Neville Goddard The Secret Of Imagination || EP 721

The Secret Of Imagination 1971

Neville Goddard

“God is man, and exists in us and we in Him” (from “Annotations to Berkeley” by William Blake). The eternal abode of man is the imagination; and that is God Himself.  

Try to disprove it.

God is my pure imagining in myself. He underlies all of my faculties, including perception, but He streams into my surface mind least disguised in the form of productive fancy. I can catch Him in the act of producing these images in my mind. Just try it as you are seated here.

Try to think of anything.

Try to catch Him in the act of actually producing in your own mind’s eye all these images. “For all things exist in the human imagination.”

But how can I single out one and clothe it so that it becomes an objective fact? That is the secret, for they all exist within me. But how can I catch one and clothe it?  Well I will try to show you tonight what I know from my own personal experience. Scripture teaches it, but it tells it in a strange and wonderful way: how to clothe it.

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