Neville Goddard Down To The Sea In Ships || EP 280


Neville Goddard


Be willing die before you give up….

So I ask you to believe me when I tell you of the external things. Believe me when I tell you that imagining does create reality…even to revision…for revision will result in repeal if you do it. If you try it, then you’ll believe me when I take you into something that is completely fantastic, out of this world. You’ll believe that, because if you prove it on this level, well then, you’ll believe me to the point of, well, acceptance. Then that will prove itself in you, because I can’t prove it for you. 

I can take something on this level and have you believe it and prove it to your own satisfaction. When I take you beyond this level, then I have to leave you completely alone until it happens in you. And I tell you, all that is said in scripture concerning Jesus Christ will happen in you, but everything. Because Jesus Christ is only the fulfillment of scripture…and when you fulfill scripture, you will know who Jesus Christ is. So don’t make any graven image unto yourself, called Jesus Christ. So, there’s no description of him in scripture, none whatsoever. So when they tell you he looks like this, he looks like that, forget it. There is no description of him in scripture, for the simple reason he is only the all-inclusive symbol of the fulfillment of scripture.

Everything is a symbol, but he is the all-inclusive—he contains all within himself. You are the ark containing the whole of life. You are the coffin in which God himself is buried; for God became man that man may become God. Now tonight, you take it on this level and try it, just as this lady with her eyes. Maybe in your case it’s finances, maybe it is something else. I don’t know what it is, but whatever it is be willing to die in the attempt to prove it. And may I tell you, you won’t have to die. You’ll prove it if you go all out and live by imagining. And then, the day will come because you were bold enough to do it that all these things unfold in you. Because, I have no memory image of ever having had the physical experience of going down with my ship. Oh, you read of captains going down with their ship and that’s all part of the symbolism. A captain must remain after all are gone and he goes down with his ship. 

But may I tell you when you are on this ship you are the captain, you are not anyone else. You are the captain of the ship, regardless of your age. I was a young captain. I was not more than twenty-three, and yet I strapped myself to that ship, I went down with it. And then you’re told, he saw the deeds of the Lord…all the wondrous works of the depth he saw. Then you come back. You don’t remember them, but all of a sudden they unfold in you. The whole thing unfolds in you because you had the courage to go down into the depth with your ship, and you’re doing it while you are doing business 

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