The Science Of Light By Walter Russell (Unabridged Illustrated Audiobook) || EP 519

This one of my favorite most mind blowing projects which has laid me asunder since I read it.  This book was so amazing there is no way I can describe it.  It is like nothing I have ever read before.  It is like a 6 hour magic spell. Some of it will just go by without understanding but once you are done you have entered into the divine mind of god and truly understand the law of one in its rawest most perfect explanation ever.  He was also an amazing illustrator and I feature many of his best illustrations in which he seemingly maps out the universe by pen, heart and mind.

The author challenges the conventional wisdom that light is just another physical entity. He outlines a new role of light in the formation of the three main components of the universe – God, still light; the dual light waves emanated from God and the material world both organic and inorganic which is made of light bent into various spiral forms. Reading this book “is an important step toward understanding both the intellectual and spiritual balances that exist in the universe.”

The Divine Iliad is the basis of this book

“The Divine Iliad is an inspired message from the Creator to give man the needed comprehension of his relation to his universe, to man, and to God, for the coming cycle.

Man progresses in cycles of approximately twenty-five hundred years. At the beginning of each cycle of his growing awareness of the Light within it, God sends messages through prepared messengers to further his comprehension of the Light. Comprehension of these cosmic messages gradually exalts mankind into higher beings, and thus each cycle is one more step for man toward full awareness of the Light, and of his Oneness with God.


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Walter Russell

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