Neville Goddard The Dweller On The Threshold || EP 1101

The Dweller On The Threshold

Neville Goddard


I will share with you this night an experience of mine . . it happened years ago . . to show you the only thing that had no right to live . . the only thing that had no right to exist, and must be brought to an end.

Suddenly I found myself confronted with these two creatures: one, the most monstrous thing you could ever conceive, and the other, the most angelic being that you could think of.

The one that was the monster . . a hairy, monstrous being . . I would almost be unfair to the monkey world to call him a gorilla or a baboon, but that is the picture, only he was far more than that. And he spoke gutturally. He looked at this angelic being, and called her “Mother.” It annoyed me, and I began to pommel him, and he gloated. He loved violence. Every blow made him stronger. He was the embodiment of every evil thought and act that I had ever entertained or expressed.

I was totally unaware of this creation of my own until that moment in time when I was strong enough to confront it, and I can’t tell anyone the emotion that permeated me when I saw what I had done. I created that that had no right to exist, and it must be brought to an end. I created that which had no right to live, and it must die. Blows could not kill it. It lived on blows; it lived on violence. As I looked at it, an emotion permeated my being that I had never felt prior to that that I remember: one of compassion . . infinite compassion, that if it took me Eternity to redeem this, I would do it. I pledged myself . . there was no one I could swear to; there was no witness. Something within me pledged itself to redeem this monster if it took me Eternity. It didn’t take me more than a split second!

From the moment of the decision when I decided that I would redeem it because it had no right to exist . . at that moment the whole thing withered before me. It got smaller and smaller; it only took a matter of seconds really. And that thing that was a monster thing one moment before now completely withered before me, but it was all energy . . misspent energy. It returned to me. I have never felt stronger than I did at that moment when all that energy that went to build and create this thing that had no right to exist returned to me, and here I am as powerful as, I’d say the Universe.

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