Understanding the Higher Self In The Law of One (The Ra Material) || EP 174

The law of one is a fascinated 5 book series with transcripts from an entity claiming to be RA a 6th density social memory complex with deep metaphysical insights and knowledge about the universe.

One of the most fascinating parts of the law of one is the higher self. According to RA, your higher self may be one from far in the future.

I am very interested in the higher self and anything I can learn and so this episode is dedicated to the way it is explained in the Law of One

I go over each time RA or the questioner uses the words higher self.

Some of it is confusing but most of it is deeply interesting. Perhaps it will help you on your journey.

Come for the knowledge, stay for the killer music.

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Welcome to the reality revolution. Today I wanted to do an episode, a sort of deep dive on the concept of the higher self as discussed in the law of one. What is the law of one you ask, check out my recent episode on a brief synopsis of the law of one. You can also check out some other channels. There’s some very good places you can go to law of one.info to read all about it. Just to give you a basic idea of what the law of one is, it is a channeled work that occurred in the 80s and it’s very unique and powerful work doctoral level metaphysics is used and some of the language is very difficult to understand, but if you have a desire to really know what’s happening in the universe, it may be possibly covered by the law of one. Now I am not advocating that the law of one is correct. I’m telling you that it’s possible that it’s not and if it is possible that it was channeled by the person. All of this information is coming from the person that channeled it. It’s still very interesting and there may be something that we can still gain from it. I have another episode where I discussed the concept of intelligent infinity. You should also check that one out as well, but what I’m very interested in is not some of the more crazy subjects which we will go into at some point. I’m fascinated by the spiritual aspects of the law of one and what happens after we die and what we’re here. What are we here doing and what is the purpose of this planet, how does the universe work and what can we do to move into higher levels of consciousness and what are the reasons for it. These are questions that are discussed in the law of one and the law of one at its most basic as explained by RA. The entity that is being channeled in this work is that the universe comes from one thought that is all one that all of us all selves are one very much reflected by recent teachings. I’ve gone over by Neville Goddard, which clearly and beautifully elaborate the point that we are all God. One of the very interesting ideas that is discussed is the existence of the higher self. I’m very fascinated by the idea and concept of the higher self. I personally believe that I’ve been in contact and been helped immensely by my higher power. What the higher self is. It, it’s not a spirit guide. A spirit guide can be separate is the higher self God. I’ve heard people refer to the higher self in that manner. So is it you, is it a social memory complex? So the idea is if you check out, I have a meditation, I’m contacting your quantum higher self and, and this is kind of my feeling about it. I in Thai I’ve had what I believe were vibratory communications with, with some being that was uh, an advanced version of me. And the more I understand, the more we understand the stuff that’s talked about in the law of one, I think it’s going to help you find a way to interact with your higher self and understand if you can interact with your higher self. Some incredible things can happen according to the law of one and w and I’m going to, uh, what I’ve done is I’ve, I have all of the debris, all of the references to the higher self in the lob one. I’m going to go over them as they’re discussed here every single time that raw or the questioner mentions higher self, I’m going to read it. So some of these might not make, some of these might not fit, some of them might not make sense and I’ll try to communicate, um, my own observation of that. If there is one, and some of these might be so interesting, we might go on a tangent, but I can only tell you that, that I believe that my higher self has protected me. And how do we communicate with our higher self? Do we pray? Is is there a higher self? I know there are of course people listening right now that do not believe there is a higher self. So understand the concept of the higher self as described by RA is that in the six and a half density we are moving up through densities of consciousness. Right now we’re in the third density. There’s a fourth density, fifth, sixth and seventh density and that all souls move up to something which is a six and a half density and end up going back in time and helping previous versions of themself out. All everybody has a higher self according to rock. So I wanted to see what RA actually says and and put it all kind of in one episode. Have you communicated with your higher self what, what techniques have you used? Some people claim when they use the taro that not as a divination tool to look at the future but as a way of communicating with the higher self. And that is something that I’m have noticed myself. So if you’re hearing spirits, are you hearing from your higher self, how can you differentiate what your higher self is? Something else. So there’s 49 results found. I’m not going to read when Ross says I am raw and some of these questions might, might be a, some might be out of order but we’ll just go in along the order as they were told. So in the beginning that the questioner says in previous communications you’ve spoken of the mind, body, spirit complex, which is you as a soul squeaked is replaced. When you hear mind, body, spirit complex, just consider you your soul or a soul. Uh, in previous communications you have spoken of the mind, body, spirit, complex, totality. Would you please give us a definition of the mind, body, spirit, complex, totality. And then Ross says there is a dimension in which time does not have sway in this dimension. The mind, body, spirit in its eternal dance of the present, maybe seen in totality and before the mind body, spirit complex, which then becomes a part of the social memory complex is willingly absorbed into the allness of the one creator. The entity knows itself in its totality. This mind, body, spirit, complex totality functions as shall we say, a resource for what you perhaps would call the higher self. The higher self in turn is a resource for examining the distillations of third density experience and programming. Further experience. There is also true of densities four, five and six with the mind, body, spirit, complex totality coming into consciousness in the course of seventh density. Now check out my episode on, on explaining what the law of one, uh, another good place to check out his air nap key. Uh, and there are several other places that uh, Pitino Massaro um, to understand what the seven densities of consciousness are. Understand that, that the way that the earth is evolving, we are going through seven densities of consciousness. Uh, we, we started out as, as minerals and as bacteria and then we move up to animal life, which is second density. We move up to conscious beings like us in third density in this particular style of physical life. And then there is a fourth density, a fifth density, a sixth density, and there’s different versions of explaining that, uh, and check out other episodes. Talk about that. But the higher self, just understanding the higher self is an expanded form of a higher conscious state of who you are. So then would the mind, body, spirit, complex totality they ask be responsible for programming changes in catalyst during say a third density experience of the mind, body spirit complex so that the proper catalyst would be added, shall we say as conditions for that complex changed during third density experience is this, is this correct and then Ross says this is incorrect, the higher self as you call it, that is that self which exists with full understanding of the accumulation of experiences of the entity AIDS, the entity in achieving healing of the experiences which have not been learned properly and assists as you have indicated in further life experience programming as you may call it now my understanding of the higher self when I felt like I was given an understanding of it was there’s a version of you and maybe it’s an unlimited version that has seen all the different parallel realities. It’s like a living aspect of the alternative space that is aware of all the different various possibilities. Having lived out all of these different parallel realities and then with that kind of knowledge can come and help you in your particular reality. Now going on, they say the mind, body, spirit complex totality is that which may be called upon by the higher self aspect just as the mind body spirit complex calls upon the higher self. In the one case you have a structured situation within space time continuum with the higher self having available to it, the totality of experiences which had been collected by an entity and a very firm grasp of the lessons to be learned in this density. The mind, body, spirit complex totality is as the shifting sands and is in some part a collection of parallel developments of the same entity. This information is made available to the higher self aspect. This aspect may then use these projected probability possibility vorticies in order to better aid in what you would call future life programming. So they’re talking about at the beginning of the question is about catalysts. The higher self has catalyst to change you and move you into a higher density. So they’re talking about the proper catalysts and the conditions for their catalyst, but it’s interesting here in that the higher self is a collection of parallel developments of the same entity according to RA. So we’re beginning to get this concept and something I’m interested in is what is Ross saying about parallel realities? Not this is the very um, a little bit of it. There’s not very much referenced to it. The next question is out the Seth material. We have a statement here. Seth says that each entity here on earth is one aspect or part of a higher self or oversoul which has many aspects or parts in many dimensions, all of which learn lessons which enable the higher self to progress in a balanced manner. Am I to understand from this, is it correct that there are, shall we say possibly many experiences similar to the one that we experience here in the third density that are governed by a single higher self? Is this correct? Raw then says the correctness of this statement is variable. The more in balance and entity becomes the less the possibility probability vorticies may need to be explored in parallel experiences. So the questioner then asked do I understand from this that the higher self or oversold may break down into numerous units if the experience is required to what we would call simultaneously experience different types of catalyst and then oversee these experiences rather than says, this is a statement we cannot say to be correct or incorrect due to the confusion of what you call time, time simultaneity is available only when all things are seen to be occurring at once. This overshadows the concept of which you speak. The concept of various parts of the being, living experiences of varying natures simultaneously is not precisely accurate due to your understanding that this would indicate that this was occurring with true simultaneity. This is not the case. The case is from a university universe and parallel existences can then be programmed by the higher self given the information available from the mind, body, spirit complex totality regarding the probability possibility vorticies at any crux. Now. Some of that sounds complicated but basically we need to understand the higher self is using experiences in these parallel existences so if we can come into contact with our higher self we can come into contact with a source that has information about all of these parallel realities. The next question is could you give an example of an entity, possibly one from our historical past, possibly any entity that you might choose if you don’t wish to name one and give an example of how this type of programming by the higher self would then bring about the education through parallel experiences. Please Ross says perhaps the simplest example of this apparent simultaneity of existence of two cells which are in truth one self at the same time space is this, the oversoul as you call it or higher self seems to exist simultaneously with the mind body spirit complex which it AIDS. This is not actually simultaneous for the higher self is moving to the mind body spirit complex as needed from a position in development of the entity which would be considered in the future of this entity. They then ask. Then the higher self operates from the future as we understand things. In other words, my higher self would operate from what I consider to be my future. Is this correct? Ross says from the standpoint of your spacetime, this is correct. Going to the next question. In that case, my higher self would shall we say have a large and very large advantage in knowing precisely what was needed since it would know what as far as I’m concerned what was going to happen. Is this correct and Ross says this is incorrect in that this would be an abrogation of freewill. The higher self aspect is aware of the lessons learned through the six density. The progress rate is fairly well understood. The choices which must be made to achieve the higher self as it is or in the Providence of the mind body spirit complex itself. Thus the higher self is like the map in which the destination is known. The roads are very well known. The roads being designed by intelligent infinity working through intelligent energy. However, the higher self aspect can program only for the lessons and certain predisposing limitations. If it wishes the remainder is completely the free choice of each entity. There is the perfect balance between the known and the unknown. So again the higher self is like the map in which the destination is known. The roads are very well known. These roads being designed by intelligent infinity working through intelligent energy which sounds to me like source, like the space of variations like this place where all of the different possible various futures are or like a map before us and the higher self is the map. So they then ask, I’m sorry for having so much trouble with these concepts which I agree with him but they are pretty difficult to translate I’m sure into our understanding in language and some of my questions may be rather ridiculous but does the higher self have a physical vehicle or some type of vehicle like our physical, biblical, does it have a bodily complex? And then Ross says this is correct. The higher self is of a certain advancement within six density going into the seventh after the seventh has been well entered, the mind, body, spirit, clump complex becomes so totally a mind body. Spirit complex totality that it begins to gather spiritual mass and approach the octave density. Thus the looking backwards is finished at that point. So please I ask anybody, perhaps there are people that are listening that are experts on the law of one. Tell me to understand what that means. So they’re saying that our higher self is not just a spirit. This has a body like you, it’s living in a bodily density and that when it gained spiritual mass in such totality it doesn’t. Looking backwards is finished at that point. I don’t understand this and I wish I could sit here and explain it to you, but that’s what they say. So they’re saying that the higher self doesn’t have to look backwards, but that’s what the higher self is explained to be doing earlier. Looking backwards, perhaps it’s just helping. So this the next part the questioner says is the higher self of every entity of a sixth century density nature. Ross says this is correct. This is an honor duty of self to self as one approaches. Seventh density [inaudible] well the questioner goes on. Well, let me be sure I understand this. Then we have spoken of certain particular individuals. For instance, we were speaking of George Patton in a previous communication then his higher self at that time of his incarnation here as George Patton about 40 years ago. His higher self was at that time six density. Is that correct? Ross says that this is correct. We make note at this time that each entity has several beings upon which to call for inner support. Any of these may be taken by an entity to be the mind, body, spirit, complex totality. However, this is not the case. The mind, body, spirit complex totality is a nebulous collection of all that may occur. Held and understanding the higher self it self, a projection or manifestation of mind, body, spirit, complex totality which then may communicate with the mind body, spirit. During the discarnate part of a cycle of rebirth or during the incarnation may communicate if the proper pathways or channels through the roots of mind are opened and so here we are told that it’s that does exist in the sixth density and that we can also gain help from other entities for inner support. Meaning we can have spirit guides, meaning we can have guardians as referred to in in reality trans surfing. Uh, many people I know have utilized these kinds of server tours and things like that and have spirit guides and spirits that come along and help them. I would love to hear if you have and how you met them and what you did. I do have a higher, I have a spirit guide, meditation checkout. I’m very proud of that one and but I’ll be creating another one soon. I think that it’s very interesting to me. The questionnaire goes on to say, let me take as an example. The one you said was called Himmler. We are assuming from this that his higher self was of six density and it was stated that Himmler was selected the negative path. Would his higher self then dwell in a six density negative type of situation? Could you expand on this concept here? We understand the negative polarities and if it works in the same way. An RA then goes on to say there are no negative beings which have attained the oversoul manifestation, which is the honor duty of the mind body spirit complex totality of late six density as you would term it in your time measurements. These negatively oriented mind body spirit complexes have a difficulty which to our knowledge has never been overcome for after fifth density graduation. Wisdom is available but must be matched with an equal amount of love. This love light is very difficult to achieve in unity when following the negative path and during the earlier part of the six density society complexes of the negative orientation will choose to release the potential and leap into six density positive. Therefore, the oversoul which makes its understanding available to all who are ready for such aid is towards the positive. However, the free will of the individual is paramount and any guidance given by the higher self may be seen in either the positive or negative polarity depending upon the choice of a mind body, spirit complex. So remember this at some point in time if you were to choose the negative path, it will always end up moving back towards the positive path. Sometime in your future. It’s the way the universe is created. That’s why love is so much more powerful. And the polarity towards service to self is much more difficult and they do not ever move towards seventh density. So I’m sure that they will claim the opposite of it. But what I am saying in this particular case also from this example that’s given is remember that your higher self cannot abrogate your free will. So you may ask questions or guidance from your higher self. Do not ask your higher self for something that will violate your free will. If you remember that. I think you can get into a better relationship with your higher self, if that makes any sense. So they go on to ask then using Himmler as an example was his highest self at that time. He was incarnate in the 1940s a six density positively oriented higher self. Now Himmler was an evil Nazi. So they’re trying to get an understanding how this evil Nazi at some point in his incarnations is a positively oriented higher self and Ross says this is correct. They go on to ask was Himmler in any way in contact with his higher self at that time while he was incarnate in the 1940s raw? So they’re asking a question that’s interesting. How does people on the service to self stay in contact with their higher self and raw then says we remind you that the negative path is one of separation. What is the first separation self from the self? The one known as hit Himmler did not choose to use its abilities of will and polarization to seek guidance from any source, but it’s conscious drives, self chosen in the life experience and nourished by previous biases created in other life experiences. The questioner then asks, well then let’s say that when Himmler for instance reaches six density negative at the beginnings of the sixth density negative at this time, would it be the case that an entity would realize that his higher self is six density positively oriented and for that reason make the jump from negative to positive orientation? Ross says this is incorrect. The sixth density negative entity is extremely wise. It observes the spiritual to pre occurring due to the lack of ability to express the unity of six density, thus loving the creator and realizing at some point that the creator is not only self but other self as self. This entity consciously chooses an instantaneous energy reorientation so that it may continue its evolution. You know, I’ve done a lot of episodes on Neville Goddard recently on my channel and what what I think is amazing about Neville guardian, I know it’s unrelated, but Noah Goddard was preaching moving into six density seventh seventh density teachings, meaning skipping from third to seventh density becoming God, which is what they’re talking about happens there. So they go on to say I’m a little fuzzy. On a point with respect to higher self. Now we each, I’m assuming have a separate or different higher self at six density positive level. Is this correct? Each of us in the room that is here, the three of us, Ross says this shall be the last question, so they go onto, he say firstly, it is correct that each in this dwelling place has one oversoul as you may call it. However, due to the repeated harmonious interactions of this triad of entities, there may be seen to be further harmonious interaction between the three entities higher selves. That is each social memory complex has an oversoul of a type which is difficult to describe to you in words. In this group, there are two such social memory complex totalities blending their efforts with your higher selves at this time. Now I, that makes no sense. They’re talking about social memory complex is also interacting with the higher selves. Let me read that again. It is correct that each in this dwelling place he’s talking about the people. There’s three people that are interviewing rah. He’s saying that each in this dwelling place has one oversoul as you may call it. However, due to the repeated harmonious interactions of this triad of entities, there may be seen to be a further harmonious interaction besides the three entities higher selves. That is each social memory complex has an oversoul of a type which is difficult to describe to you in words. In this group there are two such social memory complex totalities blending their efforts with your higher selves at this time still I don’t quite get that because there are the higher selves, the social memory complexes. My question to people listening is are the higher self, the social memory complex? My opinion is that what it’s, what appears to be happening is that these become social memory complexes but I’m not sure. 37.6 a they go on to say in that case, we’ll go ahead with the questions we have here continuing. Last lesson you said that each third density entity has a higher self in the sixth density which is moving to the mind, body, spirit complex of the entity as needed. Does the higher self also evolve in growth through the densities beginning with the first density and does each higher self have a corresponding higher self advanced in densities beyond it. Raw then says to simply simplify this concept is our intent. The higher self is a manifestation given to the late six density mind body spirit complex as a gift from its future selfness the mid seventh density’s last action before turning towards the allness of the creator and gaining spiritual mass is to give the resource to the sixth density self moving as you measured time in the stream of time. This self, the mind body spirit complex of late six density has then the honor duty of using both the experiences of its total living, bank of or memory of experienced the hots inactions and using the resource of the mind body spirit complex totality left behind as a type of infinitely complex thought form. In this way you may see yourself, your higher self or oversoul and your mind body, spirit complex. Totality as three points in a circle. The only distinction is that your time, space continuum all are the same being so the higher self is a part of you but is also a thought form, so we’ve heard that the higher self has a physical body. What was also a thought form by a version of you that moves into seventh density in the future and then creates a physical body thought form at some point. Then joining with the allness of God. It’s a beautiful thought. If, if it’s true, the questioner then goes on to say then would this be like a conscious reprogramming of catalyst? For instance, for some entities, catalyst is programmed by the higher self to create experiences so that the entity can release itself from unwanted biases. Would this be analogous then to the entity consciously programming this release and using fasting as the method of communication to itself? Ross says, this is not only correct but may be taken further. The self if conscious to a great enough extent of the workings of this catalyst and the techniques of programming may through concentration of the will and the faculty of faith alone cause reprogramming without the analogy of the fasting, the diet or other analogous body complex disciplines. [inaudible] the questioner then asks in the last session, this is not, this is a different session. So we had gone through, we’re now on our third session. We’ve gone through three different sessions now. Uh, they all seem like they, they’re, they’re moving together but they’re coming from different discussions. So we’re in discussion 42 now and in the last session it said, you said the self is conscious to a great enough extent of the workings of the catalyst of fasting and the techniques of programming may through concentration of the will and faculty of faith alone because it’s pre reprogramming without the analogy of fasting diet or other analogous body complex disciplines. What are the techniques of programming which the higher self uses to ensure that the desired lessons are learned or attempted? By the third density self in our third density in carne carnational laboratory, Ross says there is but one technique for this growing or nurturing of will and faith and that is the focusing of the attention. The attention span of those you call children is considered short. The spiritual attention span of most of your peoples is that of a child. Thus it is a matter of wishing to become able to collect one’s attention and hold it upon the desired programming. This when continued, strengthens the will. The entire activity can only occur when there exists faith that an outcome of this discipline is possible. In another session they ask in meditation a number of years ago, my arms started to glow, moving rapidly and voluntarily. What was that? Ross says the phenomenon was analogy made available to you from your higher self. The analogy was that being that you were was living in a way not understood by shall we say, physicists, scientists or doctors. So in here we have an example where Ross says a way that your higher self can communicate with you. So there is another question. The first is just clearing up final points about harvest for a friend and this is in session 51 and I was considering if there was a per supervision over the harvest and if so, why the supervision is necessary and how it works since an entities harvest ability is the violet Ray, is it necessary for entities to supervise the harvest or is it automatic? Would you answer this please? In time of harvest, Ross says there are always harvesters. The fruit is formed as it will be but there will be is some supervision necessary to ensure that this bounty is placed as it should be without the bruise or the blemish. There are those of three levels watching over harvest. The first level is planetary and that which may be called angelic. This type of guardian includes mind, body, spirit, complex totality or higher self of an entity and those inner planet plane entities which have been attracted to this entity through its inner seeking. The second class of those who would word this processor. Those are the Confederation who have the honor duty standing in the small places at the edge of the steps of light love so that those entities being harvested will not, no matter how confused or unable to make contact with their higher self stumble and fall away for any reason other than the strength of the light. These Confederation entities catch those who stumble and set them a right so that they may continue the light. So here we have an implication that there some entities when going through this process may not be able to make contact with their higher self. Not quite sure what that means. Going to another session, the questioner asks, you are saying then that the physical distortions that the instrument experienced are part of balancing process, is that correct? And they go on to say this is why we suggest the instruments, thoughts dwelling upon the possibility of suggesting to its higher self the possibility of some slight reservation of energy at a working. We then move to a discussion by the questioner of suicide and the higher self asking, do I understand that death, whether it is by natural means or accidental death or suicide, all deaths of this type would create the same after-death condition which would avail an entity to its protection from friends. Is this correct? Ross says, we presume you mean to inquire whether in the death experience no matter what the cause the negative friends are not able to remove an entity? This is correct largely because at the entity without the attachment to the spacetime physical complex is far more aware and without the goal of ability, which is somewhat the hallmark of those who love wholeheartedly. I think they’re talking about a negative entity being attached to somebody. So, however the death, if natural, would undoubtedly be the more harmonious the death by murder being confused and the entity needing some time space in which to get its bearings, so to speak, the death by suicide causing this necessity for much healing work. And shall we say the making of a dedication to the third density for the renewed opportunity of learning the lesson start set by the higher self. So I guess there’s a warning in here that suicide will put you back. So the next question is, can you tell me of the situation that the wonder finds itself in and why the path back cannot be the simple moving back into the same value of positive time-space. So this is a question about why the wander just can’t go directly back. And Ross says, the path back revolves firstly about the higher self’s reluctance to enter negative time-space. This may be a significant part of the link of that path. Secondly, when it positively oriented entity incarnates in a thoroughly negative environment, it must need learn, teach the lessons of love of self, thus becoming one with its other selves when this has been accomplished. The entity may then choose to relate the potential differences and change polarities. However, the process of learning the accumulated lessons of love of self may be quite lengthy. Also, the entity and learning these lessons may lose much positive orientation during the process and the choice of reversing polarities may be delayed until the mid six density. All of this in your way of measurement, time consuming, although the end result is, well, I don’t know what to make of that except to say that once you go down the negative path you might get stuck there for a long time. They ask, you said the higher self is reluctant to enter negative space time. Now this is a concept that you’ve mentioned before. The idea of negative space time. I do not know entirely what that means. Uh, the answer is the incarnated process involves being incarnated from time, space to space time. This is correct. Then the the questioner asks the than the positively polarized entity when first moved into time-space of a negative polarization experiences nothing but darkness. Then on incarnation into negative space time by the higher self, it experiences a negative space time environment with negatively polarized other selves. Is that correct? This is correct. In another session they ask the, in the, in the last session, Ross stated the path back from six density negative time-space revolves firstly about the higher self’s reluctance to enter negative time-space. Could you explain the higher self’s position with respect to positive and negative time-space and why? It is so reluctant to enter negative time-space that it is necessary for the mind, body, spirit complex to incarnate Nate and negative times space time to find its path back in brief, Ross says we have answered your own query. Please question further. So they say, why is the higher self reluctant to enter negative time-space? Ross says the higher self is reluctant to allow it’s mind, body, spirit complex to enter negative time-space for the same basic reason. An entity of your social society complex would be reluctant to enter prison. The questioner says, what am I? What I’m trying to understand here is more about the higher self and its relationship with the mind body, spirit complex. Does the higher self have a six density mind body spirit complex that is a separate unit from the mind body spirit complex that is in this case displaced to negative time-space. Ross says this is correct. The higher self is the entity of mid sex sixth density which turning back offers this service to itself. The questioner says, I think I have an an erroneous concept of the mind, body, spirit complex for instance that I represent here in this density and my higher self. The concept probably comes from my concept of space and time. I’m going to try to unscramble it. The way I see it right is that I’m existing in two different locations here and in mid six density. Is that correct? Ross says you are existing at all levels simultaneously. It is specifically correct that your higher self is you and mid six density and in your way of measuring what you know of as time [inaudible] your higher self. Is yourself in your future. Am I correct in assuming that all of the mind, body spirit complexes that exist in the levels below mid six density, you have a higher self in the mid six density. This is correct. The questioner says what analogy for the situation be the individual’s higher self is manipulating to some extent shall I say the mind body spirit complex that it’s is it’s analog you might say to move it through the lower densities for purposes of gaining experience and then finally transferring that experience or amalgamating it you might say to mid six density with the higher self. This is incorrect rocess the higher self does not manipulate its past selves. It protects when possible and guides when asked but the force of freewill is paramount. The seeming contradictions of determinism and free will will melt when it’s accepted that there is such a thing as true simultaneity. The higher self is the end result of all development of experience of the mind, body, spirit complex. To that point then we are looking at is a long path of experience. The questioner says through the densities, up to mid six density which are a function, totally a freewill and result in the awareness of the higher self in mid six density, but since time is illusory and there is a, shall I say, unification of time and space or an eradication of what we think of as time. Then all of this experience that results in the higher self, the cause of the evolvement through the densities is existing while the evolvement takes place. Since it’s all simultaneous, is that correct? Raw state. We have refrain from speaking of correctness due to our understanding of the immense difficulty of absorbing the concepts of metaphysical existence in time slash space, which is precisely as much of yourself as is space slash time. All times are simultaneous. Just as in your geography, your cities and villages are all functioning, bustling and alive with entities going about their business at once. So it is in time-space with the self. So there’s a distinction being made by RA of time, space and space time and I’m not entirely clear on it. I don’t want to sit here and claim to be an expert. So is time-space. The idea that all of time exists in one area, in time, space and space time. I don’t know if you know if you have an idea, put it in the comments but the comments be a laboratory for further learning of the law of one. The higher self existing in mid six density seems to be the point where the negative and positive past experience merge into one. Is there a reason for this? Ross says we have covered this material previously as we have the questioner says, Oh yes, sorry about that. It slipped my mind. Now if a positive entity is displaced to negative time-space, I understand that the higher self is reluctant to enter the negative time space and for some reason this makes it necessary for the mind body, spirit complex to incarnate in negative space time. Why is it necessary for this incarnation in negative space time? Ross says, firstly, let us remove the concept of reluctance from the equation and then secondly address your query more to the point. Each time. Space is an analog for a particular sort of vibration of space time. When a negative style space is entered by an entity, the next experience will be that of the appropriate space slash. Time. This is normally done by the form making body of a mind, body, spirit complex which places the entity in the proper time space for incarnation questioner goes on to say as an entity goes through the death process in third density and finds itself in time space so we now know time-space is referred to as what happens after death. It finds itself in a definite different set of circumstances. Would you please describe the properties or circumstances of time-space and then the process of healing, of incarnated experiences that some entities encounter? Rah says, although this query is difficult to answer adequately due to the limitations of your spacetime sound vibration complexes, we shall respond to the best of our ability. The hallmark of time-space is the inequity between time and space and your space slash. Time. The spatial orientation of material causes a tangible framework for illusion in time slash space. The inequity is upon the shoulders of that property known to you as time. This property renders entities and experiences intangible in a relative sense. In your framework, each particle or core vibration moves at a velocity which approaches what you call the speed of light from the direction of super luminal velocities. Thus, the time slash space or metaphysical experience is that which is very finely tuned and although an analog of space time lacking in its tangible characteristics in these metaphysical planes, there’s a great deal of what you call time, which is used to review. Okay and re review the biases and learn slash teachings of a prior, as you would call it, spacetime incarnation. The extreme fluidity of these regions makes it possible for much to be penetrated, which must need to be absorbed before process of healing of an entity may be accomplished. Each entity is located in a somewhat immobile state, much as you’re located in space time and is somewhat immobile state in time. In this immobile space. The entity has been placed by the form maker and higher self so that it may be in the proper configuration for learn slash teaching that which it has received in this space slash time incarnation. Depending upon this time slash space locus, there will be certain helpers which assist in this healing process. The process involves seeing in full the experience, seeing it against the backdrop of the mind, body, spirit, complex, total experience, forgiving the self for all the missteps as regards the missed guideposts during the incarnation and finally the careful assessment of the next and necessities for learning. This is done entirely by the higher self until an entity has become conscious in space slash time of the process and means of spiritual evolution at which time the entity will consciously take part in all decisions. In another session, the questioner asks, the three aspects of magical personality are stated to be power, love, and wisdom. Is this correct? And are these only primary aspects of the magical personality? Ross States the three aspects of the magical personality, power, love and wisdom are so called in order that attention be paid to each aspect in developing the basic tool of the adaptation that is itself. It is by no means a personality of three aspects. It is a being of unity being of six density and equivalent to what you call your higher self and at the same time as a personality, enormously rich in a variety of experience and subtlety of emotion. The three aspects are given that the neophyte not abused the tools of its trade, but rather approach those tools balanced in the center of love and wisdom and thus seeking power in order to serve. The questioner then asks, how does the use of the magical ritual of invoking the magical personality aid the mind, body, spirit complex totality? Could you expand on the answer you gave in the last session? With respect to that, Ross says when the magical personality is properly and efficaciously invoked, the self has invoked its higher self. Thus a bridge between space, time and time space is made and the six density magical personality experiences directly. The third density catalyst for the duration of the working. It is most central to deliberately take off the magical personality after the working in order that the higher self resume its appropriate configuration as analog to the space, time, money, mind, body, spirit. So I keep on having this thought because it just the way that it feels unearth that we are moving into her into a higher densities, faster than what we’ve seen in the past. There’s something special about the planet. We’re moving into these higher densities and part of becoming our higher selves as we see here is it’s magic. There’s something magical about it. When we gain access and power to our magic. In another session the questioner says, I’m going to ask a rather long complex question. I’d like to, to get your opinion and significant difference prior to the veil. Then following the veil if there’s any significant difference. And what is the difference before the veil in the following, while incarnate in third density, sleep dreams, physical pain, mental pain, sex disease, catalyst programming, random catalyst or communication with the higher self or with the mind, body, spirit, totality or any other mind, body or spirit functions before the veil that would be significant with respect to their differences after the veil, Ross says first, let us establish that both before and after the veil, the same conditions existed in time-space. That is the veiling process is a space time phenomenon we’re talking about. So I think that Ross here is talking about what, when we forget, when we move into a new incarnation and the unveiling when we, and when we die, rod goes on to say that secondly, the character of experience was altered drastically by the veiling process. So what they’re talking about here is why we are putting through this process of forgetting our past lives. And in some cases Ross says, such as dreaming in the contact with the higher self. The experience was qual, quantitatively different due to the fact that the veiling is a primary cause of the value of dreams and is also the single door against which the higher self must stand. Awaiting. Before veiling dreams were not for the purpose of using the so called unconscious to further utilize catalyst, but were used to learn, teach from teach learners with the inner planes as well as those of outer origin of higher density. As you deal with these, each subject of which you spoke, you may observe during the veiling process, not a quantitative change in the experience, but a qualitative one. Let us as an example, choose your sexual energy activities of an of energy transfer. If you have a desire to treat other subjects in detail, please query forthwith. In the instance of the sexual activity of those not dwelling within the veiling, each activity was a transfer. There were some transfers of strength. Most were rather attenuated in the strength of the transfer due to the lack of veiling. Okay. I’m starting to lose an understanding of this particular passage. In the third density entities are more, are attempting to learn the ways of love. If it can be seen that all our one being, it becomes much more difficult for the undisciplined personality to choose one mate and thereby initiate itself into a program of service. It is much more likely that the sexual energy will be dissipated more randomly without the greater joy or great sorrow depending on these experiences. Therefore, the green Ray energy transfer being almost without exception, the case in sexual energy transfer prior to veiling remains weekend and without significant crystallization. There’s a reason why I haven’t had done a lot of episodes on the lava one even though it, it fascinates me immensely, is that it’s freaking hard. This stuff is hard and these passages are hard for me to understand. I would if you’ve stuck with me for this long, I’m proud of you, man. That’s awesome. And you’re aware now if you’ve listened to me, hopefully the music in the background has lulled you to this point, but the this stuff is, it’s just hard. Every time I do it, it’s, it’s frustrating. It’s not, it’s not easy to understand. So I learn every time I do these episodes. But I don’t know how much it really works as a YouTube podcast episode. So I’d love to get your feedback if you want me to continue doing episodes unlawful and I will happily do them. But it is lot more complex than some of this stuff’s hard to understand. So summarize this, there is a higher self and I really think from what we get from this that the, the higher self which does not, cannot and will not affect your freewill, has knowledge of all your parallel selves, all the different parallel realities. And so it may come to, uh, it may be in our benefit to find a way to with our higher self, our higher self knows the best path that we can take tomorrow. It knows if we should take a left or right and we can work on closely becoming better acquainted with our higher self so that it can guide us in a way that does not take away our free will. But we can learn the lessons that we can to advance our spiritual form are mind, body, spirit complex to higher densities, much faster and a more joyous fashion. The great teaching of the law of one is an understanding of our place in the universe and it’s a wonderful thing to know that we’ve been a part of this great opera and that we are eternal and that we are moving towards something that’s fantastic and incredible, but at the same time the universe is split between service to self and service to others. And so it’s very much like Jedi and the Sith in many ways. And there are people that are moving on the path to self and the people that are moving on path to service to others. And what path are you, they’re all paths that are part of the creator according to this material, but in many ways it’s just interesting to go over just the concept of the higher self. Now there’s, if we consider the possibility that the law of one is not accurate, then there may be a better comprehension that we can get of the higher self. But I do like the idea of this higher self, a thought form entity of a future incarnation of you. Once you move into seventh density you leave this thought form behind that has a full knowledge of all parallel realities that exist at the same time. And the analogy that arise making is that it’s like it’s like all the different cities in the, in the planet right now that are have their own stuff going on. It’s very much like our parallel realities. So I think this gets really close to the idea that we can find a way to access our higher self. I have found I was able to access my higher self through meditation, through opening up my, my third eye through energies. But by getting to journaling and through the scripting and, and asking open questions. Sometimes I will ask out loud and I’m asking my higher self. And so I would love to know if anybody that is listening or watching this episode has had experience in reaching or communicating with your higher self. How did it happen for you? What kind of information did you get? When did you experience this? And let’s all share our higher self experiences because I think they’re inside of the higher self is a way, is a part of us understanding intelligent infinity is a part of us understanding some of the key lessons that we’re overcoming and is a way for us to maneuver through the future into a way to help others and many other possible realities. So let me know what you think. In my own experience, I had an event happen where I was, I was, uh, attacked in a home invasion. I’ve mentioned it on several other episodes, uh, but in this I was warned about it by my higher self beforehand. I was not told what to do, but I did feel as if I just, I just let go. And it was like I was given information as to the appropriate ways to get past certain things. I can’t explain it. So you can get information from your higher self that can save your life, your, your free Will’s not violated if your life’s being saved, uh, higher selves, not gonna say you gotta do this, but it’s gonna. It’s, it wants your higher self wants to help you. And so there are some great meditations that you can find on YouTube that are wonderful about talking with your higher self and other, I try to integrate the higher self in in many, uh, I’ve done it in, in several of different meditations in my recent writing. The Starship infinity meditation includes a place where you kind of access your higher self. There’s many different ways and I don’t think there’s one exact way. I think that we’re constantly accessing our higher self. And I was very fortunate to be in a state in the conscious state where I could access my higher self more vividly and I haven’t been able to reach it very often. I feel like maybe a couple times. And so it’s something that once you do have that experience, you want it, you want to know, you want to have it again. So I’ll try to create another meditation here soon based on some of what I’ve got here. And if anybody has any recommendations for a meditation, I’d love to hear them. But in any case, it’s always a joy to that UGA. Join me on these experiences of understanding and learning. I’m learning just like a student. When I do this, and in the process of me going over this with you, I learn and I hope that it helps you to learn as well. So let me know if you have any questions, feel free to leave any questions in the comments and I’ll do my best. It’s to try to, to try to answer them and let me know if you have any need for coaching, you can go to advanced success institute.com all episodes of the reality revolution can be [email protected]. Thank you so much and welcome to the reality revolution. Okay.