Alan Watts: The Eternal Transaction || EP 214

Physical and spiritual are out-of-date categories. It’s all a process. There isn’t stuff on one hand and form on the other—it’s just pattern. Life is pattern; it’s a dance of energy. I don’t claim to have any private revelations about this. I don’t have any mystical knowledge about any higher vibratory plane. All this is standing right in front of you. It’s just a question of how you look at it.

When you realize this, the most extraordinary thing happens. Some people will use the symbolism of God as a brilliant light, only somehow veiled, hiding underneath all the forms you see. But the truth is actually funnier than that—you’re looking at the brilliant light right now. The experience you’re having right now—which you might call ordinary, everyday consciousness—is it.

And when you find that out, you laugh yourself silly. That’s the great discovery. In other words, when you really start to see things and you look at an old paper cup, you realize that old paper cup is the brilliant light of the cosmos. Nothing could be brighter—ten thousand suns couldn’t be brighter. It’s just that all the points of infinite light are tiny when you see them in the cup, so they don’t blow your eyes out.

Actually, the source of light is in the eye. If there were no eyes to see the world, the sun would not be light. You evoke light out of the universe in the same way you evoke hardness out of wood by virtue of having soft skin. Wood is only hard in relation to soft skin. Your eardrum evokes sound out of the air. This is how you call into being the whole universe—light, color, hardness, heaviness, everything.

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Welcome to the reality revolution. Today we’re going to continue another series I have on Alan watt, one of my very favorite writers and metaphysical teachers on the same level as Neville Goddard or Vadim Zeeland. His way of teaching and his use of language is magical and he is talking about the same thing. The reason it’s important is we were talking about the dramatic model of reality. In my last episode I did on Alan watt and he continues in another lecture called the eternal transaction, and the reason these are so profound, it really goes into a greater detail and helps you and me to understand what Neville is talking about when he says that we are God. Sometimes that’s triggering and sometimes there’s confusion around it. When Alan watt describes it, it’s just so beautiful and so I wanted to share it with you and we can talk about it some more and do a deep note dive. Now I always recommend go and listen to some of his lectures. He had this beautiful accent in his voice. There’s something magical about it. We’re doing it on this episode so we can have some music in the background and kind of do a deeper dive and talk about it as we go along. But definitely read his books. All of his books are fantastic. He was one of a kind, a real super genius spiritual teacher and I cannot tell you enough about him. So go check him out. But this one’s called the eternal transaction and he begins by saying, so when the dramatic myth life as we experience it is a big act. And behind the big act is the player and the player is the self, the Atman. In Hindu philosophy, that’s you only you are playing hide and seek, but you won’t admit it because you have deliberately forgotten who you really are, which is the foundation of the universe or the ground of being as 20th century theologian Paul tillage calls it. While you might remember who you really are somewhere back there or somewhere deep, deep down, but you still can’t admit it. So to bring this knowledge to the front, you have to be kidded out of your game. We defined some actions as voluntary and we feel in control of those and then there are those things we consider involuntary, but the dividing line between the two is very arbitrary. For example, moving your hand when you move your hand, you feel that you decide whether to open or close it, but how do you decide and before you decide, do you decide to decide? No, you just decide to open your hand. How do you do that? And if you don’t know how you do that, is the action voluntary or involuntary or taking breathing as an example, you can control your breath, but when you don’t think about it, you keep on breathing. So is breath voluntary? Involuntary? Both. It’s arbitrary. Similarly, we have an arbitrary definition of the self. We think of the self as something with volition defined by actions we do. But that doesn’t include such essential functions as breathing. Most of the time, our heartbeat, the activity of the glands, digestions circulation, growing bones and so on. Even so you do those things don’t you? Of course. And when you get with yourself and find that you are all these processes, a strange thing begins to happen. You discover that you are one with the universe. The involuntary circulation of your blood is one continuous process with the shining stars, and if you find out that you’re circulating your blood, you also discover that you are shining the stars because your physical organism is one continuous process with everything else going on. Waves are continuous with the ocean. Your body is continuous with the total energy system of the cosmos. It’s all you, but you’re playing the game that you’re just this tiny little bit of everything. Now, doesn’t that resonate with what we’ve said in the past with Neville guarded when he says that we’ve chosen to forget and the emphasis that we have on looking at the subconscious mind, he goes on to say omnipotence doesn’t mean you know how everything is done. It’s just doing it. You don’t have to be able to translate it into language. Look. Suppose when you got up in the morning, you had to switch your brain on and you had to wake up every single system of your body and activate all the circuits necessary for life. Your day would never get started. All those things need to be happening at once. How does it send a Pete control a hundred legs at once? It doesn’t. They just move. The centipede doesn’t have to think about it. In the same way you unconsciously perform all the various activities of your organism, only unconsciously isn’t the right word. The sound’s sort of dead. Super consciously is a better choice and what is consciousness? It’s simply a specialized form of awareness. When you look around the room, you are conscious only of those details you notice, but you see far more than you notice because you don’t focus your attention on every little object. Similarly, you don’t focus your attention on the minute operations of your thyroid gland and you don’t focus your attention on how you make the sunshine. I just love that when he says you don’t focus your attention on how you make the sunshine. I personally have heard of people that can do that, that can control their heart rate, but it’s not permanent. Imagine if somebody could, could figure out how to make the sunshine. He goes on to say, let’s connect with this problem of birth and death. A lot of people are afraid that when they die, they’re going to have to put up with everlasting non-existence, but that’s not actually an experience. When I was a child, I often imagined what it would be like to go to sleep and never wake up. But if you think that long enough, another question will come to you. That is, what was it like to wake up after having never gone to sleep? I mean, what was it like to wake up when you were born? See, you can’t have the experience of nothing, so after you’re dead, the only thing that can happen is the same experience that happened when you were born. After people die, other people are born and they’re all you. It’s just that you can only experience one life at a time. Wherever beings exist throughout all the galaxies, you are all of them. When they come into being, that’s you coming into being, you don’t remember the past. In the same way that you don’t have to think about how to make your thyroid work. You don’t have to know how to shine the sun. You just do it just as you breathe without thinking about it. Doesn’t this astonish you that you’re this fantastically complex thing that you are performing all these seemingly impossible functions without any education in how to do it? You are a miracle. The point is that from a strictly physical, scientific standpoint and this organism is a continuous energy with everything else that’s going on. If I am my foot, I am the sun and yet we persist with our little partial view. No, I’m just something in in this body. I’m just this ego. What a joke. The ego is nothing other than the focus of conscious attention. It’s like radar on a ship. It’s a troubleshooter. Conscious attention is a designed function of the brain to scan the environment for trouble and if you identify yourself as the troubleshooter, you die. I define yourself as living in a perpetual state of anxiety. The moment you cease to identify with the ego and become aware that you are the whole organism. You realize how harmonious it all is. Your organism is a miracle of harmony. All these things functioning together, even minuscule creatures fighting each other in your bloodstream and eating each other up. If they weren’t doing that, you wouldn’t be healthy. What appears to be discord on one level is harmony at a higher level, all the discord in your life and in the lives of others at a higher level of the universe. All of that is healthy and harmonious. Everything you are and do at that higher level is magnificent and free of blemish. Just like patterns in waves, markings in marble or the rippling movements of a cat. The world is really okay and it couldn’t be anything else otherwise it couldn’t exist. Physical and spiritual are out of date categories. It’s all a process. There isn’t stuff on one hand and form on the other. It’s just pattern. Life is pattern. It’s a dance of energy. I don’t claim to have any private revelations about this. I don’t have any mystical knowledge about any higher vibratory plane. All this is standing right in front of you. It’s just a question of how you look at it. When you realize this is the most extraordinary thing happens. Some people will use the symbolism of God as a brilliant light, only somehow veiled, hiding underneath all the forms you see. But the truth is actually funnier than that. Your looking at the brilliant light right now, the experience you’re having right now, which you might call ordinary everyday consciousness, is it? And when you find that out, you’ve laugh yourself silly. That’s the great discovery. In other words, when you really start to see things and you look at the old paper cup, you realize that old paper cup is the brilliant light of the cosmos. You know when Alan Watts talks about that, it’s true. When physicists look at all matter, all matter is just light vibrating at different States. It’s really amazing thing when you start to think about all the planets. Everything that we have all around us is really just light from the sun vibrating at different States. So when he says that it’s, it’s consistent with physics. Nothing could be brighter. 10,000 suns couldn’t be brighter than the brilliant light of the cosmos or the paper cup. It’s just that all the points of infinite light are tiny when you see them in the cup so they don’t blow your eyes out. Actually, the source of light is in the eye. If there were no eyes to see the world, the sun would not be light. You evoke light out of the universe in the same way you have Oak hardness out of wood by virtue of having soft skin. Wood is only hard in relation to soft skin. Your eardrum evoked sound out of the air. This is how you call into being the whole universe, light, color, hardness, heaviness, everything. But we’ve sold ourselves at different mythology when people begin to discover how big the universe actually is, they convinced the idea that we live on this little planet in a solar system, on the edge of a galaxy, a minor galaxy, and they thought, Oh well we really are unimportant. After all, God isn’t there and he doesn’t love us and nature doesn’t give a damn, and we put ourselves down with that mythology. Whereas in actual outwardly it’s us, this funny little creature crawling on this planet way out in space somewhere who has the ingenuity by nature of this magnificent organic structure to evoke the universe out of what would otherwise be. Mere Quanta, this little ingenious organism on this planet is what the whole show was growing so it can realize its own presence. What do we do with that knowledge? If that’s the state of affairs, which it is, the conscious state your in at this very moment is identical to the divine state and if you do anything to make that state different, it shows you don’t understand that it is. So the moment you start practicing yoga or prayer or meditation or indulging in any sort of spiritual cultivation, you get in your own way. The Buddha said that we suffer because we desire. So if we can give up desire, we won’t suffer. But this isn’t the last word. That was merely the opening to a greater dialogue. See if you tell someone to get rid of desire, all they end up doing is desiring not to desire. You can’t give up desire. It’s like telling someone to be unselfish or get rid of their ego or let go and relax. Why would you want to do all that? Only because you’re trying to beat the game because you’re still operating under the hypothesis that you are different from the universe, so you want to get one up on it and competing with the universe just reveals that you don’t understand that you are the universe. You still think there’s a real difference between self and other, but the two are mutually necessary, just like the poles on a magnet. The guru wants to get this across to you. However, since you’re operating under an absurd hypothesis, the guru has to work with that so he or she runs you through the mill in order to get you to be even more ridiculous, hard and a situates than usual. If you put yourself in a contest with the universe, the guru will stir up that contest until it becomes ridiculous. That’s why the great teachers give tasks like abandon your ego, or thou shalt love thy God. Well, that puts you in a double blind. You can’t love on purpose. You can’t be purposely sincere. It’s like trying to not think of an elephant. Christianity is rigged to this way. We’re told to feel very sorry for our sins, but we all know that we’re not. We think we ought to feel sorry, so we try to be penitent or try to be humble and the more assiduously we practice, the phony or the whole thing gets. It’s the technique of reductio ad absurdum. If you think you have a problem that you’re this troubled little ego, a Zen master will say, show me. I want to see this ego thing. That is such a problem. Then the body Dharma went to China. A disciple approached him and said, I have no peace of mind. Please help me pacify my mind. And the body Dharma said, okay, let me see this mind, bring it to me and I’ll pacify it. And the Flomax student replied, I can’t. When I look for it, I can’t find it. And the body Dharma said there. It’s pacified. When you look for your own mind, that is to say your own particular ISED center of being that is separate from everything else. You won’t be able to find it, but the only way you’ll know it isn’t there is if you look for it hard enough to find out that it isn’t there. That’s why gurus of all types tell you to know yourself, to look within, to find out who you really are because the harder you look, the less you will find and then you’ll realize it was never there in the first place. There isn’t a separate you, your mind is what what there is. It’s everything, but the only way to find that out is to delve into the state of delusion as hard as possible. Okay? Maybe it isn’t the only way, but it’s one way. Almost all spiritual disciplines, meditations, prayers, and so on are ways of persisting and folly their methods of resolutely and consistently doing what you’re already doing. If a person believes that the world is flat, you can’t talk him out of that. He knows it’s flat. He looks out of his window and sees the world is obviously flat, so the only way to convince him otherwise is to persuade them to go and try to find the edge walk, do West in a straight manner along the same line of latitude and eventually you’ll get back to the point from where you started that will convince him and that’s the only way to teach him because people can’t be talked out of their illusions. Now, I see this all the time. It’s one of the most amazing things that’s happening right now in our world. When Alan want mentions that, I just find it completely amazing when you in political arguments, in spiritual arguments, when people will claim something that is knowingly false, somebody could say that the sun is blue and they believe it and they will not change their mind. People look for confirmation of the truth that they want in their heart and I see it all the time and once you have something that you believe, then you, you believe it, it’s very difficult for people to be convinced out of truths that they hold inside. There’s a great article in Vox that I just recently read about being willing to admit when you’re wrong. It’s something that I’ve had to learn all the stuff. I talk them up on my podcast. I speak of it as a student. I try not to get to a point where I’m claiming absolute knowledge because I’m continuously learning, but the most important thing I see is the, this amazing ability of human beings to look at something that is completely false and believe it and then go and find confirmation of it. We’re living in a false world where it’s the, it’s the post truth era because people can’t be talked out of their illusions. Go and try to talk somebody out of a political argument or whatever it is. You’re just wasting your time. That’s why, and I’m guilty of it. When you see people argue on Facebook about something political or something or some conspiracy theory or something religious in some cases, there’s no need for you to argue. They will not change their mind. So I ask anybody in the comments, have you ever seen somebody change their mind? I will openly change my mind. I will acknowledge when I’m wrong. It’s something that I’m proud of, that I do. Often. I learned it as a debater in college, but I find it to be very rare. I’ve had relationships in the past where I would say, yeah, I was wrong, but how many of you had arguments where you, nobody ever admits they’re wrong. As Alan Watts says, there is another possibility, but it’s more difficult to describe what if this moment, this one right now is eternity. We have somehow convinced ourselves of the notion that this moment is rather ordinary, that we don’t feel very well, that we’re vaguely frustrated and worried and so on and all this ought to change, but you don’t need to do anything at all. This is it, and you mustn’t try not to do anything either because that’s still doing something. See how you explain that? You can’t. That’s why Zen teachers use shock treatment. Zen stories are full of teachers unexpectedly hitting their students or shouting at them or surprising them in some way because it’s that jolt that suddenly brings you here. I’ve also seen this in neurolinguistic programming. Something that Tony Robbins does when I, when I was trained in new Orleans, was stick programming. When you, when you alter a pattern break patterns, it’s hypnotists use it all the time. As watch says, and there’s no road to hear because you’re already here. It’s like the story of the American tourist in England who asks some Yoko the way to upper Tottenham a village the Yoko thinks about it, scratches his head and says, well, I know where it is, but if I were you, I would start from here. So whether you ask how you can know God or how you can attain Nirvana, they are the wrong questions. Why do you want Nirvana? The fact that you want to attain it is the one thing preventing you from achieving it. You already have Nirvana. Of course, it’s your privilege to pretend that you don’t. That’s your game to think you’re just some ego. Well, when you finally want to wake up, you will just like that. If you’re not awake, it shows you don’t want to be awake yet. You’re still playing the hide part of the game. It’s still just the self pretending it’s not the self. Wow, that’s amazing. The whole concept of that is amazing. When you realize this, the distinction between voluntary and involuntary behavior disappears. The things you think are under your control and the things you think go on outside of you begin to feel exactly the same. You watch other people moving and you realize it’s you making that happen just as it’s making your blood circulate. Just as an ERT, Neville Goddard says, everything is just our imagination pushed out at this point. Watch says, if you don’t fully understand, you might go crazy in the sense of feeling you are God in some kind of Jehovah’s sense of the word. That is to say that you actually have power over other people and can alter what they’re doing. It’s not that you discover omnipotence in some crude, literal kind of biblical way. If you actually think that you’re Jesus Christ and that everybody ought to fall down and worship you, then you have your wires crossed and that’s certainly not will Neville saying that we should be worshiped, that we’re that kind of Jesus and some people I have talked to that start to learn the lessons and the Neville Goddard stuff start to believe that you may have had an experience of realization but you went to stray. You didn’t know how to interpret it, but if you discover that you are God, you should also see that everybody else is too. We open our eyes and look around and think that everything we see is outside. It seems that way because that’s how it feels in our head, but there’s this space behind the eyes where all this people sitting around the colors of the room is appearing in the nervous system. What we see out there is actually a neurological experience. If you realize that if it hits you is deeply true, then you might assume that all the external world is inside your skull, but you got your wires crossed. You haven’t realized that your skull is in the external world, it’s inside you and you’re inside it. What kind of situation is this? The individual in the world don’t interact. The relationship is transactional and that comes to the title of his lecture. Here is the eternal transaction. For example, he says, when you buy or sell a house, those aspects, buying and selling can’t happen by themselves. There can’t be an act of buying unless there’s a simultaneous act of selling and vice versa. In the same way, the relationship between the organism and the environment is transactional. The environment grows, the organism and the organism creates the environment. The organism turns the sun into light, but it requires an environment containing a sun in order to exist. It’s all one process. It isn’t that organisms came into this world by accident or chance. This world is the sort of environment that grows organisms and it has been that way from the beginning, from the very first moment of the big bang, if that’s the way the whole thing started. Organisms like you and me were involved. There’s another, here’s another example. Let’s say we have an electric current running through wire that goes all the way around the earth. Keep in mind that electric current doesn’t behave like water in a pipe. At one point we have the positive pole and at some other place we have the negative pole and the current won’t even start until the switch is closed from the positive pole. It won’t begin and less the point of arrival is there. Now it might take the current awhile to get around and circuit if it’s going all the way around the planet, but the finishing point must be closed before it will even start from the beginning and in the same way. Although it took billions of years for primitive life to arise on earth after the big bang, life was implied from the very beginning. It takes time for an acorn to turn into an Oak, but the Oak is already implied in the acorn. It’s all one process. Here’s what awakening really involves a reexamination of our common sense. We have all these ideas built into us, seem unquestioned and obvious and our speech reflects them. Face the facts is a common phrase. For example, as if facts were something outside of us as if life were something we encountered as foreigners. See our common sense has been rigged. That’s why we feel like strangers or aliens in this world and the separation feels utterly plausible. It’s only because that’s how we’re accustomed to thinking, but when you really start questioning this and exploring other ideas, you see it ain’t necessarily so when you question the basic assumptions that underlie our culture, you find you get a new kind of common sense and it will become absolutely obvious to you that you are continuous with the universe. Not too long ago, people believed the earth was flat. They knew it to be true with all their hearts, but then people started sailing all the way around the world and flying from here to there and we gradually got used to thinking of the earth as globular. We just got used to it while in same way it will one day be a matter of common sense to most people that we’re all one with the universe. It’ll be so simple in maybe when that happens, we’ll find we’ll handle our technology with better sense. Maybe we’ll act with love toward our environment instead of hate the eternal transaction. Another wonderful lecture by Alan watt, and it just brings a different perspective. It’s fun to think about. He was just spectacular the way he described stuff, and he always makes you think, and right now you’re shining the sun. It’s a wonderful thing to consider. So I’d love to get your feedback, what you think about these lectures by Alan want. I can go through more of them. There’s so much to learn from him as well. So put in the comments and please put a like on this video and subscribe to the channel. And by doing so, you can help the algorithm on, on YouTube and hope somebody who might need to hear this will hear or listen or watch this video. So thank you for sharing this with me. All episodes of the reality revolution can be founded though reality for coaching. You can go to advanced success and welcome to the reality revolution. [inaudible].

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