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Neville Goddard – John The Crown Of Scripture || EP 1262

John the Crown of Scripture March 6, 1972 Neville Goddard Truth which man knows from experience, he knows more clearly than he knows anything else in this world. For then he can know that same truth in any other way. If what I tell you is true and you believe it, a benediction is pronounced […]

Neville Goddard Rearrange The Mind || EP 1255

Rearrange the Mind March 24th 1972 Neville Goddard The rich man, the poor man, the beggar man, the thief are not different minds, but simply different arrangements of the same mind. There is only God in this world. So, when you say I am, and I say I am, it’s the same God, but we […]

Neville Goddard – Christmas || EP 1248

Neville Goddard Christmas 12/17?1965 We have now done 4 Christmas episodes from different lectures. This may be one of the best of Neville’s Christmas lectures “This being the last and Christmas follows within a week, I thought it best to give this as the last of the year. So my subject tonight is “Christmas,” as […]

Neville Goddard God And I Are One (His Final Lecture) || EP 1242

Recently I read a lecture title You Must Experience God stating that it was most likely the last lecture Neville Goddard gave. New information from Mitch Horowitz argues that in fact the lecture God And I Are One is the final lecture due to references made in the lecture that can be dated. Really this […]

Neville Goddard I Am Called By Thy Name, O Lord || EP 1235

Tonight’s title is taken from the Book of Jeremiah. It’s the 15th chapter, the 16th verse: “Thy words were found, and I ate them, and thy words became to me the joy and delight of my heart;”—and then he tells the results of eating these words—“for I am called by thy name, O Lord, God […]

Neville Goddard – Did A Man Called Jesus Christ Walk The Earth || EP 1229

Did A Man Called Jesus Christ Walk The Earth Neville Goddard 2/28/1968 Few are teaching this wonderful principle, many others will join, so I thought tonight a certain point should be clarified, because you’re going to get this question over and over again. “Do you not believe that a man called Jesus Christ walked the […]

Neville Goddard God The Protean Being Becomes Humanity || EP 1222

We claim that God, the creator of the universe, the creator of everything, is in Man that Man may become God. Now in this I do not mean he became a, one, little man; he became humanity and therefore he’s playing all the parts. Therefore, God is a protean being with the power to assume […]

Neville Goddard He Is Dreaming Now || EP 1215

He Is Dreaming Now Neville Goddard 5-8-1970 Tonight’s subject is: “He is Dreaming Now.” The Bible begins, as far as man is concerned: “And the Lord God caused a great deep sleep to fall upon man, and he slept. And then the Lord God formed woman out of man, and then he told man that […]

Neville Goddard Your Mood Decides Your Future || EP 1208

Your Mood Decides Your Future 5/21/1965 Neville Goddard The late Winston Churchill made the statement that the mood decides the fortunes of people, rather than the fortunes decide the mood. I wonder if he had that in a vision, had that from a dream. He undoubtedly to make that bold statement had it from some […]

Neville Goddard Enter The Dream || EP 1202

Enter The Dream 11-21-1969   Neville Goddard God only acts and is in existing beings or men. Embracing the fires of experience, God was consumed by the flames, rose from their ashes, and continues to rise as Jesus Christ, or Divine Imagination. Good and evil are not conditions imposed by some benevolent deity, but states […]