Mary Rose Ramirez – Conscious Mind Training || EP 230

Mary Rose Ramirez is a conscious mind training coach who coaches athletes using meditation and mind training. She also offers a training called Sisterhood and Brotherhood into life expansion and is a life transformation and success coach.

Mary is my mentor from long ago and is a master meditator and manifestor.

We share a love for Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Mary has gone on several retreats with Dr. Joe and I wanted to bring her onto the podcast to talk about everything related to the reality revolution including moving to 5D, the law of one, abraham and the GAIA program Initiation.

Mary is currently on a journey taking to the road not knowing what will come next and is tuned into the quantum field in a big way.

I really enjoyed this interview and I learned a lot, I think you will enjoy it too.

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welcome to the reality revolution. I’m so excited. I got Mary Rose Ramirez today. Mary Rose Ramirez is a conscious mind training coach who coaches athletes for a and also has a a mind expansion program. She’s helped a sisterhood with mine expansion. She’s an old mentor from a long time ago and I’ve learned a lot from Mary Rosemary Euro’s and I share a love for dr Joe Dispenza and I really wanted to have her on. She’s been to many of dr Joe’s retreats and, and I continue to learn from Mary Rose about a variety of things. I think she’s a master manifestor master meditator, and so welcome to the reality revolution. Mary Rose, how’s it going today? Well, thank you Brian. I genuinely appreciate that and appreciate the introduction and yeah, we have a passion for dr Joe, but I also believe we have a passion that we share it and just wanting to continually expand and learn. I mean, I’m, I’m highly impressed on the amount of work that you have done to gain the amount of knowledge that you have gained. You know, I started to watch your channel when I first started on this journey. And I start listening, I start listening in it and I’m learning, I’m growing through it because there’s so many different avenues to wherever everybody’s ventured to, which is pretty much the same place. But there’s many ways to get there. And you provide, uh, to your audience an opportunity for people to learn about avenues maybe they never thought of. So you’re opening a lot of doors for people. So I think that’s pretty awesome. Well, thank you. So, um, I, and you had mentioned, um, going all the way back that you taught me in public, in a, in a PE in high school. So I remember, I remember you, but I just don’t remember if you were in my classroom, you might’ve given me some hints and suggestions all the way back. Is that right? Yeah, we could go all the way back when, um, again, you know, on Facebook it connects everybody and I’m like, he was one of my former students, Brian was one of my former students. And again, I thought I would always remember all of my students and I don’t, but I remember faces. Um, and it was in my early years, so we’re talking, you know, just a few years back, we’re talking a long time ago when that journey started. And, and as I taught, I only taught PE for a few years. Then I created my own strength program, strength and fitness program, and I taught strength and fitness for what, 18, 17 years. And then I was, um, asked to, wasn’t asked, was put in a position where they wanted me to teach health and like everything else, I kind of fought it for a little bit, kind of like, everything happens to you for you. Um, and then I just made a decision, he said, and I taught it pretty much the same way I taught my strength and fitness class because it was basically an empowerment program. And I don’t know where this came from. When you start thinking about evolution and expansion, it just came from within. And when my kids would show up to class, you know, the first day most teachers are taking role in, they’re finding, giving you the rules. And I kind of just threw the rules out. I never even used a book for health. But in my strength class, in my health classes, the first thing I would ask kids is who are you? And they’re just kind of looking at me going, what, what? Uh, I’m like, who are you and why did you take this class? And so we started on a dialogue like that and then I would ask them what they want. And the thing that was so fascinating is most kids didn’t know what they want. Like a lot of adults don’t know what they want, but they can sure tell you what they don’t. Right? And then you learn about the Abraham teachings and going, well, if you focus on what you don’t want, you’re going to track what you don’t want. And so I would just shift it. And from there, that’s just how we started each semester of school. And I did that for years and years and evolved from it. And it was a phenomenal class because it was taking the holistic of the person. It wasn’t just about strength training. We did yoga, we didn’t, well we called it mind training back then, meditation. We did nutrition. And I really believed in my heart that I was providing an environment for the kids to grow and expand into something they can utilize. That’s missing in a lot of of that. And it’s great that we, you started to introduce that. So I want to talk a little bit more about your spiritual journey. Um, not some crazy stuff from your past that has led you to the point that you’re at now. Um, even before you, um, access dr Joe’s teachings, you were able to heal yourself. I wanted to hear your story about that. Most definitely. Um, I’ve also learned though in that process too that if you can cause your own health challenge, which I believe everybody does, that you can also heal it. And when I look back with the quote, the diagnosis that the allopathic world game, my body was lupus. Um, and so my body was basically just imbalanced. But my question was worded, those imbalances come from, well, I was in a very stressed situation at the time. Toxic relationships, uh, just stressed at school coach and everything. It was, I was just basically overwhelmed and I believe it was the body’s way of saying, Hey, pay attention to me. Pay attention to me. Um, you’re getting further and further, further away from who you are. And so Mathias, where I was just listening to on initiation, which is another mind blowing, just when you think you have things figured out then that comes in. But one of the things he shared about was the duality of the darkness and the light. And he said, if you start to walk away from the light, when you start moving more and more into the light, the darkness is a shadow that becomes bigger and bigger and bigger. He goes, it’s unhealthy to just have one or the other. You need them both. And so I look at that part, is the darkness pulling me back? He says, because as you’re walking here, you’re getting further and further and further away from who you genuinely are, right? Because you cannot just be here or here. There’s that duality. And so the health challenge came at a time in my life, I believe I was probably moving a little bit further away from who I was. And the universe has a way to knock you down to say, Hey, let’s get you back in alignment. And so this was before I knew dr Joe. I understood through the allopathic world that they wanted me to do prednisone and that was their solution. And, and of course their thoughts were you’re going to have this for the rest of your life. And there was just something instinctively in me that felt that I could heal my body. I knew that we had the innate ability to heal herself. But now with dr Joe’s work, I understand, I understand a lot more about my life now than I did then. But now I understand that if you can stay in alignment and get yourself in alignment, you can download information from the field to communicate to your cells so your cells know what to do. So your body knows how to heal itself and get it back in balance. And so, um, I chose a different route. I chose a, a naturopathic route. I found a product, um, a glyconutrients that I researched. I studied and I said, well, this makes sense to me. Cause that was a question I always asked. Prednisone didn’t make sense to me. It didn’t make sense to put something toxic in my body if my body was already at a balance. And then I was introduced to my biochemist Jim Urbino, who’s amazing. And in five minutes he just looked at me. He looked at my symptoms. I had like 33 34 symptoms. Thank goodness I wrote them down and he just shared, he goes, you have mercury toxicity. And he goes, let’s see what organs it affected. So we went through the testing. He did all that. He gave me, you know, plant medicine. Um, and I look back now, it took about three years to get my body back in balance. But I also shifted at that emotional level. I started to meditate because I continually heard that word continually came to me, meditate, meditate. Until dr Joe’s work of the decades of meditating. I never really understand the physiology and the biology of what was really going on in my body when you’re actually meditating. Um, and so through that process, and I started to journal and I started to open up and I start to read, you know, young a van Zandt and Marianne Williamson and Wayne Dyer and all these spiritual boos out there is, I started to change the energy in which I was existing in. And that’s one of dr Joe’s big big lessons is when we do these healing sessions, we don’t focus on the person. We focus on the field of the energy of where that disease exists because they failed, governs the particle. And if you can change the field, then you can change the particle so you can change. You don’t have to change the person, you change the field, the field changes. And so when I look back at what I did, that’s pretty much what I did. I just, I took myself out of the stressful environment. I put myself in a more calm environment. I put all the plant medicine in my body. Um, I researched, I rested a lot. I took care of me, um, for once in my life because usually as you coach and you teach, you’re constantly giving, giving, giving, and which I, I mean, it was a gift. It was a gift to, to share as much as I shared with my athletes and with my students. But I look back, hindsight now and I said, did my body heal because I took this product and because I worked with my biochemist or did my body heal because my belief system was so strong that I knew it would. And it did. It took three years, but it was, I’m back in balance. So, and that was a long time once you discovered dr Joe and, um, I just have huge passion and love for [inaudible]. I know, I know. Uh, and people know they’ve, they’ve seen similarities in my, in my meditations. I fully admit it, you know, because what he does works. And so I’m gonna, I’m gonna use what works. Uh, you’ve been to, uh, how many different, um, I’ve been to about seven of these events are going to another advance in San Diego. Well, these are, you know, his advanced followup cause his last advanced followup was just almost two years ago that I went to in Amelia islands. We started at 11:00 PM and we finished every morning with a walking meditation as the sun was rising. And so once you in the, in that field of w when you’re kind of sleepy a little bit correct because you’re working to change those brainwaves, you’re working. So he calls it pop is when your, when your brainwaves hit gamma and when your games hit waves hit gamma. That’s when you’re in the field. And when you’re on the field, that’s when you’re able to download all of this information and go to the other dimensions and become everybody, everyone, everything. But the greatness of, of dr Joe is that he measures everything. And so he’s measuring people. And this last one we went to and I, Agora falls, there was a guy there that was, what did he say? Like 400 500 above the standard deviation when his brain hit gamma. I mean, they’ve never seen this before. It’s phenomenal. The thing that Dr. Jones giving us, his feedback that neurofeedback, that we really do need that we’ve needed all along. Can you H w can you explain, when you’ve gone into gamma, can you explain what it feels like for you? For me? Cause every individual, did you know when you were going into gamble? Well, I was not one of the ones that was getting my brain scanned. Um, but there’s many people that hit gamma without having their brain scan. But everything’s different and you don’t hit it every time. Like some people, they’re ecstatic. They’re ecstatic to where the best way from everybody that I’ve heard, the way that they explain it, they say it’s an unconditional love that they’ve never felt in their entire lives. But it seems so natural. And so for my example, I have a friend out in California and the first time he went, and I think the less that you know, sometimes going into dr DOE, the easier it is to do because you have no expectations. But he said that he, he, he’d been married to his wife for backup for 25 years and he said what he experienced, he goes, I love my wife. He goes, I love her more than anything. And he says, but this love was a hundred times more powerful. And so that’s one of the aspects of the feeling of just becoming one. I mean, you’re everybody, everything. Everyone. The other things that I’ve experienced is I start to see geometric patterns, geometric shapes, you know, fractal patterns, right? Because as energy slows, it flows into these fractal patterns before it becomes matter. And then I also felt myself in time going back, going forward. It just, it was, it’s hard to explain. Oh, I get it. So, so if I wanted to create a meditation based on what you’ve learned from being in these workshops and your own self, that CRE, AMA, the focus of this was we want to create a gamma state. What would you do? Well, when you want to create a, a gamma state, the, the most important thing is, is it’s not, well, the medical education is a key. It’s a key with the different vibrations, different level, but it’s the person allowing themselves to get beyond themselves, the person to move from that alpha state of wanting to control, wanting to releasing and surrendering. And I think that’s the most challenging part that people have in any type of meditation, is the ability to just surrender. Because until you can surrender, you’re always going to have that struggle. Your brain waves going in pheta alpha beta void is helping. His concept of the void is helping you to surrender. Because we carry so much into our meditation that it just, whatever we carry into it is what’s going to be. So if we could let go of all that stuff, right? We are, we’re human and we carry our histories and our baggage. Uh, so, and that’s the big revelation with me with dr Joe is if I can get let go that stuff go. Yeah. Then I can really, um, have a big impact when I have my meditation. Correct. It’s, you know, the, the Buddhist months, we’ll call it the monkey mind. Yeah. I listened to a lot of Buddhist monks and, and they’ll call all that busy-ness the monkey mind. And with dr Joe, it’s like anything else. It’s a skill. And if people can understand that meditation is a skill and then they learn, it’s just like I teach volleyball. Yeah, I taught volleyball well before you can actually pass it hit and get a kill on the spike. You have to learn the fundamentals. And I think that’s what dr DOE does so well is he brings the fundamentals back to remind people we’re 99.999% energy and 0.0001% matter. And my question was always in my sister who had classes is then why do we focus 99.9% of our time on the 0.001% and zero point, you know, and so you’ve got to build those spiritual muscles as much as you spill, uh, build those physical muscles. And meditation is a skill and there’s different ways to be able to achieve and to move and to think greater. That’s one of the things dr Joe shares is, and I teach it to my athletes all the time, is you’ve got to think greater than your core current circumstances. You’ve got to think beyond that, but the body’s so conditioned and addicted to certain emotions that it always wants to go back to what it’s used to. It’s hard for people to understand that they can be addicted to negative emotions. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. It’s a big revelation that dr Joe really explains in very well in his book and in his sessions that yes, we have the, why am I always feeling so depressed and terrible because you’re addicted to it. Yes. Part of you that wants to have that and, and one of the things he shares and, and we laugh because he, he’s just, he’s so genius, but he’s so down to earth and he shares in there. He goes, well, if you’re addicted to guilt or you’re addicted to shame or you’re addicted to anger, then you surround yourself with people who will validate that feeling for you. And so when you’re talking to someone, if they share their story, like with sisterhood, intellect expansion, I’ll share with with my clients, I said, I’ll allow you to share your story one time and one time only if it does not benefit you. If it’s not helping you grow, we’re going to release that story because people want to go back into their story constantly and that’s what’s keeping them at the cellular level feeling the way that they feel because they’re vibrating that low energy and then every time they repeat the story, it’s just a continuous loop. And so awareness is the first step of being able to get out of that loop. So he, I want to know a little bit more. He has like super long medications beyond these recordings, like four or five hour meditation. I want to go like a your reporter. And so you’re reporting from the reality revolution. Like you’re a field reporter in these rooms. When there’s a five hour meditation that he’s leaving, there’s something more that has to be happening. It’s the first thing that’s happening. Is the energy of the rooms changing and how do we know? Because dr Joe measures, it measures the energy of the room. Oh yes, yes. He’s measured the energy of the room. And it’s interesting from the first day to the last day on the difference of the energy in the room. So, so that’s one of the things that are happening. The other thing when you’re putting, you know, what do we have 1,650 people in Niagara. When you have 1,650 people in one room and the early day in the early days, cause it’s a seven day workshop, everyone’s working to get past their old self. They’re working to move beyond that. So the energy’s probably not going to go up that high in the room because they’re fighting to release the negativity or the emotions that are keeping them stuck. And so you’re, it’s an internal battle. So you’re thinking six 10 1,650 people are having this internal battle all at the same time. Right. And then you have the different levels. You have highly skilled people who have done his work for a long time. You have other people that they want to leave after one or two days. No one ever does, but it just because it’s so amazing at the end. Oh yeah, I want to get my fix right. Yes, most definitely. But as it goes on, when we go into like the pineal gland, which is usually Saturday, Sunday, and it’s a four hour one, it’s a four hour meditation. We start at 4:00 AM and the reason we start at 4:00 AM as the biology behind it, it’s at its peak at four. And I mean you can read his books, um, you know, becoming supernatural. That’s, that’ll explain. We don’t have enough time to go into all of that, but everything that he does has a purpose to it. And by that time, the energy is so high. People have moved beyond themselves that people start to really pop right away. And that’s what he calls hitting gamma pop. Boom, you’ll care noise. Some people, it might freak them out a little bit. And because you’re pushing all of that old energy that’s stuck in those lower energy centers up through your heart, up and out. And when it, when the energy moves from those lower energy centers up and out, it’s like having a brain orgasm. That’s what, that’s the best way he can describe it. He says, you can move in as you can down. Yeah. But he goes, but you also move energy up. And so there are people who will, uh, you’ll hear screams, you’ll hear noises, you’ll hear. And, and people may be unaware that they’re even doing it. And then sometimes, I mean, every time it’s so different, but you can actually sense and feel the shift of the energy in the room and the coherence. What’s happening is as people start to move beyond themselves, their heart and their brains are becoming coherent. And when one person has a heart and brain coherence, we have these mirror neurons. So that person did it. So people start thinking, well, I can do it, I can do it. And all of a sudden you’re getting a group of 1600 people, 650 people vibrating at that same frequency. There’s just like a calmness and a crispness in that air. And when, when I was in Niagara falls, you have the negative ions from the water of the falls. And the first day, even before dr Joe started a, me and a couple of my other friends, we went there, we went under the water actually under, they call it the hurricane alley. Okay. And I promise for the rest of the day, I was like, I felt like I was this 10 year old kid because I had so much energy and I was happy and I was just go lucky for the entire rest of the day. And I’m sitting here thinking, okay, that’s a highly elevated emotion, which is one of the things dr Joe focuses on is you’ve got to have pure, pure intention. You know, a clear, clear, clear intention and a highly, highly, highly emotion that’s just going to take you. That’s exactly what I felt. And so again, the environment starts to change again. Dr Joe is not changing any of us, right? What’s shifting is the energy in the environment and when that changes, we are in another environment having a different experience, right? I mean, going away from that, it’s like how do I go back to the real world a little bit. That’s why he has created, you know, he has a private Facebook page and uh, for people that have attended his advanced and dr Joe’s so great that like he had yesterday, he had taught every month he’ll come on or after every advance he’ll come on just to share and to remind us, he says, because the tough part is when you leave and he calls his place the monastery. When you leave the monastery, it’s, you go back into this three D dimensional world that we live in. You know, it’s kind of like you have one button, the fifth dimension and one in the third. But we do live in the third. We’re humans. And so the focus of, of what he does there is to remind us to keep us connected, to have these connections. And meditation is one of the best ways to continually, um, start moving and growing and expanding. And so he does give you support once you leave. It’s amazing. It’s amazing. So thank you for telling us a little bit more about it. So I would recommend anybody to go to Dr. Joseph. I can’t say enough about him. Um, but there’s reports that Lightworkers are showing up at these events. Yes. I knew that question was going to come in. Dr Joe acknowledges it in one of his videos. I want to know more. Tell me about the light workers. The Lightworkers. He calls him beings. Um, and not everybody sees them, but he definitely sees them. And people that are starting, people are starting to give testimonials of when we do these healing sessions that actually these beings are showing up and helping them heal. And so if you go back, you can find some as testimonials. There’s this gal who had some knee issues, some other issues, and, uh, these beings, and they talk to you, obviously telepathically. It’s not like you’re talking because when you’re doing the healing session, the person that’s being the Healey, they’re just there. They’re laying there releasing, they’re surrendering and the beans talking to her. And she said she remembers him, like shifting him, her shifting her knee, and she’s just like, you know, that hurts. And he’s just smiling. Yeah, it hurts. We know. But being able to heal, she goes, and then she comes out of this session and every thing that was bothering her and no longer bothers her. And so I would miss the Lightworkers yourself. I’ve seen, I’ve seen shadows. I don’t know if they’re the Lightworkers, I don’t know if they’re the ones dr Joe sees, but I have seen shadows. But I’ve seen shadows outside of doctors all the time. Anyway. So, yeah, so we’ll get to that in a minute. But a lot of people, I think it’s more, a lot of people will feel, and, and I’ll share an experience I had when, well, I’ve had a lot of experiences in his seminars where we do, we do, uh, you, my hands are here and all of a sudden they’re up. And I’m not moving them. They’re going up and then all of a sudden my legs are going up and it’s not me. I’m just, I’m like, who’s doing that? What, what’s going on? Or maybe it’s my higher self. Um, but we were doing a healing session and this one was maybe a year ago, two years ago. And there’s a time when dr Joe will bring us, um, bring us all back and time to release. And the session starts to, starts to end and I have you have your hands in the field again, we’re changing the energy of fields, not the person, the energy, the field. And I attempted to pull my hands away. I could not physically pull my hands away. It was like this magnetic force. And I’m like, like right now, just like, and it wasn’t a negative feeling, it’s just I couldn’t pull it. And it was like, okay, obviously I’m not dealing with this. And every time I would try to pull, I could pull a few inches, but there was such a bond of energy that had me connected in this field. And then eventually after a while, you know, I released it and I’m going, Whoa, what was that? Yeah, yeah. Well, so, um, and the really cool thing about Mary Rose, if anybody, um, check out her Facebook page or, um, I don’t know if you’re on Twitter or you’re on Instagram, right? I’m on Instagram. I have a Facebook, actually I have a sisterhood into life expansion Facebook page. I haven’t used it a whole lot, but again, that’s all the stuff that I’m going to start going back. But the cool thing is that you’ve chosen, you are doing what a lot of people that are listening to this have a dream of doing. And that is okay, I want, I want to really seek out [inaudible] my own spiritual journey. I want to leave the house and I don’t know where I’m going to go and I’m going to decide on a daily basis what’s going to happen. And you’ve chosen right now, you’re on a journey that is really incredible. I want to share with everyone. Um, you left Cheyenne and you are on this journey and you didn’t know where you were going to go. Next thing you know, you end up in a town, something happens, you’re following instincts and your heart on a daily basis. Yeah. And so you’re, uh, you’re experiencing, um, some incredible things. Tell us a little bit more about your journey right now. Yeah, the, the journey has been absolutely amazing. Um, what I shared with [inaudible] when I, when I made the decision to do this, the main reason was, you know, my mom transitioned about six years ago and one of the things she would always share with me, because again, I want to share, I’ll put the pieces of the puzzle together. Abraham always says, words don’t teach and not Abraham biblical, Abraham Hicks for those who follow Abraham experience teaches. And so I have all this knowledge, like you have all this incredible knowledge, but my mom said to me one day, she said, so when are you going to start applying that? And I’ll always remember that going well. I was applying it through teaching, through doing other things, but when am I really going to put it to test? What am I really going to start applying it? So I said, you know what, I’ve studied dr Joe for six years. I feel like I have a master’s degree in dr Doug Dispenza, and he always shares about living in the unknown. And I said, I’m going to get my car kicking my dog and we are going to go. And we, the only, the only commitment I had was my advanced in Niagara falls. Other than that, I had no intention on where I was going. It was just going to go with the flow and to trust the process. And as I’ve gone through the journey, this is what month five now, months six I’m, I’ve lost track. I honestly believe that I’m just along for the ride. I am not guiding. There’s some universal force guiding me to where I don’t have to do a whole lot of work. Things are coming to me and I’m led to different places. So the synchronicities have been nominal. It started from the first time, like as soon as I left, it was like, okay, I don’t, I, I do not understand this yet. Perhaps you can help me. As soon as I left, I would go someplace and I would see somebody and it would remind me of someone from back home and I’d see that person. I’m like, well, that looks just like my friend or that looks just like this person. And this happened for the first three months. And I’m like, am I just in a different dimension but very closer? And I played with it. It was a lot of fun. Well, when I was in New Jersey, I had to drop off Bella, before I went to dr Joe, my friend and I, my friend Margot and her daughter, we went to the beach and we’re at the beach and there’s maybe, you know, 10, 11 people. Um, it was a weekday and a little windy, but we just went to the beach. Bella’s first time experience. The beach bell is my dog for those of you who don’t know. Yeah. And, uh, as we were leaving, because the times change, we were going to stay, we were going to leave earlier, but then Margot changed for a time of her daughter’s appointment. So we stayed another hour. And as we’re walking away, there was another gal that I noticed there because she was in her chair. I was aware of her and she was reading a book and we just happened to leave at the same time. And I’m headed toward the bathroom. She’s headed towards the bathroom. And then of course Bella jumps and she goes and says hi to these kids. And I just turned to this gal. She goes, she just looks at me. And she said, so it’s your dog’s first time and the ocean. I said, yeah. She goes, I heard. And she said, so where are you from? And I said, we’re from Wyoming. So long story short, she asked what my intentions were, where I was going to go next. And I said, well, the only plan I have right now is a dr Joe Dispenza workshop. And her mouth was like, dr Joe, and this will sort of show up. And I’m, you know, dr Joe and she’s, she loves him. She’s a therapist and she absolutely loves his work. She hasn’t been to one of the seminars you guys get to his seminars, all that they sell out in five minutes. Um, and so just to be connected to somebody else again, what are the odds of someone being there that knows dr Joe? Well, he’s getting so big now. So then we go to dr Joe when I was leaving. Everyone’s like, you gotta stop at Letchworth park. It’s a park in upper state, New York. So I stopped in beautiful waterfalls, beautiful, beautiful. There’s the a song call, the sound of silence, which I’m sure many people are aware of and that’s for a different time. But that song just hit me and I’m like, a lot of people think it’s a very dark song, but the darkness is the void. And the void is where you download information. And so it says, hello, my old friend. I’ve come to see what, hello darkness, my old friend. I’m like, darkness. My old friend, I come to talk to you again. That’s me meditating, going into the void to down. So anyway, I interpreted this whole song into the formula with dr Joe calls the formula and then I’m leaving and we’re going to, I’m going through this tiny town called Morris town New York. Never been there, but there’s this huge mural, huge on like a huge building and it was so colorful, so diverse. I said, I got to stop to see this, and so I stopped and I took pictures and then I start to break it down in sections and there was a section, there’s a flag here. There was a group of, there was a, a group of people with a white face, a Brown face, a black face. Then we had the Eagle over here and then I noticed this quote right in the middle and it said, the spirit of Morris town always brings me back and then it was signed, Mary Rose, if the us stopped dead in my tracks. What I mean, I have a picture, I have pictures of all of this. And as I looked at that definitely in awe, which is aside from obviously connected to the universe, a Chrysler 300 drew, drew drove by and my mom drove Heisler three hundreds. I see him all the time and I’m like, okay, this is a small town. I cannot believe that that’s my name, even though I didn’t do that. So I went through this town and there was a Memorial for all the different servicemen. So I stopped there and as soon as I stopped there, I’m like, I have been here before. It was like Dasia BU the whole time I had not been there something. But the energy was just so crazy. And so that was an amazing synchronicity. Um, which you never would have experienced without just going on this journey, not any of these synchronicities that I would have ever experienced. So the last one, and I, and I put it on a video on Facebook, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll attempt to shorten it because it was just so amazing. I never had any intention on going to Gainesville. I thought I’d be in Florida for two weeks. I’ve been here what, two months? Um, but anyway, I was heading to the panhandle, connected with the gal and she says, you can come to Gainesville if you’d like and I’ll host you. And I said, well, it’s on the way to the panhandle. Might as well, Gaines Gainesville’s beautiful. It’s, it’s a different type of Florida, but it’s absolutely beautiful. And we were talking and she said, she was asking about Sedona, my travels. I said, well, I’ve been to Sedona. I planned to go there on this travel again. And I said, there’s a lot of vortexes in Sedona. And as soon as I said that she had the TV muted, she un-muted the TV and the gal on the TV said, these are her exact words, there are bore Texas in Sedona. And she just looked at me and I said, it just get used to, it happens all the time. So then we took Bella for a walk and she said, have you ever read the book untethered souls? And I’m like, untethered souls. I said, I heard of it. I know that the author was on Oprah and I said, I may have read it, but it would have been a while ago and I could not remember the author. She couldn’t remember the author. So then I get back, I decided I wanted to spend some time in Florida. I just wanted to go somewhere and be, since we’ve been traveling so much, and my other friend is style got ahold of me and said, I know some people, let me see what I can do. Anyway, she gets me in contact with another genius. We call them geniuses with dr Joe. And she said, you’re in Gainesville. And I said, yes. And she said, have you seen, uh, Mickey singer? I’m like, ah, she’s, she’s texting me all this. I’m like, Mickey singer, who’s Mickey singer, have you been to the temple of the universe? What’s the temple of the universe? And I’m like, um, no, but I will check it out. So I Googled it. First thing that shows up is the book untethered soul. The author of the book is Michael singer, which she calls Mickey. And I’m like, okay. And I showed that to my friend Kim. I’m like, there’s the author, well they were having a yoga session and he was going to talk that night and it was only, it’s an Alachua, which is maybe 15 minutes from Gainesville. So I said, I’m going. So I go, it’s dark. I got a little lost. I stopped, I turned, there’s a house cause it’s in a forest area. There is like nothing out there. You are literally in like a forest area and there’s this big house, get out of my car and go to the back door knock. There’s a guy on a phone and I said, do you happen to know where the template of the universe is? I said, I’m lost. And he goes, Oh you just passed it. It’s right down that way. And so he gave me directions three or four times. He goes, listen, I’m leaving in about five minutes. If you wait, you can just follow me. I’m passing it. And I said, well I surely appreciate it. Thank you. And then I started to turn to walk away, but then I turned back and I said, thank you again. My name is Mary Rose. Well he didn’t offer his name. And so I was like, Hmm. So then I said, and what is your name? And he says, I’m Mickey. And I’m like, what? So he make you singer, the author that was speaking at night of souls who was on Oprah. I’m like, here’s this girl from Cheyenne, Wyoming on this journey who wasn’t supposed to go to Gainesville, who ends up in Alachua in the forest on the author of untether souls back porch, w w what are the odds? And so what do you think now that you’ve had a bunch of this, what do you think it means? Um, you know, I think in some cases people read too much. I mean, you can start getting coincidence at all the time. The mind looking for him and the mind can find ones that were always there all along. Then once we kind of program it, what do you think? How do we deal with these signs and coincidences when you’re on your path? Cause I think I’ve met people that big of a deal about it and they’ve got their, they’re on a great path and they get distracted. Oh I saw the 1111 over here, so I got to do this. I, I just, um, I think it’s a question that can’t, there’s no actual answer, but I want to know your perspective. How do you deal with all these coincidences? Is it God winking at you? Is it just God winking at you or do we need to take it seriously and follow these songs? What do you mean? That is such a great question. It’s a great question. And one of the things from my perspective, you know, there’s everybody has a different perspective is it’s just a reminder to me that I’m in contact with the universe, with God, whichever you want to call it. Um, collective consciousness. I mean everyone has such a different name and as a reminder that we’re all part of this collective consciousness and that I’m on the right track. I don’t, I get excited when they happen. I don’t, right. Dwell and look like what time is it? Three, three, three is a two, two, two, you know, that happens all the time. That’s become normal. That’s, that’s a normality to me. Anytime I see numbers, uh, you know, I’m on my way to where I am today cause I’m helping a family out. Uh, on my way here. I saw four, four, fours when I went to see my friend Kim, um, and another Island in Florida for four fours, well, four, four fours are just angel numbers. And to me the message was you’re going to a place to help somebody heal or to help the energy of the person Hill or the energy around them just to, just to be able to brighten up a day or, or do that. And so to me it’s kind of a language. Um, and just a reminder of you’re connected, moving on, you’re on the right path. Do you think something’s happening now on this planet that it’s different than before? Do you think we’re going through a revolution, a reality revolution of some kind? I, I believe that one, one of the things that dr Joe shares is there’s always chaos before coherence. And this Mathias that I’ve been watching who’s 21 years young who has knowledge. Yes. If anybody knows what she’s talking, it’s, it’s called initiation on Gaia. It’s really fantastic series. I plan on doing a couple of videos on it here soon. Yeah, it’s, it’s amazing. It’s mind blowing. Cause like I said, once you thank you have it figured out, pieces of the puzzle are together. All of a sudden, boom. This new piece comes in and it’s like, okay, dr Joe gave me more clarity with Abraham. I can go back and listen to Abraham and go, okay, now I get it. Even it’s more clear. Well now with Mathias, I go back and I looked at dr Joe’s working. It gives me validation, well what dr Joe’s working, what it’s doing is validating everything that he’s sharing because one of the things he shares, the most important thing that we can do in this third dimensional world is to become coherent, to come become coherent with your heart and your brain, which is the skills that dr Joe gives us. And I think more and more people are doing that. But what dr Joe will always share is there’s chaos before coherence. There’s always chaos before coherence and so you look out in the world and a lot of people will say there is a lot of, there’s a lot of chaos, tons of chaos. There’s this happening here and there’s this happening here and, and I attempt to stay away from the news, but I believe it’s just all the chaos before the coherence before people are going to start to become more aligned before we start to become more peaceful before it’s just the end. I think of the chaos with the energy slowing down so that when it turns back into matter that we’re going to be at a more coherent state. That’s my belief system right now. There’s definitely a feels to me like a battle between a group of people that really wants to focus on themselves and only the self and a group of people that really wants to focus on helping others and it feels like there’s a tension. There’s, there’s two groups that are focused on helping others. I don’t know. Do you get what I’m talking about? Yeah, I think that the, it’s again, I would have not had this answer had I not been watching Mateus today, but he talks about the dark and light. You have both of them, but one just being light. It’s not, it’s not balanced. You need both of them. Um, but I believe that it’s the old kind of energy of the way things used to be. Um, if you want things, you got to work harder, you gotta fight harder. Or I said, well, have you realized yet that the more you fight against something, the more you create it? And I just think it’s kind of the old ways of being slowly struggling to move out so that this new energy can come in. And one of the things that Matea said is the best thing that we can do also is to be coherent. It’s just for you to do the work for you to be at peace, for you to make a man’s with, if, if you’re in struggle with somebody or something to become at peace with that, because that’s your contribution to help and ship that energy. Right. Well, the thing that dr Joe Bree brings to the discussion is an understanding of quantum physics. Something you mentioned a little bit is seeing fractal patterns and it helps me to understand even old philosophers like Neville Goddard, a more simplified way of teaching what know what dr Joe is teaching. And in many ways, so I do think we’re coming into this realization on a quantum level, there’s this quantum field like you mentioned. Um, and that’s the big discovery. So how do you access the quantum field? How do you change it? The, the, the skill it again, dr Joe would call it the formula, um, the skill of meditation, the skill of meditation, of being able to move from that state of betta, moving beyond alpha to the, into theta and continually practicing to reach the state of gamma. Because once you’re in that field, then that’s when you connect. You know, you can ignite that pineal gland. So when you’re breathing before again, I meditated for years breathing Kundalini breathing, I’m okay, but what’s happening in my body? Well, it’s all the old energy and, and it’s moving through you, up into your brain. And as you’re moving it up into your brain, that’s cerebral fluid that circulates in your system twice a day. But if you meditate, you can get it to circulate more and more, which ignites that pineal gland, which opens up the pineal gland, which is the antenna into the field. And so there’s crystals in there and there’s water in there and it starts to expand, but it can only expand so much. So then it comes back and it’s back and forth. Now you’ve got that Toro field, but once your pineal gland is, it’s the antenna into the field. And so the main thing that I do is meditate, meditate to get the pineal gland open or to keep it open so that I can connect to the field and be able to download information. Right. So like you said, um, how do you deal with, once you become so creatively powerful, if you access this stuff, your thoughts become manifest much faster, but you’re accessing the news and outside influences. Um, I have to monitor and take diets from what I’m actually doing. So, um, what do you, do you have any strategies for that? From staying in that state? Is that the question? Well, I mean, do you, how do you deal with the news is really the basis. How do we deal with all this bad news that, you know, it’s so easy to get sucked in. That’s, that’s a great question too. I don’t watch it. And if I do, I’m limited. And it’s one thing that I’ve noticed, um, because I’ve stayed in so many different places that there, there’s a lot of people that get into, they get into the politics, they get into this. But I share with myself, I said, okay, during my existence there have been a certain amount of presidents and to me it really didn’t matter who was in office because my life was going to be what I was going to choose to create in my life. And so I took my power back and regardless of who’s president, vice president, what’s going on, I just have to find peace within me. And if I find something, if I’m up, I’m watching TV and like I haven’t watched TV in the afternoon for, I don’t know how long because of what’s going on. So I just choose to stay away. It’s like your energy flows, your attention goes where your energy flows. And so I don’t want my energy to flow towards that. I want my energy to flow towards something that’s going to help me continue to expand, to continue to grow, to be of service, to help, to enjoy, to stay at that high, higher vibrational state of being. And so that’s what I do. So when you’re on this journey, it’s harder to have like a daily ritual and habit and you know, so that’s one thing that I would struggle with. You know, Hey, I want to get my daily meditation in. Uh, so have you been able to, to integrate that into a chaos of constantly traveling all the time? I have at the, because everybody’s life is different and where I’m, so number one, I’m so grateful for all the people I’ve connected with, especially all my family, all my friends, all the people that have allowed me and invited me into their homes. Um, and so I just work around the schedule. So basically I get up at sometimes four in the morning and uh, I’ll do a meditation to stay in the room or late at night when everybody has gone to bed. I make sure that I do at least one meditation a day. What hasn’t been as consistent as I belong to two, uh, two healing groups, uh, out of dr Joe’s group. So I haven’t been able to partake as much, um, in the non-local healings, uh, of it. So, so explain that you have a group that gets together and heal somebody doesn’t care where you’re at. You just non-locally you guys focus on healing somebody through the quantum group? Yes. Yes. We focus on, and there’s quite a few groups. There’s a, there’s a group here in the United States and then there’s also a group that I belong to in the Europe area and they’re all students that have gone through dr Joe’s advanced work. So there’s a consistency in the teaching of how to change the field. And if you can change the field, cause the whole ask the question, can you change the energy of a field? Non-locally well, yes, of course you can. And so once you have that understanding, it’s like you said, once you understand the how and the why, the what or the what and the why, the how becomes easier. And so it doesn’t matter. However, if you have 35 people or two people, as long as you are working to get coherent in that heart and brain, you have the ability to change the field wherever. And so there are groups and in all of it’s from the kindness of everybody’s heart, they want to be able to contribute. So there’s a lot of people out there that have health challenges and they, um, they have, they know someone in the group or somebody in the group know somebody that has a health challenge. I, in fact, both of my brothers, I had one brother who was really sick in the hospital last year. I had another brother had some serious issues that they didn’t even know that we were doing a healing session for them. And they both great. My one brother left the hospital like a day later and my other brother, his whole brain injury [inaudible] killed quite a bit. Um, whether that was awesome. I don’t know. I just think we’re moving towards that. There’s, I think global coherence. The more people that we’re going to start seeing, there’s going to be a threshold that we reach where maybe it’s a million meditators on a certain day where something’s going to pop and there’s earth is going to go into its own gamma. Yes. Do you get what I’m saying? I think we’re, we’re getting, you know, getting closer. If we could organize it, I’d definitely love to use my channel and other channels people watching out there. We could organize some way to create global coherence. That’s what dr Joe is doing a little bit at the end of his retreats. He has, Oh yes. Have you? I’m steady Gregg Braden at all. I love Greg Baden. Big fan. Okay. So Greg, Brayden, I use a lot of his work and the one of my sister had courses. Again, it’s a six week course, but it’s, I never know who’s going to show up. The energy that shows up is who shows up. So it always changes. And we were talking about being able to change the energy and um, he said, I believe it’s 0.001%, I’ll have to go back. I’m not sure on that. So don’t quote me on that. But of a population to change a field. And so we figured it out for Cheyenne and it was like 12 people that we needed to change the entire energy of Cheyenne, Wyoming. That way it was mind blowing to me. But again, those 12 people all have to work to get in coherence and it’s a skill and it takes time and it can take time, but because it’s a skill and so it’s just fascinating. It’s fascinating to me when they do these great group coherence, uh, sessions, what happens in the world globally and doc and Greg Brayden’s done a lot of work. Yeah. And I love it. So let’s hypothetical this. What do you think? If there’s a planet out there that’s fifth dimensional, what do you think it is? Is it a, is it a bunch of energy beings that don’t need to eat as much that are on a different w when we talk about, these are words that a lot of people in new age circles use, but a lot of times I don’t think they know what they’re talking about. So Hey, turns five D and we turn into this new earth where we’re five dimensional. What does that mean to you? What does that mean? The five D dimensional [inaudible] I would have had a different answer for you two days ago, right? Because again, I just watched Mateus um, his definition of being any calls it in, into the ninth dimension is you don’t need a body. And so it’s all these souls. And so the higher dimensions go. You don’t have these emotions either. We have that in this three D world. And so the battles that we’re fighting, because that’s part of the process of this three D world, is to learn to experience, to grow. Then to transcend is there’s just alignment immediately. So if I, if I were to look at the fifth dimension where everything’s in flow, everybody’s coherent, they just automatically go there. It’s, they’re just, they’re there. I keep on thinking about this book, I just read the case against reality by Donald Hoffman and he’s making the argument that we’re, our bodies are just a very super limited reading of what’s really happening. In reality. Our eyes are taking in an energy, our nose is taking in an energy. Our mouth is taking an energy sound as it just, we’re just getting five little energies. There’s like thousands of different energies in reality. We’re in this little tiny like almost computer in it, user interface, just going through and just, just for our own survival, just detecting these little energies and there’s this whole other world out there that we’re limited by in our human bodies that goes beyond anything that we can imagine it, you know? I mean, that’s definitely a possibility, right? Maybe we’re just all like flowers that are about to bud and they’re just waiting for us to blossom. You know? You get that feeling again? Have you watched all of them? I’m about halfway through, so I’ve gotten to, he’s talked about where he’s from and what’s happening on the planet and the different dimensions and how the universe started. So it’s super fascinating because the question that, the question that you just asked, he answers and, and like he said something today that was pretty profound is people, other beings are just the higher being you become, you’re just a sphere. Like the sun is just a sphere. And he says, so they say that your soul, you can see your soul through your eyes. And he says, most people think that you look and he goes, no, because they’re spheres. There’s one sphere, negative one sphere positive, and then your third eye, which is, you know, and so it just, you look at life so differently. And so the question you just asked, I’d be fascinated to talk to you after you watch it because it does, it answers it. The, the thing that I mentioned to you was that it reminded me of was the law of one the law talking about us moving up into higher densities and that the whole worth earth is going through this transition into higher densities, but it also is talking about service to self and that a bunch of other interesting, I think they’re consistent. There’s the consistency. Um, it’s just exciting to think that there is enter, there’s entities watching us waiting for us, you know, come on and get going. We’re just like a school that’s blossoming and waiting for us to move to the next level. So yeah, the, the key to that, that many masters that I’ve studied and is [inaudible], everything’s inward. You know, it’s kind of like one of the things that as people like science in the beginning there, they’re still going outward. They’re still looking at the stars even though we’re connected, but the stars and here he goes, but everything’s in you. And so it’s going where our soul is a much larger version of, we’re just a tiny little part of it. It’s not inward. It’s, it’s imagine if you put your hand into some water and you saw fingers in each of the fingers had its own awareness and they looked at each other and said, Oh, that’s another finger. That’s th that’s similar to mine, but it’s actually the hand is actually an entire entity that’s connected as one. Right. And so that, that, I think, does that make sense? Do you think it’s [inaudible]? Yeah, I think the soul, the soul exists within and with Anne outside of us. But I’d have to double think that after again watching this series, I’m going to go back and I’ll, you know, I’ll watch it three or four times and go, because here’s the thing and why I was so fascinated by it because it made sense. Then anytime things in life can start to make sense because I have the foundation, which I think is a lot of people are missing that foundation of let’s just start here. Let’s build a foundation. Let’s build a strong foundation and then move everything from there. Right. Um, you know, he, he, he’ll talk about the Trinity of your, your body and your soul and your spirit. But he, he’ll say this, I have to think of this. The spirit creates the soul. The soul creates the body. It’s just, it’s just fascinating. It’ll be fast. It is fascinating. But do you feel like we’re kind of just like our pets? Like Bella, you know, you’re training and teaching, taking care of Bella doesn’t really know what’s going on when she looks at the ocean cheese, we’re kind of like, we’re just like that. And there might be entities that are taking care of us, like pets that want us to move on and learn. And that’s basically where we’re at. Right? Maybe. I think we’re basically, the only thing that really exists is consciousness. Right? Well that’s true. And so, but there’s levels of consciousness. Yes. Yes. And so there’s other, it’s, it’s kind of like he was talking about Mateus is talking about these four stages you go through and before you can transcend, you have to go through three other stages. And those who transcend as you die, and that’s just transitioning. He goes, people think of it as such a bad thing, but it’s not right. You continually transit, he goes, but eventually you can transcend to where you don’t need your physical body anymore. You have learned how to be pure consciousness and then that’s maybe when you become one of those beings when you are just energy, it’s just, it’s all so fascinating. But do you think a long time ago we got stuck in these bodies like, like a, and you know, I have an episode called the wing makers and they have this idea that, you know, many eons ago we were locked in. We were already free energy like we’re talking about. And then somehow something happened and we got stuck in our, in our current incarnation cycle, um, almost like a little, like maybe trick and now it’s working our way out of it. So, I mean, Trinity is a long time, right? It’s, you know, you think about time, it’s like when Mateus is talking about going back 600,000 years ago, but maybe then it’s just a blink of an eye. One day could be 750,000 years. There, you know, that’s the, I, I read somewhere that there the um, the sun and the earth and their galaxy goes around the center black hole. It takes about 700. So maybe that’s like the equivalent of a, of a year for them or something. You know, you asked the question on, on, on did we get stuck? And again, everything in my life, I think just it happens for me, it’s just, it’s like I’m in the flow right now, so I’m supposed to share this from watching the video of Mateus, but he said, he said weird, like a [inaudible] [inaudible] this consciousness that came and we started to build this web. So we’re like the spider building the web. He goes, then all of a sudden we became a fly and we got stuck and we didn’t know how to get out of that web. And so he’ll, he’ll share information on how to get out of it. But again, his whole thing aligned with dr Joe. Everybody else I’ve studied is to become coherent, to become coherent. But that’s with all three levels. That’s what body, mind and spirit. So I can say that I’m a kind person, but then if I go out and I yell at somebody, I’m out of coherence. And so it’s a continual internal work on oneself to master oneself. Yeah. Well it’s consistent with reality. Trans surfing. Another popular topic on my channel is the unifying the heart and mind is the key to achieving your dreams and goals and changing the outside world. It’s all about that coherence. Keep on coming back to what I keep on hearing references. Of course Greg Braden talks about it and it’s so many different people. People don’t understand what that means, but it really is dr Joe is studying it on a scientific level. Yes. Coherence between the mind and heart. Other philosophers are talking about it. When I say I’m going with my heart, we know what that means, but there’s more to it. And so it’s interesting. I love how you keep on bringing from and back to that. So yeah, we could probably talk forever, forever. You could probably talk forever. I just wanted everybody to get a chance to meet Mary Rose. And um, check out your, your what’s, what’s your Instagram, uh, inspirational, inspirational warrior and you can see Mary Rose’s current. Jeremy and Mary Rose. Remember you’re on Facebook and yeah, I’m on Facebook. Mary Rose Ramirez. But I also thought, you know, if people want to get in contact with me because there’s definitely, this is part of the process of, to the next part of my life and what’s going to happen. Um, is that writing a book? Is that [inaudible] that’s what I was just going to say. Can you write a book about this journey that you’ve been on and what you’ve been on? Cause I will definitely read it. I think there’s a lot of people that are watching would definitely read it cause you’ve experienced some stuff that we all want to hear and please share it with us. Yeah. And that, and that’s part of the, the intention right now. And that’s where I feel like I’m being guided to with my higher self is to write. And then I love teaching. I mean, just like, like I shared with you early, I never had a lesson plan. I just, because when I had a lesson plan, the time you had to have a lesson plan, when you know you’re being observed, it just didn’t flow. And so when I went in slow, you just, you flow and you go into it. And so there will be a time on this journey where I know I’ll just stop and just start writing or using the computer and, and uh, but I, I do you want to expand to with, with my conscious mind training with athletes because I think it’s so vital. And when I look back, um, last story, when I started coaching, I shared this with you. I took over a team who will maybe won three games the previous season and I’m walking in twenty-something, maybe a little arrogant, a little cocky, but it was a belief system, but we’re going to win state. But I genuinely believed it. I believed it and the kids bought into it and we were own six before we even want to match. But end of the season, we were two points away from being in the state championship match. We ended up third and then I look back now and people, how did you do it? How did you do it? And I always would just share because I didn’t have an answer. I would just share because I cared and because I think differently. But now I can go back after doing all of this work and go, it’s simple. I just changed the field of energy that these kids walked into when they came to practice. It was a different field than previous years. And the field was organized, it was coherent, the field was structured, the field was, they knew the expectations. Um, and it was all surrounded with the foundation of love. I wanted these kids to be succeed. It was, and so I couldn’t articulate that back then. But I can an NBA team or NFL team that’s going to come along, I believe and use conscious mind training. Like you’re talking about your training and they’re gonna, they’re gonna win a championship. I believe that somebody is going to tell, like we saw Phil Jackson doing it. Phil Jackson, Phil Jackson was a perfect example and everybody’s, why was Phil Jackson so good? He had the triangle off. No, no, no. He was teaching visualization and meditation and I believe that that’s was the reason this constant success. And I think that as we’re getting to, I promise you there’s going to be some MBA team that’s going to come along. We’re going to start doing this. I think I’ve heard the Seahawks do it a little bit. Yes, I’ve heard that. But you know, I’m interested to see and so, Hey, if there’s an NBA team out there, contact Mary Rose, she might be able to help out. So, um, but I just wanted to thank you for coming on. I learned and you have fun on your journey. I’ll be keeping an eye on your journey. So tell Bella I said hi. And then when you’re in California, you gotta drop. Alright. Definitely get in contact again. I appreciate it, Brian. I really think you’re onto something great with your program, your podcast. It’s amazing. I learned from it all the time. Also.

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