New Channelings On The New Earth The 12 Densities & The 8 Dispensations || EP 518

Our role is to come to planets at the end of their cosmic cycles or major cyclical events in order to assist them in what has been called the “harvest” or the “ascension.” Our intelligence is able to help boost souls who wish to go through the ascension process.

Whenever we are talking about specific vibratory states, we will use the word “density,” and when we are talking primarily about a realm of existence, we will use the term “dimension.

The words “higher” and “lower” refer only to specific frequencies and not to quality of being or self-worth. Higher is not better than lower, but is more expansive and all-encompassing.

To help you understand our perception of Creation, we will use a variety of approaches and teaching methods. This is because Earth has a multiple-tiered layering of vibratory levels, or densities. You have what is known as first density Earth, which is roughly likened to your mineral kingdom — the stones, rocks and geological layers you find in Earth’s crust.

You have what is called your second density Earth, which includes the vegetation and plant life. This is life that adheres to certain laws and principles of propagation, such as breathing in carbon dioxide and breathing out oxygen, photosynthesis, etc.

You have your third density Earth, which is comprised of your animal forms and what could be called your lower human attributes, including the part of the human being that is primarily preoccupied with procreation, sexual instincts, hunter instincts, and the like.

You have the fourth density Earth, which includes the world of the higher human and refined intellect — art, music, conscious awareness, imagination, creativity, and what you call “metaphysics” and such. And you have your fifth density Earth that includes the etheric light body form of the human, which is still merely potential in most cases.

There is an aspect of the Godhead that is still evolving. An extremely simple allegorical and metaphorical analogy is as follows: During the process of exploring His own Creation, God learns through trial and error what works and does not work regarding the evolution of the soul. In order to correct the “mistakes” within the original design, certain “corrections” are periodically made in the form of Divine Dispensations.

You could say these are God’s responses to the problems inherent within the free will system of universes. It is difficult for many souls to accept the premise that within the perfection of the Creator are imperfections, but that is the way most souls experience the manifest Creation. It is important to move out of judgment and simply accept that the Creation has imperfections.

Let us use the example of software for one of your computers. As you know, periodic upgrades are issued that correct the problems of the previous versions. Rather than cursing the previous versions, you simply accept the reality of upgrading your computer system. Another analogy that might be appropriate is that of the bylaws within the constitutions that govern many of your individual countries on Earth.

In some of your developed nations, you have amendments to the original founding documents that were created when problems were discovered within the original rules and principles. God, in His Infinite Wisdom and Compassion, issues fiats or declarations that change universal laws and principles, or makes exceptions for them, in various ways.

This is a collection of channelled writings that discuss the 12 denisities and 8 dispensations or adjustments that have been made to the laws of ascension.


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