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Henry Thomas Hamblin Dynamic Thought Success & Character Building Lesson 4 Changing Your Subconsious || EP 686

WE now have to deal with that part of your Mind which is the center of all action and  the  seat  of  all  memory.  Not  only  the  memory  of this  life,  but  the  race memory of all mankind. This  division  of  the  mind  we  will  call  the  sub-conscious  mind,  we  will  do  so  in order […]

Henry Thomas Hamblin Dynamic Thought Lesson 3 Changing The Subconscious Mind ||EP 672

DYNAMIC THOUGHT Success and Character Building PART V THE Objective or Conscious Mind is the outer or surface mind of mind. It is the finite  mind  of  very  close  limitations.  It  receives impressions  through  the  organs of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. It learns from books, speech, experience and experiment. We  have  seen  that […]