The Secret Of Saturn || EP 744

Saturn’s stunning rings make it the easiest planet to recognize, but it still has secrets!  From ancient cultures that watched the skies, to modern scientists who send machines into space, humans are passionately curious about the gas giant.

What is Saturn? Is there something more going on with this unusual planet.  From hexagonal storms to possible spacecraft sitings within the rings what is the role of this gigantically beautiful planet.

I was sent an anonymous letter which I read that describes the saturn moon matrix and its possible role in controlling the holographic matrix of the planet earth.

Is it true and how do we respond to this spiritually?

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This information is mindblowing.

Music by Mettaverse

639hz heart chakra


the light holders

a still mind

field of oneness

journey through the multiverse

777hx deep relaxation

langage of light

into the omniverse

inner worlds

when all else fades

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