Guided Meditation: Downloading GOD (Downloading I AM alternate version) || EP 173

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The intention of this meditation is to download God, to tune into the I AM consciousness.

THIS IS AN ALTERNATE VERSION of my Downloading I AM meditation (

I have recorded this meditation twice. They both have the same beautiful soundtrack. One is called downloading I AM and the second is called Downloading God. This the more frenetic and louder version, some people like this version more. For a more relaxed version check out the alternate version

This is certainly not your normal meditation

This may be my new favorite meditation

I will upload the second video soon, it is a little more raw. Once you have tried them both I would love to hear your comments.

We are using teachings from both the Law of One and Neville Goddard in this meditation. Once you download God everything changes.

The secret is using the I AM

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