Guided Hypnosis: Riding the Alternatives Flow || EP 103

The intention of this meditation is to help you ride the alternatives flow.

In a previous episode of the Reality Revolution ( I did a deep dive on the Alternatives Flow as discussed by Vadim Zeland in his book Reality Transurfing. Using this information I created this meditation/hypnosis to move your mind into the alternatives flow. I use the key teachings in this to create a hypnosis/meditation to help you to ride the alternatives flow in the best way possible.

If we can let go we can achieve sudden realizations, discover new insights, tune into the flow of in the alternatives space.

As Vadim Zeland says, “The alternatives flow is a truly sumptuous gift for the mind. The keys to any problem are encoded within it. To access them you have to learn to move in the direction of least resistance. As a rule, people look for complicated solutions because they perceive the problem as an obstacle and as we know, obstacles can only be overcome by applying much effort. It helps to get into the habit of choosing the simplest possible solution to any given problem.”

The music on this is truly incredible. The song for the first 3 minutes is designed to calm your adrenal glands and lower your overall stress in your body. Each song after that is designed with a specific frequency. This could change your life on so many levels if you listen to this for 21 days. Give it a try.

I used 10 songs by Mettaverse on this and it is truly epic. Look for the playlist below.

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Music by Mettaverse

  1. Light Quotient Study and Focus , alleviate stress, Rife Frequency 492.8 hz
  2. When All Else Fades
  3. The Sea of Samsara Karmic Clearing 174hz
  4. 639hz increase love and harmony, cleanse negative energy.
  5. 111hz The Heart Of True Being
  6. 582hz Solar Winds
  7. Celestial Voices 372 hz dimensional openness
    9 and 10 together
  8. 777hz deep relaxation
  9. 111hz the “holy frequency”

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