Nevile Goddard The Name Of Judah || EP 281




Now, he’s called, Judas is called, the betrayer. He betrayed the Lord Christ Jesus. The dictionary defines the word betrayer as “the revealer, one who makes known or one who delivers into the hands of the enemy.” This one is called the Word of God and the Word of God is called the truth, and his name is called the truth, the Word of God. “Thy Word is truth.” So the one who reveals the truth, betrays him, he betrays the truth. Those who do not understand or recoil from the truth are the enemies of the truth, although they know it not. So the whole vast world who would recoil from the truth are the enemies of the truth. Now, here the name of God…who could reveal the secret of God but God himself? 

No one could reveal my secret but myself. I could let you into certain things in my world, take you into my confidence, but, really, my inmost thoughts, who knows my thoughts but myself? So if anyone could reveal God—well, Christ is the Lord—it would have to be God himself. He who dips with me into the dish…well, who can dip with me but myself? Now this drama unfolds in us, may I tell you. The Word of God is planted in man, in every being in this world. And all the blows of life simply stir it, agitate it, it takes root and it begins to unfold. The drama as first told in the Old Testament and explained in the New in the life of Jesus Christ unfolds in the individual, with the individual cast in the central role. He is the star, the being that is being revealed to himself.

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Music By Mettaverse

A Still Mind 432hz using a restless mind

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