like at the very top of my spine is the first sort of land my gas. And then there’s a secondary point where between my two shoulders, something comes out there and then it sort of just kind of loins. And the way, the way that I’ve learned to work with it is that I view it as, I view it as an energetic sort of, um, cord, if you will. And at the end of it is a plug. Okay. And when I opt bait it, I take that feeling and I plugged the end of it into my environment. Just do straight feeling. You don’t need to have a visual. Right? Yeah. I just find this kind of feel, I feel it. I just kind of feel it. So, so usually when I do it is when I’m walking with my dog or when I’m walking Sweller and I have the opportunity to recall it and think about it and kind of activate. So, so what I do is, um, I sort of activate it kind of makes me stand up a little bit straighter. I feel, I feel this plug into my, into my environment, um, this cord plug into my environment. And then what I do after that is I envision my, my goals, right? I envision what it is that I’m doing. I envision that sort of future frame down the line where where, where is my destination? Right? And when I do that, I kind of know the sounds a little bit abstract, but when I do that I envision that unity of that cord to my environment is the opportunity then for external intention to present itself to me. Okay. So it kind of just like awakens my self awareness, right? It awakens my self awareness and it and it kind of lights up my reality where then I can see exactly where I can go after something in line with my goal via outer intention. Does that make sense? Sense? I was talking to some friends and there was a physicist that there’s some physics behind this. If you think about it, right behind us there is a point where the particle is not, it’s still wave. If you understand physics, right? Particle is a wave can be collapsed to particle with the observer effect. So our environment is being collapsed because of we’re observing it, but there’s that part of us right behind us that we can’t see and it means that energy is more wave. So that energy is going to be a natural energy cord assemblage point where we can’t observe it. So it is more wave that and if we focus on it that particular energy, we can collapse the particle much easier. I don’t know if that was true. That’s an interesting analogy. So yeah. Yeah. That’s interesting. Uh, I definitely, I definitely notice that things do appear more often on days that I do have the opportunity to sort of, you know, activate plug into my reality via outer intention. I know a lot of people have asked me questions like, what does that mean exactly? And it’s, it’s just, it’s, it’s a little bit, it’s a little bit, it’s, it’s just a sensation really. But I noticed that reality, my environment does operate in a little bit of a different manner on days that I’ve done that. Just like now we’ll have this conversation and you know, that that feeling back there, that wave that you’re talking about that will produce something after this call work as a spiritual and Tana like a warning, like, ah, maybe I don’t want to turn right here. Do you think it works like that or it’s more just for purposes of I that’s just a guess. I, I’ve read people on the, on the group that said it does work, like a spiritual intent of the day have felt like premonitions but I don’t know, not for me it’s more been just a process for me to kind of wake into my center screen and manifest. But I don’t know, maybe it could be more, well, I mean I guess it brings us back to, you know, there’s evidence to support all theory, you know? I mean, yeah. It’s kind of like if that works for you. I mean, I’ve had, I, I’ve had people tell me some wild stuff, you know, amazing stuff. Yeah. And I’m, and I’m like, um, like there was a guy on the Facebook group, I don’t know if you remember this, but I had made a post about, you know, how the mirror’s not going to respond on your timeframe. And he’s like, well, actually I did get the mirror to respond on my timeframe and this is exactly what I do. And he like broke it down like to how to have the mirror respond back to you, like in a time that you, that you call out, you know, and he was very end. He was very thorough in his explanation of what he does. And I don’t disbelieve it, you know? I mean at this point in my life I do not disbelieve anything then. Yeah. You know, and I believe kind of everything, right? It’s how much thought energy you’re going to channel into that theory and you know they’re there. It’s just, yeah, arguing is arguing at this point is, is is ridiculous cause everybody’s right. So one of the interesting things that as you know, as I’ve met people that have come to me, it’s easy to apply trans surfing. When you have a desired goal, when you want something and you have something you can focus on. But a lot of people don’t know what they want to do. And there’s, we could have in the idea of the space of variations, there could be this incredible future for me and I have no idea of it. And I’ve always like, what am I going to do? And you had the coolest challenge that I wanted to talk about. The anomalous challenge, putting yourself out there on a daily, on a 30 day basis, doing something anomalous. And I’ve, I’ve been doing it. I, you know, I’ve gone dancing and done some things and, and I’ve had, wow, I’m getting access and other things start opening up in my mind, my imagination, people I meet. So I wanted to talk to you about it, that, that’s such a wonderful idea and I haven’t talked about on my channel. So tell us a little bit more about your anonymous challenge. Yeah. So I created this challenge, um, out of frustration really when people were coming to me for training and they’re like, I don’t know what to do. You know, I don’t know what my goal is. I feel stuck. You know, I feel like it’s hard for me to, you know, really what they’re trying to say. And I heard it a lot was it was hard for them to create new material on their track right now. And I’m like, you know, I’m trying to, and I have since developed pretty much a, an exercise for every single concept to sort of jumpstart every concept. But this one was to jumpstart the flow of alternatives. Right? Or connect better with the alternative space. Um, you know, I really challenged myself to try to come up with something that I could offer people, you know, something that would, that would make a difference. Maybe not externally so much right away, but maybe just in their mind, because again, it’s all about your head, right? I mean, if you, if you don’t venture out side of your comfort zone in your mind, how are you going to do it externally? Like not going to do it externally. You’re not going to do it living in your house and never leaving. Exactly. Right. You’re not going to do it driving work, going into the office, turning on the TV. It’s not going to happen like that either. Right. So, so really, um, yeah, I had a few, I had a few clients that actually had some decent sized goals, but they didn’t know how to, uh, they didn’t know how to take steps. Like they didn’t know how to get the ball rolling, so to speak towards the goal. And I would say, okay, Joe’s just start by taking a notebook and writing down anything that you can possibly think of that you would need to do or read or, you know, do research on or anything that you can think of that would maybe get you some information about your goal at least, or making a little bit closer. And people started doing that and getting results. I had like, you know, three or four clients that were pretty rapidly progressing to their goal and they’re like, Oh, this is amazing. And I’m like, yeah, this is you taking action. You know, it wasn’t me, I just, I just urged you to do it a little bit. It’s just, it’s really taking action. So then after that, um, what happened was then I, then I realized, Oh, I can also tell people that don’t have a goal, right. That are just feeling stuck. Maybe need to realize a goal. This is a great way to, you know, utilize the concept of signs. You know, just wait for 30 days, do something different each day. Just taking different step outside of your comfort zone. It doesn’t matter what it is, it could be walking a different way to work, you know, whatever it is. But look to your environment to give you signs on that anomalous step that you can take in your day. Because if you can tune your vision to see that stuff, then you’re going to see bigger things, you know? And then you’re going to see opportunities and then you’re going to see ways that you can make more money or business ideas or you know, a new life you want to live or somewhere you want to move to or something bigger, you know? So it really is about, just kind of like, I know this sounds super cheesy, but cracking into the matrix, right? Cracking into it a little bit, opening it up because you know, even me, sometimes I’ll get a little bit stagnant in my life, but I’m really good at it now. I know how to mix stuff up really, really fast when I want to. And that’s what it’s about is it’s about exercising your ability to do, to do just that, you know, not being scared. Like if you’re driving down the street and there is a sign that says, um, you know, something this way, you know, rather than your brain going, Oh well I don’t have the time for that. Or Oh, I got to get home and watch the Netflix things on tonight. You know, instead of doing that, just like making that hard right turn and going in the direction of that thing. Just getting outside of that track and creating new material. I mean it’s, yeah, it’s been amazingly effective and I, and I appreciate the idea of it and it’s expanded a lot of different opportunities for me. So I, um, I wanted to ask, cause it’s part of my channel. I mean, Vadim doesn’t really talk about it, but how do you think meditation integrates with trans surfing? Uh, can it help you? Do you need it? If somebody said, okay, I want to use meditation and men and trans surfing, do they co-mingle and do they mix? Are they required? What is your meditation practice? Uh, you know, I used to meditate a lot. I got into a lot of, you know, different sorts of meditations. Um, body sensing, uh, you know, the deems meditations. If anybody wants the list of the deans meditations, they are on the Facebook group. Uh, there’s a PDF there and there’s a list of them. I think there’s like, I don’t know, six international trends surfing Institute group, is that, yep. International transfer thing. Institute group. And uh, yeah, I mean he does have meditations but, but his meditations are more about, um, accumulating material via energy throwing, I guess you could say, or doing something to yourself energetically. The plate is a perfect example. You know, all that really is, is, is, is, is an energetic meditation, right? You’re, you’re, you’re, you’re, you’re accumulating energy in your body or around your body and then you’re doing something with it. You’re, it’s, it’s really meditation. Um, you know, uh, a seated silent meditation I don’t think is ever a bad idea. But what I like to do personally is I like to just meditate throughout my day. You know, if I’m in the shower, you know, I do a couple of like, you know, spine rolls, roll my spine down and touch the bottom of the shower and just kind of like chill for a few minutes. Be aware like in the shower, feels nice. I’m just taking a few minutes to breathe. I don’t need to be there very long, but I like gather myself, you know, that’s really what meditation’s about, right? Writing out the external noise to gather yourself. And if you can do this in a very, very short period of time, why burn an hour your day doing it? You know, why not just do it? Like you’re driving to work five minutes of meditation, you’re in the shower, you know, do a couple stretches, whatever. Just like get into it and like gather yourself in the moments that you can and then live. You know, it’s, it’s, I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you one thing. I’ve known a lot of people that meditate every day that are super fucked up. So not a solution to everything. That’s not a solution to everything. It’s like it’s, you know, either you’re going to live your life the right way or you’re not and meditate for a day, an hour a day. It’s not really gonna make a Hill of beans. I don’t think. If you haven’t committed to living the right way anyway, you know, if it’s really working for you and you’re living the right way, then more power to you keep on with what you’re doing. You know? I think it’s back to like what we were talking about earlier with the diet. It’s what works for you, you know? But I do love the deems meditations and I actually got really into the one where you envision like that. It’s kind of like the plate, but it’s, it’s like an energetic whip that comes out of your head and you throw it, you know as far as you can. Like mine. I like, I like that one where you’re pulling, you know, the sphere meditation, pulling stuff in. But I noticed that when I did that one where you like throw the whip that’s got the energetic cloth, Ian. I noticed that when I, that weird shit would happen. You know like who would call me suddenly and be like, Hey, I was just thinking about you. I’m like, Oh my God, it’s actually Corgin. But it’s kind of like novel stuff for me is the transaction, the transaction technique, which is not really a technique. It’s just kind of a way to prove with your own, when you do a match, when you do, when you run a slide and you look out long, long ways into the distance and you can see the life track changing. I tried that a couple of times and I saw that I could see like the scenery change before my eyes. Yeah. Wow. I know what you’re talking about. I know exactly what you’re talking about. That happened to me when I very first started listening to trans surfing. You know, like my, my story is I found the audio book, I saw the words reality trans surfing on Instagram. I was beyond curious. I pulled up, um, the original space of variations, audio book on YouTube, and I started taking long walks and I was just listening to it. And, um, man, I was like seeing the layers of tracks, you know, it was weird and tramp and transferring over from one layer to it. Like, like seeing [inaudible] on. Yeah. And then seeing that there was another, there was another lifeline there that I could go on. I mean, that was, and I, and I know that’s really, really hard to describe, but that’s, that’s really what happened to me. As I could see. I could see suddenly all the different variations, all the different, um, you know, higher lifelines, lower lifelines, where I had been, where I had been in my worst days, where I had been in my best days, but more but more vividly, I could see all of the information and all of the material in my current reality right there. As I was taking those walks and I was tuning in to all of it, I could see all the super based stuff that was like the ugly parts of reality and the, the, the dirt and the poor people and the this and the that. And then I can see all the super positive, the beautiful houses and the trees that are blossoming and somebody driving down the street and a brand new sports car I could see and everything in between. And I was like, okay, this is it. This is my new. So it’s when you realize you’re, you’re not just walking through the world, you’re walking through life tracks. Once I started to see that and I could see the shades of different life tracks, it’s mind blowing. It’s really crazy. It’s hard. It’s really hard when you experience something like that too. This was the way that I explain it, even explain it. But when you have an experience like that, it is like box. If you open that box, there is no closing. There’s no going back. And now it’s like I fell asleep, I fell back asleep a few times when I first found trans surfing. Yeah, I read the book and then, um, I was like, cool, I got this. I think I, um, created a new paradigm, you know, and then I would stop reading the book or thinking about it and I would kinda like go back to my old shittier, you know, way of thinking in reality. And I’m like, wait a second, what’s going on here? So then I’d pick up the book again and I’d start reading and then I’d go back and I was like, wait a second, you know, and um, this happened for about a year until I thought, okay, I need to, I need to figure out a way that I’m going to, I’m going to think about this stuff all the time. So that doesn’t happen. And that’s when I actually had the thought to become an instructor. I was like, Oh, I’m struck people because that way I’ll have clients, I’ll be talking about it all the time now. I have other ways, like the Facebook group or stuff like this with you. Or even just keeping a stack of Transurban books and Tufty books in my office. That’s enough for me now. But, um, yeah, I mean I’ve gotten to a point now, however, where I don’t think I could actually go back. The best way to learn something is to teach you. Yeah, yeah. Oh totally. Yeah. That was amazing. That, that was amazing for me. That was probably the one of the greatest experiences of my life. And I know that sounds kind of weird cause it’s like, well, why did you stop? I just felt like it was time to sort of move on a little bit. Um, but when people come to me and they want to be certified trans serving instructors, I’m like, congratulations. This is going to be amazing for you. You know, it’s going to be amazing for you. I’m not thinking about the clients, right. This amazing that you’re going to be able to do this. And um, I feel like the people will actually sort of solidify this knowledge in their mind at that point. You know, it does, it does help a tremendous, somebody wants to get certified. What’s the best way for them to do that? Well, I’m a little bit choosy at this point. Um, we have a lot of instructors now. They’re primarily in the middle East. Uh, we definitely need more in the U S there’s not enough in the U S we could definitely use some in South and central America. There’s enough in Europe, there’s enough in the middle East. I certified about 40 people with, um, the I Academy, uh, last year, um, with dr Sola Rashad and we kinda just sent all these trans surfing instructors out into the, the, the Arab countries, which was super cool. And they’re all doing, yeah. And they’re all doing amazing jobs. I mean, they, they have seminars and they do cool, like just super cool stuff on social media and they’re really active it news. It is pretty amazing to see, um, if somebody is interested, uh, reach out to GN on in international Institute, um, Facebook page transforming integrated internet trans serving Institute and yeah, she’ll kind of give you the rundown of what it’s about. She’s a certified instructor as well. And yeah, it’s kind of like, you know, why are you doing it? You know, does it, if you’re doing, if you want to do it is you want to make money, then I’m going to happen. Um, but if you, you, if you really feel like it’s something for you and you’re like, you know, all fired up with heart and mind coordination and you feel really great about, you know, getting involved. That’s the other thing is you have to be involved in the community. You can’t just get certified and then, you know, dip on the whole thing. Yeah. He got it. And do your own thing. You got to, um, you know, be active in the Facebook group. Uh, do something online, create an Instagram account, do something, promote it. You know, you have to, you have to get involved. So it’s more of like a, um, a partnership and getting it out there, if you will. And you can also instruct people if they do. Cool. And some people do need it, you know, some people really genuinely do need to learn the concepts, you know. Right. S w I wanted to thank you because one of the things you started talking about on the group was, um, Gurdjieff and I had read Gurdjieff back in college and I came back, I was like, okay, I gotta read it again, another Russian author. And I see a lot of trans surfing concepts in it. What an amazing. Um, so I wanted to talk just a little bit about, um, I, first of all, when I went back to read it again, uh, he’s got a sense of humor. Uh, it’s not like the like, uh, the same as, it’s not that really harsh. Uh, it’s fun to read. There’s a sense of humor to it. Um, and he’s dealing with very heavy, deep concepts about the self. And, um, so I wanted to get your, um, how, how that has maybe added some layers to your understanding beyond trans surfing a little bit. Yeah. I, I, uh, I sort of stumble across your, Jeff’s work after trans surfing, believe it or not. Um, you know, this whole, this whole, you know, Russian mysticism and self-help and metaphysics and all this stuff. This is all pretty new to me. I mean, I, I, I’m, you know, participated in conventional, you know, therapy for a number of years, but I really didn’t, you know, and I knew about the law of attraction and the secret and stuff like that, but I really didn’t dive into this stuff until about five years ago. So I’m relatively new on the scene, but I’m, you know, an eager learner and I w I wanted to know like, okay, so I’ve exposed this sort of sector of reality and how this, you know, I, this model, you know, as the Dean would say, that you could, you know, construct your reality. I’ve, I’ve, I’ve done that. So what are some other ones? Right. And, uh, yeah, I started reading your, Jeff’s work, you know, um, [inaudible] and then also what was the guy that, uh, what was the guy that taught undergrad? Jeff? It starts with an O. It’s been ski. And I’m going to pull down a book really quick that I would urge everyone if you want to get like a really fast, uh, the one that I read was in search of being the fourth way of, to Contra, the fourth way to consciousness. Yeah. The fourth way is, this is pretty classic. I cannot find book here, but I will, it’s the, um, the, uh, shoot, you know what, hang on one second. I’m just gonna tell you real quick cause it is, it is really, it is really the most valuable, um, verge Jeff book. And it’s a very, very short read. I mean, it’s like real. Okay. I have Bell’s above his tails. There’s [inaudible] uh, hang on one second. It is, but the ones that, um, while you’re going through that, the ones that, that, that, that spoke to me, there’s one called Beelzibub stales. There’s the fourth way. Uh, there’s some interviews with him. Um, and the one by us Fensky is also a pretty good assimilation of some of his stuff. This one is the psychology of man’s possible evolution. Okay. It’s, it’s like, it’s like this big, it’s like this little little tiny tiny book and I could actually sum it up for you real quick. It’s super, it’s super easy and it’s really just him elaborating on one concept over and over and over. Kind of like the Dean does. We are all machines, right? Our, our, our thinking, our thought processes, this is all just, um, programming, right? And, and we’re not acting unless you can gain awareness, you know, unless you can gain awareness then then you can, then you can work against that a little bit. But if you’re, if you’re not an aware person, you are essentially just a machine running your mind on that programming that has been layered on top of you. You don’t know what you’re doing. You don’t know why you’re doing it. Um, you know, Oh, well it’s time to, I guess it’s, I guess it’s time to get married and have kids and do this thing. No, I’m not talking about about anybody that does those things. I’m just saying when you don’t ask any questions and you just go with the program, you are fulfilling your sort of, um, prophecy as programmed machine, right? Right. And hearing to the system, adhering to the structure that has been created by someone other than you, the re the structure of reality that’s been created by somebody other than you, and you’re just buying into it. You’re not asking any questions and then you’re just doing the thing. So people that are like, people that are, let’s say super violent people, murderers or serial killers, right? All they’re doing is running a very primal, um, instinct, right? A very primal instinct without stopping and asking any questions about why their brain is doing this or the things that have been the programming that’s been layered on top of them that has created this bizarre way of their brain working, right? So that’s the extreme version. Now as human beings, we have the ability to um, retain, learn new information, retain new information, and actually utilize that information to do something new with our, with ourselves, our thoughts, our, our, our, our, our reality, our consciousness. So, so it’s about, it’s about awakening herself away from the machine, you know, and after reading that book, which was a very, very substantial for me to read, very powerful yet. It’s true. We’re all zombies in many ways. So I mean definitely exactly that stuff. That’s what his point is. And you know, when I, when I read that book, cause they’re good, Jeff’s work is, you know, it’s great. But Gurdjieff and a lot of people had said this crud, Jeff really didn’t know what he was doing. He had a school of people, a lot of people that believed in him and followed a lot of his stuff, but he really, really fucked with their minds a lot. A lot of the people after he sort of resigned himself or after he died, these people were, you know, in mental hospitals and mentally ill because he believed their consciousness wide open and didn’t know how to write fascinating words. Right? Yeah. So if you read like Bell’s aboves tales, that is your, your first of all, I would challenge anybody to actually read that from front to add. Okay. Yeah. It’s not something I could finish yet. It was all over the place. It’s very complex. Trying to make sense. Okay. Well, okay, what is he, he’s doing this and then sell for members in the books and then this and then it’s like what the hell is going on? Right. But I think if you’re interested in another, um, another concept from another author that you could start utilizing today and see the benefits, it would be this concept of being a machine or waking up your human machine and coming to a state of more awareness. And it’s that little, that’s that little book, the possible psychology of man’s evolution and yeah, and it’s in, the cool thing is, is when you read that, like what happened with me, I would sort of go back to sleep, right? I get, let’s say I’m in line at a bank or at a grocery store and somebody’s, you know, taking time and I’m irritated and I’m start like, you know, getting all fueled up and I’m like pissed off or I’ve gotta be somewhere bone. I’m acting like I’m acting like a machine. I’ve fallen back asleep and my machine has taken over road rage machine worrying about the future machine taking over. That’s your primal instinct to survive, right? So it’s, it’s about just catching yourself as quickly as you can when you go back to your sleep. I call it sleeping machine mode and then, and then trying to stay out of sleeping machine mode as much as you can, you know, the biggest from both trans surfing and Gurdjieff, that I would say is, uh, how important my reactions, how important my reactions are to everything I do. That’s, that’s, it’s such a simple concept, but it’s difficult for people to adjust because it’s happening in the moment. And if I can control my reactions, wow, my reality will change big. Oh, for sure. For sure. And this is something that I, um, this was a challenge that I gave people that were coming to me for instruction. I would say, okay. When, when you, let’s say you have a good day and the next day you wake up and that day is not such a good day, what happened? Right. Try to figure out the point that that pendulum, cause most of the time a pendulum’s involved, right. Transition, right. So if try to figure out when that pendulum got you, okay. Attempt to try to figure it out sooner. Right? So let’s say, let’s say a pendulum gets you in the evening, you know, um, the night before, the next day you have a really bad day and you don’t realize it until noon the next day. Try to realize that the next time when you wake up the next morning, then try to realize it a couple hours after the pendulum. Then try to realize it right after the pendulum got you. Then try to realize it while the pendulum is, you know, cause then if you can realize it when the pendulum’s getting you, that’s when you can nip a transit transition, uh, induced transition from happening. Right. You have, you, you then are creating your own reality because it’s like you’re not allowing that thing to impede on the work that you’ve already for yourself and your reality. Yeah. It’s very powerful, man. This has been so much fun. There’s so many other questions. We’ve already gone an hour, an hour and a half. Well, I can talk for like, I could just like [inaudible] no, yeah. It’s that this stuff is so much fun to talk about and we’ll have to do it again. We’ll have to talk again soon. Let’s do it again for sure. And interested in doing it again. Um, we could, you know, figure out like a few little talking points of things or maybe we could take cues from the group. Oh yeah. I did it too late. I posted on the group questions. I haven’t even got a chance. So maybe we’ll take some of the questions we get from that and then we’ll do it again. So, because I’m constantly learning and trans surfing is something that’s changed my life and I know a lot of people, it’s changed theirs. It’s a powerful, all I can say like you go read the book, but it’s, it can change your life. You have control over your reality. Whatever situation that you’re in right now, you can overcome it. You can change it. You are in control. It’s an amazing realization to come to. It’s not as complicated as you think. A lot of times when people get access to this and they hear the words, they think, Oh, it’s just too complicated. It’s not, it’s not, not that complicated. It’s funny that you say that because, um, my boyfriend actually said that last night were talking about something and he said, he said, Oh, you know, blah blah blah. And he mentioned some concept and I said, look at you. You’re really, cause he just read trans serving like not that long ago, like a year ago. And he was like, it’s actually not that complicated. Once you learn the concepts, you know, space of variations. And this is what I’m going to do with my little, my little object that I’m working on. I’m going to break down the space of variations. Super simple. What the, what are, what, what from that chapter is helped me write pendulums, defeating, pendulums induced transition, the wave of fortune, heart and mind, ordination, um, goals and doors, signs the dreamworld, you know, 10 things you learn about each thing. Stay involved in the community, you know, join the Facebook group or join another trans serving group or you know, join Instagram, people talking about it on Instagram or whatever. Just keep yourself immersed. It’s feeding a new language for your brain to sort of run on. So you’re not going to go onto a Rosetta stone and watch a few things about speaking French and then go to France and start speaking French, right? You know, you gotta like stay in it a little bit, right? But on a French movie, you know, fun. It’s not, it’s not a drag. Every, when you get into this, it’s going to open up so many different possibilities. I’ve had people say, Brian is too complicated. The book’s too long. I’m sorry. You know, and it’s not true. Once you’re going to find yourself wanting to read the book, it’s not like normal reading. It’s not like just a book that you, it’s once you delve into it and you start to realize that some of this stuff you already knew and it’s just a a really clever way now. Now something else that comes to mind. Do you think that there has been a misunderstanding of any concepts because of the Russian translation? For instance, we had the space of variations in the alternative space. There’s been concepts that have had been named, but you know how language works well those are just the space of variations in the alternative space are the same thing. So a lot of the terminology meaning that sounds different when I say alternative space in the space of variations. Yeah. So there may be concepts like the pendulum maybe. Is there a specific ones that is a Russian translation that didn’t come through? I’ve, I’ve always wondered that because I, yeah, I dunno. I don’t, I don’t think so. I mean, there’s things that I like about both translations. Um, I think those steps one through five sounds a little more magical, you know, and it’s a little, it’s a little more fun to read, but then the, the, the five original books, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen these books are like a little more, you know, metaphysical sounding and kind of, um, you know, they’re like, it’s a little more technical, you know, and, and, but the steps one through five I think is a little more fun and I definitely think people should read that more. But, uh, you know, whatever, whatever, I’m, I’m having a challenging time just, um, switching over my verbiage because I’ll say now like space of variations and people were like, what’s that? There’s some differences in the language for both as I read it. So, yeah. But I don’t think, I don’t think any of the concepts got diluted in translation. Is there any new translations that we haven’t read that you’ve got a chance to access that you’re excited for everybody to, I know princess it fat that we wouldn’t have to talk about that. I mean that’s beautiful. But there is a bunch of books that have not been translated to English. Have you had a chance to access any of those or, well, I have a couple, a icon. I have a couple of bootlegs that people send to me. They’re super weird though. It’s like some, some guy sat in a, you know, in a, in a cave for for a few months and like knocked out some translation. It’s like his third language or something, you know. Um, but you know, I love the Dean, he’s my friend and I will always love his efforts for creating trans surfing. But for me personally, trans surfing is enough. The book by itself, I would say I would say steps one through five and Tufty those are enough. Now if, if you’re adventurous and you want to go even deeper down the rabbit hole and try to make sense of some of this stuff, yeah, go for it. I don’t have the time because I’m too busy working the other stuff. And I like it, you know? Um, I have looked at the other things and they’re cool and stuff like that, but I kinda got what I need, you know? How can you say that? Well, all right. So then it’s going to happen again soon. It’s been a real pleasure. Yeah. Likewise. And we’ll talk again. Yeah. Thank yo

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