The Addiction Meditation || EP 520

Addictions can be the greatest of struggles.  On my own journey I suffered from multiple addictions and at one time had given up hope.  

But there is an easy way to overcome any addiction and that is to quantum jump into a reality where you have no addiction.  This when combined with specific breathing exercises and transferring physical pain into your astral body is one of the most powerful methods I have found to change your reality.

If you suffer from any addiction, drugs, food, porn, you name it, you can use this meditation to instantaneously overcome it.  You circumvent the left brain and open up the right brain.

You will enter a new body and you will be able to transfer your pain out of your physical body.

Sometimes we think it has to be hard to overcome any addiction.  it doesn’t.

There is a version of you that does not have any addictions that is living in a wonderful timeline right now.  You can jump into your new body and your new life today.

Welcome to the reality revolution.


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