Neville Goddard Creation || EP 522

Tonight, if I would title it, it would be Creation. When we read Blake, Blake tells us his entire work from beginning to end is vision. It’s not a myth, it’s not allegory. He tells us that myths and allegories will have a certain amount of vision in them, but not a hundred percent. He said the Old Testament and the New are vision from beginning to end, that we are living in a world of constantly changing theories, and yet there is a world of unchanging truth; and the Bible is unchanging truth from beginning to end. He saw it just as it is, and he wrote a book called A Vision of the Last Judgment…a vision…and in this vision he tells this perfectly marvelous story.

dWell, I can bear witness to the truth of his vision. I am not a poet and I do not paint, and I cannot carve and engrave as he could, so I must simply rely upon words to tell it. But he could take it as he saw it and capture it in poetical form, and he could engrave it, and he could paint it. This is what he said in A Vision of the Last Judgment, he said, “Many suppose that before the Creation all was solitude and chaos. This,” said he, “is the most pernicious idea that could enter the mind, as it limits all Creation to simply creating things and then solitude. It limits all existence to that.” And now, he makes this bold, bold claim based upon vision, he said, “Eternity exists, and all things in Eternity independent of Creation which was an act of mercy.”

Just think of it, everything in this world right now, this whole thing here exists independent of Creation which was an act of mercy. We’ve got to extract from this thought what he means by Creation, for he tells us everything here exists. I came through the door just a second ago. Had you photographed me in the act, there would have been a frame of many individual stills. He’s telling me every one exists. Standing here doing this, these are different frames, and they all exist, everything in the world exists independent of Creation which was an act of mercy.

If one could only extract from that thought what he’s getting at by the use of the word Creation…and tonight, I think we can, for I’ve experienced it…and I think we can. But he goes further, he said: “By this it will be seen that I do not consider either the just or the wicked to be in a supreme state, but to be every one of them states of the sleep into which the Soul may fall in its deadly dreams of Good and Evil when it leaves Paradise following the Serpent.” He doesn’t use one word out of place. This great poet is so careful in the use of words, so when he uses the word “serpent” he means it, and when he uses the words “leaving Paradise” he means it. The world may smile and they laugh at it. It doesn’t really matter what the world thinks, it really doesn’t; unnumbered theories…in the midst stands unchanging truth…and he saw the truth as it was revealed in the Holy Scriptures.

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