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God is love, and when true love in the heart unites a man and a woman together, that is actually God joining a couple in a sacred covenant. When there is a true, spiritual union between two people (God hath joined), there is-no divorce, for none is wanted. They blend spiritually, mentally, and physically.

There is no institution on earth so sacred as that of the home you are about to make and no vows so wonderful as those you make in the marriage ceremony. True marriage is the holiest of all earthly institutions. It should be entered into reverently, thoughtfully, and with a deep understanding of its spiritual significance. Marriage is an accord of Divine ideas, a harmony and purity of purpose. Harmony, honesty, love, and integrity must prevail in the minds and hearts of both husband and wife. From this inner state of conscious unity in these essential characteristics of a successful marriage there comes the outer state which corresponds to it, making the outer like the inner—peaceful, joyous, and harmonious.

When a man marries a woman because of her wealth, social standing, and political connections, or merely because she is young and beautiful and he wishes to exalt his ego, this is not a real marriage. Actually, it is a sham and a farce. When a woman marries a man because of his profession or for her own personal security or for any reason other than real love, such a marriage is false and a masquerade; it is not made in heaven, meaning harmony and Divine understanding.

I have performed marriage ceremonies for men and women of advanced years, sometimes blessed with as many as seventy-five to eighty years, chronologically speaking. The fires of sex have died out in many of these cases; nevertheless, God (love) joins them together for the simple reason that they are honest, just, sincere, and truthful with each other, and they seek a loving companionship where they desire to share their joys and experiences together. Honesty, sincerity, integrity, and justice are children of love, and when these are absent in the marriage ceremony, regardless of age, it is not a true marriage.

A minister, rabbi, or priest officiating at the ceremony does not validate or sanctify a marriage. He merely confirms objectively what the man and woman already felt to be true subjectively, which was a union of two souls seeking their way back to the heart of God. How often is marriage a real spiritual union where the parties to the contract blend themselves spiritually, mentally, and physically? And, on the other hand, how often is it a legal ceremony against which the husband and wife begin to chafe in a few weeks?

Remember that like attracts like, and if you want to attract the right companion, use the proven spiritual approach as follows: Still your mind, think clearly and with interest on the qualities and attributes you admire in a man or woman, and mentally dwell on the characteristics that you would admire in the other, such as whether he or she is spiritual, loyal, faithful, honest, talented, happy, and prosperous. Gradually these qualities will sink into your subconscious mind. Infinite intelligence always takes over when you pray this way, and, as a result, you will irresistibly attract to you the right companion.

The man or woman whom you attract will be the image and likeness of the ideal on which you meditated. You will harmonize perfectly, and there will be mutual love, freedom, and respect; this is called the “marriage made in heaven,” or “peace and understanding.” The question frequently arises, “Should I get a divorce?” This is an individual problem. It cannot be generalized….

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