Understanding the Power of Intention in Reality Transurfing || EP 104

In this episode, I continue my series where I do deep dives on different chapters of the book Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland. This episode is a long one because it covers one of the most important chapters and one of the key concepts of how Transurfing can you help you to choose your reality.


It really is very difficult to explain what intention represents. We do not even question how we move our arms and legs. We forgot that there was a time when we did not know how to walk or what to do when we first sat on a bicycle without stabilizers. Even when we learn to ride a bike we cannot explain how exactly we did it.

Intention is a very subtle thing. It is difficult to acquire and easily lost. For example, someone who is paralyzed totally loses the power of intention. The desire to move the legs exists but the ability to enact the desire is lost. There are known incidents where people who were paralyzed have been able to walk again thanks to hypnosis or a miraculous healing which returns the power of intention. Desire itself leads to nothing. On the contrary, the more intensely you desire something the more active the backlash of balanced forces. Desire focuses on the goal whereas intention focuses on the process of achieving the goal. Desire is realized via the creation of excess potential in relation to the goal. Intention is realized via action. Intention does not intellectualize about whether the goal is achievable or not. Once the decision is made all you have to do is act.

If in a dream when you want to fly you start analyzing whether it is possible or not, nothing will happen. If you want to fly you just have to intend yourself up into the air. In dreams, the choice of any script is brought about not by desire as such, but by the firm expectation of having the object of your desire. You do not analyze; you do not desire; you simply have and act.

The majority of this chapter deals with dreaming and understanding how lucid dreaming gives you a step toward the understanding of intention.

This chapter goes deep on these concepts and outlines the important differences between inner and outer intention. I realize it is a long one but it is very important to understanding Transurfing.

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Welcome to the reality revolution. I’m your host, Brian Scott and this is dedicated to all those spirits out there who believe life is meant to be magical and fun. Here we’ve ventured to share the very mysteries of self in reality. My purpose is to help light that spark inside of you to reawaken your sense of fascination and awe towards the world. I’m going to try to help you hack reality and unleash your potential and open unlimited possibilities of wealth, health, and relationships in your life. Welcome reality creators. Today I will continue on a series that I’ve been working on where I do deep dives on individual chapters of Reality Trans Surfing. Now last week I focused on all the alternatives flow and there is a meditation and a deep dive that almost goes two hours on that chapter and it was very fascinating. The next chapter after that is intention and it may be one of the keys and secrets to understanding how to go about getting what you want effectively when you use reality. Trans Surfing intention is a lot more than what you think it is and the concept of intention. In Trans Surfing is very freeing and specific and it gives us some unique ways to change the way that we’ll go about achieving goals that we want. This chapter starts off and it talks about dreaming, Lucid dreaming in particular. You go back to previous podcasts, I had an interview with Cynthia, Sue Larson and I reviewed both of her books where she’s talking about travelling through parallel realities and quantum jumping and in both of them lucid dreaming is very important and in Reality Trans Surfing, lucid dreaming is important as well. But it’s interesting that he starts out this chapter on intention with dreaming and understanding lucid dreaming as being the key to understanding intention. And so the goal and intention of this is we’re going to do a deep dive on this chapter and we’re going to try to figure out some concepts and ideas that we can use to create a meditation around creating our intention. So sit back and relax and we’ll learn this stuff together. And if I see anything interesting, will further discuss it. If you’ve seen a how I do this before. This is a terrific chapter and there’s a lot in it. Intention potential is only limited by intention is the tagline and it starts out with lucid dreaming. In this particular section, we come closer to solving the Guardian’s riddle. If anybody’s has had a chance to go back to the first chapter where he gives us the riddle of the Guardian that you have a choice. The riddle is that you have a choice. The Guardians Riddle about the fact that we are free to choose anything we want in life and how to go about it. One of the keys to the riddle lies in what we call dreaming. [inaudible]. A person spends a third of their lifetime asleep. Unfortunately, scientific research can only offer us a limited understanding of the human sleep state, and so what exactly happens to a person when they’re asleep remains a mystery. Philosophical interpretations of dreams are no more enlightening spanning from one extreme to another. Some say that dreams are an illusion whilst others claim that life itself is nothing more than a dream. Who Should we believe the Trans Surfing model of the universe supports neither position. So if you’re out there and you and you believe that reality trend surfing is seeing that it’s all a dream, it’s not. It’s not saying that when adults remember their dreams, they tell themselves that what they saw was not real. The mind is comforted by the interpretation that dreams are a product of the imagination somehow generated in a state of rest. We know that children up to the age of four fail to distinguish between what they see in a dreaming and a waking state. They believe that the content of their dreams is happening in the same space as the rest of their life. When a child wakes terrified from a nightmare, they’re convinced that the monster is still somewhere in the bedroom and nothing their parents can say will comfort them. Gradually the child’s mind begins to accept the idea that dreams are not real. Did you have dreams when you were a kid that you thought were real? Do you remember your dreams when you were, you know, up to the age of four and it’s true. If you think back, it’s likely at the time that we were born that we didn’t know the difference between our dreams. In reality. At what point did you know the difference? Do you remember what or what moment in time you remember the difference we discussed previously how the mind quickly and willingly organizes any new information that it receives according to abstract references. And yet it takes a whole four years to convince the mind that dreams are not real. This must be the only thing that mind cannot willingly accept. Most people have no memory of their life before the age of four. And so as adults, they cannot bear witness to the confusion the mind must have experienced upon wakening from a dream when it was still believed to be real. Every night when the mind switches off, it falls innocently into a kind of trap. It does not occur to us to take a critical view of events whilst we are asleep, even on waking, we are surprised by how real and very natural the virtual reality of our dreams appears. The mind is accustomed to finding a rational explanation for everything. And so despite the fact that people see quite bizarre events in their dreams for some reason in the moment of dreaming, but mind responds as if they were quite normal. Whenever we notice or experience something unusual, the mind will instantly provide a rational explanation. [inaudible] and I want to say the sentence again. Whenever we notice or experience something unusual, the mind will instantly provide a rational explanation. You see a UFO, you’re going to say, oh, it’s just the light. We have weird things that we see all the time and we make our worlds less weird all the time by providing rational explanations and despite this, we do not question the reality of what is happening in the world around us when we’re in a conscious waking state and the same is true of dreaming despite the minds incessant need to control. The simple question is this real slips through the prism of control in the mind falls into the dream trap. Sometimes if we’re lucky, something quite miraculous happens and we wake up in a dream, suddenly aware that we are dreaming. Usually this happens when we dream about something extraordinary or have a nightmare. The rational mind is shocked into part waking and we understand what to do next in the dream. At this point, the unconscious dream state shifts into lucid dreaming and he I Italicize is lucid dreaming right there in lucid dreaming. A person can take part in their dream as if it were a virtual game. At the same time understanding that it is just a dream. If you have never experienced lucid dreaming or are reading about it here for the first time, you can be certain that it is not a product of our imagination. Numerous books have been published on the topic and there are many individuals who practice the technique constantly. Have you practice lucid dreaming? Once I read books like this that mentioned it, I’ve tried to make it a part of my life and I have been able to do it and I do think that it’s really related to our ability to create reality. It’s, there’s a reason that this chapter is on intention but is talking about lucid dreaming because in Lucid dreaming you don’t say affirmations, you just do what you want. It’s that specific thing when you can. In the dream, when you have control, it is not difficult to try lucid dreaming because it can be brought on by the power of intention to wake up in a dream. You have to train your mind to ask the question, is this real? It is not that difficult to do. If you’re motivated. The process of training the mind is quite straight forward, but it does not require your focused attention over the course of a day. You need to ask yourself whether what you’re seeing is real at least 10 times. So have you done that out there on 10 times a day? Ask yourself if you’re asleep or what you’re seeing is real 10 times your inner guardian will assist you. Instruct your inner guardian to keep asking whether you’re asleep. It is important that you answer each time as conscientiously as possible so that the rational mind retains a critical attitude rather than it becoming a routine procedure. Shake yourself a little to increase your alertness. Look around, assess the situation and ask yourself whether everything is as usual or whether something strange is happening. If you’re persistent enough, you’ll eventually wake up in your dream. So what he’s saying is if you through the day while you’re awake, continually questioned whether you’re dreaming that you will wake up in your dream by creating this particular habit, it’s one of the best habits to learn. I totally recommend it. You will probably find that it’s quite difficult to remember to ask yourself this question even 10 times a day, and so you have to be really motivated if you want the technique to work, and it’s true. The first time I tried this, I might remember two or three times there’s a part of us. Does the want me to ask those questions? Depending on the strength of your intention, you may begin to experience lucid dreaming within a few days or perhaps a few months. It can be helpful to use a chime in clock. You can then program your inner guardian to ask you whether you are asleep or not. Every time the chalk chime, the clock chimes, the sound of the clock will be like a bridge to consciousness. When you are asleep and the clock chimes, your inner guardian will become more alert out of habit, which should in turn waken your rational mind causing you to wake up in the dream. You can use other bridges between waking and sleeping as long as you’re using a sound that can be heard whilst you’re asleep. Avoid linking your question to signals you cannot rely on such as sound of an incoming telephone call. Unless you receive a call in the middle of the night, you will not get the necessary trigger. Now one thing that I have found there is a mask that you can buy online and it has lights that light up to sleep mask at certain times to remind you that gently that you’re, that you’re sleeping and that is another thing that you can try. That does work. As you can see, the basic principle is to develop the habit of regularly asking yourself whether what is happening is real. So if you guys go to the two 50 episodes where we talk about wake up question reality, see yourself in reality. That technique is a part of what he’s talking about here. This is the beginning of it. Avoid linking your question to signals you cannot rely on such as the sound of an incoming telephone call. You gotta be able to rely on it and as you can see, the basic principle is to develop the habit of regularly asking yourself whether what is happening is real. Try to answer the question with awareness rather than mechanically. It is important to train yourself to access the situation critically and respond to the question conscientiously because for many dreamers, the one thing that shifts them into lucid dreaming is recognizing an anomaly, a contradiction or quirky element in their dream that normally they would pay no attention to. Why practice lucid dreaming is the question. At the very least, it is fun to consciously play with your dreamlike in a virtual game rather than have it happen. No science fiction book or computer game can compare with lucid where you can do anything your imagination can conjure up. When an unpleasant situation arises in a tree, you can will it to change. For example, in a dream, when somebody is chasing you, if you think that what is happening is real, it will be very difficult to escape. You’re aware that you’re dreaming, you’ll probably try to wake up from the dream, which does not always work. However, once you are aware that it’s just a dream, you can act much more effectively by simply looking back at your pursuer and thinking, go away, get lost, disappear, turning them to smoke. The pursuer will vanish immediately. You can even mentally lift them up and make them turn cartwheels in the air. You can do anything that you want and as long as two simple conditions are filled, the dreamer can control everything that happens in their dream. First they have to be aware that they are dreaming. And secondly, there has to be the realization that here they can do anything. Imagine if we had this awareness in reality where we can, and we do. For example, if you’re dreaming lucidly and want to fly, nothing would be simpler. All it requires is your intention. And this is one of the first times the word intention has been mentioned. It has been mentioned previously, but this is in reference to flying. You just fly. And important distinction should be made between desire and intention. Now listen, close. The desire alone to rise up into the air will lead to nothing in dreaming as in waking. So if you really desire something and you’re thinking about what you’re desiring, like we talk about in the law of attraction, it doesn’t bring anything. There is more to it. That particular model of the law of attraction is wrong. Desire can help us, can be a signal, but desire will not bring anything to you. I know that, uh, some others believe that if you have a desire that means that in some parallel reality that you’ve obtained that thing. That’s what that means could mean. But the desire loan to rise up for an important distinction should be meaning between desire and intention, desire and intention. The desire alone to rise up into the air will lead to nothing in dreaming as in waking. It is the same with raising your hand. You can say to yourself that you want to raise your hand, but you do not necessarily move at. You can say that you want to. Then you suddenly decide to act and raise your hand. Transforming desire into action by the power of intention. And to me that this is the key way to understand intention when it comes to reality trend surfing model, it’s the raising the hand. When you raise your hand, you just raise your hand. You don’t visualize your hand going up and pray that your hand will go up and then hope that your hand will go up and want your hand to go up. You just raise your hand and that’s how you change reality. You just change it. [inaudible] you can say to yourself that you want to raise your hand, but you do not necessarily move it when you decide to act and raise your hand. Transforming desire into action by the power of intention. You do not think about how you’re going to raise your hand and you just do it and it is the same with flying in a dream. You can simply decide to rise up into the air and you can fly wherever you want to. So the next time you decide to dream, try to fly. If anybody has success with that, put put it in the comments for this video or this podcast. Returning to the example of the nightmare about being chased. The desire loan to be free of the pursuer is not enough. When fear takes hold, the rational mind loses the advantage at every turn of events. It’s as if someone else decides the rules of the game. Even if you are aware that you are dreaming, you will remain powerless to act until you decide to take control whilst you play. The role of the passive victim. The game will have control over you. It makes no difference that the game is a product of your own imagination. You are still effectively a slave to your own imagination. As you tremble in fear and run in lucid dreaming, you can choose the role you want to play. You can even stop and decide to swap roles with your pursuer who will oblige you and turn on their heel. Imagine how comical that would be to any question that starts. Is it possible to do such and such in a lucid dream? The answer is always yes. You can talk to people, the living in the deceased. You can do whatever you want with people and objects in your dream. Fly around on other planets, solve problems, compose music, rehearse a scene, travel, et cetera. In comparison to what you rehearse, which you can experience in a lucid dream, serious are merely child’s play and a lot more harmful. You can also bring in information back from a dream. The only thing you cannot do is bring a material object back from a dream into physical reality. At least Zeeland has not personally ever heard of this being done. Maybe someone out there and if you have, I would love to know if you brought something from a dream. Now, if you find that you do not remember your dreams, note what direction you sleep. He does. This is interesting. It is considered best to sleep with your head to the north of voiding. Sleep with your head to the West as this can have a negative impact on your health. I cannot explain why exactly, but it is connected with the impact of the earth’s magnetic field on the body. Try Sleeping with your head to the north and your dreams should become more vivid and diverse. Now I just got done watching a video by sod guru, which had me thinking that we should not be sleeping to the north because of the magnetic zones pole and we have iron in our body and it’s pulled upwards to our head and so he’s saying that we should be sleeping to the north. Again, put your comments in this video and let me know. Should we be sleeping to the north? It seems, I see a contradiction here. I sleep to the northeast right now, so I don’t know. So [inaudible] try sleeping with your head to the north and your dreams should become more vivid and diverse according to Zeeland. So have you. Are you sleeping to the north? Do not worry if you have no desire to practice lucid dreaming or perhaps have tried to induce lucid dreams without success. Lucid dreaming design does play a certain role in Trans Surfing, but it is not essential to practicing the technique. So if you can’t lucid dream, don’t worry, you can still do this, but I think it enhances it. In addition, lucid dreaming carries a subtle threat. You’re probably wondering why Zeeland introduced the topic so positively. Now he intends to caution you. Now there’s a caution. This is interesting. He says, lucid dreaming is a secret door that opens into the unknown. It would be irresponsible of him not to mention the potential dangers that lurks behind the door. So he explains Below [inaudible], which is the next chapter, which is called the dream space. Now there’s some crazy stuff in here and we’re still only talking about intention, the dream space to solve the guardians riddle w we have to be able to answer two questions. Why is anything possible in lucid dreaming and why did Dream Seem so real and lucid as in non lucid dreams? The pictures we see can be very vivid depicting the tiniest detail. Sometimes our dreams are sharper in form and richer in color than everyday life. There is a hypothesis that the brain synthesizes certain pictures and during sleeps perceives them in the same manner as it would in a waking state. Similar to hypnosis as yet no one has succeeded in proving this theory. The Trans Surfing model interprets the origin of the images we see in dreams slightly differently rather than independently creating these images in our subconscious is directly connected to the alternative space and the information it contains. So when you get images, they’re not from your head. They’re from the space of variations in the alternative space. And if you look carefully at an object and then close your eyes and try to imagine it, you will not be able to see it as clearly. Even if you have excellent powers of visualization, the image your brain commits to memory is like a low resolution photograph. Even if the brain stores the photograph as a group of neurons in a certain condition, no quantity of neurons would be enough to reproduce all the photographs of all of our memories. And it’s true if you really think about it, if you look at something on your desk or where you’re at now and then close your eyes and try to imagine it, you can visualize it, but it’s never as vivid and it’s very true and it’s one of those things has always frustrated me about visualization. If our memories and dreams are a product of the information recorded by neurons, imagine how many of these cells would have to be contained in our heads. And this is another proof that you know this information that we are accessing is not in our heads. In the trend surfing model, neurons are not defined as information carriers like memory bytes in a computer. The brain does not store information itself. It stores the address to where the information is located in the alternative space. Wow. The brain is capable of retaining a certain volume of data. However, despite the fact that the brain represents a perfect biological system, it is not capable of holding everything that we are willing to commit to memory. Neither can the brain synthesize the perfect virtual reality that we see in our dreams. It is difficult even in a waking state to close your eyes and mentally imagine pictures as naturally as one would see them in a dream and show it is pointless to indulge in flimsy arguments that claim, but the mind suddenly acquires the ability to perceive, imagined images perfectly as soon as it switches off in the sleep state. So he’s making a little bit of a distinction on how we can visualize something and how we see something. And in the dream state, good point. As we said earlier, the mind is not capable of creating anything fundamentally new. It can only build a new version of a house from old bricks. The rational mind only contains primitive information about the building bricks and how to put them together. We store more detailed information on paper or other forms of memory. All other information is channeled to the mind via the heart from the alternatives space. So in the Trans Surfing model, the brain represents a comparatively primitive system whose function can be replicated by technology. Scientists have tried to replicate the functioning of the brain and yet attempts to create artificial intelligence. Intelligence have not yet been successful. The mind may be capable of understanding itself to some degree, but it is still incapable of understanding the nature of the heart. The secret of the intellect in any living being lies in the harmonious connection between heart and mind. So far, efforts in the spheres of cybernetics have been limited to modeling thought processes familiar to the mind. Maybe one day someone will design a machine capable of retrieving information from the alternative space as the heart does. I believe it. I do believe that we will find a way maybe with quantum computers, somehow the mind is capable of remembering the address of relevant sectors in the alternative space. If it needs to remember something, the mind turns to the heart which attunes to the corresponding sector. In the information field, perhaps the heart is not very good at attuning to sectors in the field. Perhaps the mind is not very efficient when it comes to retrieving addresses in the information field or maybe the mind and heart are just not very good at collaborating. Whatever the explanation, human memory is far from perfect. The heart is capable of randomly attuning to sectors of the alternative space that have not been transformed into physical reality. These are the pictures we see in our dreams and this is why the dream space appears so. Real dreams are not illusions in the usual sense of the word. They are not simply imagined. The mind genuinely sees them. We know that people see pictures and their dreams that do not seem to be of this world. For example, one might see an architectural construction in my newt detail that in principle could not exist anywhere on the planet. If a dream is simply the brain’s memory of reality, where then are the images sourced that we could never have observed with the waking eye. As we’ve said previously, sectors of the alternative space contain various versions of scripts and scenery. The scenery includes our surrounding as well as living beings. If you remember seeing someone you know in a dream, someone close to you or an acquaintance, you may have noted that they looked slightly different to how they are in waking. They may have a different hairstyle, unusual clothes display different personality traits or behave in an uncharacteristic manner. In a dream, you can recognize your friends at the same time noticing something strange about them. There is a manifestation of the diversity of the space of variations in waking. We observe the alternative of possible realities that has been realized in the physical domain. In dreams, we are able to see things that have not been realized in the physical. If you’re ever lucky enough to see your reflection in a mirror when dreaming, what you may see will shock or scare you. Now this is what I’m recommending to do. If you are able to bind it a mirror in a dream, do it. Look in a mirror in a dream. It’s one of the best things to create lucidity, but it’s also very interesting. The face you see reflected will not be the same as the face you’re used to seeing. When you look in the mirror. I’ve looked at myself in the mirror and it was not me and so right in the comments. If you for some reason have ever looked in the mirror in a dream, you’ll immediately sense that something has changed and this is because in dreams a person’s appearance corresponds to the sector of the dream space that is being accessed. Depending on the difference between the virtual sector in the dream and current reality, your appearance may differ to a greater or lesser extent. The surroundings you see in a dream may also change depending on how far the virtual sector is from the sector. That isn’t manifest as your current reality. You might see your hometown in a dream, but it will appear slightly different. The same streets and houses will have a strange look to them and you’ll be confused as if you were seeing an apparition. If the energy body travels far from its current sector, you may end up in a completely unfamiliar environment seeing places and people that live their own virtual life but do not exist on the material plane. Whatever role you play in that setting, everything that happens there is happening on a non-physical level. Your role is also virtual, but not quite an illusion and alternative to your personality. May or may not be present in that sector. If it is, you might be able to meet your energy double. Although personally I have not yet come to the conclusion concerning whether this can be done. It is more likely that the soul simply appears in a role written into the scripts sector. Perhaps this is why when people look in a mirror, in a dream, they see someone else’s reflection, so that might not be you. That’s just somebody else’s script is what Zealandness say in a dream. You don’t have to think that whatever’s happening is you in the dream. You could have just by some unusual way, randomly access some frequency of somebody else’s sector. Another list, interesting point about the dream state is that we see movement and take part in a virtual game despite the fact that information in the alternative space is stationary like a film role stored on a shelf. All events are stored in the information field simultaneously. All that has ever been you been and all that will ever be already exists in the field. I’m going to say that again because it’s so exciting and I say it all the time and this is what the reason that I love meditating about this stuff. All that ever has been and all that ever will be already exists in the field. Why is it then that when the soul flies in the alternative space, it sees life in motion and not in the form of still images. Maybe our powers of perception are such that we can only perceive information from the field in the form of a moving film role or perhaps it is a quality of the space that it can only show itself to us in the form of moving alternatives. If the soul can fly around different sectors in the alternative space, it means the soul observes movement, and if this is so, what time period is the soul accessing in the dream state, the past, the future, or the present? Everything about the dream space generates more questions than answers. One thing, however, is certain dreams are not illusion. It might seem weird to say that every night we move into an alternative space and live a virtual life there. The alternative space may not have a tangible physical foundation, but it is real. Nonetheless, what can be said about interpreting the meaning of dreams? The answer to this question may surprise you. You probably think that in the light of the dreams that we’ve talked about, what the would have every right to be messengers of future events. However, in the context of Trans Surfing, dreams are not interpreted as signs. Unlike unlike those described in previous previous episodes, dreams demonstrate what could have happened in the past or what could happen in the future. We already know what actually happened in the past and the future in the alternative space is too diverse to guarantee that what we see in our dreams is an image of the sector that is about to become realized in the physical. Adjacent sectors contain very similar scripts and scenery and so if the sector are occurring in a dream lies close to the dreamer’s current lifeline, it may will contain information relevant to impending events in that person’s life. However, you can never be sure that the sector you see in a dream does in fact run close to your current lifeline. The hardest capable of sensing, approaching events and gut feeling is the most reliable sign a person can work with in waking the heart signals, how comfortable it feels in response to what is happening both on the current lifeline and in relation to an imminent change in the flow. Other signs also relate to sectors currently manifest on the material level and those sectors immediately adjacent to them in dreams. However, only God can know which sector of soul is exploring. No one can totally rely on the information perceived in dreams precisely because this all can fly into any sector at all within the alternative space. Another interesting question about dreams is the choice of script. Who chooses the scripts for the events we witness if they are not simply a product of our own imagination? A script is an essential part of every sector in the alternative space. How events develop when the mind is sleeping so deeply that we do not remember our dreams. Nobody can say, and every everyday life events are controlled by a person’s mind and behavior, but in our dreams, the mind plays the role of passive observer taking things for granted. Events are staged according to the script belonging to a given sector. As soon as the soul enters that sector, events develop in accordance with the same expectations, anxieties, and opinions that are part of that person. In waking in dreams, personal expectations and anxieties are realize instantly. For example, if a being comes onto the stage that the dreamer is afraid of, a threat script will materialize instantly. You only have to have the slightest whiff of the thought that you might be in danger of being pursued and a monster will appear to start chasing you. The soul chooses a script that corresponds to the dreamers, thoughts and expectations and moves through the alternative space as their thoughts change. The film role is tuned by the driving force of the dreamers, thoughts and expectations. If you could completely stop your mind from functioning, the f film would instantly freeze. Thoughts, however, do not stop. They continually chatter away in your mind. Events in dreams do not necessarily conform to our usual perception of things because the mind’s control is weakened. Things can appear all topsy turvy, inconceivable visions can appear in which the laws of physics are defied. Incredible things can happen in lucid dreaming too because the rational mind understands that it is just a fantasy. We’ll accept all sorts of strange things so we might not want to make this meditation and lucid meditation. Something that I talked about with Brian Larson from metaverse and he has a fantastic song and this makes me think that maybe we could do this as a lucid dreaming type of situation. Now you can see why anything can happen into dream. Dreaming is the souls travel through the alternative space. We’re all types of scripts exist in lucid dreaming. It is not so much that the script changes of its own accord so much as it is selected via intention. As soon as the intention emerges in your thoughts to swap roles with your pursuer, the soul retunes tunes itself to a sector with the opposite script. This is the mechanism for lucid dreaming. Intention selects the script if the mind realizes that it can control the script, it forms a desire. For example, the desire to fly this thought flashes through the consciousness and is transformed by the soul into an intention. Intention is the force that carries the dreamer into the sector with a corresponding script because the souls travel through. The alternative space is unburdened by the density of matter. Our dreams are very fluid and the chosen script is realized instantly. In principle, the same thing happens in physical reality. The only difference being the speed at which the script is played out, so that’s important. That’s where we get, why are we talking about all this lucid dreaming stuff and we’re saying that if we imply use the same principles of intention in lucid dreaming in real world, they may not happen as fast, but they can still occur in waking life. Events develop according to the same laws that govern dreams but not at such lightning speed because the material transformation of an alternative into physical reality involves inert matter. In this context, the claim that our life is no more than a dream is unfounded, and yet in other contexts, the statement is not totally devoid of meaning. Zeeland has already described how thoughts are reproduced in the form of external physical action and are gradually transformed into the events of physical reality. In this book, you always create the object of your mind. Most dominating thoughts thought is energy vibrating at the frequency of a particular lifeline. In physical reality. The shift to the lifeline that corresponds to the vibration of your thought is delayed by various physical factors in comparison to a sector that exists purely as information a sector realized on the material level has a heavy glutinous quality like resin is dense in comparison to water. This quality hinders the material transformation of a potential reality. In dreams, inert matter poses no obstacle and so the process of shifting between sectors occurs instantly. Now you can see why I brought up the theme of dreams and you can see why Zealand did in order to create the destiny you desire. It is important to be clear how thought carries us from one sector to another and why not all our desires find expression on the material level. You do not have to practice lucid dreaming in order to Attune your purpose. Though our goal is simply to learn the knack of choosing the script we want in waking. It is much more important to learn to wake up in real life than a virtual one, not at least because as we mentioned before, the activities of lucid dreaming involve an element of risk. Anyone who practice lucid dreaming would probably assure you that lucid dreaming is not dangerous at all, but perhaps these people fail to realize it was interesting that they are walking in knife edge. No one can guarantee that you’ll return from a lucid dream. There is no danger of this whilst your soul is flying in an unrealized sector of the soul. But what? What do you think happens if the soul accidentally ends up in a realize sector of the alternative space? So the soul accidentally ends up in a sector that’s physical space. There’s a hypothesis that a person can end up physically manifesting in that sector. He scores on to say he knows the reader isn’t likely to be easily frightened by wild conjecture, but as you can see, this supposition does point to a certain risk. And what if it were true? It is a well known fact that there were sorcerers of old who had perfected the art of dreaming and could intentionally pass over into other worlds forever. Their physical bodies literally disappear from their own world. These sorcerers were either very reckless or knew exactly what they were doing. Today, thousands of people go missing every year without a trace. Some people believe that some of these people are abducted by aliens. He says he cannot corroborate this theory, but he does wonder whether some of these missing people are lost in dreaming and do not return from sector of physical reality that they have visited in their dream. The soul does not necessarily have to be dreaming lucidly to fly into a physical manifest sector of the field. Now, I wouldn’t get too concerned about this, but he is saying that many of the missing people today could be, you know, you’re just dreaming and then you end up in this reality and this context. Lucid dreaming can be risky because the mind having had a taste of unlimited freedom is tempted to throw caution to the wind and fly off into unknown corners of the field, not knowing whether the soul will be able to return. Now if the physical body fails to return from a foreign sector of the field to the place that person usually inhabits, there simply said to have died in their sleep, so maybe people that die in their sleep are just somewhere in another in a dream space. It is not in Zealand’s intention to scare the reader, but it is worth remembering that dreaming is not an illusion and in lucid dreaming it can be attempting to go a little while knowing that you can do whatever you want without being punished or hurting anyone. So I’ll make it a focus of this lucid dreaming meditation to attune ourselves to our body and to guarantee that we return and that’s all we have to do. The dreamer may simply enjoy flying into other worlds to explore. There is no reason why not. Whilst the soul is visiting sectors of the field that only exist within the information field, the only danger is if the soul wonders into a sector of the field that is manifest as a physical reality and may take the mind a little while to realize the virtual reality has become physical reality. It would be foolish to comfort yourself with the thought that our visible world is the only world that exists in the universe. The alternative space is boundless and without doubt contains many manifests sectors inhabited by all sorts of living beings. You could just as easily wonder into a world that fits your picture of paradise as you could into a world that fits your vision of Hell with no idea of where that world is located in relation to your own. It can be 1 million light years from earth or it can be right here in your Coffee Cup. It can be very far away or close by, but in another dimension, as was said in the first chapter of the book, eternity appears to cover an infinite distance only if you’re looking directly down at it. The other that said, whether the parallel world is near or far from home is irrelevant. It is very easy to lose your way, but much more difficult to find your way home. Again. However little or far you’ve actually wondered your home sector, he goes on to say, we will not go into the theme of travel via astral projection. Astral projection is something very different to lucid dreaming, although it is not without its risks most importantly and bears no relation to Trans Surfing. The connection between dreaming and trend. Surfing is fairly minor as our task is not to escape from harsh reality, by residing in parallel worlds of dreams, but to make reality itself more comfortable. So it’s not about the dreams, it’s about reality and making it more comfortable. There is no need to be particularly afraid of dreaming, but it should be taken seriously if you get a negative feeling in your gut. When you read about lucid dreaming, it indicates that inactivity should not become involved in. So if this discussion of lucid dreaming has given you a bad feeling, don’t do it. Your gut feeling will tell you something is risky for you personally or not. The heart is better than the mind that sensing impending danger and so dreaming without the act of intrusion, the rational mind is far safer. However, if you are quite decided that lucid dreaming is for you, be cautious. Do not go sticking your head in the lion’s mouth and be careful to retain maximum levels of awareness in dreaming as in waking. Make yourself at home, but do not forget you are a guest. Something that he loves to say throughout the book that we are all guests here with all that discussion of dreaming and this chapter is called intention. We get to our first section called the magical power of intention where we start to talk about intention, inner and outer. This stuff gets even better, so stick with me here. All right. We’ve explained that our thoughts and desires direct how we move through the alternative space and that we are asleep. This movement is free of the burdens of inner matter inherent in material realization. The slightest hint of a thought is enough to instantly carry the dreamer into a corresponding sector of the field. In sectors manifest in physical, everything happens more slowly. Do the heavy density of matter. The principle, however, is the same. Our thoughts have a direct impact on the course of events in our life. Is that a fact? The reader may ask not without a touch of irony as yet untouched by the Miracles of the Strange Trans Surfing model and there was I thinking that it was inaction and not thought that determine the course of my life, how lucky I am to have been informed that it does not matter what I do as long as I think the right things [inaudible] in actual fact, there is no contradiction here and it is not really about what a person first thinks and then does as a rule, people pay more attention to the consequences of their actions then their thoughts because they are more clearly evident. This is connected with the impact of balanced forces. We’ve already described examples of events in which balanced forces in gender I result that is the direct opposite of one’s original striving. You want one thing but you experienced the opposite. The more excess potential you channel into a situation, the more reality will take on a different shape to your original desire. Unable to find a rational explanation for how strangely the world behaves. People imagine that they must either have slipped up somewhere where or that it is just very difficult to get what you really want in life. It might seem that there is a contradiction in the Trans Surfing model. On the other hand, it states that our thoughts program, that energy that passes through us and that this carries us onto lifelines that match those them or as you know, thoughts transfer us into sectors of the alternative space that have a corresponding script and scenery. This is indeed what happens when we are dreaming. On the other hand, it seems as if our thoughts do not really have much weight at all in the physical reality of our day to day life because we cannot achieve the things we desire with our thinking alone. No amount of thinking will initiate a shift into another lifeline. Even accounting for the density matter whilst you sit on the Sofa doing nothing. Exactly. I hear the pragmatic reader cry. You have to act. It has nothing to do with dot and transition. In principle, the reader would be right, but only in principle. There only appears to be a contradiction in how we have presented the role of thought and this is for people that talk about the woo aspects of this. He’s clarifying true power of thought. We are gradually working towards a more comprehensive explanation of why attempts at visualization rarely achieve the desired result. As you know, the most obvious reason for this lies in the excess potential which we create when we are intensely attached to the fulfillment of our desires. The second reason why visualization does not necessarily work has to do with the inner quality of material re realization. Sometimes people fail to reach their goals simply because they are not persistent enough and so the goal do not have time to materialize before the person loses their passion and gives it up as a lost cause. You may even recall situations from your own life or the thing you wanted came much later than you expected once you had given up hope and forgotten about your original order. Another widespread mistake is the expectation that everything about the goal can be achieved instantly. Also, if you set several goals at the same time that are not connected, your thought energy will spread too thin and dissipate into emptiness. If you’re walking around with 10 goals, let’s let’s narrow them down to two or three. The alternatives flow will not allow you to swim in different directions at the same time. So we might be need to focus on just one at a time. Attuning to a targeted sector is most effective when you focus on one specific goal. [inaudible] in dreaming, none of the in auspicious factors described apply in dreams. The excess potential of projected importance is much less burdensome. The quality of density plays no part, and the mine rests from the daily struggle to achieve its goals. That said, even in dreaming, not all our desires are fulfilled. Those who practice lucid dreaming will know that not every women will carry the dreamer to the matching sector. So what is the problem? The answer is as simple as it is fundamental, there is no problem and it has nothing to do with a person’s thoughts. The secret is that realization is brought about not by desire but by one’s attitude to that which is desired. Again, realization is brought about not by desire but by one’s attitude to that which is desired. It is not a person’s thoughts about the object of their desire. That is the snippet, but something else difficult to describe in words. There is a certain force that has the last word and yet it lingers in the wings. While it’s the thinking game take center stage, you will of course have guessed that the force is intention. The rational mind has not yet found a comprehensive definition for intention among the shelves of it’s chosen designations. Here we will roughly define intention as resoluteness in the decision to have and act resoluteness in the decision to have an addict. Now you can see that thoughts of themselves really do not mean anything in the process of attuning to a specific sector. In the alternative space, thoughts are just foam on the crest of the wave of intention. It is not desire that is fulfilled so much as intention. Here is another metaphor to describe the ideas of wanting. You want to raise your hand. The desire is registered in your thoughts at which you, at which point you become aware of your desire, but it is, it is not desire that makes you raise your hand. The hand only lifts when your thoughts about the desire had been processed, leaving only decision to act. Neither is it decisiveness that raises your hand. You may have made a firm decision to raise your hand but not do so. So what in the end makes you lift your hand? What can we call this thing that lies beyond decisiveness? The rational mind is powerless to provide a clear and comprehensive explanation of what intention actually is. Our definition of intention as resoluteness in the decision to have and to act only demonstrates the prelude to the force that creates action. All we can do is state the fact that the hand is lifted not by desire and not by decisiveness, but by intention. The thing designated as resoluteness is introduced to cause your muscles to finally contract. It really is very difficult to explain what intention represents. We do not even questioned how we move our arms and legs. We forget. There was a time when we did not know how to walk or what to do when we first set on a bicycle without stabilizers. Even when we learned to ride a bike, we cannot explain how exactly we did it. Intention is a very subtle thing. It is difficult to acquire and easily lost. For example, someone who is paralyzed totally loses the power of intention, the desire to move. The legs exist because the ability to enact the desire is lost. There are known incidents where people who are paralyzed have been able to walk again, thanks to hypnosis or miraculous healing which returns the power of intention. Desire of itself leads to nothing. On the contrary, the more intensely you desire something, the more active the backlash of balanced forces. Desire focuses on the goal, whereas intention focuses on the process of achieving the goal. Desire is a real is realized via the creation of excess potential. In relation to the goal. Intention is realized via action. Action does not intellectualize about whether the goal is achievable or not. Once the decision is made, all you have to do is act. If an a dream when you want to fly, you start analyzing whether it is possible or not. Nothing will happen if you want to fly. You just have to intend yourself up into the air. In dreams, the choice of any script is brought about not by desire as such, but by the firm expectation of having the object of your desire. You do not analyze, you do not desire. You simply have and act. We have talked about the futility of wanting something already. What about asking for something to be given to you? There’s not much that can be said about asking for things. There’s no point in asking the angels and God or higher powers for things you want. The laws of the universe are absolutely dispassionate, completely indifferent to your complaints. Pain and lament. Gratitude, however, is another matter because gratitude is by nature similar to unconditional love. When a person experiences feelings of sincere gratitude, they radiate creative energy. Check out my [inaudible] meditation and maybe that can help the excess potential created by a request. On the contrary, delays action leading to a concentration of energy complaints or requests and demands or the invention of pendulums aimed at harvesting energy. The hawks are expressed in the words give and want automatically create excess potential. When you speak these words, it suggests that you do not have something that you want and are trying to attract it with the power of your thoughts. There really is no point in trying to solicit something from higher powers or any other power. It is the same as walking into a shop and asking the owner to give you some of what they sell for free. You can request things of people within certain limits if they are well disposed towards you, but everything else in the world is built on objective law and not the desire. Have someone help you [inaudible] how absurd it would be if the earth asked the son for permission to shift into a different orbit. It is equally as absurd to ask for something of anything other than another human being. The only thing that does make sense is your intention to choose. When you choose, you really are creating your own destiny. If the parameters of the energy you radiate match your choice and no laws are being contradicted, then you will receive what you choose. Choice. It’s about the decision to have and to take action. Not about request. Intention does not create access a potential because the energy inherent in the desires potential is dissipated. Thought Action, intention, unites, desire and action. Intention in action discharges the excess potential created by the desire quite naturally without invoking the medium of balanced forces. If you need to solve a problem, act contemplating the complexity of the problem simply creates excess potential and feeds the pendulum, your energy. When you take action, you realize the energy behind intention. The hands do what the eyes fear to pursue as they say. And when you set about realizing an intention, trust, the alternatives flow and the problem will resolve of its own accord. Waiting, worrying, doubt, and desire only drain your energy. Intention in action not only dissipates the energy behind excess potential, it uploads that energy to the person’s energy field. You can see how true this is when you’re studying. Swatting and cramming requires a lot of energy for a relatively minor result. In contrast, rather than leaving you feeling exhausted, learning via action, physical work or applied problem solving is inspiring and fulfilling. Intention is the driving force that transformed sectors of the alternative space into physical reality. The question is why our fears are also realized. Surely our fears cannot be categorized as intentioned in real life. Just as in dreams, we are constantly chased by alternatives with the script to match our fears, anxieties, aversions, and hates. Why should these scripts be transformed in physical reality? If we neither desire them nor intend to have them, and yet we do experience the things we love to hate, it would appear the nature of our desires, whether it is something we love or something we love to hate, is ultimately irrelevant. Why the mystery is unveiled by an even more enigmatic and powerful force we refer to as outer intention. And so now we talk about outer intention. We have a lot of stuff left in this chapter and this might be something that you just need to put pause, keep going, cause it’s going to be a long one and we’ll do our best to learn this. But outer intention is very important. Intention is a combination of desire and action. The intention to do something by your own efforts is obviously a personal inner intention. It is much more difficult to extend the action of intention to the external world. We refer to this kind of intention as outer intention. Outer intention has the potential to rule the world or rather to choose the model of behavior to the external world lives by as well as determine the script in the scenery. The concept of outer intention is critical to the alternatives model. Today, all manipulations of time, space and matter that cannot be explained logically tend to be described as magic or paranormal phenomenon. These things are the work of outer intention which works to choose lifelines in the alternative space. Inner intention could never transform an apple tree into an avenue of pear trees. Outer intention does not transform anything either, but it is capable of choosing an avenue of pear trees instead of an apple tree in the alternative space and executing the shift to irrelevant sector as a result of which the apple tree is substituted with a pair, nothing happens to the apple tree. There’s simply a substitution material realization shifts in the alternative space from one lifeline to another. No power on earth is actually capable of magically transforming one object into another. Inner intention may try, but its capacities are sorely limited. You cannot move a pencil that is lying on a table with the power of thought, but if you hold the firm intention to imagine that the pencil has moved, you may be successful. Let us say that you were able to move the pencil. Some people with extra sensory abilities are capable of doing this. What I’m about to tell you may seem strange, but physically the foot pencil will not actually have gone anywhere. At the same time, you’re simply fantasizing that the pencil is moved in. The first instance the pencil is subjected to is thought energy, which is clearly too weak to shift and material object. In the second case you slip across lifelines in which the pencil is different locations so it’s not moving, but each, each time you see it in a different location, you’re moving through different locations. The pencil is lying on the table with the power of your intention. You imagine that it is beginning to move your attention scans the sectors in the alternative space where the pencil was placed in all sorts of other positions. If thought energy you radiate at this stage is powerful enough, the pencil will materialize at different points in the space of physical reality. It is the separate pencil layer that moves whilst the remaining [inaudible] layers, including the layer of the observer remain unmoved. It is not the object itself that moves, but it is the point of realization. In the alternative space, it is hardly surprising that most people cannot get the pencil to move in. The majority of people capabilities such as these are weekly developed, not because they have a weak energy field, but because it is so difficult to evoke pure outer intention. If you struggle to believe that such things are possible at all. People who have the ability of telekinesis do not move objects rather they have a unique capacity for the power of intention that enables them to shift the location of a point of material realization. In the alternative space, everything connected without our intention is generally considered mysticism magic or at best and explicable phenomenon, proof of which is successfully stored away on distant dusty shelves. The predominant worldview totally negates things and so anything around rational evokes a strange fear of consternation. People who witness UFOs are experiencing high levels of fear and consternation. UFOs are so far from our day to day reality that we do not want to believe they exist and when they display the stunning on Udacity of being real, they evoke a weird kind of horror. Outer intention is a case of if the mountain won’t come to Muhammad Than Mohammad must go to the mountain. Did you think it was just saying, outer intention does not have to be all about paranormal phenomenon in day to day life. We constantly come up against the results of outer intention. Outer intention is the force or mechanism that causes our misgivings and our worst expectations can be realized in the physical because the dynamics of outer intention function independently have our will. We do not necessarily realize what is happening. It is much harder to work with Thorpe forces of outer intention than to work with personal inner intention. [inaudible]. Imagine you landed on an island where you had to face a tribe of savages. Your life would depend on what you did. Next one possible outcome is that you would become the victim apologizing for your presence, making gifts, justifying yourself and trying to ingratiate yourself with the natives. In this case, you would likely get eaten. The second possible outcome is that you would become the conqueror or showing signs of aggression, launching an attack, trying to assert your control over the tribe. You would either be victorious or lose your life. The third alternatives that you would present yourself as master and leader. If you were to reach out your hand like the powers that be, you would be obey. When you ha you have no doubt in your own mind your thought and gee is attuned to lifelines where your king and everyone else assumes that this is how things should be. The first two types of behavior demonstrate inner intention, whereas the third type demonstrates how outer intention works. Outer intention simply chooses a certain alternative. Sorry there he’s saying outer intention. You just choose to be the king. Interesting. A little bit vague. I’d love to get your comments on that. Now the fly, that beats itself against a window pain, right neck. Now here we go again with the fly in the window pane. One of his favorite metaphors, the fly that beats itself against a window pane right next to an open window acts on the basis of inner intention. No. What do you think about outer intention would look like? In the case of the fly, you would think the answer would be for the fly to discover the open window and escape, but it is not. If the fly were just to take a step backwards and look around, it can see the pane of glass and spot the open window. In the case of the fly, it is just a matter of having a slightly wider perspective on reality. Outer intention literally opens the window for the fly. Wow. Outer intention means the window opens. Inner intention aims to impact the outside world of your current lifeline. Everything that is possible within the confines of a materialized sector can be described by the laws of natural sciences and fits nicely with the limits of a material world view. Outer intention by contrast chooses a lifeline in which your desire can be realized. The analogy of the fly in relation to intention is probably quite clear by now. Insisting on flying through a closed window is an expression of inner intention. Whereas shifting to a lifeline where the window is open is an expression of outer intention. You can make a superhuman effort to move the pencil with your thoughts or working without our intention. Simply scan the alternative space for the pencil where it is placed differently. If anybody has the ability to scan the alternative space and move a pencil, I would love to hear about it and put it in the comments. Let us imagine that it is Christmas Eve and you are certain you will not be able to find a parking spot just outside the spa supermarket. The Voice of inner intention would say there could not possibly be a free parking space because the whole world is out shopping. Outer intention allows for the possibility that one space might become free just as you’re arriving at the supermarket. It is not so much in the case of working with outer intention. You solidly believe in the possibility. It is more that you simply claim the possibility of what you deem necessary dispassionately and unconditionally. As I always say, parking spots is one of the metaphors for life. You just take the first one available the way out on the edge or if you wait, sometimes you’ll get the bad spot and walk right by. A good one. Outer intention is born of improvisation, like insight. You cannot prepare for outer intention. All magic rituals are aimed at evoking the power of outer intention, but ritual is just the preparation for magic, a theatrical prelude. Imagine that you fell from a cliff. In a dream. You’d have to evoke the intention to float in the air. You would not have the time to prepare yourself or speak an incantation. All you could do is take it into your head to fly and you would do so. Spells and magical attributes can help to awaken the power inherent in each and every individual, but they cannot directly apply it, unfortunately, and contemporary man, the ability to direct the power of outer intention has all been atrophied. People have even contrived to erase the ability from memory. Although ancient legends vaguely hint at it today, it is pointless trying to prove that the Egyptian pyramids and similar constructions were built with the power of outer intention. Any hypothesis explaining the principle of their construction will be considered just not this one. The ancients who built the pyramids would no doubt be quite amused to learn that their descendants considered their ancestors a more primitive assists civilization and we’re bending over backwards. Trying to guess. The secret of their construction within the limited context of inner intention time has not totally deprived us of working without our intention. The ability is just blocked. Everything that can come to be called magic is nothing more than an attempt to work with outer intention. For centuries, the alchemist saw in vain for the philosophical officers, stone philosopher’s stone that would turn any base metal into gold. There are many complicated in misguided books, direct dedicated to the topic of alchemy. Legend has it. The secret of the philosopher’s stone fits into just a few lines and scribed on an emerald tablet, the so-called it’s Mary Dean Tab Table. If the secret is so succinct, why are there so many books on the subject? No doubt. Because of the desire to understand the meaning of those few lines, you will have heard of the holy grail that has been so ardently sought, including the ribeye representation of the Third Reich. There are many legends, but the ritual objects that supposedly endow their owner with unlimited power and strength. Such legends are of course naive misconceptions. Fetishes, incantations and other magical attributes have no power at all. Belief in the magic power of ritual attributes can to some extent help the subconscious to waken from the daydream and stimulate the weekly developed capacity for outer intention. Those rituals. So what he’s saying is those rituals can, can evoke parts of our subconscious to begin to use outer intention. And that’s one reason I am still fascinated by magic, even though I know that it’s not the what we think that works. There are vibrations related to certain magic that have power. However, the power is not in the objects themselves, but in outer intention. And the individuals who use the objects, ancient civilizations so perfect, perfected the skill of working without attention, but they no longer required the prop of magic ritual. Naturally, their power in this regard created intense excess potential, which is why civilizations like Atlantis, which had conquered the secrets of outer potential were destroyed by balanced forces. Interesting. So conquering outer potential will bring on balanced forces. Shards of secret knowledge have been passed on to us in the form of magical practice with the aim of restoring what was lost in general. However, these are frail and superficial attempts often undermined by false understanding and confusion with inner intention. The essence of the power of outer intention as such has remained a mystery. The priority placed on the development of inner intention and the loss of knowledge concerning outer intention is the work of pendulums which feed on the energy of inner intention. Interesting. A person can only truly develop the ability to work with outer intention once they are as free as they can be. From the manipulation of pendulums, you’re not going to get the magic until you are not being manipulated by pendulums. You could say that pendulums have so far managed to keep the upper hand in the battle of man. We’ve established that the nature of thought energy aimed at achieving set goals manifests in three different forms. A desire, inner and outer intention. Desire is the concentration of attention on the goal itself. As you can see, desire has no power. You can think about your desire to reach a goal for as long as you like, but there will be no change. Inner intention is the concentration of attention on the process of moving towards the goal. This can work but demands a lot of effort. Outer intention is the concentration of intention on how the goal is realized of its own court. Outer intention simply allows the goal to realize itself. Outer attention simply allows the goal to realize itself, so honor attention presupposes the firm belief that the alternative of the goals realization already exist and only remains to be chosen. Inner intention achieves the goal. Outer intention chooses it. Enter intention can be characterized by the thought pattern. I insist that whilst outer intention follows a totally different principle, circumstances are such that it turns out that the difference between these two thought patterns is huge. In the first case, you actively exert pressure on the world, making it obey your wish. In the second case, you take the position of an outside observer where everything happens according to your will, but without the slightest coercion. It is the difference between changing and choosing. You fly in your dream because of the thought patterns. Oh, I’m flying. Not I insist on being able to fly in or intention strives directly towards the goal. Outer intention is focused on the process of it’s independent realization. Outer intention does not hurry to achieve the goal as it is already a done deal. It’s just picked the lifeline. The goal is going to happen. Maybe it’s five years, maybe it’s 10 years. It’s done. The fact that the goal will indeed be achieved is neither doubted nor discussed. Outer intention is unremitting, cool-headed detached and moves the goal in dominantly towards its realization. The following bilateral comparisons can help discern where inner intention and outer intention come into play. You try to get something from life. Life really gives you what you want. Fight for your place in the sun. The world offers you. It’s embrace bang on a locked door. The door opens wide before you try passing through a wall. The wall moves aside for you. You try and generate certain events in your life and then the other events come of their own accord using inner intention. A person tries to reposition their own fact of material realization to the alternative space [inaudible] whereas outer intention shifts the alternative space so that your material realization is where it needs to be. Can you see the difference? The end is in both cases but it is achieved by different means. If the second part of the comparison listed above describes your actions, then you have understood the principle of outer intention. When you battle for something, it is like you’re trying to push your realization onto the alternative space. Whereas when you choose something, the space comes to you. Of course the alternative space does not totally independently reposition itself in relation to your, where you are within it. You have to take circuit certain actions first which lie beyond the widely accepted perception of things [inaudible]. Throughout my podcast, I provided examples of the difference in approach between inner and outer intention. Throughout this book there is examples. Outer intention is the cornerstone of Trans Surfing for the miracles. When you talk about the big miracles and the crazy things happening in people’s lives, when they use reality trend surfing, they’re talking about outer intention. It is the key to the Guardian’s riddle about why there is no need for us to fight with the world and why we can simply choose the things we want. Wow. This is important stuff. [inaudible] nothing is beyond the capacity of outer intention. You can fly in waking or walk on water if you have the outer intention of a Christ and it would not represent a contradiction of the laws of physics. For the laws of physics work in just one sector materialization, outer intention is manifest in the movement of realization through different sectors of the alternative space. It is impossible for a person to fly within the limits of a sector that is manifest in physical reality because you would have to resist the gravitational pull of the earth trying to do so. It would be an example of inner intention demanding a massive out input of energy in order to overcome the force of gravity. Free flight in dreaming as in waking is not really movement through space in physical reality. It is a shift in the relative position of your realization point. In other words, the body consequently materializes in new points of the physical space. You could also put it this way. It is not that you fly through space, but that space moves relative to you in accordance with the choices of your outer intention is probably does not sound quite right. Nonetheless, we will not go any deeper into the theory of relativity here. We can only guess how it really happened. In order to fly, you have to have absolute faith in the idea that it is possible to do so. Why did Jesus so matter of factly, say according to your faith, be it unto you perhaps because nothing can be received or completed without intention and there is no intention. Without faith, we would not be able to take a single step unless we believed it was possible to do so. However, you will never be able to convince the rational mind that it is possible to fly in waking as it is in dreaming, at least in a normal state of consciousness. There are Yogis in India who can leave the ground during meditation. These are the only reliable cases of levitation that he reports that he has come across personally. Their intention may only be sufficient to attuned to the movement of alternatives in which the body floats in midair, taking into the account the incredible capacities of Yogis in comparison to ordinary people. You can imagine just how difficult it must be to overlay one’s personal will on the power of outer intention. The dozing mind can accept the possibility of flight during sleep, but in conscious waking. However, you might try to convince yourself otherwise, human flight will always seem impossible for the mind to accept something. There has to be faith as well as knowledge. Faith presupposes the possibility of doubt for where it is belief. There’s also room for doubt, knowledge, eradicates doubt. You have no doubt that when you throw an apple, it will fall to the ground. You do not have to believe in this. You just know it to be true. Pure outer intention is free of doubt and consequently of belief also, whereas in the sleep state, a mere hint of outer intention is enough for flight to occur. In the world of inert material realization, the intention has to be absolutely pure. There is no need to be overly concerned with acquiring and knock for creating pure intention to realize your personal goals run of the mill intention will do. It just takes time for material realization to build up momentum. It is interesting to consider outer intention in the context of hypnosis. This is interesting. It is difficult to say whether hypnosis is a result of inner or outer intention. Thought Energy alone is clearly insufficient to enable personal will or an inner intention to move physical objects even very light once thought energy is sufficient. However, for one person to send a suggestion to the unconscious mind of another, some people seem to have a marked ability to radiate and direct powerful waves of energy. If that energy is programmed with specific thoughts, the person the energy is aimed at comes under the direct effect of hypnotic suggestion. I hope you do not think that the effect of hypnosis is occasion simply by magnetic gaze or mesmeric passes. The impact of the hypnotists energy does not rely on visual or voice contact. However, as far as I’m aware, hypnosis works mainly at close distances suggesting the impact results from a transmission of thought energy directed by inner intention. In cases where hypnosis works across greater distances, outer intention undoubtedly plays an important role unless some other technique is being used. So he is saying they hypnosis can work and can’t effectively create outer intention to you to experience the power of outer intention. You have to escape [inaudible] bed of everyday thinking and feeling. No, I do not know who pro crusties, but we will go on. The rational mind usually exist within the narrow confines of the predominant worldview. [inaudible] it can be very difficult to move beyond the limit of the conventional mindset because outer intention is essential to make the leap and the rational mind will not easily yield its position. It is a vicious cycle because you have to apply outer intention in order to experience it. Not An easy task. I’m afraid I will have to disappoint the listener as I am not aware of any exercises that specifically develop a feeling of for outer intention. The aim of such an exercise if it existed would be something strange like to intend to have intention. The only way of understanding the nature of outer intention more deeply is to practice lucid dreaming in practice and in place of some targeted exercise. However, I would recommend simply practicing conscious living in the sphere of physical reality, not so much training outer intention as living it. The reality of the waking state differs from the dreaming only in the inner quality of material realization in the alternative space. In all other ways they’re are the same. You may wonder what we have to work with if we are not able to direct the power about or intention. Of course, you’re highly unlikely to move slabs of stone weighing several tons, but the density of the material world can be overcome by time conventional methods of achieving goals based on activating the power of inner intention. The essence of Trans Surfing method in contrast in contrast is based on leaving inner intention alone and applying the principle of outer intention. Inner intention transforms into outer intention. When the conscious mind meets an merges with the subconscious, the boundary between the conscious and the subconscious mind is so elusive. It is almost impossible to draw a clear line marking exactly where inner intention ends and outer intention begins. [inaudible]. It is like the feeling of a free fall or the feeling you have when you first managed to keep your balance riding a bicycle. The closest feeling to the point of merging between the conscious and subconscious is when you deliberately raise your body into the air in a dream and find that you can fly. The conscious mind merges in total harmony with his subconscious in a very narrow segment. It is easy to deliberately move your finger a little harder to move your and even harder to wiggle your ears to say nothing of manipulating your inner organs. By comparison, the muscle of outer intention is even less developed, hence to join the conscious and the subconscious mind in the intention to leave the ground and fly is considered practically impossible. Levitation is the highest embodiment of outer intention, but we will send ourselves more grounded goals than meditating several feet off the ground. The power of outer intention is so great that even its tiniest part is enough to achieve for medieval results in every day life. Outer intention works independently from our personal will and can even be detrimental as such as when it manifests in the form of our worst expectations. We’ve already discussed situations in which a person experiences things they love to hate. On the one hand, you’re followed by the things you fear, hate, or wish to free or wish to be free of because your thought energy focused on the unwanted event carries you into a sector where it exists. On the other hand, it was never your intention to experience these things. So how does intention function? In this instance? Inner intention is focused on avoiding the things you’re see as negative. They’re oppressive cause you anxiety or evoke resentment. There are some things we just want to avoid with all our heart things that cut us to the Quik that evoke fear and aversion. The rational mind is fearful and the soul is anxious. The rational mind experiences amnesty and the heart feels the same. The mind experiences hate and the heart all the more so the heart and the mind are in complete agreement. It is in these moments of union between the conscious and the subconscious that outer intention is activated. The only problem is that it is not directed in accordance with your personal will. It is probably not a quite accurate to speak here of outer intention being directed. Whereas inner intention has the focus of staying staving off the negative outer intention would be more accurately described as giving the greenlight for the realization of whatever the soul and the mind agree on. What they agree on of course is their assessment of a given event. Whether it is a realized event or not is irrelevant. It’s as if outer intention on seeing the mind and the heart are United automatically chooses the matching sector. In the alternative space, the heart and mind most often agree over things they would rather in lifes and so the cases where a person’s worst expectations are realized provide the most indicative illustration of how outer intention works. As we have said before, people usually have an excellent idea of the things they do not wish to experience and only have a vague sense of what they desire with the passion to subject outer intention to your will, you have to wipe out all negative thought from your mind and establish harmony between the heart and mind in your positive striving mm. You already understand what a harmful effect and negative attitude can have on your life. When you express resentment and dissatisfaction, you become subject to the impact of balanced forces. Then you become dependent on destructive pendulums and your thought energy becomes focused on negative sectors of the alternative space. Attracted by negative outer intention can transforms a sector into physical reality of life. This is why outer intention can work independently from your will. It is difficult to harness the power of outer intention, but there are ways of making it work for you. This is our next task. We’ve already established that it is to avoid experiencing undesired results about our intention. It is not essential. It is essential not to create the potential of projected importance and refuse to have anything to do with negativity. Now we need to grapple with the tasks of how to make outer intention serve the goals you set for yourself. It might may not quite be as simple as rubbing Aladdin’s lamp, but methods to activate the mechanism of outer intention do exist. Much of what has been described above, maybe a little obscure. It is a theme that is hard to understand because outer intention divide defies literal description. The picture will become clear. However, I have no desire to surround these ideas in a fog of mystery just to intrigue you as adults of certain schools and spiritual groups have a tendency to do everything you need to know about. Outer intention is contained in reality. Trans Surfing and all the skills you need to have to work with. It can be acquired from personal experience. If you put the principles of trans serving method into practice, no special classes or seminars are required. Neither is there anything mystical or mysterious about the trend surfing technique. Secret knowledge is often clouded by metaphor and illusion, but a person who thinks clearly also tends to express their ideas clearly. If a guru claims to carry a secret knowledge so precious that can only be whispered into the ear of a disciple, the rest of the time being alluded only allegorically or without with profound rhetoric, they probably have not fully penetrated the essence of this knowledge either. It is not our goal to acquire the power of absolute intention capable of lifting the body into the air. If we know how to levitate, there would be nothing left to say. The alternative space exists and the freedom of choice exists. You choose which possible pathway in the alternative space manifests as your physical reality. The tasks we set ourselves to learn how to achieve goals given the capabilities and resources we already have at our disposal, even though these may have their limitations, Trans Surfing represents knowledge that can awaken power. We rarely make use of Trans Surfing does not require you to exhaust yourself with meditations, various practices, lucid dreaming, and other mystical activities that are enough to make the head spin. I understand that trans surfing models seems unlikely to work, but all you have to do is reconsider your established views of the world and you’ll be able to achieve things you previously thought were beyond you like as not. You will soon become convinced that you really can make the power of outer intention work in your favor. The next section is called the game script. Now I know we’re getting long here and it’s a long chapter so you can always pause it at any point, but we’re going to do the, all of these sections are important. Dreams are very malleable, and so they are. They serve as an excellent model by which to demonstrate how outer intention works, so we will return now to the theme of dreams. As we said, in essence, dreaming is very similar to real life. Everything that happens in a dream is a result of game played according to the script chosen by the soul. When the rational mind sleeps, we dream but we do not remember our dreams. The soul travels uninhibitedly through the alternative space where exactly the soul is gallivanting. Whilst the mind sleeps. No one can say all our conscious memories are controlled by the mind dreams that we remember occur when the, when the mind is just dozing. The mine’s control is weaker during the stage of sleep being reduced to the role of passive observer. The mind is not imagining things when we dream. It is simply perceives what the soul witnesses in sectors of the alternative space that have not been transformed into physical reality and non lucid dreaming. The mind does not weigh on the soul with its need to control. It is like a cinema goer watching a film on some level though the mind does experience what it in the sensations evoked or communicated to the heart, which immediately attunes itself to a matching sector. The script therefore changes as it goes along the scenery and characters. Likewise, adjusting to the changing script. The imagination plays a part in dreaming only to the extent that it generates ideas in a dream. When you have the passing thought that a person may act aggressively towards you, the thought is instantly materialized and someone appears on the scene to threaten you. As soon as the weather vane of your opinion turns in a different direction. Pho is immediately transformed into a friend. It is a bit like a kitten playing in front of a mirror whose mood smoothly shifts from friend to aggressive. As it jumps out, the kitten sees a figure in front of it and wonders what to expect from it. At first it’s attitude. It’s neutral and curious. Then the kitten lifts apart and the assessment instantly shifts towards possible danger. The kitten puts its hackles up, makes an attack and then dodges to protect itself. The kitten jumps backwards, sees its comic image in the mirror and its mood changes to one more playful. Then the ritual is repeated as the kitten dynamically corrects the script either attacking its reflection or substituting aggression with playfulness. A person corrects the script in non lucid dreaming in exactly the same way. The kitten is not aware that it is looking at its own reflection. Just as a person is not aware they are dreaming. Did you know that when a person looks in the mirror, the facial expression they see is not the facial expression. They usually have a person’s expression changes the moment they look in the mirror too quickly for them to notice. This is because of the habits and desires we have since childhood to look a certain way and as soon as you say to a child, look in the mirror, see how awful you look when you cry, their face will change. Adults also have certain expectations. When they look at their reflection, they say to themselves, I like myself. How do I look or I look terrible. The facial expression is immediately corrected depending on the thought. The mirror is an example of how we dynamically correct our own script. Only. The mirror is an example of how inner intention functions. Whereas the dream is an example of outer intention. In waking, a person sees their reflection in the mirror and immediately inner intention changes the expression on their face according to their expectations. A dream is like a play in the script that will direct the role of the outside world is chosen by the Dreamer’s outer intention in with their experience and expectations, but irrespective of whether they will experience pain. Participant in a dream believe exactly as the dreamer expects them to. The original idea is nothing more than the initial impetus. The rest is orchestrated by outer intention. The dreamers own behavior in a dream is determined by inner intention, whereas everything else is subject to the dreamers. Outer intention, whether they like it or not. As we’ve already said, inner intention tries to impact the world directly. Whereas outer intention allows the external world to become realized in accordance with intention in dreams. Events can only unfold according to a script you can tolerate. Nothing could happen in a dream that the dreamer could not conceive of. This partly explains the low level of critique. The mind applies to the events that take place in dreams. Even total absurd, DDS are taken for granted because the dreamer writes off and produces their own dream script. It is not that the, that the absurd is considered the norm so much that the subconscious does not rule out the possibility of the absurd four in a dream, the rational mind dozes whilst the subconscious can easily anticipate, pay all sorts of unlikely events over the course of a lifetime, a person’s brain deals with huge, massive information from external sources as well as from the world of its own fantasies. Some of that information is filtered out by the rational mind as unreal and is scrapped. The information does not actually go anywhere. It may be locked in a closet, but the subconscious still has access to it. When sleep approaches the soul tip toes into the chest, into the closet, and unbeknownst to the rational mind experiments with all sorts of outlandish scripts. Moreover and non lucid dreaming, the soul is free to choose which sectors of the alternative space it wishes to visit. The majority of the sectors are never realized because their events are irrational, which means they require large inputs of energy to create. Only God can know how exactly the soul chooses its dreams. It’s fascinating you, when you read that passage, you get this idea that the soul is doesn’t want us to become lucid dreamers because it has so much fun. While it goes around to different parts of the alternative sector, exploring different things. Imagine just exploring this dream world where you can see all of the alternative space, so maybe, but we can create the intention for our soul to explore sectors that are directly related to our timeline so that we can learn more about our future timelines. However wildly the soul chooses its dreams, the rational mind witnesses them and corrects the script according to its experience and expectations as we’ve already established it is a person’s worst. Fears and all that they strive to avoid. That is more quickly realized in this case, outer intention functions with no regard for personal will and often to their detriment. In physical reality, a person is also very likely to end up experiencing the things they fear. The mind is capable of making inner intention work through willpower, but outer intention functions irrespective of the will of the rational mind. It does not follow orders and manifest freely. When there is agreement between the heart and mind. In dreaming, the rational mind has no direct control and does not even realize that outer intention is working. To some degree, dreams continue after the dreamer has woken and so at this point the mind can have more say in what really happens in a dream. The dreamer can be completely absorbed in the most ridiculous meaningless games, unaware of their absurdity. The same can be true in real life. When a group of people involved in a very narrowly selected specialized activity, be it professional, religious or special interest groups, they often come up with their own understandings of things, vocabulary and actions that continue outside the group would appear unnatural and even silly [inaudible] the mind on criticals, attitude to waking reality is what allows phenomenon such as hypnotism and in transmit to work. Gypsy hypnosis for example, is based on three essays. A person answers yes to three separate questions, which makes them feel that everything is going as it should. The person consequently becomes less vigilant and in a sense dozes off their critical abilities being reduced to a minimum. People in this state are almost literally daydreaming, automatically going about their daily affairs. This is particularly the case with individuals who have a strict daily regime. I will try to incorporate the three yeses into the next meditation, which will not be on this one. When you, to someone, it is like you’re in a deep sleep, fully engaged in the game. You naturally understand what is happening, but your active participation makes you incapable of behaving or evaluating the situation. Objective, Lee, as an outside observer, would any football fan who understands the game criticizes the players for their mistakes? What would happen if that fan were brought onto the field? The play? Would they do any better? As a participant, everyone acts unconsciously to a certain extent. When a person is lying, their eyes tend to shift to the right. They make involuntary movements with their hands totally immersed in the game. It’s an interesting correlation there to NLP talking about I’m movements. The state of hypnotic suggestion is an extreme case of daydreaming, but everyone is to some extent asleep in their day to day physical reality in this moment. As you listen, you can shake yourself and say that you’re aware of what you’re doing, what is happening later. However, a person event or problem with a strapped you and you will again get drawn into the game and doze off. You will remain sleeping all the while that you were on on the stage and conscientiously playing your role. You will wake up when you come down into the auditorium and arouse your inner guardian [inaudible]. Once the auditorium you will continue to play your role. Speak the necessary words, carry out the necessary actions following the established rules only now you will play your role consciously in a more detached manner. Assessing what is happening around you with a silver mine in non lucid dreaming. The dream just happens. Outer intention acts independently of your will and there is nothing you can do about it. In lucid dreaming, a person steps into the auditorium and consciously directs the scrip. It is not that outer intention deliberately aligns itself with a person’s will. It just ceases to contradict it. In this case, the mind gives the heart more freedom and exchange receives sanction. The unity of heart and mind in turn activates outer intention. In the fourth coming in chapters in the book, he describes how to work without our intention on the path towards one goal and we will definitely dedicate that to future episodes. The level of conscious awareness is higher in waking than it is in dreaming and this is sufficient to direct inner intention. Our intention requires an even higher level of conscious awareness in lucid dreaming as in WIC, as in reality. In order to work with outer intention, you have to wake up, you have to be aware that you’re dreaming, and the next section is the game according to your rules. What can you do if you’re attacked in a dream, there are four types of inner intention, flight, fight, awakening and realization. Opposition and retreat in response to being attacked in a dream are primitive forms of response generated by inner intention. If you’re attacked in a dream and you fight back, events will unfold in much the same way as they would in waking reality in accordance with the standard model of behavior. Your conscious mind already has a script for how the fight should end. If you’re accustomed to losing, you will lose the fight and vice versa. Your dream will shift around the alternative space in accordance with your script. In a dream, you tend to behave in the same way as you’re used to behaving in waking reality, but because in a dream anything is possible. Working with outer intention can be very effective. With the power of outer intention. You can quietly turn to your opponent and imagine them retreating before finally turning into a frog. It is not that you yearn or strive for your opponent to turn into a frog for. This would be actively will change on the outside world using the power of inner intention. When you work with outer intention, you simply imagine that your opponent is turning into a frog. In other words, you accept that they’re turning into a frog is a potential reality. Outer intention only imagined an event to be true and accepts the possibility of a different or script in the mind can fully accept the idea. There can be an alternative to the usual development events. The heart will not reject union between the heart and mind activates outer intentions which transform the chosen script into a physical reality. So as you can see, outer intention arises not as a result of will, but as a consequence of harmony between the heart and mind. Our intention acts independently, a personal will. And so inner intention. Personal will should only be directed towards achieving a harmonious connection between the heart and mind. To successfully set outer intention, you have to first acknowledge the script can be controlled. Awareness is also essential if you want outer intention to work in your favor. So whilst the dreamer is not lucid, the dream cannot be controlled. It is just happens in dreaming and in waking. The majority of human actions are carried out relatively unconsciously. When a person’s relationship to their surroundings is conscious. They experience a situation as something determined and conditioned by external factors which they neither have the strength nor capacity to influence. If a person believes this to be true, other people and vagaries of fate will have a greater impact on their life. In this sense, reality also just happens the rules of the game being set not by the individual but by the outside world to gain control both in dreaming and in real life. It is essential to switch from the role of the immersed participant to the role of witness. We talked about that in the last chapter about you becoming the Observer. You continue to take part and play your role in the game but your inner guardian is always vigilant. It is as if you detach yourself enough to play the part of an actor at the same time as observing your role and the theatricals of others from the auditorium. The Guardian is always switched on in the background. It does not get involved. It just follows carefully. Soberly assessing all that is it observes if non lucid dreaming it. It is as if the observer has switched off leaving the actor alone to get involved in this state. The individual becomes totally absorbed in their role, unable to see the situation from the outside to avoid getting completely absorbed in a role. The intensity of inner importance and the projection of outer importance must be kept to a minimum and the Guardian must be always ready even without taking outer intention into account. A person’s ability to control a situation is directly proportionate to their level of conscious awareness. In dreaming, the level of awareness is a minor and so the dream happens if, however, a person is aware that they are, they are dreaming, the situation is under control and they can do whatever they wish. Susceptibility to the influence of other people and destructive pendulums is too, isn’t inverse proportionality to a person’s level of conscious awareness, so we are less susceptible to the influence of other people and destructive pendulums. As we become more consciously aware and sleep, many people behave like zombies. If they’re being chased in a nightmare, they run away unable to do anything else about it. The script belongs to the individual, but it has been given over to a different producer for staging. The individual is a prisoner of their own condition. Perceptions of how an event may develop, despite the fact that perceptions with the individual, they dictate their own will reducing their owner to the position of victim. Remember what happens when you become totally immersed in a problem? Imagine for example, that you’re approached by a colleague who announces that some job has to be done. If doing the job is a problem, your first response would probably be a concern, perhaps a feeling of de jection. You would then run various scenarios around in your mind for events might develop [inaudible]. That’s not going to be an easy task. How will I do it? I so do not want to. My life is so difficult and stressful, but if I do not do it, such and such will happen. At this stage. You have joined in the game becoming susceptible to outside influences. In other words, you’ve dozed off. You can now be taken by the hand and lead like an obedient child into a room where difficult, exacting work awaits you ending up on a lifeline or this is exactly what happens. This is what happens if you allow the pendulum to hypnotize you and make its own game the problem. By turning the problematic script around in your conscious mind, you reach a point where the heart and mind are in agreement over their concern. At which point outer intention immediately shifts you onto a problematic lifeline. This can happen quite easily as feelings such as fear, despair, dissatisfaction, and worry can take hold of a person quite quickly. The underlying cause is of course importance, both inner and outer. You can be pulled into the game or loled into a slumber whenever you assess the game to be important either by of itself or for you personally. Now imagine a different version of events. A person comes up to you with a problem and in this moment you shake yourself and tell yourself that you’re not sleeping and you can decide whether the first proud of the pendulum will become a problem for you or not. This is the first condition to establishing control over the situation. The second condition is to take into your head to defeat the pendulum. Even before you learned the nature of the problem, program yourself to perceive whatever it is as a mere trifle. The most important thing is not to allow yourself to be led by the hand. Do not take any assertive steps, refuse to get involved prevaricate or become irritated. Simply listen to what the person wants from you externally. It is best to nod your head, make the right noises and internally remain the witness, not the participant. This is the role of the observer who takes part, like a trainer who sometimes plays as well. To be detached in this case does not mean to be distracted or lacking in concentration. Quite the opposite. Control over a situation presupposes attentiveness and total clarity of mind. To stand back from something means to be aware of the fact that it, that you make up the rules of the game. Deciding whether the play will turn either into a tragedy or a comic sketch or light Vaudeville. It depends on what you want, which is probably for everything to be resolved quickly and easily. If you fear that there will always be complex problems just around the corner to be wrestled with ages, do not worry. There’s always a simply solution to any complex problem. The simple solution lies on the Vaudeville lifeline to shift into this lifeline. All that is required is the intention to imagine yourself that it is so, and when they say the Vaudeville lifeline, that’s just treating it like it’s a mere trifle. Once you start practicing this deep technique, you’ll become pleasantly surprised. The outcome maybe most impro im probable. At the very least, the problem will be solved easily or it may disappear or given to someone else to resolve. There simply are no complex problems on the Vaudeville lifeline. You do not have total power over outer intention, but you can act in such a way that firstly, it does not act against you and secondly, that you get the opportunity to help it work in your interests. Circumstances may unfold in various ways and not necessarily in your favor, but by taking the position you significantly increase your chances of coming up. Roses. Do not forget to trust the alternatives flow as well. Check out my app alternatives flow meditation. If the level of unity between heart and mind in the Vaudeville attitude to the problem is sufficient high, you’ll receive mind-boggling assaults that you could only dreamed of. So all of this he’s talking about. When you have a problem come up, you act as the witness, you take no sides, you nod your head, you don’t oppose it, and these incredible things will happen. Has Anybody tried that? Put your comments in the notes and I’d love to find out that you can no longer, you’re no longer a puppet on a string. I should warn you though, to be careful of the temptation of considering yourself, the puppeteer. What happens when we get power or unique knowledge like this, we start to think we’re better and that we have power over other and it’s not true. You understand that this would disturb the balance and you would instantly receive a slap at the first sign of any conceit, feeling of superiority, contempt or heaven forbid, disdain towards others. No individual can ever have complete control over all that happens in life, even in dreaming, so he’s saying you do not have complete control. Remember, you only have the right to choose not to change. Make yourself at home, but do not forget your guest. It is also important to remember. I love it when he uses the word important when he is always doubting him or an importance is important to remember that when you detach yourself from a situation, it is essential to act with complete integrity. A vaudeville attitude to a problem does not suggest being slack or nonchalant, but it does mean being capable of sobriety. Soberly assessing the importance of things. Now, in previous chapters, we talked about this as well, that when you, when you withdraw and things become easy, people look for more problems in you because you do, you take this attitude, this Vaudeville attitude and so you, you, you don’t be slack or nonchalant. You keep, you do what you have to do best and you have complete integrity, uh, because of this, just to be aware that what you better do what you gotta do, right? Because things are going to come easy to you, but you also become a target. It would be a mistake to interpret conscious awareness as a striving to establish control over the surrounding world. Emotional mind is accustomed to insisting on its own view of things, trying to alter the course of events and fighting against the current. Sometimes when a person steps off the stage into the auditorium, now you always use, uses this stepping off the stage into the auditorium, moving from a script into kind of seeing your own reality. They are seduced by the desire to change the script by force imposing their will on the remaining actors. This type of behavior has nothing in common with Trans Surfing because it depends exclusively on personal will and her intention to push against the current. You have to remind yourself again and again of the need to go with the flow. Conscious awareness lies in observation, not in the ability to control. Control should only be directed towards imagining an auspicious script, allowing it into your life and embracing it with all your heart instead of floundering about in negativity. It is not about forcing your own script on the world so much as considering it possible, allowing an alternative to be realized and allowing yourself to receive it. You will only succeed in ceasing to do battle with the world and allowing yourself to choose if the heart and mind are one. In the previous chapter, in the previous episode, he looked at models of behavior in the roles of the beggar, the aide, the indignant and the fighter, neither of which fit the context of the Trans Surfing model. So what role could be worthy of the one who is the master of their own fate in this game called life by now, you’ve probably guessed that in transferring model it is considered to be the Guardian. The more conscious awareness you have in a waking, the more effectively you will be able to take charge of your own destiny. So the role of the Guardian is much more engaging than the role of the administrator. Captains. Managers and other leaders tend to take a more proactive position in life than simple administrators, but not only because they have greater responsibilities. Senior management personnel are more likely to adopt the role of Guardian because their position requires them to be more awake in comparison to other workers who are able to remain asleep fulfilling their responsibilities simply because they have to. As soon as you embrace the position of Guardian, you will feel a burst of energy and increased levels of vitality because now rather than dejectedly carrying out actions that are the will of another, you are creating your own destiny. Taking the responsibility for your own fate is not a burden, but an act of freedom. Man differs from animals, not so much in level of intellect as in level of awareness, animals and body asleep. Your state, their behavior is mainly determined by stereotypical scripts installed in them by nature in which manifest in the form of instinct and reflexes. Animal behavior is like that of an actor in a play with a fixed script. In this sense, human beings are more awake. Man is by nature more inclined to self awareness and understanding of their place in the world. At the same time, the general level of human awareness is still very limited with most people to completely immersed in the script to have become a necessary detachment for awareness, and that’s one reason I love conversations about reality creation because we’re detaching from the script and we’re talking about this stuff. The secret of so-called clever people lies in their awareness. Awareness gives clarity of mind. Some people, people are able to think and express their thoughts clearly, whilst others are muddled. The relative sharpness or dullness of one’s mind depends more on awareness than it does on intellect. Choosing simplicity of can also be means of protection from unwanted information. [inaudible] I don’t want to know. Leave me alone. In contrast to an astute mind that embodies openness, curiosity, and the desire to receive and process information. In the spirit of I want to know everything. Obtuseness is completely a result of retardation and both these traits can be developed in childhood. For example, when a child is forced to learn or psychologically manipulated, the more we daydream in everyday life, the more mistakes we make [inaudible] the fly that beats itself against the window pane is also deeply asleep. When you’re totally immersed in the script, you’re not able to take a wider, more objective view of reality. Obsession with the game narrows perception and puts up a barrier and people are surprised when they realize they have made a mistake because they are so immersed in something to see more clearly and ask themselves, where was I looking as if they had been seduced by some apparition. Even on April fool’s day when people know they may have tricks played on them, they still fall into the trap. What is this, if not a daydream? Lack of awareness is the result of not wanting to look reality in the eye. The ostrich hides its head in the sand to escape the threat of reality. When people have their head in the sand, it reflects the desire to win, insulate themselves from the outside world in the sense of I cannot see anything. I can’t hear anything. I don’t want anything, leave me alone. It’s not possible in life to totally pull your, your head under the blanket and sleep, and so people try to dole their powers of perception. Unfortunately, this compromises their awareness. For example, a mild harmless person may try to hide from the imminent threat of aggression, but they will not be able to dodge the blow because their awareness is blocked by fear. Their reactions are doled as if their eyes were covered in a film. Rage also dims understanding when a person is immersed in the game, they’re incapable of seeing or hearing anything else around them. Hence the phrase blind rage. Fear and anger are extreme examples of the absence of awareness. Have you? Has anybody out there ever started to feel fear or anchor and then looked back on it and how you were just kind of in this script pendulums? We’ll also try to gently Dole your vigilance with a zombified effect, playing on the fact that most people spend the majority of their time in a semi aware state, only experiencing acute awareness and clarity of perception when the right circumstances give them an adrenaline rush. This is why it’s so difficult to do something as seemingly simple as wake up in a dream and say, Hey, you stop messing me about. It’s just a dream and what’s more? It’s my dream. So I say, what goes not you. Intuitive knowledge can be drawn from the subconscious by the power of awareness. Intuitive knowledge can be more easily perceived. If you can catch yourself thinking, why do I suddenly want to do this? The soul’s reply will be soft and barely audible. The rational mind, however, will shout, shut up. I know very well what I want and what I should be doing. You have to develop the habit of constantly listening for the Russell the morning stars to hear the music of intuition in a semi-conscious state, it is almost impossible to remember quickly enough to know what your inner voice is trying to say. Even if early in the morning you set yourself the strict task of listening to the voice of your soul. You will not remember to do so at the appropriate moment if you sink into the daydream. So harmony between heart and mind generates outer intention and mindfulness enables you to have it work in your favor. Check out the mindfulness meditation on the reality revolution to help you find this mindfulness. Unity of heart and mind is so easily achieved in dreams for the simple reason that in dreams the hardest free from the authoritative control of the mind. In lucid dreaming, there is still an element of control but is limited to adjusting the script. In dreams, the mind will accept all manner of miraculous events in the tinderbox a fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson. There’s a scene in which the princess convinced that she is dreaming, agrees to walk on the roof with the soldier. In dreams, the rational mind will accept anything but in waking reality, it fits. Flea grabs hold of its familiar worldview. It is not easy to achieve a state of harmony between heart and mind. Once you step beyond the realms of common sense, common sense is like a lifeline cell from which it is difficult to escape. A person may be interested in mystical teachings, have their head in the clouds and believe in the impossible, but there will always be a place for the doubt. The mind will go along with things, but at the end of the day it knows that apples really fall to the ground, which is why it’s so difficult to completely align outer intention with your own will. Nonetheless, personal experience will show that mindfulness greatly increases your chances and the power of now is always coming into play. Maximum awareness can be achieved as long as the inner guardian is constantly present in your consciousness. Have you awoken your inner garden? You have. You created your inner guardian probably need to create meditation to do that, but you should go about creating an inner guardian and referring to it and just mentioning out loud, I’m going to have my inner guardian work on this. He says it throughout this book. Guardian objectively evaluates what is happening and assesses it in whose interest the game is being played. It makes sure you will not get drawn into the game like a puppet. You have to remember to ask yourself every minute of the day are you asleep or not? So that becomes an attitude. You can also practice lucid dreaming if you are unafraid to do so, but the dream will come to an end. An everyday reality will return. Surely it makes more sense to focus on developing conscious awareness and mindfulness in your everyday life. As you can now see, this alternative gives you the chance to furnish your life layer according to your own taste. It is your choice. The final section is purification of intent. Now I realize it’s almost two and a half or two hours and 20 minutes so far, but we’re going to get this done and intention is important and just play me next time on three times speed if you need to listen to this again, outer intention is a huge unfathomable force. At the same time, you can see how fluid and subtle it is. It is control at the same time, the renunciation of control, it is the decision to have at the same time as the abandonment of the need to achieve it. It is something unfamiliar to the mind. We’re used to securing what we desire by setting an inner intention. We are used to thinking that if we have the right direct impact on the world, it will respond immediately. The idea of inner intention is clear and straight forward even so things do not always come that easily. You still have to make an effort, insist on your goals, struggle for what you want and fight your way forward. The method of Trans Surfing suggests that if you let go of launching and advance, the world will offer its embrace in brace. Obviously such an [inaudible] unconventional approach is bound to leave the rational mind confused. How can you achieve a state of balance in which you combine the decision to have with the of direct action? The answer’s obvious. You have to maintain balanced intention, which means to want without desiring to take care of, without worrying, to strive, without being distracted and to act without demanding. I’m going to say that sentence again. You have to maintain balanced intention, which means to want without desiring to take, without care, worrying to strive, without being distracted and to act without demanding balances destroyed by the excess potential or projected importance. As you already know, the more important the goal, the harder it becomes to reach the saying. If you really want something, you will eventually get it. We’ll have quite the opposite effect. If the wanting is intensely driven and frantic attempts are made to acquire the object of your desire. Frantic actions are taken only when a person does not really believe that their wish will come true. Compare these two positions. This is the first I really want to achieve what I desire. For me personally, it is a matter of life and death. Whatever happens, I have to have it. I will do everything I possibly can to make sure I get it. Have you ever said that? This is the second I have decided that I will get what I desire. I want it. What’s the problem? It will be mine. Full Stop. It is clear which position will be successful. Desire also differs from intention in that it includes the possibility of nonfulfillment. If something we desire is difficult to obtain, it makes us want it even more. Desire always creates excess potential. Desire is potential. By definition. Desire is when somewhere something is absent, but thought energy is aimed at attracting that something to make it present, which is why the law of attraction doesn’t work for so many people. Intention neither believes nor desires. It simply does. Pure intention never creates excess potential. Pure intention assumes that everything is already in the bag. You simply decide that it will be so. It is like an almost accomplished fact. It is the calm realization that something will come into being. For example, I intend to go to the news agents and buy a paper. There is no desire in this desire was present up until the moment I decided to buy a paper. The chances of nonfulfillment are extremely low and if I fall, it is not the end of the world. In this case, intention, free of desire and consequently of excess potential to the thought energy of desire is focused on the goal. The energy of intention is focused on the process of it’s being achieved. When a person wants something, they create perturbance in the energetic picture of the immediate environment, which brings about the impact of balanced forces. When a person simply walks to the news agents to to get a paper, no heterogeneity in the energetic field is created within the context of a lifeline. This is what desire looks like. I want it, but I’m afraid I cannot actually have it, so I think a failure and radiate an energy of vibrational frequency of failure. Written Lifeline here, our outer intention has the opposite effect. I know that I will have what I claim it is already decided and so I radiate energy at the frequency of a lifeline or I have what I want. So achieving the goal is inhibited by two types of excess, potential, desire and belief, or rather the passionate desire, whatever the cost to achieve the goal and the battle with one’s doubts concerning the possibility of achieving it. The more strongly the goal is desired, the weightier one’s doubts over a successful outcome become doubt intern makes the thing we desire appear more valuable. We’ve already established that desire rather than helping just makes things harder. The secret to filling one’s desire lies in the understanding that desire must be replaced by intention, total resoluteness in the decision to have and to act. The importance one attaches to the goal makes one determined to follow through continuing to impact the outside world with the strength of one’s inner intention. When the mind sets an intention, it launches head long into battle. It is the feeling of importance that creates the mental habit of trying to put pressure on the outside world. You will not get a single step closer to working with outer intention unless you reduce the level of importance and emotionally and intensity you associate with your goals. Outer intention is totally different to inner intention that it has no striving to impact the outside world. You will never learn to work without our intention by setting an intention to do so. However strong it is, the force is referred to as outer intention precisely because it lies outside of yourself. So just what exactly is outer intention? We’ve talked a lot about it. So far I confess I have no idea and Zeeland says the same and I’m not afraid to say so. It is extremely difficult to talk about intention within the limited con text of reference, familiar to the rational mind and yet we can bear witness to certain aspects of it. For example, outer intention emerges in a moment when there is harmonious connection between the heart and mind. As soon as this condition is fulfilled, a kind of resonance is created between Thought Energy and the outer power of intention that picks up and carries into the corresponding sectors of the alternative space. Now he has mentioned heart and mind 20 or 30 times in this chapter. And there’s a whole other chapter coming up about the heart and the mind. And it’s interesting when you go to one of Dr. Joseph dispend as seminars or read one of his books. He talks about heart coherence when the heart isn’t coherent with the mind. And Lynne McTaggart’s books have showed that they have found success with intentions that are placed when there is heart coherence now actual physical thing that they can monitor. So there’s something to this idea when when there’s heart to mind coherence. So th there is something to it. It is a scientific thing. Outer intention is the force that makes trend surfing possible. Switching lifelines, I. E. Switching or in other words, moving the point of material realization through sectors of the alternative space to ask why this force exists and where from it originates would be as futile as asking why God exists or wondering whether there is a connection between God and outer intention. No one can know these things. The main thing is that this force exists and all the remains is to take joy in the fact of using it. Just as we take joy in sunshine, outer intention makes it possible to shift the points of material realization from one sector to another. In alternative space, it is the same principle as the force of gravity that indicates the possibility of falling from the roof of a building. Nothing happens whilst you’re standing on the roof, but as soon as you take a step off the edge and give yourself up to gravity, it will grab hold of you and throw you to the ground to give yourself up to outer intention. You have to achieve unity of heart and mind. And this can only be done if the intensity of importance is absent. Importance gives rise to doubt, which stands as an obstacle on the path to unity. When there is doubt, the rational mind desires something and the heart resists or the heart strives towards something, but the mind suppresses the urge. Importance beats the mind against a window pane whilst the heart sees the open window, the same fly metaphor that you loves. So much. The heart asks for what it truly wants, but importance has the mind trapped in a web of common sense, which says, no, the heart asks for what it truly wants, but importance has the mind trapped in a web of common sense, which says no. I say that twice for a reason. Finally, unity may be reached, but usually the agreement is over the nonacceptance of something as a result of which outer intention goes out of its way to fobbed you off with something you do not want or need. Lack of harmony between the motives of the heart and mind is conditioned by the fact that the mind is under the power of preconceptions and false ideas referred to here as pendulums and as we know, pendulums poll us by the strings of projected importance. This leads us onto the second condition to using outer intention, reducing the intensity of importance and abandoning attachment to achieving one’s goals. It sounds paradoxical, of course, that in order to achieve your goal, you have to abandon the desire to to achieve it, and it sounds crazy, but now we’ve explained why desire will hurt you. Abandon the desire to achieve your goal while you’re going towards it. It sounds paradoxical. We understand all aspects of how inner intention works because we are so used to functioning exclusively within these narrow confines. We have defined intention as resoluteness and the decision to have an act. The difference between inner and outer intention lies in the first and second parts of the definition. If inner intention is the decision to act, outer intention is closer to the decision to have in the first case you decide to fall. So you run until you drop. In the second case, you want to be on the ground so you let go of control and give yourself up to the force of gravity. The thought pattern will help you to cleanse your intention of desire to start. Now he’s giving us a new thought pattern to accept. So we might want to put this in meditation to start with. You. Consider the goal you want to achieve and as soon as doubts enter your head, you know you have desire. If you start worrying about whether you have the necessary skills or qualities to achieve the goal, it means you have desire. Even if you believe you can and will achieve your goal. Desire can still be present. You have to want an act without fueling the emotion of desire. The intention to lift your hand up and scratch the back of your head is an example of intentions. Free of excess potential. There should be the pure intention to act, not the desire to act is requires reducing the levels of inner and outer importance you associate with the goal. There’s a very simple way of reducing importance, which is to come to terms with the possibility of defeat at the very beginning. Unless you accept the possibility defeat, you will not eliminate desire before you go out on that next date. If you’re a single, except that the date will fail at the beginning and it should help to eliminate the desire. Make sure that in the process of purifying intention of desire, that you do not lose a grip on the intention itself. Set the intention to achieve your goal and start by accepting the possibility that you may fail. Run the scenario of defeat around in your mind a few times and consider what you would do if that happened. What might serve as a plan B or safety net? Invite the realization into your mind that not achieving your goal would not be the end of the world. Imagining the scenario defeat should be one time event. There is no point in constantly returning to the scene of failure in your mind. The exercise is only intended to free you from the need of achieving the goal exactly as you had imagined, but we will return to this point later. May want to put that, I hate to put that kind of thing into meditation, but if I program it in where we accept the failure as a onetime shot, I might work. The Meditation on this chapter is going to be incredible. I’m so excited about it. There’s so much that we have here. Yeah, I need to lock some of this stuff in. You cannot know how the goal with will achieved, but we will return to this point later. Once you have consciously accepted the possibility of failure, do not think about failure or success. Just move in the direction of your goal and set off just as you would if you were going to the news agents. You know he always uses the word news. Agents love it to buy a paper. Obviously a translation error. Success will be in the bag and if for some reason it is not, then there is no cause for sorrow or regret. If you do not succeed the first time, you will succeed the next as long as you do not tear yourself apart over the initial failure. Finally, letting go into outer intention does not necessarily mean completely rejecting your personal intentions. Sitting at home with your arms folded, waiting for harmony between heart and mind to a magically appear. No one is stopping you from achieving your goals in the usual way. Eliminating desire and importance has the same beneficial effect when applied to inner intention. It is just that now the powerful force of outer intention can also work in your favor, helping you achieve things you previously thought impossible. So let’s summarize this chapter as best we can. As bad boys is going to be almost three hours long in conscious dreaming. The mind controls the game. Script. Dreaming is the virtual journey of the soul through the alternative space. Dreams should not be interpreted as signs because there are so many sectors of the alternative space that you never know if it’s a sign or not. The soul will not necessarily return if it flies into a realized sector of the alternative space. It is not desire that is realized, but intention is resoluteness to have and to act. Desire is the concentration of attention on the goal. Inner intention is the concentration of attention on the process of moving in the direction of the goal. Outer intention is the concentration of attention on how the gold realizes itself. The goal is achieved by inner intention and by outer intention. Simply chosen inner intention strives to impact the outside world. Outer intention gives the green light for the autonomous realization of the goal. The laws of natural science only work in one given sector or the alternative space. Outer intention works by moving through different sectors of the space. Outer intention is the unity, the heart and mind. Imagination takes part in dreaming only to the extent that generates the initial idea. The heart and mind are United in negative expectations, which is why they’re easily realized. In reality, a dream continues in waking to some degree or another. If you wanted to exercise control over outer intentions, you have to wake up and whilst you live without conscious awareness, reality cannot be controlled. It just happens. Any game must be played with an element of detachment, like a participating observer. Awareness is achieved by being detached from the game. Detachment presupposes vigilance and complete mental clarity. Conscious awareness is not so much about control as observation. Control should be exercised only to the extent that it allows desired scripts into your life and in order to choose the necessary scripts, you have to imagine that it will be exactly as you desire it. Inner intention is resoluteness in the decision to act. Outer intention is resoluteness in the decision to have outer intention is the power that makes Trans Surfing possible and in order to reduce the importance associated with the goal, the possibility of failure must be accepted at the outset. Once you’ve accepted the possibility of favor of failure, do not think, just move in the direction of your goal. It’s a huge chapter and I’ve always loved the concept of intention in reality, Trans Surfing and it’s well explained here. There’s a lot of repetition in this chapter and you learn a lot. I learned a lot by reading it and going through it with you and I hope, I hope that going deep on this helped. I do have another episode on hacking the subconscious mind and I have some stuff about lucid dreaming and we’ll definitely put together a lucid dreaming meditation as a part of this next meditation. It will be a sleeping, lucid dreaming meditation and we’ll use some of the concepts that are used in this meditation. I’m very excited to put that together. It’s always a joy for anybody that stuck with me for this whole time. You’re amazing. Comment below. I would love to know if you stuck with me for this whole time. Hey, if you need coaching, you can get me on my website@advancedsuccessinstitutedotcomeveryepisodeoftherealityrevolutionisavailableforfreeattherealityrevolution.com subscribe to my channel. Hit the notification bell. So much new clothes, new stuff coming in the future. I’m so happy that you joined me with love and peace to all of you. Welcome to