Neville Goddard God Is Light || EP 229

Neville Goddard 10-09-1967


I am telling you from experience, the story is true. God is light. In the Book of 1 John, he speaks as though he had only heard and not yet experienced, saying: “We will tell what we have heard from him and proclaim to

you that God is light and in him there is no darkness at all.” But in the Gospel of John, he speaks from experience and puts these words in the mouth of the central character, saying: “I am the light of the world. He who follows me will not be in darkness, for I am the light of life.” Here we see light identified with life. There is something within you which is all light, the light of life by which you animate and start things moving, just as the lady saw the statue. It was dead, made of marble; but as everyone was perfectly formed, the madonna became animated and began to dance. You animate everything, for you are God, buried in your mortal body, which is an eternal part of the universe.

I know it doesn’t make sense on this level. It is not expected to, but I tell you it is true. Night after night I go to bed and move beyond the world of dreams into the world of spirit making, and from there I shoot my fiery arrows, knowing they never miss. Then someone will bring me a message, telling me she saw circles after circles after circles in the air and an arrow penetrate the smallest circle and swivel. She brought back an image, for that is exactly what happens. The arrow never misses its target. The message always penetrates and sets aflame that which is already there. So I tell you: your imaginings, your dreams, your visions, are fiery arrows shot by a being who is all light!

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Welcome to the reality revolution. Today we’re going to do another deep dive on a lecture by Neville Goddard from October 9th, 1967 titled, God is light. This is a very synchronous fascination for me. I’ve been noticing this reference in so many different materials in physics. They’re finding that everything is made up of light. In Gerald Donald’s book that I’m reading, that is a course on remote viewing, he, uh, he believes that everything is made up of light. When I just did an episode on by Alan Watts and he says that everything is the brightest light, just it’s so dispersed that we can’t see it. I keep on seeing this reference everywhere. So when I saw this, I, when there is a lecture called God is light, I had to do it just because it’s so synchronicity and I wanted to share this lecture with you. Imagine that all around you, the table or chair that you’re sitting in or the car that you’re driving in, all of the material and matter is just light by braiding at a certain density and you are the same light. It’s made up of everything around you and everything is light. It’s the light of the sun in the solar system, the light there is this light, this thing that we are made up of. Who knows? Maybe we’re part of some kind of hologram. Maybe it’s more complicated than that, but our bodies are nothing more than just like a computer user interface with different sensors. No different than radar that detect different energies such as smell, sound, touch, taste. We all assume in our experience that we’re living this experience through our senses that cause that’s all we know, but it’s really this and this particular existence we’re detecting all of these senses but it’s all made up of light. Different kinds of vibrations of light. So let’s see what Neville says about that. God is light. We are told in the first epistle of John the first chapter, this is the message we have received from him and proclaim to you that God is light and in him there is no darkness at all. Is this a figure of speech or a literal fact? I’m telling you from experience, it is a literal fact for God is light. There are three for very firm statements made in scripture defining God. God is light. God is love and God is spirit. John tells us here that God is light, a light in which there is no darkness. [inaudible] now try to follow me closely. The final gift to man is God himself and God is a revealer. [inaudible] man’s knowledge of himself is based on his knowledge of the revealer. Scripture records what is said of the revealer as he awakens in you. Read scripture carefully and you will discover to what extent God has revealed himself to you. [inaudible] Jesus makes this statement, I am the light of the world. He who follows me will not walk in darkness [inaudible] but we’ll have the light of life. He is the light that lightens every man as he enters the world. Is this really true? Back in 1926 when I was 21 I was visiting a friend in Larchmont, New York. He was the manager of a private club where hunt several hundred boys and girls were gathered to dance. I did not join the group, but retired early, turned on the nightlight and began to read a book. The next thing I knew the sun was up, the light was still burning and the opened book was lying on my chest. I knew from the page number that I had not read more than a page or two before I fell into a deep, deep trance [inaudible] because the book had not been disturbed during that long period of maybe 10 or 12 hours [inaudible] I awoke to find myself [inaudible] my body seemed frozen. [inaudible] yeah, I was conscious of having returned from knowing myself to be an infinite sea of vibrant liquid living light [inaudible]. There was nothing but myself. I was the light of the universe and nothing, not one being existed outside of me. No planet, no sun, no moon, only an infinite sea of light, an eye, the light of the world. So I can say from experience, I am the light of the world. [inaudible] when God awakens within you and he will, you too will know you are he who is the light of the world. And if God is light, then you must be God. After this revelation happens in you, every claim made in scripture concerning God will begin to unfold from within just like a tree and blossom, you will know what God is love for. You will stand in the presence of infinite love, embrace and become one with that body. [inaudible] I am human [inaudible]. I am man, and yet I know I am infinite love [inaudible]. Since my embrace, I have no other feeling but the body of love that embraced me. Well. I am here talking with you now. I am wearing, but a small portion of myself. Just a spark of an immensity of my own fiery being. I know from experience that I help and teach more when I am asleep than when I am awake. For now, when I sleep, I pass beyond the world of dream into a world of spirit waking. I know from the thought, the imaginings, the visions I have received from many of you that they are fiery darts, shot from my own fiery self that seemed being of love is waking within us all and when he wakes for an interval, you become the new lamp of the world, but your light is not here. It is beyond the world of dream for here, he who knows he is the light of the world is always rejected. He came to his own and his own received him, not [inaudible]. Even his brothers did not believe in him. On this level, it is always the same story, but when God awakens in you, you know who you are and when the world calls you asleep, you are beyond the world of dream. Having entered the world of spirit waking and from your fiery being, you will shoot darts into the mind of those that you want to stir to accept your message of salvation. Now let me share with you this wonderful experience which was shared with me in this lady’s dream. I was standing in the center of a raised platform surrounded by many rows of people all deformed in various ways as I instructed them. One by one they were healed. Then they Rose and departed, noticing a Madonna made of marble or stone nearby. She sighed, become animated and dance for joy as the words I spoke so thrilled her. Then a few weeks ago she had this dream in it. I was a doctor in hospital which had no surgery or drugs. Everyone simply came to me and was cured. Then she made this statement. It is my hope that’s such a hospital can be here. May I tell her no, it is not here on this level at all. This is a world of educated darkness where you and I are infinite beings as we are entered for a purpose and only a very small part of an immortal self entered. That’s what we see here. You weren’t an infinite being for you are God. Everyone is God, but here we are. Just a spark of the immensity of our own fiery being and because ultimately we are one. When one awakens and passes beyond the world of dreams, he fires his arrows into the minds of all to stir them, to set that spark ablaze so that everything said of Jesus Christ, God personified in scripture will be experienced when it happens in you. You don’t need a new Bible or any credit on this level at all. You ask for no recognition. It was not granted Dan, and it is not granted. Now, even scripture tells us that even his own brothers did not believe in him. He came to his own people and they received him. He was in the world and the world was made through him and the world knew him. Not that is the story. So much is said of light in scripture. He lights every man that comes into the world because without his spark, one could not breathe or live. God actually became us that we could become God who is awakening and unfolding in all one day you will know that you are all light then all love and finally all spirit. No mortal I will ever see you for. Although your birth from above does not appear in this world. The witnesses to the event are mortal. They see the sign of your birth, but they cannot see you because you are spirit talking about you as though you were not present. They speak of you in the most incredible terms saying, how can he have a baby? Yet you take the sign in your arms and embrace it in the most endearing manner. That is the sign of your spiritual birth, revealing yet another definition that God is spirit. Knowing that God is love and light. When your spiritual birth appears, you will have the experienced the three definitions of God then standing, finding yourself confined to this little tiny portion of yourself you will teach and help others in this world ask for no acclaim, no recognition, nothing. Just simply teach it and night after night as you fall asleep, you will bypass the world of dreams and from the world of spirit waking, you will shoot your fiery arrows into the minds of those who follow you. You will stir them and they will awaken as you have been awakened at some time in your life, you heard the story and as you slept in the world of dream, someone who knew God from experience shot an arrow into your mind and your spirit became a flame and God awoken you. It’s the same being for there is no race in God, no sect, no color. It’s just God and he is light. We speak of darkness and light. Yet is darkness a thing or is it the absence of a thing? Is the whole in a sock or thing or is it the absence of a portion of the SOC? I’m speaking of actual light, vibrant living, pulsing light, which has an a thing to do with the pigment of skin. I wear all garments, black, yellow, pink and red. I am not greater in one garment than I in another. In Christ there is no Greek, no Jew, no bond, no free, no male, no female. God is one in all and he awakens in all. And when he does everything claimed of Jesus Christ is experienced one day having played the central part, you too will close your eyes and leave this world having shots, your arrows. Well, those who heard and believed you will awaken. They may forget you in time. It doesn’t really matter for the eternal story is recorded in the gospel. Your name may not be recorded there, but it is recorded in eternity for your true identity is God himself on this level. You can start from here right now and fulfill any dream [inaudible] may I tell you, you’re going to live the life that you are imagining. So imagine, well, imagine the most glorious thing in the world and no matter how wonderful it is, may I tell you, it is nothing compared to the being that you really are. [inaudible] nothing in this world can come close to the being. You really are. This world of Caesar is only a tiny section of your infinite being, but while you are here, dream, no Blea dream lovely dreams for you can realize everything. If you are willing to imagine that you have them now, begin now to imagine you are the man, the woman you would like to be and regardless of what happens tomorrow, next week or next month, if you persist in the assumption that you already are that which you want to be, you will become it in this world of flesh and blood. Everything here will vanish, yes, but why not test your creative power. Then you will begin to taste the power latent within you and you will discover that you can conjure out of your own depth things that are seemingly impossible conjured by the mere act of assumption. If you dare to act and persist in acting as though it were true and it becomes a fact, then you will know the truth of your creative power. The promise you will have to take on faith. I promise. I tell you from experience, it is true. I’ve experienced the fact that God is love. The fact that God is the father who would have thought that one born in 1900 1905 and my friend who is here tonight in 1911 with no social, intellectual or financial background, what experienced the fact that we are God the father, that God’s son David, he who decreed I will tell of the decree of the Lord. He said unto me, thou art my son today I have forgotten. B is our son. Who would’ve thought that we born in the 20th century or the father of one who was supposed to have lived a thousand BC. When we have no memory beyond that little moment in time, I can return to the age of three in my memory. Yet we both returned to the same memory and remembered one supposedly lived 3000 years ago. We know from experience that we are the ones who declared, you are my son today. I have forgotten you. We know we are the immortal being who took upon themselves mortality to test our infinite power by becoming a small part of it. Having played the various parts we agreed to play. Fatherhood wants more, has become a part of our consciousness. And David has stood before us and called us father. This is the thrill that is in the store for everyone. So when my friend saw this healing she saw correctly for 1946 I was lifted up and as a heavenly chorus sang, Neville is risen. Neville is risen. Everyone before me was made perfect in harmony with the perfection springing from within me. That is in store for everyone in this world. And in the end we are all gathered into one being yet without a loss of identity, there is a friendship and as with friends, you accept the existence of others. So God’s name is plural. It is a unit he made up of others. When you and I deliberately entered the state called Abraham, we were told for assurity, your descendants will be sojourners in a land that is not theirs and they will be enslaved there for 400 years. Then they will come out with great possessions. 400 is the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet whose symbol is across now crucified on a garment of flesh. You are enslaved by it and must perform all of its normal natural functions. Regardless of whether you are a King or a serf, you must perform all the functions of the man. Isn’t that a slave? But one day I who am God will bring my identity with me out of limitation and darkness into the world of light, for I am bringing out myself. It was God who made the decision and God who fulfills it. In this wonderful world, we are told in the 82nd Psalm, I say, you are God’s sons of the most high. All of you. Nevertheless, you will die like men and fall as one man. Oh princes. If you are a Prince as your father, not a King coming out from the father into the land of forgetfulness, memory died as we fell as one man, but when we return, we are the King for we return as the father. Now sons of the most high, God’s final gift to us is himself and God is love. God is spirit and God is light and you are destined to experience everything that is claimed of Jesus Christ in the gospel. Don’t try to change the Bible, leave it just as it is. I stand amazed yet I cannot be disturbed when I read how the great scholars interpret it today I took the word light and was amazed how the scholars interpret it as a figure of speech. They could not believe the word could be taken in a literal sense, so they gave it every kind of interpretation. These are the great minds of the day, man who are masters of the ancient tongue, but they know nothing because they haven’t had the experience. I tell you, scripture is literally true. All the precepts of Jesus Christ must be accepted literally for they will be experienced literally in a region so remote from that which man knows or can even conceive. You can’t even think of it here, but God does it there and you will know that you are the central character of scripture. As the whole thing unfolds within you on this level, you dwell on what I have told you this night. You will find that it will pay off in tremendous dividends. You will reach the point when you will know that your wish is already fulfilled. Then you will sigh and say thank you father. Even though you know you are the father, you can still address him as another, but an intimate self. He who sent me is with me. He has never left me. If you see me, you see him who sent me for we are one I and my father are one. You can actually have a wish, thank him and wait for it to appear in this world and it will. Now the same lady who wrote the letter concerning the healing said I wanted to see Bergman. So I called the agencies I called friends whom I thought I had influence. I made every physical effort to obtain a ticket to no avail. Then aggravated with myself. I simply assumed I was in the audience watching the show and enjoying it thoroughly. A few days later, a friend who lives in New York city called to ask if I could see him on a certain night as he was going to be in town. I agreed and after dinner he took me to see Bergman. This lady made every physical effort to get a seat, but not one was available yet. When she assumed she was there 3000 miles away, a friend decided to come West and take her. Now people will tell you that tickets are available out of town or that certain seats are kept aside for special people, for people are forever justifying everything. But my friend didn’t ask for justification. She simply assumed she was seated in the theater and a friend 3000 miles away fulfilled her imaginal act. You can be anything you want to be for. You are going to be what you are imagining anyway. [inaudible] as man imagines, he lives morning, noon, and night. You can’t stop imagining because the candle has been lit. Job tells us that the spirit of the Lord is the candle on his head. Your candle is now lit and you are moving through a world of darkness towards the fulfillment of all that you have imagined. So imagine the best for everything is yours for the taking [inaudible] fulfill every desire while you were here and when you come to the end you will discover that you are God. You began as God and you end as God. For I am the beginning and the end, the first and the last, the alpha and the Omega [inaudible] God can’t bring out another. So out of himself comes all that goes to make God for he is the Elohim, a compound unity in the beginning God or Elohim is made one up of others. You and I came out of the Elohim and in the end we go back as the Elohim. But this time we are aware of being the father as common sons, princes we return as the King. That is the journey for everyone in this world. I am telling you from experience, the story is true. God is light. In the book of one John. He speaks as though he is not only heard and yet it’s not yet experienced saying, we will tell you what we have heard from him and proclaim to you that God is light and in him there is no darkness at all. But in the gospel of John, he speaks from experience and puts these words in the mouth of the central character saying, I am the light of the world. He who follows me will not be in darkness for I the light of life. Here we see the light identified with life. There is something within you which is all light. The light of life by which you animate and start moving things moving around. Just as the lady saw the statue, it was dead made of marble, but as everyone was perfectly formed, the Madonna became animated and began to dance. You animate everything for you are God buried in your mortal body, which is an eternal part of the universe. The bodies you see here are supporters. They appear to be alive while you wear them, but they are dead. You animate them for you are the princes who dwelling. As one man became fragmented into all these little parts. The one who fell was the King. Now a Prince, you are gathering yourself together into the one being called the Lord God Jehovah. Who is Jesus Christ? I know it doesn’t make sense on this level. It is not expected to, but I tell you it is true. Night after night, I go to bed and move beyond the world of dreams into the world of spirit making, and from there I shoot my fiery arrows knowing they never miss. Then someone will bring me a message telling me she saw circles after circles, after circles in the air and an arrow penetrated the smallest circle and swivel she brought back an image for that is exactly what happens. The arrow never misses it’s target. The message always penetrates and sets a flame that which is already there. So I tell you, your imaginings, your dreams, your visions are fiery arrows shot by a being who is all light [inaudible]. Now let us go into the silence. [inaudible] wow. I have goosebumps after reading this lecture. Just the the wording and the language. It’s very powerful. It’s, I felt like it spoke to me. I felt like when I was delivering this that I was speaking to you. Those of you that hear this, there’s something in this that’s just feels natural like, Hey, when you’re getting this message, you’re being told that you’re awake, so if you’re listening to this right now, you’ve just awoken. If not, you’ve already been awoken. It’s just a wonderful thing. God is light. God is love. God is the father and he’s emphasizing that you can say whatever you want about this. You can be an expert that knows everything about the Bible. You will never understand it unless you experience it. It’s interesting because this has a title that God is light and there are people that will avoid this particular episode because the word God is in it. Go back and look at my earliest episodes on this podcast. You don’t hear me saying the word God. I was afraid to, I didn’t want to say that word and immediately turn people off from the message because that word is packaged with so much emotion and experience. But the more I read this stuff, the more I see an idea that he’s trying to express that we are apart together, unified in this substance of light, that we will all join as one at some point. But we purposely decided to separate ourselves out and we are in this moment and we are now empowered like a candle. And while we have this power, we can have whatever we imagine for ourselves and others. And this lecture emphasizes as he always does, to dream no blee to dream lovingly because our dreams can change people’s lives. You can imagine for people and do incredible things when you imagine lovingly for others, you’re imagining lovely lovingly for yourself. So I’d love to hear what you think about this lecture. I have to say that just from the feeling I have right now, I don’t know why, but it’s one of my favorite. It was very easy deliver. When I was delivering this, I felt like Neville was here with me in these words. And I asked, you know what? I tell a lot of people, try this yourself. Go and pick out one of these lectures by Neville and read it yourself. One of the things that Neville discusses, which is very true to me, is the idea of States. There’s different States. Something I learned in neurolinguistic programming is that by acquiring the States of successful people, you could, you could gain the same successes. So there’s like a state of Warren buffet, uh, there’s a state of bill Gates. You can go and look at the state state of Tony Robbins, right? So there’s all these different States. So one state I’m interested in is this state of Neville. Of course, I’m interested in the state of, of Christ as he discussed in the state of Abraham. But there’s a state that’s interesting of novel of him delivering this. And as he says, the people are gonna make fun of you. They’re not going to believe you, even when it’s to the end. They’re all gonna think you’re crazy because that’s how it works. And you don’t need to worry about getting a steam or a claim. Nobody needs to know your name. Your name is written in eternity. You are awakened. Now, listening to this, if you feel like I do, so send your arrows out, your fiery arrows and imagine lovingly for the people in your life and for your life. Anything is possible. Anything. It’s possible. I’m not saying there’s any limitations. Imagine that perfect specific person that you want that perfect specific life that you want. There is no limit. It’s all light and it’s all you and you, yeah, can have and do and be whatever you want now and so can everyone else in your life. And don’t worry if people don’t say anything to you as he says in another lecture. It’s just like the lepers. Only one, one out of 10 of them or something that said, thank you. So you might not get immediate verification from everybody you imagined, but you will start getting verification. And the more I do it, I imagine in your mind a visual of water going through you and that water is this powerful light. And the more you imagine for others, there’s more water that runs through you, just like in the waterfall meditation, the more light that runs through you. So the more people you’re imagining for the more of the light that coming through you. So it brings you more power. It’s an amazing and beautiful thing. I need to go wipe off the tears in my eyes, the fi, the feeling of joy and elation from reading this lecture. I hope I expressed it to you and [inaudible] anything is possible for you, and thank you for listening and welco

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