Neville Goddard – Have You Found Him? || EP 742

Have You Found Him?

Neville Goddard


Tonight’s subject is “Have You Found Him?” If you’re asked that question, you might ask, “Well, who am I supposed to find?” Well, in this, I am saying every man in this world—by man I mean generic man, male, female—everyone is looking for the source or the cause of the phenomena of life. We speak of this as the Father, and I tell you from experience, it’s a person, a person as I am, as you are.

Everyone is looking for this person who is called the Father, the one of whom Moses and the law and the prophets wrote. This is the one of whom I speak tonight. I have met the Father. The Father embraced me, incorporated me into his body, so I wear not to mortal eye but to the other eye, I wear that body. It’s the human form divine. It’s the body of love, infinite love. On this level it seems insane, but I tell you it is true.

Now, tonight we’ll try to show you what this Father when you meet him, how he will appear.

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