Dr Frank B Robinson Psychiana Lesson 13 You Have The Same Power As Jesus || EP 722

 Dear friend and student:

   I promised you that in this Lesson we should deal with the Carpenter Man of Galilee. Not from any religious angle in the accepted sense of the word, however, nor shall we deal with him as any “god” man at all. All our dealings with this wonderful character will be from the standpoint that He never was more than a human being—even as you and I. There are many though who believe Him to be a “one-third part of the trinity” although why they believe it they cannot tell. They have never spent the time or given the effort to find out just what is known about that phase of His existence and what is not known. If they did that they would instantly realize that if they choose to call Him a “god” and look upon Him as such, it will have to be through a strained sense of “faith” for certainly there is no evidence in existence which would tend to justify the statement that He ever was other than a man.

   Personally, I am willing to believe anything that can be proven. But I am NOT willing to believe anything that cannot be proven–especially along religious lines. For I know the history of most of the systems of religion, and I know that there is no more proof of the “divinity” of their “gods” than there is that the moon is made of green cheese. Also–you will find if you care to investigate, that these differing systems of religion sprang into existence long after their respective “gods” were dead and buried–if indeed they ever lived at all. For instance–there was no such a religion as Christianity when Christ was on the earth. It was unknown. It sprang into existence far later, and still we have it with us. It’s not very potent today, however, for men and women in the first place are not believing the story; and in the second place, when they force themselves to believe it (if possible) they find that its claims cannot be borne out and its precepts do not work. So they are discarding it.

   I think perhaps it may be wise here to just submit a few facts regarding the infancy and birth of this Galilean Carpenter to make my point. For ever so often some “dignitary of the church” attempts to take me to task for my stand on religion, as Billy Sunday did recently. They don’t get very far with me however, but they might with someone less familiar with church history than I am. I shall just call passing attention to a few pertinent facts which will stop any argument not based on “faith” and then we shall get down to the real significance of this man– for there is a marvelous significance to Him to be sure. The message He came to preach went a thousand miles over the heads of the religionists of His day, and for that matter is still a thousand miles over the heads of the orthodox religionists of today. We shall look into that later in the Lesson though.

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