Interview With Quazi Johir On Reality Creation And Entrepreneurship || EP 527

Quazi is a reality creation coach who has developed a highly successful system that allows for profound transformations in his clients through identity shifting and reality transurfing. He documents his success stories on his Youtube channel which has outstanding daily content.

You can see it here Quazi has a fascinating story growing up on four different continents with unique childhood experiences that molded his spiritual transformation. He brings a fresh and unique perspective on reality creation with a mix of a variety of different perspectives. In this interview, we find out what Quazi’s favorite fiction book and I even got a hint of his favorite movie. He gives practical examples of ways he has transformed his life by applying reality creation techniques.

Quazi is a writer and a highly advanced guru level coach and an incredibly young age and it was great to get a chance to talk to him. He is slowly becoming one of the best thought leaders and reality creation coaches around. He is deep with knowledge about complex issues that we try to break down on this podcast and I hope you enjoy it. This was my first interview. Expect many more in the near future.

A review of Quazi’s book:

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