8 Hour Deep Sleep Meditation The Something Wonderful Is Happening To Me Now Wave Of Fortune || EP 253

The intention of this meditation is to prime your sleep and to create a wave of fortune as Zeland discusses in his book Reality Transurfing.  In my interview with Renee Garcia she said this one thing had made her more money than anything else.

The goal is pump yourself up and get excited about something in a unique way and you create a wave where a number of exciting and fortunate things begin to follow.

I have a morning meditation that uses this technique https://youtu.be/OqfWqY1OA2MIf you do this in conjunction with the morning meditation and isn’t it wonderful your will experience miracles.

In Neville Goddard’s lecture the Game of Life, Neville gives an example of a woman who used this technique and created massive wealth from it.

Let me tell you of a lady I know who, in her middle sixties, had nothing when she put this principle into practice. Every morning as she soaked in the tub prior to going to her $75 a week job, she would say to herself: “Something wonderful is happening to me now.” She kept playing upon the mood, toying with the feeling that something wonderful was happening.

That very week she received her first breakthrough. For thirty-odd years this lady had attended the opera, concerts, and Broadway shows, with an intimate friend. Every night they dined in some fabulous restaurant, but he had told her many times he would never give her any money. But he suddenly had a change of heart and signed over a one hundred thousand dollar trust fund to her, to be spent immediately as she so desired. A short time later, she began to apply the law to a greater degree and he again set up another one hundred thousand dollar fund for her. Now, this lady – whose rent is $165 per month – can’t spend the income she receives from a two hundred thousand dollar fund, plus her social security; but she isn’t satisfied and wants more!I like it because it does not have to be super specific, just by doing it you invite great things into your energy field.

If you are struggling to feel this wave of fortune and sense of wonder try this sleep meditation.  Before releasing this I tried it each time and had an amazing day every time I tried it.

Let me know how it goes from you, like this video and leave a comment.

Music By Mettaverse

21 songs were used to create lucidity and frequency variation within your dreamspace.  This is an experimental attempt to create and use multiple anchors and pull you into lucidity while dreaming and allowing the affirmations to become a part of the resonance of the background.

These are the songs I gratefully used with multiple combinations within.

Harmonic Strings ✧ A432Hz ✧ Release Emotional Blockages & Expand Consciousness

Deep Relaxation // 777Hz // Angelic Frequency Scale

Mental and Spiritual Reboot ✧ 111Hz, 222Hz, 444Hz, 888Hz ✧ Deep Healing Meditation Music

Love: The Universal Constant ✧ 111Hz ✧ 444Hz (C=528Hz) Tuning ✧ Healing Ambient Meditation Music

“Into the Omniverse” ✧ 963Hz Pineal Activation Meditation

Sea of Samsara ✧ Karmic Clearing ✧ 174Hz Solfeggio Frequency

Mental and Spiritual Reboot ✧ 111Hz, 222Hz, 444Hz, 888Hz ✧ Deep Healing Meditation Music

Regenerative Spiritual Reset ✧ 111Hz, 222Hz, 444Hz, 888Hz ✧ Deep Healing Meditation

111Hz ✧ Cellular Healing ✧ The “Holy Frequency”

Deep Relaxation // 777Hz // Angelic Frequency Scale

528Hz: The Frequency of Love ♥ The Musical Mathematical Matrix of Creation

528Hz ✧ The ‘Miracle’ Tone ✧ Ambient Healing Music

a universal language for for 444HZ/528Z ambient meditation music

sound medicine 528 HZ DNA integrity and 787HZ universal remedy rife frequency

ascension waves 444HZ

celestial  voices 372 HZ dimensional open it

528Hz solar winds

healing tranquility 111HZ beta endorphins and cell regeneration

rhythm of the breath calm the mind rejuvenate the heart Binaural Beats Delta and theta

432 Hz natural vibrations restorative healing music

regenerative spiritual reset 111hz 222hz 444hz

111 Hz the divine frequency

undercurrent of serenity coming ambient music 174hz  pain relief

deep relaxation clear negative energies and ease tension 396HZ and 528HZ

universal frequency 888HZ

639HZ increase love and harmony

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