Neville Goddard Imagination Fulfills Itself || EP 296

Imagination Fulfills Itself (Imagination Creates Reality)

Neville Goddard


Our premise is that imagining creates reality. If this is true, then imagining fulfills itself in what our life becomes. Although I have changed the words, what I have said is not new. You’ll find it in the Bible: “Whatever you desire, believe that you have received it, and you will” (Mark 11:24). That goes back 2,000 years. I could take you back another 600 years into Jeremiah to show you the same theme, the same principle.

So tonight, we’ll try to not prove it to you but to explain it. Until these words become part of your normal, natural currency of thought then you will not act upon it. They must become so much a part of you it’s like breathing. So you can’t turn to the left or the right; you can’t praise or blame anyone. If you start in life behind the eight-ball, it doesn’t really matter whether you start there or start in a palace, whether you start as a poor little child or a very rich child, your life must actually externalize what you are imagining. If you don’t know this principle, you can reproduce your environment, and if that’s an unpleasant environment, reproduce it forever and forever, for you will feed your Imagination upon what the senses dictate.

But if you know the principle, you can ignore the present, and if the principle is true, well then, you can go all out and simply not accept the “facts of life” as the things on which you should feed in this world. Now, we do not observe imagining as we do objects. We are the reality which is named imagining…if you simply dwell upon it. No, I don’t observe it until I become one who is awake. Then I will go along with Fawcett and Fawcett said, “God”—that’s the name he gives to the causal power of the universe—“God, the Creator, is like pure imagining in ourselves.

He works in the depths of our soul, underlying all of our faculties, including perception, but he streams into our surface mind least disguised in the form of productive fancy.”

So here, I can then observe him. If I sit quietly, and then suddenly I catch myself and say to myself as I have said to others, “A penny for your thoughts. What are you now imagining?” Well then, if I am honest with myself, it may be unpleasant. But if I am honest I know if that imaginal act caused in me some motor state…because an idea that is only an idea that is not felt produces nothing. It must be felt, it must produce motor elements. So if I catch myself and I’m combative, that’s a motor element. If I am now being congratulated or I am congratulating, that’s a motor element.

If I catch myself in these moments, I know what’s going to happen in my world; unless, of course, I arrest it and revise that moment. But most of us aren’t even aware of what we are doing, and so I can almost say that we do not observe the Creator. We can catch him as he streams into the surface mind least disguised in the form of productive fancy.

Neville. The Fall and Restoration: 1968 Lectures

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