The Soul Retrieval Meditation || EP 528

Souls reside within a paradox. On the one hand, they are whole and complete miniatures of God, “sparks of Divinity,” and on the other hand they seem fragile and ready to splinter into millions of pieces. Neither perception is entirely accurate. The soul is a vast ray of light, bigger than anything in the physical universe. It is permeable and malleable and because of this, it can extend itself into various lifetimes, levels and dimensions in order to perceive what is taking place there. When it has intense experiences in the lower worlds, a part of the soul (the magnetic part usually) is often drawn into those experiences and becomes attached, emotionally and energetically.

Every time you have an intense experience, trauma or negative event imprint itself onto one or more of your six lower bodies, that imprint affects your soul to some degree. If there is a lot of intense feeling, some of your soul energy is drawn into that experience, as well as the place and time where the experience occurred, as well as any beings or objects that were part of the experience. You have a popular song on your planet called, “I Left My Heart in San Francisco.” While it might be one of those “silly love songs” to some, it illustrates what we are talking about here. If you had an intense love affair in that city, you may have left some of your soul fragments there, in your lover, and in the places where you and your lover met and had strong feelings. When you hear certain pieces of music, you might think about certain places. While the song might be just a mental trigger, it could also be opening a “portal” into which fragments of your soul have gone in times past.

When you dream about certain places over and over again with vivid clarity, it is a good possibility that you have fragments of your soul in those places, especially if thinking about those places brings up a lot of intense feelings. It is more than just strong memories or emotional reminiscing. These are energetic attachments. Your soul has become stretched, twisted and concentrated around these places, people and events. This channel has reported that right before a major travel period, he often feels “ungrounded.” He sometimes experiences being less able to focus on what is right in front of him. He attributes this to aspects of his soul going ahead of him to the places where he is about to travel and making smooth the way before his physical body gets there. When you fantasize about the future, or reminisce about the past, you may be doing more than simply engaging your mind in idle memories.

Your soul may be stretching itself along your timeline and even venturing into alternate timelines, especially if you are prone to contemplating “what if” scenarios. You may have heard the expression, “Being fearful of the future will bring fearful experiences to you.” When you speculate with “what if” possibilities, your soul stretches itself into those various alternate timelines formed by concentrating energy in particular directions. If enough intensity surrounds worrying and fretting about a specific outcome, you are energizing that outcome and making it more possible. If you could see the way your soul fragments and sends its energy along numerous light and dark corridors, it would seem like a fluid seeping through a complex latticework of cracks in the ground. Where it pools into tangible energy is where your thoughts and feelings are repeatedly obsessing or anticipating outcomes. In order to better understand how souls stretch, twist, distort and fragment, we will put these experiences into categories.

The casual “what ifs” and ponderings may result in the creation of minor soul fragments, small packets of soul energy that embed themselves into certain realms, dimensions, levels and places within time and space. When a tremendous amount of energy is invested in a person, place or thing, you may have major soul fragments embedded there.

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