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Henry Thomas Hamblin Dynamic Thought Success And Character Building Lessons 9 – 12 & Bonus Lesson || EP 759

MANKIND  is  divided  into  two  types,  positive  and  negative.  Let  me  try  and describe each to you. Positive   man   is   magnetic,   attractive,   courageous,   happy,   cheerful,   healthy, energetic,  is  full  of  vitality,  power  and  ability  to  succeed.  He  never  doubts  his ability  to  win,  he  never  worries  when […]

Henry Thomas Hamblin Lessons In Dynamic Thought Lesson 8 Action And The Law Of Attraction || EP 744

THERE  has  been  a  lot  of  nonsense  written  and  spoken  about  the  Law  of Attraction. People have been solemnly taught that all they need to do is to adopt a  certain  mental  attitude,  think  thoughts  of  success  and  abundance,  and  then  to sit and wait for abundance of all good things to drop from the […]