Find Greater Wealth through the Metaphysical Law of Balance

The following is adapted from Reality Revolution by Brian Scott.

Everything in nature strives toward balance. If the air temperature changes, it’s balanced out by the wind. If you drop something from the top of a building, the object has potential for energy until it hits the ground and becomes a lower form of energy. Wherever there’s excess potential of an energy form, nature always wants to lower it.

Our thoughts and emotions carry energy, and the law of balance is always trying to move us toward equilibrium.

Think about it: have you ever noticed that when you want something badly, you can never seem to get it? 

When we attribute too much importance, or energy, to something, a counterbalancing force will always come into play. This can be frustrating, especially when it comes to the creation of wealth. 

Nearly everyone wants to be wealthy, but that desire can work directly against your intentions. In order to build greater wealth, you must understand the law of balance and find the right alignment that will attract wealth instead of drive it away. 

The Law of Balance and Prosperity

I think of the law of balance as an equilibrium between inner and outer importance. 

Inner importance is your estimation (or overestimation) of your own virtues, powers, shortcomings, or problems. If you decide that you’re an important person who does important work and deserves a certain amount of money, inner importance goes off the scale and the universe will try to show you just how wrong you are. And the opposite is true, as well.

Outer importance works similarly. When you attribute huge meaning to an object or an event taking place outside of you—like money—excess potential is created and things go wrong. 

Unbalanced feelings are typically a strong sign that you have attributed too much importance to something, either internally or externally. Dissatisfaction, anxiety, despondency, embarrassment, fear, guilt, idealization, worship, pride—all of these are indicators of imbalance.

These unbalanced feelings typically lead to the opposite outcome of the one you desire. For instance, placing too much outer importance on money usually comes from a level of lack, which is counterproductive. A mindset of lack will not attract wealth. It will bring your attention and focus toward the fear of not having enough money, which will actually drive you toward having less and less money.

Or if your inner importance is too high and you believe you deserve a certain amount of wealth that you do not have, you will feel dissatisfied. That dissatisfaction will put out negative vibrations into the universe, preventing you from attracting the very thing you desire.

If you want greater prosperity, you must find a way to minimize the importance of money.

Less Importance = Greater Luck and Wealth

At some point, you’ve likely attributed someone’s success to luck, and perhaps you’ve also blamed your own failings on a lack of luck.

In fact, studies have demonstrated that lucky people are really just relaxed people. By minimizing importance, they are actually able to create better luck and have better results.

In his book The Luck Factor, Richard Wiseman details a simple experiment in which he gave people a newspaper and asked how many total photographs were in it. Some participants took several minutes to answer, and others went back and rechecked multiple times. 

All of them could have revealed the correct answer in seconds, because the second page of the newspaper contained a half-page message that read, “STOP COUNTING—THERE ARE 43 PHOTOGRAPHS IN THIS NEWSPAPER.” But nobody saw this message because they were so focused on looking for photographs. 

The newspaper also had an ad that read, “STOP COUNTING, TELL THE EXPERIMENTER YOU HAVE SEEN THIS AND WIN $100.” Nobody saw that message either.

When we place too much importance on something, it’s like putting on blinders, giving us tunnel vision. In contrast, those of us who are relaxed and willing to look at the big picture will see the guideposts that are blatantly placed in our path. So stop blowing things out of proportion. Be spontaneous, improvise, and relax.

Find Your Balance

There is a point of balance between wanting to be rich and being strongly dependent on money. Whenever you’re struggling with money, ask yourself, “Am I attributing a higher level of importance to this than it needs?”

If the answer is yes, work to bring the level of importance back into balance. You don’t have to stop wanting money entirely, but you should relax about the fact that it isn’t pouring in like a geyser right now. 

Accept what you already have and realize things could always be worse. You do not achieve happiness by manifesting your desires—you manifest your desires by achieving happiness. As within, so without. 

So feel prosperous now. Feel confident now. Feel happy now. And watch your wealth build.

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