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So, what I do NOW is the all important thing, and thought is the coin of heaven; it is the money of heaven; and so the thought I entertain now, the thought to which I consent, as told us in Ephesians “All things when they are admitted are made manifest by the light, and all things when they are manifested are light:” and the word ‘light’ is defined as consciousness. So the state to which I now consent must be made manifest, and when it is manifest, it is only that state of consciousness made visible, coming to bear witness of the state in which I abided.

So, every moment of time, I am either spending or I am investing. Unfortunately most of us spend the coin of heaven, and morning, noon and night we live in negative states for which there is no return, when we could easily have spent, not spent, but invested that moment, so at the end of that day we really would have a wonderful portfolio.

The religious minded person invests possibly on Sunday morning. Through the service he is lifted for a moment; if he is not overly critical he might be carried away with the hymn; he might be carried away with the solo, the organ music, the address from the pulpit, and for a moment he is investing; but the rest of the week he spends.

Now you know from experience if you put all your money into one great concern, it may be wonderful, it may be sound, but at the end of a year the directors may decide to reorganize and therefore decide to pass the dividend, and if you depended on a dividend check for your daily needs, though it is a good, firm, wonderful concern, when they passed the dividend, then you must either sell some stock or raise or borrow on it. While every moment of time you could have a most marvelous portfolio and if one passes a dividend check it does not matter. If you devoted every moment of time to positive thinking, constructive thinking, by not accepting any rumour that does not contribute to the fulfillment of your desire, no matter what it is – it could be the most obvious fact in the world – if it does not contribute to the fulfillment of your dreams, do not accept it. If you do you are spending; if, not by denying, but by complete indifference, complete non-acceptance, you turn to what you wish you could have heard instead of what you heard, you are investing. It’s not the hearing that matters, its the admitting the truth of it that matters.

All things when they are admitted, not all things when they are heard, but if you give consent to it, if you accept it as true; then you either spend by acceptance or you invest depending on the nature of the state accepted. So, this revelation which came through my wife to me is one of the greatest that I have heard; had it been told in our Bible, it would have been told in its strange meter “And the Lord God spoke unto her this day and said to her, his servant” and they would have told what revelation would have come in that manner but it came to a normal natural wife, came in a normal natural manner to instruct not only her, but to instruct her husband, for I was the first one to whom she told it and I can’t tell you what it has done to me since I heard it on the morning of the l2th April, for it made me more aware of the moment, made me far more conscious of every moment of the day so that I am not spending; I must invest – time is too precious and because these moments do not recede. they do not pass away; they are always advancing into my future to either confront me with a waste or to show me some wonderful return; if I invest it’s for a purpose and, therefore, I hope, not only hope, I expect a reward: I expect a profit on my investment. So a moment spent now, this very day, could tomorrow pay you great dividends.

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