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One unusually fascinating book in the bible may be the key to reality creation itself and in February of 1963 Neville gave this brilliant lecture which finally made me understand this book that when I first read it I was bewildered as to its meaning, only aware of the sheer cruelty of God. In this book is the secret to who you are.

Neville Goddard 02-01-1963


Tonight we will speak on the Book of Job, possibly the most misquoted book in the world. I dare say all day long you use passages, and you aren’t aware you are misquoting this Book of Job. For no one knows who wrote the book. It bears the title of its hero, as so many books of the Bible: the Book of Joshua, Nehemiah, Ezra, Daniel, Ruth – so many, where the name of the hero is named. That is the Book of Job. The word “Job” from famous scholars by analysis, means: “Where is my father?” You and I have heard it as “the persecuted one,” but the central point of the narrative is that Job was completely innocent – not guilty of any offense, but simply the victim of the most cruel experiment by God. The very last chapter reveals that it was all by God. Some scholars along the way or some scribe inserted some little story in the first chapter which is suspect, because they couldn’t believe that God could do that to man. So they claim that a pact was made between Satan and God allowing Satan to do it – Satan the accuser, Satan the devil; but Satan disappears in the very first chapter and never reappears. He does just for a moment, but he doesn’t in the forty-two chapters, not even in the epilogue. And so we know that this cruel experiment was by God.

When you read the book in the future, see the whole drama taking place in the mind of Job. This is fantastic, where he himself is the accuser and he himself is accused. As you read it, see only one being playing all the parts, and that is Job and that is you. He is in conflict with himself, and at the very end he is integrated. He is torn apart between the one accusing him and the one defending his rights, but suddenly he becomes an integrated soul at last. At that moment of complete integration when there is no one but himself he finds God, for God becomes him that he may become God!

I continue to learn lessons from these Goddard lectures that continue to transform my understanding of the universe in such a delightful way.

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Welcome to the reality revolution. Today we’re going to go over another wonderful lecture by Neville Goddard that he delivered in February 1st of 1963 recommended by several people. So I thought I’d give it a try. And it’s the book of job. Now, before I go through this lecture, I want to give some background about my own relationship with the Bible and how I’m reading it and why I really am interested in this lecture and what Neville Goddard has to say about job. Now, the book of Joe was one of the weirder books in the Bible as I remember it in my own experience. I read the Bible once when I was younger and it was horrible. I hated it, but I had to read it. There are certain chapters I’m fascinated by, but it’s very difficult to read the first time. But when it really got the Bible got to me was when I was able to listen to it. Uh, I found a version of it where I could listen to it and I, and I had got really good at listening. As you guys have many times commented. I speak very fast. Part of that I think is I was a debater in college, but also I listened to books very, very fast. It’s one of those things I do. So I had gotten it down to where I could listen to books at about three in three, three and a half times speed. And so I listened to the Bible and you take, you can take a 90 hour book and knock it down and listen to it about 24 hours. So if you’re really dedicated, you could listen to the whole Bible in, in, in about a week. And so what happens is you, if you’ve ever read a book a little bit, a lot of people read the Bible one, one page or chapter at a time, they can finish it off in a year. But when you have the whole Bible in your head after just a week, I got, it came to me in more ways. In first, the first observation was did the personality of God in the old Testament is different God than the in the new Testament. But one of the most bizarre books that I’m, I was always fascinated why people don’t talk about more is the book of Joe. Because in the beginning of the book of job, it’s like Satan and God are working together and God just has Satan go and do this thing to job as if they are not adversaries. That God uses Satan as like a tool. And I’ve always wondered about that didn’t make sense. And then the story of Joe was just this tragic, terrible story. And when I had heard it in that fashion, it was devastating. And what, what, what happens to job and, and, and the whole storyline didn’t make sense. And it just seemed that God, is this just playing with us like toys and [inaudible]. And it didn’t make sense to me. So I was interested to see how God, Neville Goddard would interpret this because it was hard for me to understand how this, at the time, I, it turned me away. And so I know when I read this stuff, there’s going to be a point where some of this stuff is, uh, as I’ve said in other episodes, um, triggering a little bit. If you don’t like the Bible, don’t worry. There’s a lesson in this that is, this is not about the Bible. We’re not talking about what happened back then. I’m talking about fundamental absolute right now, reality creation tools that you are, understand aspects of your personality and States that you can go into and these reality creation tools or in the Bible. And so Neville Goddard, we’re using the Bible as a way of explaining these important lessons. And so using that understanding, we’re going to talk about the book of Joel. But remember this is not just a biblical discussion. We’re talking about law of attraction. We’re talking about reality creation. Caught in all of these teachings are as fundamental as all the things I talk about on this channel. So he begins by saying, tonight we will speak on the book of job, possibly the most misquoted book in the world. I dare say all day long, you use passages and you aren’t aware you are misquoting this book of job for no one knows who wrote the book. It bears the title of its hero as do so many books of the Bible, the book of Joshua, Nehemiah, Ezra, Daniel, Ruth. So many bear the name of the hero of the volume that is the book of job. The word job, so claimed the famous scholars by analysis means where is my father? You and I have heard it as the persecuted one, but the central point of the narrative is that job was completely innocent, not guilty of any offense, but simply the victim of the most cruel experiment by God. The very last chapter reveals that it was all by God. Some scholar along the way or some scribe inserted some little story in the first chapter, which is suspect because they couldn’t believe that God could do that to man. So they claimed that a pact was made between Satan and God and God allowed Satan to do it. Satan, the accuser, Satan the doubter, but Satan disappears in the very first chapter and never reappears. He does in the second chapter just for a moment, but he doesn’t in the 42 chapters thereafter, not even in the epilogue and so we know that the cruel experiment was by God. Now you are joke. I am joke. The world is job, the world of humanity and to approach it as if it were an object lesson in patience, patience under stress under trial is to go astray at the very start. That is not the purpose of the story. I hope I can get it over to you as I see it. If I were to place it in the Bible, I would place it at the very end of the old Testament for it seems to lead right into the revelation of the new Testament, but I am not rewriting the Bible or rearranging it, but where I to place it, that is where I would put it. It simply leads right into the unfolding of the vision as we find it in the gospels and the epistles first, if you are not familiar with it, let me just tell you a few of the highlights of job. The scene is laid out in Edam and all the characters are EDA mites renowned for their wisdom. Semi nomads job as the story tells us, was an upright and very rich Arab Sheik owning thousands of sheep, thousands of camels, hundreds of she asses and oxen, numbers of servants, intentional [inaudible], seven boys and three perfectly beautiful girls. So we are told in the story, it’s a prologue to tell us this much of the great hero who was job then comes the four woes based upon the pact between Satan and Jehovah. The first one comes in and announces the fact that the Sabians came suddenly and slaughtered all the servants who were taking care of the sheep and took away all the sheep while he was yet speaking. The second woe appeared and he said that they took away all the camels and slaughtered all the servants. Then comes the third. Whoa. They took away all the oxen, the she asses and the slaughtered all the servants then comes the fourth wall that his children, all of them were dining in the house of the oldest son. And while they were all together, there came this mighty wind and crushed the four corners and the house collapsed and they were all killed. And he was the only one who escaped to come and bring the news to job and job rent his robe, shaved his head, threw himself upon the floor, and then said, naked, I came into the world naked. I came from my mother’s womb and naked I shall return. Then he blamed himself, not for the act, but for having said naked. I came into the world and naked I shall return. He saw nothing to condemn in God and so he did not see anything wrong that God had done. What an incredible story. We, we, we find out that job has lost his whole family and everything. Everything that he can imagine, all of his animals, all of the servants, everybody. And then after the four woes and everything is taken from him, all the children, all his possessions, everything then starts the physical destruction of the man called Jobe. And it started with the boils and that’s when Satan disappears from the scene. And all these things followed. One after the other. The boils from the sole of his feet to the crown of his head, and then his wife said to him, are you still going to be honest about it? Your integrity is unshaken curse God and die. And he said to her, you’ve spoken like a foolish woman shall God who gave us the good, not give us the evil. And so nothing came from his lips that could in any way be condemnation of God. Then came his comforters. They’re spoken of as job’s comforters. There were three friends. They came to comfort joke. They heard of his plight. He lost everything being the richest chic in all of Edam and they couldn’t recognize him. He was such a horrible looking creature when they saw him, they to rent their robes and sat with him for five days and five nights without speaking in mourning for their friend. Joe breaks the silence and he breaks it with the claim that the very sad day should disappear from the calendar year, let the day parish wherein I was born and the night which said, a male boy is conceived. And then he has this tirade against being brought into this world. He didn’t ask to be brought. He was brought and he finds himself now without any guilt and all these things happening to him and after he makes the terrific defense of himself, then comes the first comforter who doesn’t comfort at all for he is trained as drove, was trained as you and I are trained to do believe in divine justice. So we all believe in divine justice in retribution, for we look at a person like a Hitler who lived at the very last moment in his 15 gloating years or stolen for his 30 odd years, how they slaughtered millions and what happened to stolen. He died as you as I will die, a little brain hemorrhage, and in no time he was unconscious after having slaughtered millions. Where is the retribution man wants retribution? Where is Stalin’s retribution? Where’s Hitler’s retribution? Where is any tyrants? They live just as we live. They live on the fat of the land, murdering unnumbered millions and they simply die as we die. And so priesthoods will tell us they will have their day. God will punish them beyond the grave. Warn some future embodiment. If you believe in reincarnation, how could you live and how long would you have to live to repay the debt of 13 million when you burned them alive and you slaughtered them, how long would you live? And so they bring argument after argument after argument to persuade Joe. He in some way had violated this code, maybe in his loot youth, maybe in in the past. He can’t think of what he has done. Maybe as a child said he some little infraction, but this is far beyond the proportion of anything. I could have done this judgment of God, what has he done to me now this far transcends anything that any just judge would put upon me for anything I might’ve done in my youth. They still try to persuade him. And so as the father said, even handed is the justice of God even handed. Okay, Ben come the three comforters who aren’t comforters at all. Like all of our friends. May I tell you, may I not have something physically wrong with you after having confessed, you believe what I talk about? May you never be financially embarrassed after having once gone out on a limb and confessed to everyone, you believe it. Okay, they will come like this, Uriah, Heep and all will immense. It shouldn’t happen to you. They will say, certainly not to you. You mean you know that the States are real and all you need to do is get into a state and the state blossoms in your world and you, these are the comforters of job. And so they come to comfort job and he said, merciful comforters. You are. And so were I in your soul rather than in my soul. I would not say to you what you said to me, but they persisted. Each had three chances to deflate him. And each time that they tried, he comes back with a direct answer. But he’s so self-righteous. He showed all the things he did. He never turned away any infant, any father was child, any widow, any stranger from comfort, from shelter, from food. He was fabulously wealthy, but he never wants turned away anyone in need. And he itemizes them all, all the way down. But he never understood what I hope you understand, which comes in the flour called the new Testament of grace that no one in this world can build away to God. You can’t be good enough to earn his coming into the presence of God. No man in the world. It comes by grace, this strange elective love, and he calls us one by one. So he did not know there is no such thing in this world as divine justice. He didn’t know it. The fathers didn’t teach that and they still in all orthodoxy the world over. They teach and preach divine justice, retribution and it isn’t. There is no such thing. My child where I, the father of one born demented were not only the child, but the mother suffers. I suffer, the brothers suffers and the whole vast circle suffered. Then should I suffer because of it. And that is divine justice and you try to justify it by telling me that in some past embodiment he did this, that and the other. That is why he is and we were related in some strange way in the past and that is why today we have all fallen into the same net that was answered for us in the ninth of John master who sinned, this man or his parents that he was born blind. The answer given neither this man sinned or his parents, but that the works of God might be made manifest in him. No retribution whatsoever. There’s something entirely different that God is, we now see him is the God of grace, the God of mercy. Where I pure, I would know that there was such a thing as a God of mercy and God has consigned all men to disobedience. That he may have mercy on all of them, then not one can Crow and boast of his own purity. So to the very end, Jobe is still giving arguments of his own self righteousness, how good he is, how kind he has been, and all these things that this thing should not have happened to him. And that job job’s arguments while all these so-called comforters are still giving it back to him. And then at the very end he is demanding that God will appear. He wants to meet God to confront him. He says, I know he will slay me. I have no hope, but I will present my case to his face. And then he makes this statement, this shall be my salvation for the godless shall not stand before him. And so if I can so persuade him to see me to present my case, then I stand before him. And only the pure in heart can stand before him. So if I stand before him, that is my salvation to the end. He still justified himself. He never heard of the great story of vicarious suffering, never heard of it or the author of the book, never heard of it per job, didn’t write it. He is simply the hero of the narrative of the story. So the very end by demanding that you listened to my case, how righteous I am. He still believes, although it is not stated, he still believes in retribution and is demanding by his own self righteousness that a verdict be brought in his favor because he is self righteous. He feels he should be acquitted, that this thing should not go on as it has gone for so long in his life. So you see, he has not yet abandoned the belief in retribution, though he denies it when he, when the friends argue the point of retribution, the friends try to prove to him that he was wrong at some point in the past because there is such a thing as divine justice and therefore he could not possibly have the sores and lose his kingdom, lose his family and lose everything where it not that at some time he had earned this judgment and so he brings in his righteousness and then comes the voice of God for the first time God speaks. God refuses to answer all the arguments of the men. He refuses to answer the arguments and requests of job. Job’s fuming in his own self. Righteousness for an how the only voice is the voice of self righteousness in heaven, all is forgiven and the voice of heaven is complete forgiveness. Complete forgiveness. No matter what a man has ever done in heaven, the voice is complete forgiveness in hell. All his self righteousness, he was in hell though walking on earth as if we are in hell. If we are all filled with self righteousness and that God answers him out of the whirlwind and may I tell you it is a perfect expression, the whirlwind, that is how he comes when he comes. He comes through the medium of a whirlwind. You hear it and you feel it and you think it is the most frightening storm you’ve ever encountered that any man could experience. When you hear it and you feel it, you’ll know by the wind. It’s the whirlwind. Then God is about to speak. Either you hear the words or you have the scene and it begins to unfold the most fantastic vision, more real than this room. Now, when you hear the voice of the whirlwind, so God answered job out of that whirlwind and he asked all the questions concerning creation. Where were you when I created the universe? He asked one question after the other, all pertaining to creativity and Jobe cannot answer and then go God himself. He displays himself in the 42nd chapter. He now repents and covers himself in Ash when he sees how audacious he had been in the past, demanding that God answer him. Then he said, I have heard of the, with the hearing of the ear, but now my eyes see the is religion like our religion. Before the experience was inherited, the oral tradition of the fathers and the churches, and then I heard it. I didn’t experience it. I only heard it. Mother told me and took me to the church and minister or the rabbi told me and so I heard it from seeming authority and so my religion was inherited. Thus I expected to find a different kind of God, a God that man made in his own image down here, a God that he called a just God and eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. I couldn’t conceive an of another kind of God of infinite love, where there’s grace that it doesn’t matter what a man has ever done in this world. No, not even a Hitler or Stalin. So everything in the world will be forgiven though your sins be like Scarlet, they shall be white as snow. And so I heard of the, with the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees the now job turns to his friends and Jehovah calls the friends and he tells them to sacrifice because you lied about me. Everything you said of me was false. And what Jobe said about me was true. Job’s rebellion was against orthodoxy. His rebellion was against Ecclesiastes, ism. All rituals said he, this is the way to God. He did them all, yet he suffered. He kept every law of the ancient church. He sacrificed, he did everything. And yet in the end he suffered. And no man has suffered and he knew it was true. So he commended job for what he said of Jehovah was true and what righteous. One set of Jehovah was false. He made them sacrifice and told them to go to job and ask job to pray for them. If job would pray for them, then they would be set free. It would depend upon job and job prayed for his friends and his own captivity was lifted. Now that is where you come in to complete leave. Forget yourselves in the love of a friend who is in need without raising a finger. You lift him mentally out of one state and put him into another. No matter what he has been in the past, forget it and put him in another. He was only expressing in a state. He was never the state that he expressed. We can damned him thinking he was the state, but Joe prayed for his friends, lifting them out of that state of self righteousness and divine justice and he saw them in the state of grace. It doesn’t matter what they have done in the past, it is now what he seems them to be. And at the moment job’s cafe captivity was lifted. And so the whole thing hinged upon man’s ability to forgive. We are told in the 13th chapter of Luke when they came to him and said, pilot slaughtered the Galileans and mingled their blood with their sacrifices. He said to them, do you think that there were were sinners than those who escaped? I tell you no. Unless you repent, you shall meet it like fate. Do you think that when the tower fell in Jerusalem and crushed 18 that they were greater offenders than those that did? It did not crush. I tell you no, but unless you repent, you shall meet a similar fate. So when you hear someone is hurt, don’t gloat that God is getting, even God doesn’t get, even if you hear of anyone being hurt tonight, don’t gloat serves him right? No retribution at all. Not in this revelation. Simply a man unknowingly falls into a state. So do you understand what Neville is saying here? He’s saying that the person that you’re mad at, that is not who that person is. It’s just a soul that is entered into that state. So we can be mad at the state. We don’t have to be mad at the person. The person is eternal and something else. We’re all moving through States falling into a state. It could be a good state or an evil state, but he reaps the fruit of the state. He is neither good nor evil. So Blake set, I do not consider either the just or the wicked to be in a Supreme state, but to be every one of them States which the soul may fall into its deadly dreams of good and evil when it leaves paradise following the serpent. Who is that serpent God himself for? He can sign to me, consigned you every bringing in the world to disobedience. And we left through disobedience for he stated you shall not surely die. And who told me that? The serpent and who is the serpent? Just a symbol of God himself. So he told me I wouldn’t die after first telling me if I ate a certain thing. Did a certain thing, I would die. Then he tells me I would not really die, but my eyes will open and I will become as wise as the gods. And so he enticed me into disobeying him. And so I left the state of innocence for a world of experience where I fall headlong into different States. After unnumbered experiences falling into States and redeeming myself from these States, he redeems me from it all and lifts me into a world completely subject to my imaginative power where I completely awake. Here I am in a state of sleep, so I don’t know. I am in a state and I think this is my very being. Blake made the statement, do not let yourself be intimidated by the horrors of the world. Everything is ordered and correct and must fulfill its destiny in order to attain perfection. Seek this path and you will attain from your own soul and even deeper perception of the eternal beauty of creation you will attain and ever-increasing release from that, which now seems so sad and terrible, not a thing to be judged in this world. Now the thing to be condemned only to be redeemed. So you and I play the part of redeeming individuals here and at the moment of God’s own good grace. He lifts us out of the whole vast world of States, but until then we can redeem each other. You don’t feel well. All right, I will persuade myself. You have never felt better. I’ll persuade myself. You never felt better, and to the degree I persuade myself, I’m pulling you out of one state into another. Don’t try to pinpoint why he is not feeling well. It’s a state. Don’t try to pinpoint it and say it serves him right. I knew he was no good. Forget that the being that was never good at a certain time, you pull him out of that state into another so that through his sins are like Scarlet because of you. They become widest snow and then you keep on redeeming people one after the other regardless of how many times you fail, try it anyway and you pull them out. How exciting is that? You can help people out. You can pull them out of their States. Now people listening think that, Oh, we have this power. We can use pudding, we can use it to put people into States that you don’t like, but you’re not putting the person into a state that you don’t like. You’re putting a state into a state, if that makes any sense. And by trying to imagine States, bad States for other people, it’s such a difficult process. You usually will end up going into that state, that negative state yourself. So don’t play with that. It doesn’t work. You don’t feel well, all right, I’ll persuade myself. You have never felt better, which I love it when he says that, regardless of how many times you fail, try it anyway and you pull them out and then one day when you least expect it, God will reveal himself to you and you will say, I’ve heard of you. I really didn’t know you existed. I believed and hoped you did, but I heard of you with the hearing of the ear. That is the oral tradition. My teacher in school talked about you and my father, the churches, all the people who believed in you talked about you. But now my ICU, it doesn’t matter what the whole vast world will say, I see something entirely different. You are not at all what they told me you were. You are not a judge. There is no such thing as righteous judgment with you know, divine justice. Only grace. The law came through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. So now I see you. I don’t have to be taught anymore who you are. I see you and then may I tell you he is going to embrace you because when he asks you, he answers in you. Now, what do you mean? What do I mean by vicarious suffering? As mentioned earlier is the most difficult concept in the world for man to grasp. Every time I’ve used it with someone who at the moment suffered, I invariably got the same reply. Someone said to me recently in San Francisco, I’m suffering. You said, God suffers for me. Well, maybe he is suffering somewhere in Aternity, but I am in pain. I am suffering. I said, what is his name? God. No, that is not his name. His name is I am. Who is suffering while I am good, that’s God. No God. Here I am suffering. It’s the most impossible thing to get over to man. That man who seems to be alive is alive only by reason of the fact that God became him, that God became man, that man became God. He sunk himself in. Man, that man could say I am for that as God’s name and that all things are done by God to God to individualize you, me, all of us. When in his eyes, the work is done after unnumbered ages of pain. It takes pain like putting gold in the raw state of war into the furnace and bringing out molten gold, pure gold, nothing but pure gold. It takes heat. It takes fire. There are furnaces of experience and we are put in to the world of experiences and brought out as pure gold. When we are brought out in his presence, we are just like him. It does not yet appear what we shall be, but we know when he appears we shall be like him. For we become what we behold, I must behold it to become it. So I’ve heard of the with the hearing of the ear, but now my, I see the and as you see him you are stamped with the image of eternity. You are one with him, one with God as God it is he doing it in you, in man and when he has completed the task we are told he began a good work in me will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. He will bring it to completion. He initiated it and he will complete it. He took eternity and put it into this clay that is man that is himself and he works upon it, brings it out and individualizes you. You become one like the being that created you and that is the story of job. It is the most glorious story but I think if not the most misunderstood, it is not fair from it is not far from it. You and I have quoted it and have misquoted it. We speak of the patience of job. There was no patience of job. He rebelled. We start from the very third chapter and it is a rebellion and there are 42 chapters. The first is only an introduction to prologue and it starts in the second part of the second chapter where the prologue comes to an end. When the four woes have been accomplished, the whole kingdom and his family are gone. Then comes the sores on himself. The boils appear suddenly on the soles of his feet. Now you find rebellion. Let this day perish. When I was born and the night that said, a man, a male titles is conceived. Let it be so hidden that God cannot even find this day. Job doesn’t stop the rebellion until he hears the voice of Jehovah out of the whirlwind that comes at the end of the great narrative. When he repents, he repents and sees him for the first time, really sees him a God of grace, a God of love. He sees why he went through what he did. It was his own voice in hell of self righteousness. If I can this night reflect upon any good thing I think was good that I did. That is self-righteousness. It doesn’t earn me one little step towards where I’m going. Do something because you want to do it, but to feel you are adding up and putting something in the bank for yourself. Forget it. And so he was so good. He was so self-righteous. He never wants turned anyone away from his place. No window, no widows, no fatherless, no strangers. He always abided by the law. He made all the sacrifices designated by the law at the end of this special feast job, not knowing what might’ve happened in the home of the individual brothers where the feast met today, each in a different home, he went and he sacrificed generously that should they in any way have violated even in their inner will, that which Jehovah designated. Then he by his sacrifice would atone for them. So he atoned for his sins. He did everything but the law demanded, but he still broke out in all the boils and then he learned that you can’t be good enough to earn God’s gift. Self-righteousness is only the voice in hell. So where you were right job, there is no such thing as divine justice. No retribution at all, none. Did he not say, Oh, the Assyrian, the rod of my anger, the staff in their hands is my indignation, so I will use him for I have made everything for its purpose, even the wicked for the day of trouble and so just as I have planned it, so shall it be peace as I have purposed, so shall it stand. I will not turn back. The anger of the Lord will not turn back until he has executed and accomplish the intense of the mind. In the latter days. You will understand it clearly. Jeremiah 2320 wow. In the latter days, you will understand it clearly. Only in the latter days will he reveal himself. You will see that all the sufferings that you went through, the God of love put you through just like the great artists who are putting or through the heat to extract the gold. He wasn’t concerned about the heat, just extracting pure gold for his labor, for his work. Any more than the great sculptor is concerned about the clay and God said, you made me of clay. Are you going to return me to the dust? What does the Potter think of the clay when he puts it through the every form to fulfill his purpose or what he proposed purposes it for it. He isn’t concerned. So you and I are the clay in the Potter’s hands and he is bringing us out into his own image. I heard someone gloat in New York city when these lovely little children in their early twenties and teens on the 80th odd floor of the empire state building and this plane came too low. He was simply showing off because they were worn time and again not to fly over New York city low and here was the 102 story building plus this enormous antenna that goes way beyond that. And the chap coming through with one aboard and two passengers that were not supposed to be there, showing what he could do and he couldn’t maneuver the plane. He went right into that building. Any snuffed out the lives of something like 34 or 40 young girls in a Catholic charity. And if someone liked this one who spoke to me is anti-Catholic, he would then say, that is what God did. Well, you have to be silent because the express complete stupidity. What can you do? If my daughter were among them and he said it, chances are he would be in the hospital. He could judge that God did that because he was against this charity work of some Catholic, these sweet little children, all Catholic work in the organization or maybe they were not all Catholic and he dared to say that they could have been a Jewish organization and some anti-Jewish would have said the same thing here. This is the story of job. There is no such thing as divine justice. We are all coming out and when we all come to the end, we all see it and then we will understand, but don’t tell me the 6 million Jews who are walked right into the furnaces of Germany that that was divine justice job didn’t see it or the author of the book didn’t see it. They didn’t understand the mystery of vicarious suffering because the father said it. And then three friends who came, they equid it and he said, nonsense. It’s a lie. That’s what Jobe said. But still in the last confession in the end, when, when he rehearsed all of his good qualities, all of his virtues expecting to be exonerated by his rehearsal virtues that surely an acquittal must be brought in. That must be the only verdict that could be brought in. That was his last soliloquy and then comes the voice. And then he realizes that all the so called good things that he did not did don’t mean a thing in the eyes of God. God started it and God is going to complete it and God is working us into the image of himself. He asked to put us through these experiences, but he has laid the foundation of infinite States. So when you see someone who is unlovely in the world by his actions, he’s only expressing a state into which he has fallen and chances are unwittingly, not deliberately but unknowingly. And he asked to occupy it while he’s in it. And then because he is alive, he simply radiates it. It grows and it bears fruit, the fruit of itself. So know that you can forgive every being by simply pulling him out. This is the Supreme test of one’s ability to forgive, to identify the one you would forgive with the ideal that’s so far he has failed to express to the degree that you can become self persuaded that he is that ideal to that degree. He will express it and then you deliver him. You save him. You forgive him by putting him into another state altogether. So we see people on TV, politicians, we see different characters that it’s easy for us to hate and I give you this test. Find a way to forgive them in the manner that Neville Goddard is talking about by imagining them into another state because people are in States job didn’t see that job, thought he gave things and was kind and generous, but he did nothing to change them. The orphan remains an orphan. The woman remains the widow. The widow remains the widow, and they all remained as they were. They were fed from his generous table but all remained what they were before they were fed. Don’t let anyone remain what he was after you see his need, you see him differently. Pull him out of his state and put him in another. You don’t. That doesn’t mean going and saying something to them to pull them out of a state. If you’ve listened to my other teachings where Neville is saying is imagine them in a different state with your own imagination. Poor man. It is so easy to put your hand in your pocket and say, here’s a dollar. It’s so easy. But to see him gainfully employed and to persuade yourself that he is, that he really doesn’t need that dollar is difficult. If you give him the dollar like job, you will recount your virtues. The day you once gave a man a dollar, he didn’t earn it. You gave it so he said, I the Lord who gave from his hand the good also gave the evil who gave it and so I say, you can give, you can forgive forever. It’s fun giving, but it’s far better if you still give to him by transforming him in your mind’s eye and see him not in need. If men were not in need, what a balloon would be broken starting with our government as that’s what Neville Goddard says. Just imagine if they were not in need for then their own claims to us across the face of our country and on radio and on TV, how generous they are because they are giving balloons away. So suppose we were not in need of balloons. What deflation of balloons. Personalities, if you meet someone on the street that really is in need of your dollar, switch it around that they are not in need of any of your dollars and now you have the power greater than the dollar to take them from where they are and put them where they would like to be in your mind’s eye. And now in closing, when you read the book in the future, when you read this book, see the whole drama taking place in the mind of job. It didn’t take place between three friends and the fourth one who was brought in and Jehovah and all the others. The whole thing takes place in job. This argument portrays God, him Jobe himself as the accuser and the accused. So as you read it in the future, see only one being playing all the parts and it is Joep you and he is in conflict with himself and at the very end he is integrated. He is torn apart between the one accusing him and the one defending his rights, but suddenly he becomes an integrated soul. At that moment of complete integration where there is no one but himself, he finds God for God becomes him, that he may become God who is sunk in us. The confusion goes on until finally there is no other to whom we can turn. The whole thing was contained within us and at that moment of perfection he appears seemingly coming from without. He doesn’t come from without at all for when you look at him he looks just like you and so you see he really isn’t coming from without. He appears to be, but really he is coming from within and gives the appearance of coming from. Without that, you may see what you look like. I have heard of the with the hearing of the ear, but now my eyes have seen the, as Joe says, now let us go into the silence. Now there is a question and answer period. What would have happened to Jobe if he had not prayed for his friends? And so Neville has an interesting answer. Then he would not have known concerning the state. He would have not have known he was only in a state at any moment of time when he was complaining he could deliver those from their state, but it wasn’t Jehovah who did the praying. Jehovah said to them, ask job to pray for you. So who is Jehovah? As Blake said, when Jesus Christ arose from the dead, he became Jehovah. So the Bible through the eyes of Blake in Blake’s engravings, when the left foot is forward, he uses the devil and in the state of love it becomes a man, but the foot becomes a cloven hoof. When God is speaking in the most marvelous way. The right foot is forward. The other place, the left foot is forward. The left foot is this state, which is doubt. So the symbolism is perfect with Blake in his illustration, but for sheer beauty of English. Read the book what English Carlisle said. It is the greatest piece of literature of all time. Tennyson set of it. It is the greatest poem written Luther who gave us a great religion when he spoke away at the beginning of the reformation. Claims it is not. It is the most magnificent book of all scripture. You are job. So he makes the extravagant claims for the book of job put for sheer beauty of English. Read the book. You are job. I am job. And when you ask these things, why did it happen to me? Not only physical things but the loss of a friend or the loss of a child. What is more heartbreaking than a father who has raised a child and loved that child and hopes he will transcend them in time and will leave an estate for him to go to the grave site and bury him. And he buries him the same way. Job lost his estate, lost everything, and his 10 children all snuffed out. But the play is taking place in him. And the very last chapter, not only they all came in the very end, after he was redeemed, his brothers and sisters, all of his friends of old came to sympathize and comforted for the evil that the Lord had brought upon him. His seven sons and his three daughters were there. Yet in the first chapter they were dead. And the last chapter they were there, he lived 140 years. Every letter of the Hebrew alphabet has a numeric value and a symbolic name in the symbolism. 100 has the letter cough, pronounced QF the back of the head. The a hundred is simply this and 40 isn’t men whose symbolic value is womb. So here’s the wound where he lived at the back of the head. And the back of the head. This wound becomes man’s tomb. It infers that man is actually buried but doesn’t know it. And one day he will awake, he will awake within himself to find he is in tuned. He never knew before that he was in tuned. He thought he was walking the earth. He didn’t realize all this like a dream unfolding until one day he awakes and the tomb is his own skull. Mem cough. Here’s the mem and here’s the 40 the womb. It is here that he has been gotten by God himself and so he lived 140 years cough, ma’am. So, Oh my gosh. So the, the, the last we’re done with the this particular lecture, but the last part just really just flared itself. If anybody’s listened to my channel, they know that I’ve discussed a concept in reality, trans surfing called the plat in the back of the head. And the idea is that we can use this, this energy stream that we have in the back of our head. For the people that are just listening for Nova garter, don’t worry about it, but you might want to check it out because if you try these techniques in addition to Nebo garters techniques, it’s like wham, bam. Thank you. It’s incredible. The idea is that there’s this energy center and when we do our visualizations we can enter into the back of our head. There’s like an energy bread. You can sometimes feel it down your back. And then when we, when we do our, when we assume a state that our, perhaps our States are coming from this because in transforming they call it scripts and then we enter into scripts and there’s multiple different scripts available. But using this stream is a way for us to move into different scripts. So I was reading that and then he says he lived 140 years and every letter of the alphabet has a numeric value and he goes into this idea that what the name of job is the back of man’s head. And then it goes on to say, in the back of the head, this wound becomes man’s tomb. It infers that man is actually buried but doesn’t know it. And one day he will awake, he will awake within himself to find he’s in tomb. He will awake within himself to find that he can control his reality in tombs using this energy field. I don’t know if that’s true, but that’d be sure. Interesting. That’s what implied. Anyway, it’s always an interesting, and this is a very interesting teaching. Uh, I’m always interested when it’s particularly a part of the Bible that I find the, I didn’t understand when he explains it now. Wow. Uh, what, uh, another level to understanding this section. So what do you guys think? Do you think that Joe created all of this in his mind and then couldn’t understand why he had deserved it? And then he explains how he, did it, create all of that in his mind. But the point that Neville says at the end is it, all of it was in his mind. And once he had became God, he had underdog, all these different States that were possible. He was released from it all and he had, once he had gone about the process of forgiving others, he was able to become aware of it. So another interesting teaching. What do you think about this teaching about self righteousness? You meet people, they think they’re perfect, they think they’re so self righteous and that they deserve more from God. You see it all the time. You see pupil claiming that we’re better than you. We’re more pure than you. We do the, we do these things better than you. We’re more righteous than you and so we get better. We get more from God when in truth everybody is loved equally. We are all just in States. We are all pure love moving in and through States and we are awakening from this fact that we are moving outside of this, this dream that we are in because we’re all just moving in these different scripts and dreams and States. We’re all in it and once we become awakened and become aware of our reality, everything changes for us. It has been a joy and a pleasure. Hope that you guys got something out of it. If there’s any lectures that you want me to keep on doing, I got many coming in the future and lots more content on lots more subjects. It’s always a pleasure to share this stuff with you. If you have any need of coaching, you can go to advanced success we should be having mastermind program that I’m putting together a reality creation mastermind where we meet once a week and we discuss deep reality creation issues. I’ll just take a few people. I’m excited about that. We’ve got some training programs coming. All episodes of the reality revolution can be [email protected]. Thank you so much and welcome. Okay. To the reality revolution. [inaudible].