Sleep Meditation – (Neville Goddard) Using Your Imagination To Fall Asleep From The Wish Fulfilled || EP 129

On the last episode of the reality revolution I discussed a really profound teaching by Neville Goddard on how to use the imagination. (you can see it here

In that teaching Goddard recommends a sleep meditation with three steps

1. Revise the previous day and imagine everything worked in your favor. Essentially traveling through time.

2. Use your imagination to visualize and feel the wish fulfilled

3. Fall asleep feeling FROM the wish fulfilled.

This is a short meditation that you play just as you are going to sleep. While I have done this before I loved the way Neville does it and I wanted to make a short meditation based on this technique. There is a little delta wave music to lull you asleep.

I tried this last night and woke up feeling as if my wish was fulfilled. It was profound and it helped me to be guided. I hope this helps you to fulfill all your wishes.

Welcome to the Reality Revolution

3 great tracks by Mettaverse were used in this episode

deep relaxation clear negative energies and ease tension 396HZ and 528HZ

Sound Medicine 528HZ DNA integrity and 787HZ

432HZ Deep Sleep night sounds relaxing ambient music

Music by Mettaverse

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