Interview with Joshua Tongol- Author, Speaker, Gadfly, Out of Body Explorer || EP 213

JOSHUA TONGOL is a young man with an interesting story. He was born with only one hand that he wrestled with for most of his life. For years he went from one healing crusade to another to receive healing, but to no avail. He became utterly disappointed and confused concerning the idea of miracles.

By the age of 17 he began his eight-year tirade against all forms of faith healing. But during that skeptical period, he was unexpectedly diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and also suffered from a herniated disc in his back (sciatica). He experienced a tremendous amount of physical and emotional pain. And although he desired to be healed, he was still a hardcore critic of faith healing.

However, what happened next changed his life forever.

In 2006, Joshua was challenged by what many would consider to be a modern-day miracle. He was so convinced of its authenticity that he began his own journey into healing—investigating whether or not miracles (and all things paranormal) still occur regularly today. He read every book he could find on the subject and also met with countless people who operated in these so-called “supernatural gifts.”

Joshua then began praying for the sick and injured and, for the first time, started seeing results—including his own healing from both GERD and his back injury.

Joshua eventually discovered that the universal power to heal resides in every human being—that it doesn’t belong to just one group, religion, sect, or even to one special person. Instead, he realized that the principles of healing are woven into the very fabric of the universe and are available to anyone, anytime, and anywhere.

As Joshua often says, “The Universe plays no favorites.”

With his unique and diverse background, Joshua has become a fresh voice for modern-day spirituality. And with his raw and humorous style, he continues to challenge his listeners to think outside the “institutional walls” of religion and to have the courage to ask the hard questions.

Joshua boldly says in public what many people are thinking in private. And his hilarious stories and life-changing insights will inspire those who are dissatisfied with fear-based religion but believe—deep down—there’s a better message out there for the world to hear.

As a rising thought leader, Joshua has spoken to thousands of people throughout the United States and abroad at conferences, universities, workshops, churches and house meetings . He speaks on topics such as the law of attraction, consciousness, religion, paranormal phenomena, and personal development—offering new paradigms relevant for our day and age.

Joshua is the host of The Flipside podcast, which is where he interviews brilliant minds, influential leaders, celebrities and more!

Joshua has a wonderful Youtube channel with fantastic content covering the law of attraction, neville goddard and so much more.

Chekc out his channel here

He’s also the author of the books The Secret to Awesomeness and So You Thought You Knew.

Joshua has been interviewed on popular blogs (The Huffington Post and, television programs, Youtube channels, magazines, and podcast shows.

Joshua has an online course called Law of Attraction Mastery. He would like to give reality revolution listeners $200 off using the code below.

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Welcome to the reality revolution. I am beyond excited to talk to Joshua Tongle. Joshua Tongal has a fantastic YouTube channel. If you check it out, he talks about everything from out of body experiences to law of attraction to Neville Goddard. And beyond that, he’s a magnificent writer. He’s written two incredible books, the secret to awesomeness. And so you thought you knew that just resounded with me. They’re super fantastic. He’s my soul brother in every way he matches all the things that I’ve talked about on this channel. When I was reading his book, it was like he covered all the things that we’ve talked about in even using similar language. It’s like a, it’s like we’ve, we’ve met before something I, I had to talk to Joshua, so thank you all the way from the Philippines. How’s it going man? Awesome dude is good. Yeah. Just chilling out here. It’s almost midnight. Um, but I’m excited to be on your show, dude. Appreciate it Brian. Well thanks for coming on. It’s seven in the morning here. Yeah, I know. It’s early for me. Late for you, but it’s all good man though. We’re all here. So, um, it’s, it’s, it’s always fun to talk to some, to somebody else that’s been on the journey and clearly gone through some of the ups and downs and kind of tested out reality in so many different ways and come up with your own experiences and philosophies around how the universe works. And to see somebody that’s kind of had the same journey as mine is, it’s exciting cause you weren’t, it’s almost like you’re, you’re, you’re, you’re like a future version of me. I got to talk to you and forget a little darker. Cool. Cool. So, um, yeah. Um, so it’s interesting. Um, the, the, the book I was reading, um, so you thought you knew, talks about your, your spiritual journey, uh, you, you used to be a pastor, a youth minister. Is that correct? And so, and, and, and I, and I, I’m with that all the way. And so there’s a culture that comes about and the way that you’re taught about God. What, what I found interesting is as I’ve kind of researched you, you wrote that book and it’s kind of like a summary, like of what Neville Goddard is saying before you really started talking about Neville Goddard. It was like you basically summarize Neville Goddard before you had started reading Neville Goddard. Am I right? Yeah, I didn’t know him. Never got it right. Do you get what I’m, I’m listening to this going and I looked at the date and then I looked at your other videos and it was like you’re basically, you’d never gotten before knowledge and information. You’re saying all these things that never got it is. So talk to me a little bit about the beginning part of your journey. Obviously you went through your transformation dance. Let’s talk about that first. Yeah. You’ll want it like in the details. They just want like a breath. Okay. Yeah, yeah. So you know, as you read in the book, I was raised in a Christian home and if you’re able to kind of identify a little bit of my journey, you know that there are more than one type of like Christianity. There’s many types of Christianity, even though we just say, are you Christian is like, yeah, what kind? Right. So I was actually part of what you would call the charismatic kind of Christianity, meaning that I was, we’re the kind of Christians that believe in what’s called a supernatural gifts of the Holy spirit. So we weren’t like the conservative types of Christians who said that all of that miraculous stuff seized when the Bible was completed or it was only there during Jesus’ time. But actually our branch actually believed that all that stuff’s still continue today. So I grew up in that culture, which some people would say is kind of extreme because we saw some weird stuff or what some people would identify as weird, where I mean, it wasn’t just things like people speaking in tongues or prophesying, you know, for telling the future. Um, but I mean I was part of the culture, which was like what would be called a revival movement, where I would see people having Holy ghost laughter. It’s like uncontrollable laughter. It was a phenomenon that was going on, especially in the 90s I saw people falling down left and right and I was like call slain in the spirit that’s happened to me. People having open heaven visions and going to heaven and traveling in the spirit. Like we wouldn’t use a term out of body experiences at the time we call it, you know, being in the spirit to do this and all that kind of stuff. And so that was my, that was really my culture. It was actually kind of normal for me. So we’d have all these famous people from Africa, Korea, you know, claiming to duties miraculous things and have these powers, you know, because of their relationship with Jesus. And at that time, you know, ever since I was a kid, Brian, I was always interested. Surprisingly, it’s like I was always interested in near death experiences and because my mom used to just tell me a lot of stories about it. If people, you know, going to heaven and meeting Jesus and being parts of, you know, being in certain environments that were just very different from this world here. You know, it’s like they’ll, they’ll be in like a environment where like things like, like they could see close details of nature or they’ll be in a home in the [inaudible] the furniture moves and I’m like, what? Yeah, just like very weird stuff that just doesn’t seem normal or realistic so to speak. And aye really ate that up cause I was just like, wow, that’s really cool. And they met Jesus and like I would, I would really want to have those kinds of experiences. I just don’t want like the near death part, you know? But like the other stuff is like really cool. But at the same time when I was a kid, since I was so open to, I guess you could say like spiritual things, I did see some stuff as a kid, you know, I like just try to, I’m just going to condense everything. But I did see things like in my room, I would see like a ghost or whatever, floating up in the corner of my room. I had other weird, her normal, you could call it paranormal phenomena happening to me. That was just for many years. I didn’t know how to explain [inaudible] things moving in the house and stuff. And um, but I guess one of the things that was the biggest part for me in my journey, which you red in my, my second book was about my hand, right? So I was born this way. I was born with only one hand. And so when you look at it with the perspective that I had being like this, I was teased a lot, which is pretty sad. And like it just whack. You don’t wish on any kid, but I was teased a lot and because of that, unfortunately it got to me, right. And I got very insecure and it’s like, Oh dude, you know, no one’s gonna like girls don’t like me or whatever, you know? And um, but within my, my world was, is God who supposedly does miracles. All right. So, I mean, if he could park the seas, do you have Def, you know, um, give hearing to the deaf or sight to the blind. Why can’t he give me fingers? Cause I’m like, Oh God, Jesus, I’m hurting. Kids are making fun of me. Can you give me two hands? And I would like cry, like pray every night hoping, Hey, when I wake up, we’re going to have two hands. I mean, I really did that for many, many years as a, as a kid, of course. And so I would go to all these different crusades. And of course a lot of people don’t like Josh, who cares? It’s not a big deal, you know? And I’m like, yeah, I get it, but this is my experience. I was really hurt as a kid and I wanted to have, you know, like normal ahead. You know, I just had a hard time accepting it and I would go to all these different types of faith healers at the time, like a big name, you know, just to let you know, I’m from California too, so LA and so, um, yeah, I went to all these crusades, I would try to get healed and nothing would happen. And so that was like a really big struggle for me. But the, the turning point, so imagine I did that all those years, but the major turning point was when I was 17 and I found out like the biggest faith killer at the time, which I don’t without mentioning this person’s name was in at Ohio, California. And uh, so I was like, there you go. And that was telling my friends, I’m like, you know what, I’m going to go through this crusade and I’m going to come back with two hands. And I told my friends that like my non Christian friends that try to, um, like witness to them, you know, as like a testimony to believe in my faith and stuff. And so I want you, this crusade, nothing was happening. And I was getting really discouraged and I told my friends like, I want to take me down to the stage, dude, maybe you know what the guide lays hands on me, something’s going to sneak and happen. Like silk lay hands on me and he’s anointed. Boom. You know, try going down place was packed. Thousands of people say come back tomorrow. I was like, ah crap dude. Like I was embarrassed first of all, but at the same time, of course I was hurt. I was really disappointed. Went back the next day. Obviously nothing happened. And so that became a major turning point for me too because it wasn’t that I became bitter towards God the way I understood God at the time. But it was more of a realization for me at that time of like, Oh, maybe this stuff isn’t really happened today. You know, cause it’s like growing up as a charismatic Christian, I never saw fingers grow or, or missing legs or arms go out. Like I remember go at a church and people speaking in tongues and falling down about like, what’s, what’s kind of supernatural about that now? Like I was really questioning everything. Like it was very, I did a lot of interest section, you know, just like wondering if if, if I was lied to, I was deceived because there was just a lot of bold claims, but there was not much that I was seeing. And so at that same when I didn’t get healed and I started questioning things I, Oh, not that one of my teachers at school was a Christian apologist. And are you familiar with that term? Apologetic stuff? Let’s talk about it. Yeah. So, so my teacher was in a Polly’s, I had no clue what an apologist was when I was 17 but basically it’s somebody who defends something. So there’s other religions that have their apologists, but mine was within the context of Christian apologetics, which is how to defend the Christian faith. So that was a whole new role because look at me, who, when I was a kid, I believed everything dude. I mean, when there’s a guy coming from another country claiming to miracles, I believe that all lay heads. And I did that for all my life as a kid. Now, all of a sudden this teacher started telling me to start questioning things and I’m like, Oh, that’s true. You know, like, well, how do I know this stuff is really true? You know? And I’ll be honest, like I, I did assume Christianity was true the whole time. Yeah. It’s all messed up. My faith, it was more of them. I just wanted to have good reasons why I was a Christian and so I immersed myself in that world of academia and intellectual Christianity when I was 17 like it totally changed my world where I became super, super skeptical. And so it was kind of like a double edge sword for me, Brian, because in a way it was good because there was some skepticism there. So it’s not like I’m going to these crusades and be like, I believe no, I believe everything that this guy says now it’s like, uh, no. You know, this guy might be fully nested, he might be a Charlotte, just trying to take your money or maybe he just delusional to the nose was a double edged sword for me in a sense that aye with skeptical of everything, like I didn’t believe anything for eight years. And when I say that I didn’t believe, I really didn’t believe, like you get asked my closest friends, you could ask my family. I had an agenda for eight years to expose the charismatic fake healing movement. Like that was my passion, believe it or not. Right? So I did that where I started to even preach our churches about that stuff. I would guess speak at churches talking against the miraculous. I mean, how ironic is that? But people were cool with that, but it was more of the conservative churches. Right? And so I was doing that and within that eight, after eight years of, of of speaking against the quote unquote supernatural, and I say quote unquote, because I think it’s a misnomer. But, um, basically at that time, unexpectedly in my life, I had a serious back injury. And as you read in my book, right, like reg dancer. So I did that my whole life ever since I was in elementary school despite my hand I can do it right. But I’m, I was at a party and my back just went out and it’s crazy cause I never really had any back problems and it’s weird cause it’s really bad but I did it. I wasn’t the type to really stretch when I break down it’s like I didn’t do it that much and just one day boom, it just popped. Yeah. Like it was really bad at a party. I’m like what is this dude? And everything below my, my waist just got super heavy and numb and Oh long story short with that part I ended up having what’s called a herniated disc and so I had to go. And so like for your audience, like if they’re not aware of how that works is just like you’d think of your spine in between each vertebrae are your disc and it just basically it gets crushed and it like it slips out and it pops out or bulges out. And then it kind of touches a nerve and it shoots down and it hurts like hell. It hurts like hell dude. I mean like, Oh man. It’s like every time I sneeze it hurts like a shoots. Every time I cough, every time I laugh and I laugh a lot. I mean I would cry myself to sleep almost every night cause I’m like, what happened? Like I can’t even walk. I can’t even walk normally. So I would literally be the type of guy in my early twenties where I had to hold onto her rails like everywhere that I went. And even within college and you know, everyone’s telling me get a wheelchair, you get a wheelchair. People in school would be praying for me cause I went to a private university at the time and none of the prayers are working and not too long after that. And just went for the worst where, um, I had this really strong, uh, chest pain in my chest. Like it was really bad at a friend’s house late at night. And you wrote about that too. I felt like it was a heart attack. And, um, I found out eventually, like I, I literally thought I was going to die at that moment. I was like confessing my sins and every big honestly do. It was like scary. And then, uh, it was a stupid thing that I did where I decided to just, uh, endure the pain and just sleep it off. I just knocked out. But then eventually I went to the hospital, they said that I was diagnosed with something called GERD, which is gastroesophageal reflux disease. I had no clue what Euro was at a time, never even heard. And they said that had an extreme extreme form of it, which made it even scarier for me cause it, um, from that point on, Brian, like I literally had a chest pain, heartburn and bomb. It tastes in my mouth pretty much back pain at the same time, that back pain at the same time. And it’s crazy because I’m not even joking prior to that, really bad, a tuck in my chest. I don’t ever remember having heartburn. Like if I ever did, it must have been so subtle that I don’t even remember. But I, there was never like a buildup to it, so it just hit me like that. I was like, Aw, like these two major things in my life know I’m not even thinking about my hand anymore. It’s like I’ve accepted it as a skeptic. I don’t believe in that kind of political, supernatural stuff. And, um, then what happened? I, I did physical therapy. I had a bunch of Asian friends telling me do acupuncture. It works. I did that. I did it stick and work, and I was just getting worse. Literally, I was just getting worse and worse. All the exercises I was doing, changing my diet, just eating subway or whatever, like nothing was working and give me like a little candy, like a lifesaver. I’m like screwed up the entire day. So you can just see, imagine, um, I really was wonder, why is my life falling apart at such a young age? And I was serving at a church as a pastor. So, you know, you kind of question, I don’t really deserve this. I mean, I’m like, I’m doing good. You know, why did, why is this happening to me? Mmm. So what happened was that another turning point happened, and this was back in 2006 which really changed my life. Now this isn’t in my book cause this is going to be possibly in a future book, but my life changed when I met this guy. Um, his name is [inaudible] William basin and he was sharing his story about how he was, he would say is miraculously healed. And remember at that time, I don’t believe anything, none of that stuff. It’s all BS to me. I’ve even heard like resurrection stories during my skeptical period. I’m like, come on man, that would be all over the news. You know, it’s like nothing, but I’m hearing this guy, there I am in my pain listening to this guy’s story. They called him like a modern day job. And for your listeners, Joe was [inaudible] person in the old Testament, whether he’s real or not. There was a story about a guy who just suffered a lot, right? They call this guy a modern day job, Willie B. Since Ted, a surgery, basically his back, the disc and his spine ruptured [inaudible]. Eventually he had to get a surgery for it. Obviously he had five surgeries. When you have one surgery, you’re never the same. So you had five, right? You got to get two more. A total of seven. Yeah, no blood flow in his left leg. It was going to get amputated. He was super, super skinny, um, after his, all these things that are happening to them and before he’s this really big bulky guy. So it was like his life was going downhill, family problems, his business started, you know, going down and everything. So his life was like living hell obviously. So I’m listening to this guy’s story, very open in a way. Um, I don’t know. I guess I was just desperate at that time. And he eventually goes to a church where they have a healing service and he goes to this church to get prayed for just for his wife because he doesn’t really believe in this stuff. Didn’t expect much PT did it for the sake of his wife. He just wanted to die and he was depressed. He heard a voice, literally just heard a voice. Some were, I guess it was like around his head or whatever, saying you are not going to die. And then he was sharing that when you heard that voice, he knew it wasn’t a fake healer because if paid Hiller had a very thick Korean accent and that voice really just came out of nowhere. But he says, when he heard that voice, he got sick. He got more depressed because okay, he’s not going to die, but that means he’s going to live in this sick body the rest of his life. I mean, he was better at in 22 hours a day, you know, it’s like passes out so it’s really bad. So he goes home, starts writing in his journal. All of a sudden he feels a strong wind coming to the room or like a sound of a wind, something like that. Yeah. All of a sudden it gets like taken up and ends up in what you would describe as like a had been replaced. He needs a figure who supposedly is Jesus and as Jesus figure tells Willie, you were going to be 100% healed, restore to your youth boob, comes back to his body, 100% he’ll do that 100% heal instantaneous. Oh no. So right. I’m skipping the details, right. If you want the details. So this is what happened. He goes to sleep. I mean it comes back to his body. He’s like, well it was that. And he tells us why the, it’s like you’re on too much morphine or whatever, you know, and then he writes it all down, goes asleep, wakes up the next day he says, I stood up, no pain. That was already a miracle. I walked a little bit, no pain. He runs like a sneak in mile or something. No pain. That’s how he found out. He was sort of screaming, I’m healed, I’m healed, I’m healed. I think you said God is real. Got to do. I’m not sure, but I remember he said, God, I’m here. So he shares that story talking about the power of God, you know? And there I was just listening to him and open. And so I approached him and I was like, Hey Willie. I just told him about my back and I, uh, we swapped information. We actually became really good friends, you know, really dope, very Korean guy, very monotone guy, and not showy at all, which is what I liked. And he brought in all the doctors. He brought in documentation from UCLA, Germany. So that kind of gave them more credibility to be, plus he has an atheist friend who was still an atheist that was a witness of his healing. He’s like, I don’t know how to explain what happened to my friend Willie. So like that, that just gave a lot of credibility to me for him. And so he says, all right, Josh, give me your email. Here’s, um, then he sends me a link to a website and it’s that church, that church where he got pray for it, you know, and I, I saw it, I was like, can you imagine me rolling my eyes? I’m like, Oh, this is about do. It’s that charismatic stuff, you know? And so, so I saw the testimonies in their, their healing service. Um, there were people who are getting headaches. I’m like, whatever, you know, and then back pain, I’m like, ah, whatever. It’s still a little skeptical. Psychosomatic. And then cancer was being killed. That’s true. I mean, is it a big deal? And then there was one test, someone who had arm that was supposedly like, LinkedIn grew. I’m like, [inaudible] what? And I’ve never heard of something like that before, like a festival. It’s kind of weird. Like what does that mean? It wasn’t a whole armor like was grown out or like a little armor lengthen. What does that mean? So at that moment, Brian, it’s hard to explain, but I was ex, there was this huge rush, the rush of emotion that I had where I was extremely, extremely, extremely, it shouldn’t be confused at that very moment. And I, I shut the computer and I went to the prayer chapel at my school and I just started bawling. I just started crying just like for the first time after eight years of being a skeptic and preaching against this stuff, my desire to be healed came back [inaudible] then I started talking to people about it and even the professors at my school then they were like kind of scared for me cause they know about my story. I was very outspoken I think in classes. I’m always sharing my opinion and stuff and, and they were like, Josh, what if that thing happens to you? Like when you were 17 at that cuisine? And I was like, just where I was mad at him, why would God do this to me again? You know, why wouldn’t you let me see this website and meet his guy just to hurt me again? Like that was just how it was coming out in me. I was emotional and try condense this all bro. And all of a sudden, um, I decided to look into it again to investigate. And so I had this renewed interest in healing, but this time with, with a different perspective where instead of looking at all the guys that I grew up with are all, you know, they were on Christian television, you know, with the funky hair and asking for money. I found out about these other people who were intellectuals who were former skeptics, who are teachers, you know, speakers at Mikey’s, other seminaries that were yeah. Full on believers in healing and the miraculous or the continuation of the, the gifts of the spirit we would call it. And I started traveling from place to place, meaning these people, you know, cause I was just so hungry. I’m like, Oh my gosh, there’s a whole lot of world of people that they seem like normal people, you know, they’re, they don’t say like let’s say the Lord, they don’t talk like that, you know, they just look like normal chill people. And I started doing healing myself. And for the first time I started to see results like immediately, like research, doing healing and someone had a cast on pain, went away right away and took off the cast. And you know, just random things. I started off small just with like pains and you know, just going everywhere. I was like super passionate about it and I was like, what’s going on? And uh, what happened to me with my body is that long story short with that, what is that? My, my back’s good, normal and my garage is completely gone. Like completely gone. 100%. That’s, you know, I wrote that book several years ago. That’s, you’re right. It’s still the same dude. I just had a monster energy drink. Well people will knock you down, but it’s because I just had a monster energy energy drink last night. I get two or three in the morning, you know, say, and you know, to each his own. I’m just saying that my body for sure has changed, you know, so I’m not telling people to eat the way that I eat, but the way that I eat now, if you see my old photos back in the day, Brian, if you just scroll through my Facebook, I look very different. I actually look more unhealthy back then when I was younger. It’s my birthday this week, by the way. Oh, happy birthday, man. I’m getting older. Younger. I totally get that. Yeah, absolutely. I think that there’s a part of yourself deep down that put you through this so that you would come to the realization that you’re at. Yeah, it’s always late that you went on this journey for a reason. Like while you’re going through it, you don’t realize if I didn’t go through this, I wouldn’t have all these wonderful things happen later on. You know, 100% that are struggling right now. Sometimes half of their prospective look at Joshua. Sometimes what you’re going through kind of gives you these realizations later on. Right. You wouldn’t have had if you hadn’t have gone through that, right. You wouldn’t have gone to that church. You wouldn’t have sought out those healings. So no, no, no, no. I mean that, that’s, I think the beautiful part of life, right, is like, you know, Steve jobs says it’s like you connect, you don’t connect the dots moving forward. You connected looking backward kid, when you’re going through the pain you don’t see things clearly because it just hurts too much. You know? And as I got older obviously who would have thought that the guy who was so Adam are so vocal about against healing because healing gets healed and starts teaching on healing. I would have been the last person. Do you trust me? My family knows this. My closest friends know this. They even, in fact I was so vocal about it, my closest friends were actually mad at me because they were confused when I started to ship. And like you’re the one that told us not to believe in this stuff like [inaudible]. Right. And I’m sure there’s a part of you that was a little bit hesitant to speak out cause you had been the opposite, right? You were like there’s that little part of you that said, I don’t, I realize the contradiction but I’m going to contradict myself. I, I, I’ve been there cause I contradict myself with my channel a lot. I’m saying stuff that I, I have preached against in the past, you know? Yeah. So there you go. It’s like that. That’s something where it, of course it would cross my mind, but I’m a very, like when I’m passionate about something, I just go for it. Even if it’s kinda makes people uncomfortable, just share because it changed my life. And that’s one of the reasons why I eventually left my church because at that time, since I was a skeptic, I was part of this very conservative Southern Baptist church. And I told my pastor what happened to him. He saw what happened to me and I said, well, sir, I’m getting criticized at church because a lot of the people at church are into apologetics. So they’re very aware of like [inaudible] and they’re very critical of that. And here I am, one of the pastors here, I want to preach on healing pastor. And my pastor said, Josh, you preach from your heart. And so I went full on like every single week and you could see the eyes and the audience and the young people loved it. But the old people, they weren’t having it. They’re like, you’re trying to be like that guy on television and blah, blah, blah. Right? Like nod, it’s changed my life. I got healed and blah, blah. And so that was like a big struggle for me where I became churchless for quite some time and I eventually left the ministry because I just felt like I couldn’t fit in. And so I just started to roll with other ministries and learn from them. And I started to have these experiences of what we would call outside of the religious realm. Uh, we would say like paranormal stuff or sorry. Mmm. Just know things about people that were like specific and had some autobody experiences, just random antibody experiences and things like that. And so it really, really changed my life. Brian, I know you have a lot of questions, so, no, no, no, I love it. Thank you much. When I, when I watch your channel and read your books, you know, I, I’ve met a lot of people that talk about the law of attraction. Um, and there are certain levels of law of attraction there. There’s somebody that’s kind of given me the, the version of the secret and then there’s somebody that’s been through it and it’s kind of an advanced level of law of attraction. I see that with you. You’ve, you’ve taken it, you realize that the full implications. So have you obviously experienced this, you’ve been through it, you’ve tested it out. So you understand what I’m saying. I how when somebody has realized the law of attraction and then started to apply it, and over time there’s so much more detail and nuance and flavor to the law of attraction. And that’s with your teachings. I mean, you’ve taken it to level. Anything you focus on grows even very small, distinct levels. And so I’ve learned a lot about the law of attraction from you thinking that I’d known it all. But no. And so I wanted to talk about it a little bit, that your book, the secret of awesomeness, talks a little bit about it. So, so when did you start really applying and exploring the law of attraction after you left the church? Or was it during that time or when? When was it? So here’s, here’s what’s interesting, just kind of looking back and reflecting on my life, right? If I were to filter it, like I didn’t know that Mike, Christianity of the supernatural stuff was actually law of attraction. It’s just completely different lingo because when you look at our teachings back in the day, as a Christian, I don’t, I identify self identify myself with any particular religion just for your audience to be aware of that. Mmm. I was part of the, the kind of Christianity that’s called a word of faith movement that’s kind of like, to some people it’s like a fringe group, you know, but we were the ones that were talking about like health and wealth and prosperity and healing and all those kinds of things that, you know, um, some charismatic center or not even to someone, uh, with some of that kinda emphasis within the fate. And, but we did talk about like speaking things into existence. We did talk about naming it and claiming it. And I was like a famous one naysayer when we were, you name it and you claim it in Jesus name, you know, these like that. We did talk about you speak things that are not as though they were. That’s like law of attraction, you know? And so when I, what I got, when I became skeptical, of course I put all of that aside. When I started to explore spirituality, love, attraction, all kinds of things. I was hearing some about resonance, vibration, attraction, resistance, all those types of things. But then when I start to look at it and kind of compare it with what I was learning as a kid, I was like, Oh no, it’s, it’s, it’s similar. It’s just the semantics. It’s just a different language that we leave on. Talking about vibration, we talk about Holy spirit, your man, we don’t talk about energy. We talk about Holy spirits come upon you because I’ve seen people, you know, have energy and feel all that stuff. When I was dying, I felt all that stuff when I was a kid, you know, and seeing things happen where like my own back when my back was healed and my girls was disappeared, I still was identifying myself as a Christian healer and I didn’t no much about like, um, the law of attraction stuff. And then that’s still was kind of new agey for me. And believe it or not at that time, you know? Um, and then I realized once I started to learn more about the secret back in the day, I’m like, Oh no, it’s just, it’s just the lingo dude. It’s the same thing. The same process. Well, I mean it’s a law. So every religion is going to grab onto those laws and, and kind of form it and make it a part of their own in a lot of ways. Uh, but, but what I find, and I think maybe you will find after you kind of like move away from Christianity a little bit, that part of you and you realize Christ was like best law of attraction teacher. You know, when you [inaudible] dude was a master, you know, tried to attach all other stuff with what he said, but really he was just like, Hey, you can have anything you want. All you gotta do is this. Everybody tried to, you know, create something else out of it. But if you want to know one of the best law of attraction teachers, it was Christ, right? Jeez. He demonstrated it. I mean, he healed people. I mean, his words were powerful. Look at the influence that it has. Even to this day. I mean, I, I look at it even at my own life of where, okay, it’s true. Like if I’ll be honest, bro, like if I didn’t get healed of my back and my girds, who knows where I’d be when it comes to the topic of healing because there’s only so much reading that I can do, right? If I’m, if I’m reading like dozens of books, I’m meeting all these people who claim to be healers and I’m going from copper, copper’s a convert. Unless I experienced it myself, I don’t think I’d be as confident as I am now. So the reason why I feel like I have some confidence with this is because I’ve seen it in my own life. It’s not just like, Oh, I heard this, I heard that. Which is fine. But for me, I needed to know, especially because of the pain that I’ve been through and my skepticism that I’ve had for so many years, that was really hard for me to get out of for a while. You know, I really needed to see something and it was through a person’s story that kind of catapulted me, you know, to kind of explore it. And then it led to my own healing, which really changed my life, bro. My healing. That’s why I didn’t give a rip when people were criticizing me saying this stuff is like culture. They already knew. I already knew and it wasn’t making me a bad person either. You know? It was like making me a better person and it helping me to understand that, Hey, you don’t always have to just tell people that you’ll be healed in heaven. You know, like we were giving people a, an opportunity to try to get better. And you know, we’ve been able to see that the past several years. So in your channel, in your book, you’ve also had some interviews. You do explore the quantum nature and you look into the quantum physics part of your book, you know, and so, uh, there’s definitely, um, for the, for the skeptic, you’re not just, this is not just a spiritual thing. There’s, there’s science behind what we’re talking about. And you’re touching upon that in your book. Yeah, I believe so. I mean, I’m not a quantum physicist, but just for my understanding from my reading, uh, seems to be that science is, there’s, there’s an explanation that they have for some of these things. Obviously there’s other things that they’re very, they don’t understand like stuff when it comes to the afterlife, but when it comes to like love attraction and you’ll have guys like Dispenza, Braden, all these dudes that are combining spirituality and science together showing that they’re not mutually exclusive. And so I write it in my book. I just do it in kind of like a chill and in a fun way based by the title. And I can’t recommend it enough. Anybody out there if you want to read a book that really captures all this stuff, check the check both of those out. So, so then, so at some point along the way, uh, you found Neville Goddard and you got some really interesting videos. As with mine, I start talking about Neville on my channel as much, but um, we were both kind of at a similar point. I don’t claim to be an expert, you know, I’m still exploring Neville Goddard. Um, but it resonates with me. That’s why I’m finding it. Interesting. Um, and so, uh, just talk to you a little bit about some of the, you’ve, you, you’ve adopted some of his techniques and it just wanted to get your perspective of how Nebo might’ve, you know, improved upon what you’d already been through. Yeah. Neville Neville is amazing dude. Honestly, it’s like I dude just suddenly upon his work years ago, cause I did reference it in my second book, right? So I was already aware of Neville at that time, but it was only recently when I’m like really immersing myself in Neville, even though I heard of him from back in the day. And, but I was actually, believe it or not, I was actually using his techniques because, um, in a way the Bible teaches it, right. So again, as a Christian, like I said, so if you were to ask me, Josh, how did you get healed back in the day? Honestly, what I did back in the day, Brian was at, Mmm, almost every day or so, this was when I was in college. I would go to this one church like super late at night. It’s open like 24 hours. So there’s people there like a two or three in the morning on their knees crying and praying. I’m like, dude, these guys are like hardcore, you know? And I would go there and I was praying for my healing for my back and for my girls. And what I would do is, is that because faith, you know, it’s, we talk about fate in a Bible as you believe that you received it and it’ll be yours. And so what I would do at that time is that I would visualize myself running. I would visualize, visualize myself eating the things that I want to eat, like chips and chocolate and all those kinds of things. And I don’t know anything about Neville. I didn’t read new thought metaphysical books. I don’t, it’s just a stuff that I learned within charismatic kind of supernatural Christianity. And what happened is that since it was so late at night, and I would go to these churches, I would knock out, I’m just like there in the Pew and I would just dug out, we’ll learn about Neville’s thing. It’s a whole, you know, a state of kinda sleep thing where you’re doing this as you’re knocking out into him. And so, yeah. And so when I found Nebo stuff, it really resonated with me and it put it in more of like a teaching form and how I could like teach it to other people. But yeah, Neville as a man, I mean, he’s like his, his interpretations is very different. And then how I grew up learning since he looks at the Bible as more of a, you know, psychological States that you’re moving through and these characters are not necessarily historical, but I am so grateful for his life and for the legacy that he left for all of us do just really impacting my life even to this day. So you have some pretty cool, um, videos from different tech. One of the, one of the ones that I learn from you is the, is the mirror technique. Uh, yeah. You talk about it in your book and you have some videos on it. Um, so let’s talk a little bit about that. You, you, um, and when I started using it, I was like, you know, Joshua’s right, this, this stuff works. Neville talks about it a little bit, but you kind of expand on it. So let’s talk about the, the mirror technique that sure, sure. Yeah. So the mirror technique is basically that. So you’re, you’re looking in the mirror and basically you speak to yourself, you look straight into your eyes and as we always hear the saying is that when you look into a person’s eyes is like look into their soul. And so ultimately, right, we’re trying to reprogram the subconscious mind when you’re speaking, you’re wanting, you want to speak things in a way into existence and you want to speak it as though it’s already in the present state. So you’re like, I am this, I am that. And we just found it very powerful where I have a lot of testimonies even coming in pretty much every day, especially because of YouTube. People commenting, people just crying. It’s like they’ve never taken the time to look at themselves and say, I love you or I am loved, or you know, everything’s working out okay. Like they just, they just need to look at themselves and it just has like an emotional response coming from within. Just like, is that just like some random affirmation? I’m looking at them, they’re like, it’s much more [inaudible]. Yeah. They’re like looking into their soul and when you’re able to use it to look in your left eye, right. Oh, did I say that you look at both eyes because he can’t, you can’t really look at both eyes. So yeah, I probably did say that. I guess the point was just looking, your eyes speak to your soul is like no rush and you just speak your truth. Whatever it is, you know that you’re loved. You’re, you’re enough. I am enough. And you always want to speak it in a present tense, not in the future tense, which is, um, which makes sense with a lot of stuff that we’re teaching about reality creation is always in the present moment, so. Right. Cool. Now one thing that that’s interesting to discuss in the law of attraction community is once you start to game plan this out and how our thoughts create reality, then there, then there’s these outside influences where, you know, Neville talks about taking a mental diet and how do you access the news? We, uh, especially living in another country, you got politics, all these things, especially the, with our phones, we can just get sucked into these means and groups and ideas, that kind of pendulums, pendulums in reality, trans surfing, that, that, that is this idea of pendulums, that they treat it like it’s almost a living thing. It’s not necessarily conscious, but all it wants to do is pull your energy. It’s just an energy. So we give our energy to it. Right. How have you noticed this and have you found any, what’s your interpretation of that? And um, have you figured out any strategies around how do we deal with the news and how do we deal with these outside influences? Um, so it doesn’t pull our energy away because Earth’s become important when every thought becomes important. Yeah. So, so I guess for the most part, this is just on how I deal with things. Like for the most part, I just ignore it now to someone. They’ll be like, dude, how stupid is that? You’ve got to be realistic. You got to watch the news and this and that. For me. I don’t, I don’t watch, actually I don’t watch any television at all in the Philippines except Netflix. You know Bobby, I don’t watch like the Filipino channels or shows or all of a sudden that’s going on. If, if there is quote unquote bad news that’s going on, I don’t put too much attention to it. I mean even with the incident that just happened in the Philippines a while ago, it’s like the more you, you tried to fight something or the more awareness you put on something, I feel like the more it’s going to start to start to affect you in whatever way, whether it’s emotional or mental. And so I tend to ignore those types of things cause I was in a States not too long ago and I was just like chilling with my dad because you know my dad, I said watch a lot of TV and when I was watching TV with my dad and I’m telling you I don’t watch TV really at all. I don’t watch news. I was like, dude, this is all negative stuff. I’m like, how do you feel good about this stuff? And so for me, for the most artists focus on my world, you know, and, and hopefully that starts to bring a shift too, the people that are around, you know, but of course, you know, I’ll pop on, I’ll go online and find out, find some stuff that’s going on in the world today. But I don’t, I try not to put too much attention to it or too much awareness to it, where at least I try to be detached from it. And I’m saying, or I, I, you know, so if I, if I watch a horror movie, you know, I like horror movies, we watch one the other day, um, I just tell my wife, yeah, I just, when you watch something, just don’t be so attached to it. Just be kind of dispassionate towards it and just be chill. Just, just watch it, just observe it. And I’m saying, and so for me, I just look at life in a very, in a way, kind of neutral, where I just try not to absorb too much, even whether if it’s really good or quote unquote really bad, I just try to observant, you know, just like that whole thing of importance and all those kinds of things and just trying to stay chill, at least for the most part. Yeah. So once you kind of go down the rabbit hole of Neville Goddard and, and love attraction, uh, one people, one thing people have a hard time with is recreating a feeling they’ve never had. Yeah. So I always like to ask an expert what’s, how do I re if I want to know the feeling of the billionaire? Yeah. No. How do I find that feeling? What techniques or, or shortcuts do you have to create feelings that we have not experienced yet? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, for sure. So obviously it’s like how, how could a quote unquote poor person feel like a billionaire? Well, within that state you can’t buy because it feels so far away. And this is where I think noble is gold. This is where he does talk about the human imagination as something so powerful. Since God is your human imagination. I’m just speaking from my own experience. When I imagine things I agree, it just starts to naturally happen to me honestly. Like the feelings happen where I start to catch myself smiling. Right? So I was even like imagining this interview and your reaction of the interview and how it’s going to make me feel after this interview and I start to notice that unless I imagine, um, I have been able to create those types of feelings if I just try to like, you know, for something to happen. Obviously you can’t like how the hell do you become like a feeling like a millionaire. But what does a billionaire look like? What does a billion or a feel like? Well, if you don’t feel like it, this is where you imagine this is where you’d go within and you, and you play around with, with what you can create in your mind. And that’s just for me. There’s no like particular, this is the right way to do. Do you feel stuff in your body? Like do you do in your stomach, like your cheeks, do you feel like kinesthetic sensations? Are you able to retreat specific kinds body? I’m very, like for myself, I’m very sensitive to like energy so I feel stuff all the time. So even like when I started reading stuff about the plate and all that stuff back in the day and I’m just, Oh yeah, I feel that stuff on my back. And um, so even before I start reading about that stuff, so like for me I do not all the time. Um, but I, I do tend to feel the emotion where I, I always catch myself smiling. Like that’s how it’s like a good sign for me when I’m, Oh, okay. So you heard of the plate. So I’m not an expert in this. Neither am I, but I want to ask every one of my, the people I talked to, cause I think I might compile these together. It’s just an interesting thing. I want what, what is your impression? Do you think that the plate exists? Do you use the plate? Do you activate it? People that don’t know that are watching this for the first time. There’s a theory that there’s an energy braid that’s connected to the back somewhere in the back of our head that maybe extends down to our back that has some fundamental connection with States that we move into and may may, uh, have an influence on how we maneuver into future realities. Is that, that’s the best way I can explain it. Yeah. And so for, so for myself, do I use it? I haven’t yet. It’s just something that I’ve read about it. I’m reading more on it. Um, I heard someone the other day mentioned that it’s the same thing as a silver cords. That was kind of new for me. I’m a very aware of the silver cord because of astral, because of Astro. Right. So when you’re, when you Ash, well, we’ll get to algebra projection in a second, but do you, you are where there’s some kind of cord when you ask. I’m aware of that, but I’d never seen my own cord though. But you feel it. I feel stuff in my back go into quantum physics. That stuff in our back is not observed. So it has kind of a wave like state. It’s like there’s no way we can avoid. It’s always going to be it. There’s more infinite possibility. I don’t know. I’m getting too far. You understand what you observe something eyes, it becomes manifest. But behind us, even if it’s right behind us. Yeah. Yeah. I mean like many times I feel buzzing in the back of my head. Um, like something that’s very common for me, especially since I’ve been Astro traveling for several years. I hear like these frequencies, it gets very loud. Like I’ll just be chilling and I’m watching a movie with my wife. I’m like, let me hear that Alison. I hear it’s like a musical tune. So let’s talk about Astro projection. Um, when it started to become, uh, easier for me was, was like you said, when I wasn’t, when I was listening to some binaural beat, it was when I could hear that high pitch tone almost. And, and I S w w. okay. It’s not some, um, tinnitus that I have in my ear. Right. It’s okay, I’m going to focus on that noise. And then there’s a pop. That was when I started, when it became more easier for me while awake in a lucid moment. So, uh, you know, I’ve had some weird experiences and seen some unusual things and maybe it’s my imagination. Maybe it’s real. I wanted to know your impressions and how you talk about it in your book. So it’s always nice to meet a fellow astral traveler. I think it’s totally fascinating. I think all of us, nobody can claim to be like an expert. No, no, no, no, no. There’s a lot of that. I don’t understand, dude. I’ve, I’ve even read like very smart, you know, scientists and businessmen that have written books about it. Um, it’s, we’re not crazy. Yeah. I, well, we’re all crazy. Who knows. We’re not, we’re not crazy though. Yeah. But, um, you know, conscious is, it’s not, it’s not local, right? So you’re able to go far beyond our, our localized physical body. And so when I first did it, it was actually back in 2006 where it was very random. Right. So at that time I was, yeah, I was just chilling in the library and I saw, actually this wasn’t an OBE just yet, but it was a prelude. I saw this really extremely bright light. I was fully conscious, fully awake, and I just saw this light shining on me and I heard the [inaudible] and I started a [inaudible] feeling this huge weight on my body. Like I was getting electrocuted, which was extremely uncomfortable, but yet not painful. And I heard the ringing in my ear and all that, those kinds of things. And then it left and then it came back like two more times after that happened. I was like, what? What was that? I don’t know what that was cause I don’t, when I hear about near death experiences, I hear about people going to heaven and I was like, what? What was that thing that just happens? So the vibrational stuff was completely like foreign to me. Not too long after that. It happened again in the library where I was lying down on a beanbag in one aisle of the library. All of a sudden that biracial stuff started happening to me and boom, I popped out and I was in another, Oh, the library. So that was my first out of body experience that I can recall that, that I’m aware of it. It was very a dim, but I thought, I saw the library, I saw the aisle. I was like, what am I doing? I’m in another aisle, you know? And then boom, I went back to my body. Right. Years later is when I started to look back and, and learn more about it out of body travel. Because like I said, I was only aware of near death experiences. I wasn’t into Astro travel. That sounds like too new age for me back then. Right. So when I learned about Asheville travel and how you can have these experiences without the near death part, I just, I went all in. Dude, is this just my personality? I think we’re similar. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don’t, you know, let’s go, man, let’s, and then, um, I, I was learning all these different techniques, reading all these books and I’m like, I Remy, I’m going to add a body travel tonight. I’m like trying to speak it into reality and nothing would happen for like several months. And then finally, after a couple of months, boom, it happened, Brian. And, uh, from that point on it just got [inaudible] pretty easy for me at that time. And, um, I would have it like several times a month or a week or even in one day. Well, let’s talk about your experience. Have you seen anything on that? Like a is unusual on your, on your journeys? Yeah, I mean, I’ve, I’ve seen it on you. I had one just recently the other day, you know, they had an experience where I was literally in the air and fully conscious, fully awake in the air, falling down from the sky. And I ended up in this place that looked like a medieval place, believe it or not. And I saw this person that was humanoid looking. Yeah, they had like a, this sounds so weird. No, no, nothing’s weird. It’s all science fiction, but they had like a tail and I was like, Oh, that’s it. But they look human, you know? And I’ve had other, this was just like last week, dude. And it was super clear, super conscious the way that I am right now, fully awake and places where I was in these environments that were in my opinion, like other worldly, I don’t know how to explain it, where I also like being on like a spaceship and things like that. That just sounds kind of [inaudible] right. I’ve had the, I’ve had the space, I’ve had the other, you know, what, maybe another planet or another dimension. I want to know. There’s a part of me that wants to go back to the, I wish that I could have the ability to go back to places sometimes. That’s the only thing that sometimes it seems like it can be taken to places, but I, I want to be able to revisit like, okay, I want to go explore that place I was at. And it’s like, I don’t have a choice. Maybe I’m not up to that, you know? Yeah, I mean, I, I think in some ways I’ve had experiences where I would just kind of, um, didn’t feel like I could control it. Like I was just there and all of a sudden I’m taking somewhere else. Um, for the most part I’m able to control what’s going on once I’m at a particular location. But where I am at initially, I don’t know how I get there, obviously. I know what I mean. No. When you started, you felt you, did you feel way more empathic the more you start doing the outer? I don’t know. I just felt like my empathy level, the more I started traveling out of body, it’s like I became more sensitive to when I’m in, when I’m like, if I’m in a party with like, I’m feeling everybody’s emotions. Maybe it’s not related, but it’s felt like it was magnified once I started doing I, you know, I’m just speaking from experience. For me, I didn’t notice much of a change. Um, I think I’ve heard stories like that where people kind of became more psychic and stuff after the experiences. My stuff was happening more. So when I started investigating the healing summit back in 2006, that’s when all this stuff started happening. Um, as sort of the OBIEE is when I would come back into my body. I didn’t notice any difference, to be honest, but, um, it made me more of the other realities that are quote unquote out there. And I’m good reminders for what I’m doing here. So let’s talk about a semi controversial subject with in the Nebo community. Um, it’s the w it’s human nature. We, we, we want to be loved and we want to be in a great relationship. You know, we want to find the love in our life. And so a lot of people are attracted to the Neville Goddard and they attached some of those teaching. They think, Oh, I can go in and this one guy down the street or girl down the street and I can make that person love me. Um, so I’ve been, I’ve been accused, you’re, you don’t believe that I can manifest a specific person, Brian. I can’t, I don’t, I won’t ever watch any of your stuff again. W I’m not saying that. I don’t know. Um, let’s, let’s discuss it because, um, can I, can I manifest a specific, there’s a beautiful girl down the street, man. I totally want a man. I want her to come over and we’re going to have a great time. Can I, can I use, can I manifest her to come over to my house? Yeah. You know, I think in general, right, that’s the way a law of attraction works. It’s something that you want, I S I say in a general sense you can, but if I remember what Neville talks about, I does any keep it kind of broad of just, just [inaudible] right. In my, so far he’s saying the state is going to win. Yeah. Or being happily married. Right. And so it might be somebody else, but I think in general you can, you can do things with anybody. Yeah. With anybody pretty much. But I think, yeah, general, if I remember what Neville would say about it, it’s more so of a being in a happily married state. And I guess it might not be the person that you end up [inaudible]. Initially I might. Great, thank you. Are you in a loving relationship when you moved to Philippines? You, um, um, but that was because more of a state, right? I believe so. Yeah. I mean, I think that even makes sense for, for how my wife and I met because believe it or not, I was like, I was single for a really long time and I just, I didn’t get caught up with a lot of relationships to be honest. When I was growing up. And, um, when I met my wife, it was at a time in the Philippines when this is a little bit controversial. So when I first came here, um, a lot of churches got pretty pissed off at me because a lot of people were coming to my gathering and hearing about who’s this young guy. I teach people how to do healing and stuff and I’m just like, dude, I’m not doing anything. These people are coming to my gathering. I’m just teaching them next makes, you know, I was, it was getting like, yeah, I was learning to just be content with my life in general with myself. I’ve been single for a long time. I actually thought that I was going to meet a Filipino girl here like my first year. I didn’t, I’ve met so many wonderful people. They’re gorgeous people here dude. And I just didn’t all birdie buddy, you know? And when I was hearing a lot of these negative things about me here from the mega churches here, I believe around there the mega churches saying that I was like a cult leader and this and that. I was like, what? I’ll be honest, I got a little bit paranoid. It’s a nurse cause I was getting text messages from people or mega churches. I was like, Oh this is kind of cool but kind of not, you know, I’m like wow, they’re there paying, you know, paying attention to what I’m doing and I’m not, you know, I’m just chilling and teaching and it’s like, you know what? I think I want to go back to um, the States. And I told some of my friends here that week, I’m like, I think I’m going to go back to America cause I just felt like I had more backup, so to speak. Right. And so I wasn’t really thinking about Mmm. Getting a relationship anymore, you know? But during the whole year I was like, I’m excited to like meet people, you know, different women and that just nothing happened. But that same week, bro, when I decided I’m going to go back to American, I didn’t even do it. I met my wife. And it’s funny because my wife was very new to the Philippines too because she was only there for two weeks in the Philippines because her grandma passed away and it was so random. She like, Oh, I got to go to the Philippines. My grandma passed away, I gotta be there for my dad. And so she came and we literally just met two weeks when she arrived and then we got together like right after two weeks after we met, then got married. Exactly a year later. So yeah, it’s interesting. It’s like when I didn’t put too much importance on it, I’m saying like relationship and I just kind of, it became chill about it and I focus more on being the person that I would want to marry because I wanted someone who was secure, someone who was loving, someone who wasn’t going to be codependent upon me. Someone that’s okay with what I’m doing, you know what I’m saying? So we resonated so much because her name, which is kind of funny, is Remedios, which means healing, you know? So I was like, Oh, I have to marry you. I know Jerry, but it’s just interesting, you know, the irony of that and when we met we just clicked. And so that’s part, at least for myself, just to sound a little bit on the romantic side, it’s like [inaudible] we clicked so much, like I felt like I didn’t know her. And after meeting all these other people throughout the whole year, my first year in building, I just didn’t connect. Yeah, you didn’t have that feeling. She wasn’t all dressed up. She wasn’t all, and she didn’t even wear any makeup, just a white shirt. And jeans and then I just fell for her right away and we just kind of get at a heart level and you know, we’re still married to this day and we’ll be celebrating anniversary. Right? That is amazing. So what, what I’m, what I’m proposing is that yet you can manifest a specific person, but if you focus hard on that person, then you create importance. You put them on a pedestal. If you just focus on yourself being a loving person, the kind of person that you would want to be loved, and you see people along the way, you’re going to manifest the right, the universe is or whatever, you are going to find somebody that’s perfect for you. I believe so. And I, and I think this is where, you know, this, this whole debate with like love attraction and trans surfing and all these things. I’ve been hearing some of the dialogue about it and I’m just like, yeah, it’s just, it’s just really semantics for me. Yeah. So it’s like we could say importance. You know, for us when we talk about in love attraction community, it’s about when you’re at a vibration of, of desperately wanting something, you are going to keep attracting that desperately wanting something. You know? So like when it comes to attracting things, that’s what people have to realize. You don’t necessarily always attract what you want, but you do attract what you are. It’s what you’re vibrating, right? And so if you are exemplifying the type of being a person, a loving type of state of being, you’re going to start to attract similar people, whether it’s romantic or, or not. You know what I’m saying? And so I think the focus should be, yeah, you could try to attract so-and-so, don’t place too much importance on it. But ultimately you want to focus on yourself. What are you, what’s the type of person that you’re becoming? And you’re going to start to attract those types of people into your life. So, right. Which is why Abraham really does resonate. We know I listened to Abraham and I’m all, I don’t find contradictions. I find commonalities in all of it. I think that’s what’s so exciting about it. Oh, I’m good. That’s cool Ben. Right? It wouldn’t. Um, and so that’s what I see in yours. Your, your teachings are this cool chill way by a laid back way of wanting a lot of this stuff, um, in a, in a, in a comfortable manner. And that’s what I’m saying. Everybody go and check out Joshua’s channel because you have some unique techniques. You grow, you bring your own understanding of Nabal Goddard. You’ll explain the law of attraction. You actually have a course. Uh, let me see if I have the exact link. It’s Joshua dash. Tongal at think, think effect. Oh, you can just type in a Joshua cause there’s like a littleS like a shorter link that I’ve created and you have a discount that you’re offering. Yeah. So there’s a discount of $200 off if you just put save 200, uh, as the coupon code. Um, so you know, I recommend everybody if you want to go deep, Joshua was the place to go to go deep on this stuff. I recommend reading the book secret of awesomeness. Uh, and uh, so you think, you know, those are some great and you really bring your own story to it. It’s fantastic. Um, I know for sure that right now I’m going to, there’s something that we’re forgetting you. One of the cool things about your book is you talk about how you money comes into your life. You guys just kind of like, you expect like you’re talking about your, when you’re getting married and you live that story, it was pretty crazy. Like you’re, uh, you need some money to get married, but you guys were like, I know what’s going to come. Yeah. So at the time I, so we were, we were still missionaries at the time and you know, for people who are not familiar with the missionary lifestyle in general, missionaries live off of like donations and as equal, like the newsletter and whatever people give, that’s what you, that’s what you have. And so I had like a donation button on my website back in the day and you know, once in a while we get some money here and there. But we were living off of that and I wanted to get married and I remember in fact, that’s where the volcano erupted road. It’s that location. Oh wow. That, yeah. So that’s actually where we got married, believe it or not. And um, yeah, thankfully. Yeah, they will. It’s not true though. Eruption, you know? And um, I remember we saw the venue and it was beautiful. A good friend of ours at the time got married there too. I was like, if they can do it and this is what we want, why can’t we have it? You know, why do I always have to feel like we got to like low ball ourselves and just feel like we can’t afford it? And so I was putting a lot of this stuff into practice. Does that, let’s do it. It’s like, Oh yeah, but okay, yeah, I have enough money for the down payment, but we don’t have the rest of the cash or like, but that’s okay. This is where we just kind of like trust, right? We just kind of have quote unquote face. So we had the down payment, we didn’t have any of the rest of the money to come in yet and we just acted as if we were going to get married on this particular day. And even as a, the day was approaching, I, you know, we were even sending out all the invitations already to our friends even when we didn’t have the cash for the rest of the money for the venue. And then, um, I think just like a, the week of our wedding, I remember it was like a Monday or something. I think we were getting married on a Saturday, something like that. And I remember we were going down the elevator and I was telling my wife like, Oh, you know how much money we have in the bank account. Right? And it was, it was not a lot, bro. Right. And, and we just kinda like look at each other going while we’re going on the escalator and we just, my wife’s like, we’ll be okay and we smile. And it’s cool, dude, because like we felt it, like we didn’t be like, all right, there’s just a couple more days to the wedding, so let’s kinda like save up and be a little bit more frugal. Like, no, we were just still like spending whatever we had. Yeah. We didn’t even, honestly, we didn’t have a lot of money in the bank account honestly, but like whatever we have, we were still wanting to live in that abundance state of let’s just be happy and then about, was it the day before, I think, uh, or the day of the day before of our wedding date and we got like several thousand dollars. It was like way more than enough of what we needed and I just wanted to get emotional and just like us thinking works, you know? And it was just little things like that where that caught me a little bit. You know, sometimes you have your doubts here and there, especially as you’re trying to practice these things. Right. And, um, it really changed our life just like learning the science behind it because is this something that my wife’s likes too with the stuff that we’re, we’ve been teaching and learning for the past several years is that back in the day we just held to the metaphysics of like the Bible like scripture, the Bible says this, the Bible says that speak those things that are not as though they were. But then when we started learning stuff from like Braden and blipped in and all these other dudes back in the day, this was back in like 2011, I think. I was like, I was telling my wife, I’m like, you know what? It’s just kind of, I feel just more confident with it. Oh, because there’s like a mechanics to it. Cause back in the day it’s just like if it’s God’s will, but what if God’s will is not what I want. Questioning your wisdom in the air for me, like as, as a Christian. And so kind of like learning the mechanics of it, that when you ask and you believe you receive it, it’ll be your just like it. Honestly, it gave us more confidence to know that you can really get what you want in this life if you choose to, if you choose it. And I hope that people are there watching this interview, hear that message. Sometimes they may never have experienced it yet or they have and they didn’t think about it. When I, when I hear your message, it resounds with me. Another cool story was when you decided to move to the Philippines, you just said, Hey, I’m going to move. So let’s talk about that story. That was a fun one because I, you know, I’m born and raised in Kelly Rose by the way that I taught, you know, Filipinos and Koreans and, and I’m like, you know, I have a hard just to go to the Philippine, just something different. I’ve lived here. Well first before you go, where did that come from? It just popped in. You were just like, I want to go. I mean there was, there was like some people visiting from the Philippines, they would tell me about some of the stuff that they’re doing out there. It just sounded also exciting. Just something different, something to just kinda uh, give me something different in my life bro, because I’m, I was already like, I was graduating from seminary at that time and I spoken a lot. There are actually throughout the United States, I was already speaking, but just I want to kind of a challenge to be honest and just to kind of venture off and, and just kind of see what well, what happened and yeah. So I got a little taste of it where I had a little trip to the Philippines back in 2008. I was like, you know, cause a lot of people were kind of discouraging, but like, you know, Joe and go in there, my struggle and I heard that so and so was only eating sardines, making me feel like, Oh man, I’m going to summer there. Oh, and get there. They’re going to steal. They’ll rip your earring out of your year. People will steal from you. I was hearing those kinds of stories from other people that live there. They’re like, and now they’re saying all these wonderful things that are happening there. So I decided to, to go out here back in 2008, just for a short trip, I did a couple of speaking gigs and then I was like, yeah, I think I want to come out, come out here and live here. And so I went back to the States and, um, I remember just chilling in the library and then somebody started talking to me and it just, honestly, it just kinda came out of my mouth. I’m like, Oh, I’m going through the Philippines. Oh, just like that. And I said it and I called myself like, [inaudible] Oh, I just told someone that I’m going to the Philippines and I got really happy about it, you know? And then I started talking to a lot of people around campus. That’s just something that I did. I like this chatting with people around the campus at school. And the more that I started talking about the Philippines, the happier and more excited that I got. And, um, I didn’t have a lot of money at the time, you know, I was churchless so I was really living up to like my speaking gigs and everything and, and I did have a car, but you know, it’s like, I kind of wanted a challenge though. It’s interesting because at that time, I think the blue book value was still around 10 GS, which isn’t bad if you convert it to Filipino festival money. It’s like, Oh, that’s a good start for me as a single guy. But it was weird at that point I was like, you know what, I’m going to get my car away to my sisters because that’s just too easy for me. You know? That sounds stupid. Well, but there is a deep part of you when there was testing these laws, I wanted to, I wanted to see what would happen, you know, like it, like what does it mean to like trust and live by faith and make things happen, so to speak. And so I did that. I gave it to my sister. I even told my sister, I’ll pay the car when, uh, when I go to the Philippines do I don’t even know what I told her that and uh, I didn’t have a place to live. And then, uh, this millionaire guy heard me speak one day at this one mega church and he invited me to his office and I had like a little hunch like, Oh, maybe he’s going to give me a little donation because you heard about me. Yeah. And then the first thing he says to me, he just has me sit down in front of him and he’s like, so what are you going to do in the Philippines? And I started telling him this and be dominant. Try to speak and help people or are you going to stay and live? I said, I don’t know. There’s, don’t worry about it. I was like, what? Don’t worry about it. It, why? What do you mean? It’s like, I’ll take care of where I’m going to take care of your housing for several years. I’m medically right. I was crying my eyes, dude. And, and I’m like, are you serious? He’s like, it’s like Josh, don’t be surprised by what God can do. Something like that. God’s will. The surprise is something like that. Very generous millionaire guy, you know, he has this product in Walmart and everything. And then, um, so like one thing led to another or just kind of telling me, yeah, I really want to go cause it could work out. And eventually I found a home here that was in one of the nice villages here in the Philippines and I’m like, everything was just being taken care of. And um, just met a lot of awesome people, saw a lot of healings here. Mmm. Just, I was just living out my dream. And so that’s what I did. I just eventually stayed here for several years that my wife and we moved back to the States for three years. We got her citizenship and I do, we like it back in. Let’s go back and we came back. So we’ve been back several years ago. A lot of people, they’re, they, they’re just one, one step away from living out their dream. Just, just one sentence away. One w no one’s leap of faith. And if you’re doubting it, look at Joshua’s story. And Joshua, you just, you know that it’s an example. Um, you took that leap of faith, you stepped out and walked on the water, like Neville talks about, you know, and, and so sometimes just people need to hear that it works. And so I just think that you’re such a great example for everybody that needs that hope and keep on teaching. I’ll keep on watching every one of your shows and then every one of your videos are awesome and sure that your your stuff to you, dude, I think you pumping out podcasts like every minute bro. Do it when it’s fun, when it’s fun, it’s not a chore. It’s fun. I probably do need to hold back. Oh no, no, it’s good. I was actually telling my wife, I was like, yeah, I’m going to be honest. Sky show. I was telling there’s a dinner today. And she’s like, Oh, who is it? I said, Oh it’s that one guy cause I played your, I played a meditation of yours. Uh huh. And then she’s like, Oh, I like that. And then I said, yeah, it’s that guy. She’s like, Oh cool. I said this guy, I said, Remi, this guy is just like me, like for like really into the same thing as you talk about the same thing, you know, believe it or not, like you don’t see me putting out trans surfing videos, but I’ve been into trans serving for a while. I just don’t talk about it yet. So that’s something that’s meant for the future. Cause I’m still doing a Neville Goddard series, but like the topics that you have on your channel, bro, it’s like, it’s like honestly the best. Like I see. Thanks man. That means a lot. I sense your humility of just being a learner, being a student, and just really wanting to help people. And you know, that’s why when you’re pumping all this up out, it’s more so I’m just like laughing because just because you love doing it, I could see it and you can feel it. That was when my felt, when I read your book, it was like, I’m listening to myself right now. You know what I mean? I like it when you’re talking about the subcu, everything that you’re saying, it’s like I’ve said those exact words and gone through that. So, uh, so it was awesome to meet you. Next time you’re in Cali, let’s grab a bite. All right. Let’s do it for sure. All right. Can’t wait. So, um, and so once again, Joshua Tongle, please check, check his stuff out, and thank you so much. For sure, bro. Appreciate it. It was an honor. Thank you.

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