Walter And Lao Russell – Opening The Door To True Power || EP 743

Meditation is the key that will open the door to your inner-Self wherein lies all the true power for material manifestation, for, as sound springs from silence, so does positive action come from inner KNOWING. It has been said that one must lose one’s life to find it. Applied to meditation, it means that one must lose (forget) one’s mortal body in order to become aware of one’s immortality.

That is exactly what happens when we seek the Light of Self-illumination in our eternal Selves. The great glory of existence is reached only by Mind-awareness. You can only reach supreme heights that wav. In that ecstatic existence is the seed and Source of all power and all-knowledge, which is yours by just desiring it.

It is not easy to acquire the meditative state all at once even as carefully as these lessons tell you how to acquire it. It must come slowly and always through desire to talk with God. There is no other way. You must either desire to live in the sensed body of earth or in the Light of the Mind-kingdom of heaven.

That is the answer to those who say they try to meditate but find that they cannot stop thinking to “get into that state of Mind.” To those who are thus troubled in making the transition, we would say that if you desired to talk to the President of the United States, your Mind would be centered on the reason why you desired to talk to him.

Exactly the same procedure takes place when you wish to talk with God. Your Mind is centered on your desire. You could not possibly think of other things, nor could your thinking wander aimlessly.

Concentrate hard upon your desire if you wish to, or just breathe your desire softly, or just write it upon your heart wordlessly. Perhaps your desire has no definite objective other than to find the peace of heavenly companionship by dwelling in the love nature of your Self and God.

It makes no difference what your desire is, or whether your approach is in deep concentration upon some specific thing, or in dreamy decentration upon some nebulous idea — or upon nothing at all. You cannot concentrate long in any case, not more than five to ten minutes, before the reaction of decentration replaces it.

Gradually the inspiration you ask for will come to you. Before you can realize it, you will find yourself “stepping in and out of the body” in that alternation which always takes place while losing your sensed-awareness.

Gradually you will completely forget your body and have full awareness of the Light of knowing, which Mind is.

-Lao and Walter Russell

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