This is the lucid dreaming sleep meditation designed to give you lucid dreams. In a previous episode on the reality revolution I did a deep dive on intention in reality transurfing ( In the book Vadim Zeland argues that the key to understanding intention is becoming lucid in your dreams. He devotes several pages to dreaming and how intention works in your dreams. I have been working for a while to create a meditation to help you become lucid while you are dreaming. After I interviewed Brian Larson of Mettaverse we both agreed it would be great to create meditation to increase lucid dreaming. Brian had created a great track to enhance lucid dreaming by pulling you into a delta state and then moving into theta once you are asleep. I used this track for this meditation. This meditation is designed to use as you are falling asleep. If you can listen to it with a Bluetooth mask or sleep headphones you may receive greater results. It still works if you listen through speakers. One of the fundamental things you can do to amplify your ability to achieve your goals and experience what you desire is to use intention. Not desiring something or hoping but acting with intention. This can feel confusing. It is very similar to waking in a dream and chooses to do things in your dream like fly and transforms objects around you. Zeland recommends regularly asking yourself while awake if you are dreaming. In fact, the book Tufti the Priestess really focuses on waking up in your reality. I used recent discoveries in Lucid Dreaming on this meditation. the second 2/3 is mostly music but I will gently remind you once an hour that you are dreaming and guiding you to take control of your dreams. The beginning of this is filled with powerful affirmations to guide you as you fall asleep. I experimented with this before trying this and this helped me to reach lucidity the first time I tried it. It is my intention that you receive lucidity in your dreams and subsequently lucidity while you are awake by using this meditation. This will help you understand intention as discussed in reality transurfing and how to use it in your everyday life. Please leave comments of your results and if you achieve lucidity in your dreams through this meditation. This video goes dark after about an hour for those who want their phones to go dark. I used 5 songs by Mettaverse on this and it is truly epic. Look for the playlist below. Check out Mettaverse on Youtube the music is incredible. You can listen to it here: Subscribe to their channel here… ➤ Listen to them on Soundcloud: ➤ Follow them on Instagram: ➤ Join them on Facebook: ➤ Support their Work at Patreon:

Music by Mettaverse

639hz increase love and harmony, cleanse negative energy.
582hz Solar Winds
777hz deep relaxation
111hz “the holy frequency”
432hz lucid dreaming 4hz theta and 8hz alpha waves

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