Interview with Deni Van of Heartfelt Awakening Radio || EP 101

Deni Van is a Transformational Mentor, Author, speaker, and host of Heartfelt Awakening Radio, she helps people who want to make a difference in the world but are going through a life transition and are questioning who they are. She guides them to begin to heal their relationship with themselves so they can step into being the change makers we so desperately need.

Additionally, Deni has a wonderful Youtube channel and has mapped out the entire book reality transurfing. This is a powerful way to learn this material. Her analysis has really helped me to understand the fundamentals of reality transurfing.

Deni was so nice to invite me on her podcast and I was able to interview her as well. In this interview, we talk about reality transurfing, her profound ayahuasca experiences, and her interpretation of how to use the plait mentioned in Tufti the Priestess.

Our cats make a special appearance as well.

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Welcome to the reality revolution. I’m your host, Brian Scott and this is dedicated to all those spirits out there and I believe life is meant to be magical and final year we’ve ventured to share the very mysteries of self in reality like purpose is to help light that spark inside of you to reawaken your sense of fascination and od towards the world. I’m going to try to help you hack reality and unleash your potential and open unlimited possibilities of wealth, health, and relationships in your life. Welcome to the reality revolution. I’m so excited. Today I have Denny van from heartfelt awakening radio podcast and so excited. I just did an interview with Danny yesterday and this is for the reality revolution. Just to let you know, Jenny van is a teacher, author, speaker, researcher, and her passion and specialty is facilitating the spiritual awakening process. Her unique process of heartfelt awakening with aligning body, breath and spirit while researching and quantifying the awakening journey has helped hundreds of her clients who were struggling emotionally, mentally, and or physically, and who are seeking guidance and balance between mind, body, breath, and spirit. She draws upon her own experience of surviving years of trauma and then cancer at age 35, turning down traditional medicine and listening to the tiny voice inside that started her on her healing and spiritual awakening journey. And I’m so excited to hear your story. Welcome to the reality revolution. Denny. Thank you for having me, Brian. I’m so excited to be here, especially after our talk yesterday. I’m really looking forward to it. Yeah, so just one, uh, first of all, for people watching the reality revolution, I highly recommend your youtube channel. You have a terrific channel and what you’ve done is you broken down reality trance surfing in a very unique way, mapping it out and in a way you kind of see some interconnections and you see different themes and it’s, it’s you come out of differently. It’s a great way to learn it and kind of implant some of these ideas because that’s, it’s that kind of book. It’s teaching you a process and method. Um, what made you come up with the idea of Evaluating Reality Trend Surfing in this way? Well, you know, reality transferring the book itself kind of fell into my lap. And when I ordered it, I didn’t know it was going to be 765 pages in 19 chapters. And I started in on it and I’m like, oh my God, this is what, this is what I’ve been feeling. Oh my gosh, this is what I had this inner knowing of, oh my gosh, this is, this makes so much sense. And like you said yesterday, you know what, I’ve read through the book more than five times now and every single time I get out of it, something completely different if I’m reading the book the first time. So what, I’m a visual learner and I also, um, I’m a sign language interpreter. So I, I love to explain things in an individual way. And the mind map just came to me where I can just pick out things and begin to create a model. And really, you know, I did the mind map for myself. I did it for me and I wanted to create a model because that’s what the dean is really presenting us, is a model with a lot of pieces to it. Not all of those pieces fit within me, but the ones that did really, really resonated with me. And it took my spiritual journey. I’m on a whole nother plane that I never dreamed possible. And so I just began, you know, starting to put together some of the ideas and the points and the exercises and things that really resonated with me and made sense. And next thing you know I’m making a video and I’m posting them. And before, before I knew it, all 19 chapters were done. And so it was really an expression of love to show this in a different way because the way the dean shows it, first of all, it’s not in the original language. It’s exactly presented to us in Russian, which has been translated in some of the, you know, cause I love translated work. I love interpreting, I love languages. And th this is how it fell into my lap because it was a newly translated into English work and some of the translation is confusing. It could be better. That was like Russian. There’s exactly different translations out there. Uh, the space of variations, for instance, is not even used in my kindle copy. There’s that, that actual sprays, but there’s another version where it, he says instead of the alternative space, and it’s like they did, they have a meeting where they got together and they said, okay, we’re going to change it from the space of variations to the alternative space, or was it a translation error? Because there is an abundance of different meaning behind those two terms. Am I right? Right. I would definitely agree with that because the alternative space means it’s an alternative to what we’re in. Right. But the space of variations is the space between you and me, where you’re in your, I don’t know what city you’re in. What city are you in? Orange. Gotcha. So you’re in California? I’m in Chicago. But the space of variations doesn’t know time and space. You got to be quiet little. Boy. I got a cat meowing. You got a dog. It’s perfect. Yeah. I think, I think maybe he’s hearing the cat and mouse, so yeah, exactly on. So sometimes it could create a little bit of confusion or uncertainty when you’re reading it as to whether you know, and did I understand this right? And so I would make little notes just like you and make little notes and then this mind map and I think what after I released the mind map and somebody shared it, that’s how we met. That’s right. That’s right. You’re not. Yes, you are on one of the boards on Rio and then you ha you had shared it. And I was like, oh my gosh, this is amazing. And it’s easy to go through every single one of the videos right away. And I totally picked up a lot of different stuff from it and it was very helpful and I highly recommend it. I will put a link for that episode or all for that group of episodes in a this page. But I wanted to talk a little bit more in your, um, as I explained to my bio, you’ve obviously been through a huge change and spiritual awakening and I just wanted to get your story, uh, this your spiritual weekend and hurt before re Reality Trend Surfing, right? This is that. So, so let’s get an idea of what happened before you encountered rally trend surfing. Um, back in 2001 I was at the top of my career. I looked very, very successful on the outside. I was making good money, I was doing really great things, you know, and I got a diagnosis of cancer on my 35th birthday. And, um, you know, you go through the process, go into the doctor’s and doing this and being told to do this, this and this and you just, I felt this numbness. I wasn’t alive. I, I, you know, it’s like, okay, what is this? And I realized I hadn’t really taken care of myself. I looked like it on the outside. I have this facade that, yes, I’m looking very successful on the outside, but on, on the inside I was literally dying. And I wasn’t dealing with or integrating my past. And so, you know, I’d go to the doctor and the doctor would say, all right, we’re going to inject you with radioactive dye to remove lymph nodes and that will determine if you’re going to get, um, radiation with your chemo. It’s like, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God. And you know, asking questions and the doctor says, you know, we’re going to do this, we’re going to do this surgery when I get back from vacation. And so I start thinking, you know, I had a, a seven year old and a 15 year old and we were planning to go to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and I’m doing math. Okay, two weeks when you get back. Then I had the surgery and then two weeks later we’re going on vacation. So I asked the doctor, will I be able to go on vacation with my kids after that? And he’s like, oh no, cancel your vacation plans. And I was like, you tell my seven year old, he’s not going to Disney world. And I realized, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. I told the doctor, you know, I really need to think this through. And I prayed and I prayed and I pray and it’s like, what do I do? This doesn’t feel right. This going down. This path doesn’t feel right. And there was a little voice inside that said, this isn’t for you. So I said no. And I was told I’d be done in two years cause you know, states for melanoma, right? Spreading very fast, spreading form of cancer. And um, what I did, I went to work. Uh, what I did was I found a surgeon who agreed to just remove the tumor. I found an oncologist, she’s wonderful. I told her, I’m like, look, this is what I want to do. And she’s like, all right, you have to do something. If you’re not going to do chemo and radiation, what are you going to do? And I’m like, wow, I really haven’t thought about that. So I opened myself up, all right, what am I going to do? You know? And Dr Mercola came into my world in 2001. He was like unknown at the time, very much into EFT. And I went through his, uh, professional EFT training where I, here’s me in a room full of doctors. So this was a time where I was listening because what was in my outside world showing me that I had to do wasn’t resonating it, you know, looking back on it, obviously I was scared to death, you know, it’s like, oh my God, I could be dead in two years. I have a seven and a 14 year old, you know, what the heck is this? And I had to come to a space where I had to be okay with dying, you know, as a reality. Right. Okay. With the reality of dying, I had to be okay with once I was okay with dying. I started living. Oh my God. These experiences, one after another started coming into the experience and the quiet little boy and then, um, I think that’s it. I that okay. Come here. Good boy. You be quiet. Good. Be Quiet. Good. Be Quiet. Good boy. Oh my God. He’s so cute. We’ll just keep this in and I’ll pet my cat. Well, okay. And I’ll keep him the interview of the pets. Right. So, um, what did you end up doing? What was your best solution and how for people listening that may be in a similar situation, what did you do to deal with this? The first thing I did was learn meditation and I talked to my husband and um, we both started yoga and meditation and this allowed me to get quiet, the wrestling of the morning stars and to get out of my mind because my, the mind was scared to death, you know, and the mind would go off on these scenarios. It’s like, oh my God, you’re going to die. You know, you’re going to be, I was 35 at the time, you know, I’m 53 now, but looking back at 35, you know, I bet I was barely leaving. I hadn’t even lived yet. And so the mind was going and I, with Yoga and meditation, I created just enough space between me and the mind. And I realize the mind and heart were not in unity. And I began, Yoga is, is yoking in unity. I began to unify my mind and my heart and you know, my mind would say, you know, we’re going to be dead in two years and the heart will just say it’s okay to run. It’s okay. It’s okay. Whatever happens, it’s okay. Whatever happens. And it’s the most blissfully terrifying moment in my life. Yeah, yeah. Yes. Cause when you’re in it, you know, and I talk with people, you know, sometimes my clients, I have clients kind of, you know, Denny, I just got a diagnosis. I’m scared to death. And the first thing I’ll do is let’s sit with that scared to death and let’s see what story it has to tell us. And they’d be like, well, I don’t want this scared to death. Right? And that’s the first thing we want to do is push this away. And so this began my journey of doing the work inside. And next thing I know outside a doctor showing up a bookish showing up, somebody who was very influential, influential in my healing journey showed up. I learned transcendental meditation. I learned, actually I became a course junkie. And I’m sure you can relate. Oh absolutely. No. Where I learned the Epstein neural neuro-linguistic program became a yoga instructor, massage therapists, licensed massage therapists. I love the human body and how it works and psychology and mental health as opposed to mental illness. Because when you get a diagnosis like cancer, your mind goes right down. You go right down and the words exactly and you start thinking the worst things and you start believing those things. Cause you know, the doctor told me I’d be dead in two years if I didn’t do these things right. And it’s amazing that you found that switch and you said, I’m not going to believe that because there is a part of you that had to sincerely not believe because your beliefs are going to end up happening no matter what. So there’s a part of you deep down that said, I don’t believe my doctor who is a doctor who is telling me this. And it’s amazing that you were able to follow your hunch and your intuition because there’s a lot of people out there that were, that didn’t listen to that little voice that was telling them to do that. And you know, it’s interesting because I really didn’t say, I don’t believe that it was more of a sense of that’s not for you. You know, even in the book, the Dean talks about what is supposed to be mine, right? And so that wasn’t supposed to be mine, but fear would have made me continue on the path that wasn’t supposed to be mine. What the, what is the best technique that you can share to reduce fear in situations like the EFT? Now you had one of many of your earlier videos, which I’ve checked out and I’m a big fan of EFT as well. It has helped me when I’ve had anxieties related to you, especially with when, when you talk to people with post traumatic stress symptoms. Uh, tell me a little bit more. Tell us all a little bit more about UFT and how it’s, what you do and how it’s changed your, your life. I learned EFT from Dr Mercola back in the early two thousands. Um, and the way I do it is even the dean talks about this, there’s this movement and then there’s this stillness. And so when I’m using EFT, I recognize, acknowledge, and just look at, so I’ll tap on, even though I’m scared to death, even though my body is shaking, even though I don’t know what to do, when you’re looking at how you’re feeling and acknowledging it, this is, this begins this integration process. What we have a tendency to do is say, I’m not looking at this. I’m not those things. I don’t want those things. But instead with EFT, you’re looking at it, you’re talking to this thing as if it’s an entity separate from you because it really is not you. So I began to tap, even though I have this cancer, even though I’m scared to death, even though I’m going to die, I’m told I’m going to die. And my daughter also said that most cancer patients will get cancer within the next five years. So he dropped two seeds within my consciousness and I had to fight those from taking root. So even though I could be dead in five years, even though I could be dead in two years, even though I’m scared to death, I choose now here is the important part that I do with EFT is the choice. The choice is the shift. So even though I’m in the movement in when the thoughts of it all, even though all of these and I accept all of these, this is what’s happening, this is what it is. I choose to be in the center, expansiveness, openness center of my being. And then just sit there for a moment. What this does is it create some space in our respects. It creates this inner space. So the mind is constantly throwing ideas and thoughts and stuff at you. But you’re so close to it, you believe it. But with EFT it creates, yes, it creates more of this inner space. And I began to see the mind and its works as not me. So creating this inner space in EFT is a wonderful, wonderful tool. Emotional freedom techniques. So e, motion, energy in motion, freedom. You’re free from the motion because we get all caught up in the movement. Oh my God, all these things are happening. This is me. I’m going to die all over this movement and the mind. But the hardest just here, the hardest here. So if I can acknowledge all this movement, oh my gosh, I’m scared to death. But I choose to stay quiet and be in the expansiveness of this. A larger part of me that I can’t use my five senses to detect what is there because it’s animating. This meets suit. What does video call it? I call it the meat suit. This is my meat suit. The Dean calls it a mannequin mannequin. Right? Right. So my imagine here is a temporary vessel, but there’s a larger part of me that is timeless. So do you believe the idea that we all choose how that, how we die or that in most cases we choose? I’ve, I’ve talked to people that believe this, and in some ways I start to see it, you know, when somebody gets dementia there, maybe there’s a part of them that’s choosing to go down that path. And after, you know, I like to ask somebody that’s been through something like, do you think that we choose, it’s a big revelation to come to, but do we think we choose our sicknesses, our diseases, and our dots? You know, I look at the plant and animal kingdom. So in the plant kingdom, when it’s natural, there’s no disease. There’s no stress. I’m a plants to cause, um, sickness, if you will. Right? But as soon as you add the stress, plants begin to respond with sickness, with even hermitage nation where a female plants could become a male. This process only happens when there’s unnatural mess forced upon it. So it’s a response. So I don’t know so much of as if it’s a choice but rather unnatural response. So if you’re eating junk all the time, the natural response is cancer, right? The choices to eat the junk, the natural response is a consequence of it. So yes, we choose to eat it, but we might ignorantly be choosing cancer. You think you have the power to overcome what we’ve eaten and our environment in, in these situations. Sometimes people out there don’t have a choice about what they’re eating, cause of the situation environment they’re in or their environment. So do you think that the power of our mind can help us to overcome those kinds of variables? Yes. Using the mirror and plates. Because what we see in our physical world right now, our plates from the past, right? So once we start, we’ve got to start inside first. We gotta start energetically first. What? You can’t see the consequences or the results of that until time and action, right? Begin to manifest. So if we can start now and an in the energetic realm first, but we want to change the image of the mirror. You know, we’re looking at the image and we don’t like what we see. So we, we try and change the image. This is the insanity, right? So yes we can, but it has to come off as a fantasy first and then once or the plate, once that is from the back, you know, we talk about the plan. A lot of people want to know more information about that plate. Right? Think of that, that plate projecting it forward. It’s here now. It’s not here yet. So when, when we get it here in, it’s real here, it becomes real here, but we want to see it here first without doing the actual work. Right. Well then that leads me to this next question. The plat is a very fascinating subject and I’ve asked anybody I’ve interviewed about Reality Trends, surfing their opinions about it. You had, you had heard of any in any energy, you’re at some, you love to read about all these different courses like me. Had you heard of any reference to something similar to the Plat? The Best I’ve found is the Bindu Shakara in Yoga and the, uh, you know, Carlos Casta, Neda mentions the umbrage point in his books. I don’t know if he, you know, if you consider him a credible author, but there is very little discussion in a lot of metaphysical literature about the Plat. But when you study the idea behind quantum physics that we’re collapsing particles, the observer effect, there is a natural flow of energy on some level from the front, from the back to the front, that’s what’s in this, there is a process. You can see an energy conversion because it’s moved. It’s a process of the energy coming back. And in the front of us, we’re actually witnessing this rep so you can understand even on a physics level of how it works. So when did you get an idea? Did you understand this reference before Reality Trans Surfing. Okay. Then tell me a little bit about what your experience was before you had heard about the plot. I had studied, um, I’m, I’m a reverend and I study all religions and I have, you know, from genesis to revelation to all kinds of religious sacred texts out there. And one of the things that, um, I learned about this area in the back was from Kabbalah and in Kabbalah, in the tree of life, you know, you have the first hole that splits and then the triangle flips. So between where the triangle flips, there’s a a spot there called the AF and it’s in the back. It’s in the back. So when you look at the Kabbalah, um, diagram, it will show the DA, but it’s, it’s not really emphasized, but this is the Plat. This is the part where, this is where our energy, this is kind of where we’re plugged into the universe. This is where I am the puppet on the strings, invisible strings through this area. And it’s, I call it, um, where my angel wings come out because I was doing, I was doing an interview with the spoon vendor cafe, the lady who does teach his spoon bending. And I’m like, I’m going to bend this bone. Of course it’s ego and it’s going to bend this bone, right? So I got the strongest spoon I could and I could find in the house and I could not bend. And, uh, this was like a Monday and I tried bending it and a doing it by Friday. I’m just sitting with it and um, I’m feeling it. Like I would cranial sacral therapy where you feel the cranial sacral system and I could feel the energy in the spoon. And then all of a sudden I felt this opening in my back. It felt like I had these invisible huge angel wings that were just opening. Wow. Yeah. And it was coming from the back. All of a sudden, you know, I’m, I’m holding the spoon and all of a sudden I’m like, I’m going to bend the spoon. And there it was, I didn’t use any of them. I mean, from Monday to Thursday, I’m bending, I’m bending on it, this suckering and bending. And then all of a sudden I’m Friday, I felt this opening and expansion and I knew I’m going to bend the spoon. Boom. There it went. So that was really a wonderful experience. And then when I read but deems book about the Platt, I’m like, this is what Kabbalah teaches this area in the back that plugs into us. And then we’re able to do things that this human body, this mannequin, this Mitsu couldn’t do by itself. Right. So then I’m excited you, it’s interesting. Neuro science right now, neurologists have, have tried to scientifically create meditations that they can see effects on in the brain. And so I tried to kind of use, I did a, it’s the open sense presence and it’s the idea to your left behind you, there’s a presence and when you talk to people about their higher self and then you talk about, you know, if you just sit in meditation for five minutes and try to imagine somebody that’s right behind you to your left, that when you look back, you can’t see. And I, I did this, I was like, oh my gosh, this is this powerful thing. And so it just seems like recently I’ve started to think about this, this energy stream and then you’re right, you don’t, even though they say it’s attached to the head, you feel it in your back. You feel it in an area between your shoulders even a little bit lower and your back. So there’s [inaudible] it’s Kinda like where t one and c seven come, you know, you have that Bob right there. Exactly. Now there’s a lot of confusion. I have a plat activation meditation on you on one of my, um, and, uh, a lot of confusion. People are, people want to do it right. You know, they want to follow those specific rules. So I really think it’s like drinking water. You know, if you, there’s no right way to drink water, there’s probably a million different ways to do it. It’s can’t be something where, Oh, there’s this, you didn’t, you didn’t activate it for 30 seconds or anything like that. But he does give a lot of different exercises to activate the Plat. And of course there’s that part of me that, hey, I really want to do this. Right. I, and I, that’s one of the reasons I created the meditation, even though that with plot is working, how can we get in there and fit and change it? And, and, and he’s obviously talking about it, but it’s, it can be as easy or we would all be wizards right now after reading that book. So there, there is, there is a game to it or there is a system to it. And so I want to share as many success stories. Do you hold an image and drop it into the plot? Do you hold it in the area of the Platte? How do you go about activating and using this energy channel? I like to use the um, analogy of a movie theater and the Plat. Okay. So, um, you have your awareness and you can move your awareness around your awareness count include your five senses, but really it’s beyond the five senses. So if you can imagine you have, um, a screen, a big right screen, then you have the audience. And then, you know, in the olden days when you used to go see movies, they have the little room way up in the back where the picture with the light coming out and then putting it on the screen. Your awareness can be in the screen and the audience. And with the guy up where the light is being [inaudible] splashed out onto the screen, the Platte is up there because the guy can see the guy that sees, you know, the film coming through. He can see the film coming before it’s actually splashed on the screen, right? So we can change that picture before it’s splashed on the screen. So when we are aware, most of us are very much aware of being on the screen in the world. We are a character and we are not a character, right? When we’re in that, when we’re, when our awareness is observing from the audience, there’s a little bit more space there. We’re more observant and we might think, you know, I don’t want to be that character anymore. I want to change my character, right? And so we began to understand that we can change this play, we can change it up. Then we realize, oh wait a second, what’s back there? I’m going to go up there. Now you have to leave the screen, you have to leave the audience and you got to go and see what pictures are coming up before it hits. The scrolling is the secret to doing that, to getting into the film room and looking at the, at the camera or before it projects, the film, the wrestling or the morning starts, the rustle in the morning starts. It’s not held in just meditating on that location. A lot of people will interpret redeems word. It is, I’m meditating and imagining a picture in this general area and I’m trying to put it there like it’s a physical, like I’m pushing this image. The problem is they’re trying to use their mind. You cannot have the mind and yeah, dimension in in, it’s not a spatial thing. It’s not a special thing because right, like video, I love how the Dean explained the mirrors. You know, we’re in this physical world and we are moving. We’re bound to time and space, so we’re constantly moving, but the space of variations is not right. So we tend to move, move, move, move, move and use our mind and try and get into this space. We have to let go of the mind. Let go of the five senses, let go. The made suit. I’m not Denny, I’m not a mother, I’m not a wife. I’m zero. When I stayed zero, that’s when I boom, I’m up in the back room and I can see it all [inaudible] past, present, and future. I can see the film that’s already been up there because it’s, it’s scrolled up on the next reel and I can see the film that’s coming through the projector that hasn’t yet been put up, and then I can make conscious choices to change it. So a question I get on my youtube for that, for that video is what do I need to change the way I’m visualizing now that I, now that we understand the plat and I don’t necessarily think you have to change it. My [inaudible], you don’t even need to use visualizing if visualizing is not your back. Right, which is a lot of abuse. Auditory, you smell use sounds like you’re doing, you’re doing these meditations with sounds so it’s going to, it doesn’t matter which nerve you trigger to connect with it, right. It’s all connected. So if you can’t visualize, okay, I can’t really visualize that camp fee a lot. Right? If you can just sit quiet and listen to the rustle of the morning stars, that means you’re going to make your ears very big. But inside that helps. So I wanted to, we can keep on talking about that, but I wanted to talk a little bit more about what we briefly spoke about yesterday. And you had been in 22 [inaudible] ceremonies, which is amazing. And I watched, SCA is a fascinating subject for me and there are so many people out there that have experienced this magic elixir. And if done in the right situation with the right guides or Shamans, it can be a powerful spiritual experience to do it just one time. But to do it 22 times as many people who experience it, it’s like you’re being guided. It’s like a lesson. It’s like a, each step is they’re unveiling different parts of yourself or, or relieving different parts of your ego. And so I w I, I can’t say that I’ve talked to anybody that’s had 22 ceremony, so I’d love to get some stories from you background or some interesting things, or w your experience with Iowasca. Um, I had been, you know, going to Dr Zahn and doctors of course want to give me a pill and I was done with it. And so I kind of left myself open for many years for a healing. And a showman came into my experience, who is also a licensed therapist. Okay. And we got to talking and I said, look, you know, I, I, I have trauma and memories from age four and then cancer and all of these things. And he said, you know, if you’re open to Iowa, Iowa, ASCA, she will guide you in this healing process. So I did my first ceremony and you know, I wasn’t prepared because it was very last minute. Um, somebody had said, okay, there’s going to be a ceremony and it’s tonight. And I’m like, oh my God, I haven’t even prepared. I haven’t fasted. I haven’t done anything like that. But it’s like, you know what, I have to go, and part of Iowasca is purging, right? The first urging. So the first one, yeah. So the first one, and of course I didn’t prepare for it, so I kinda knew. It’s like, all right, I’m going to be purging some stuff. Right. But I’m purging and after the ceremony it was there all night and um, after the ceremony the next morning I did not, I didn’t feel like I was the same person. And I also felt like I had this profound support that was in me and I did not have another ceremony after this was like in 2009. I didn’t have another ceremony after that for almost three years. So my first ceremony, it was like three years and then I started thinking, you know, I’m, I’m still having stuff. My, my shit kept coming up cause you know, it’s like, all right, the stuff keeps coming up and I wanted to work through it rather than keep per suppressing it. And that’s what we tend to do. We just keep pushing it back down and of course it’s going to pop up somewhere else. And usually it popped up in my business and my relationships and everything else, right. So I’m like, all right, I’m going to continue this work. Even though I was definitely afraid of purging, I did not like to purge. Iron is not for everyone. Just so you know, it’s usually for the most hardheaded egos, the biggest egos. Uh, yeah. Um, so I began to do regular twice a year and I, and I called it my spiritual retreats. And so when the Shaman came up from South America, we all got together and created this community. And community is so important in Iowa is about community number one. That’s your foundation. If you don’t have community and acceptance, that’s your root shop grow. Everything else is floating. I mean it’s, it’s, it’s not grounded. And so I began to work with this showman and do a lot of this healing work with counseling. So he would go through the ceremony and then afterwards we would get counseling and how to apply this. And I hear about people go into an Iowa ceremony and it’s this nightmare situation. So there are nightmare situations out there and I’m very fortunate to have found someone who knows how to use the sacred medicine for healing. And it was several, um, ceremonies later. It was like around the seventh ceremony, I had a death experience where I was shown death again because I was facing death. But this, I had the experience, energetic experience. I mean I didn’t die, but I died in describe that experience. And then I couldn’t feel my body or I didn’t know where my body ended in. This space began. And so I was in this space and it was terrifyingly blissful and I began to wonder, wait a second, I’m dead. I’m dead. This is death. This is so beautiful. And of course a fear up that am I going to go back to the ceremony? Am I going to go back? And I just stayed in this space for the longest time. I have no idea how long. But then all of a sudden I remembered this is that the sensation of going to the bathroom and how fi the feeling of being alive and having to go to the bathroom. And then I realized, Oh, I have to go to the bathroom. And it was that easy to just shift from being in this expansive nothingness to being in the physical. And once I learned that, that it’s a shift, it’s literally a shift, right? It’s like I was a cloud and then sharing my physical and then I shifted into the sky and I could see the body, observe the body, understand what was going on in the body, be empathic and sympathetic with the body and loving how, cause you know, I hated my body. Right. I hate you. Did you see any machine else? I, I saw, uh, I, I saw the machine. You saw the machine. Okay. Yes. It looked like the inner workings of a clock. Okay. But, um, I did see as I opened my eyes in the space we were in, there were definitely beings there. So I don’t know if that’s what you mean by the machine now you stopped being so, I mean maybe what’s happening is people are seeing beings and they’re different or they’re interpreting them differently. And then after a while, just like word words create reality, somebody gave that machine out thing and then that’s what they became. Like there’s gestures. People, I’ve seen gestures. There’s, it seems like it’s an archetype, but I, but it still feels real. I can’t explain it there. There’s definitely you’re witnessing archetype sometimes. Does it feel like you’re witnessing history? It’s like you’re being shown history. Does that make sense? Like that through movement of the state snake, the head to the tail and everything in between. Okay. Yes. Coming together. Joining. Connecting. Right. Very nice. Very cool. And so you’ve talked about your awakening and reality, Trans Surfing and, and Iowasca and I always like to ask, you’ve had, have you had a miraculous experience? Something that’s super crazy that you’d love to share with people? Maybe you saw a UFO or, or you, you had a limb grow back or there were, you saw ferry. I mean, I’m always fascinated by because everybody I meet has had crazy, powerful, unique experiences. It doesn’t have to be up spiritual. I mean, have you ever had, have you witnessed a miracle or anything like that ever? You understand what I’m trying to ask? Every day. Every day. All right. Every day. And you know, you talk about fairies and stuff like that. I have an elemental altar in my woods for the fairies, for the elementary calls, you know, some them fairies. I like to call them elements, halls, um, and the energies that are around just honoring them. Um, and you know, knowing that I am not the only thing here, but I’m the only thing here. Right. Yeah, definitely. There’s a definite connection to other realms. So have you ever visited another realm, mention another reality or anything like that that you could discuss? Yes. Um, definitely through psychedelics. Um, but again, psychedelics are not for everyone. It’s, it was something that came to me on my path and the realm was pure gold. I mean it was pure light, pure love, pure. And I realized that it was me. It wasn’t anything separate from me for awhile. And so after this I realized, you know, somebody is in my face, you’re a bitch, you’re a blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Alls I see is a beautiful being. And then I thank them, you know, thank you for calling me a bitch. I, you know, I’m sorry if I made you feel happy, but you know, just keeping love and it, I only see, um, the substance, I guess. That’s me. Wow, that’s very cool. So I always like to ask, and I, and I bet bad habit, not asking recent casts, but your morning routine, you know, somebody that’s developed spiritual practices and learned meditation and seen how reality can be created. You start to really look at what you do the moment you wake up. And I’d love to get an idea of what your morning routine is, what you do every morning on a regular basis. Nobody actually follows their routine exactly on what if on a good day, what kind of routine would you want to do? Everyday I wake up and I’m so grateful I go right into breathwork because I teach mind, body, spirit, breath. The breath is the bridge between the seen and the unseen. So when I wake up in the morning, boom, I’m in the seen world from the unseen, right? And so I connect with my breath because the breath is what is going to connect me to this scene. And the unseen. And I love Butenko method. I love Wim Hoff. You know, you can do some, you can do a couple rounds of wind, Wim Hoff first thing in the morning and connect with that breath. And I got to the point where I get to a place where I’m relaxed, completely relaxed and holding, doing a breath, hold, breath holds. We tend to think, hold your breath really, really tight. Tighten everything up and hold it for as long as you can. This is not the case. This is doing the breath work. And then exhaling, relax, hold for long. We’re going to Max for Unit. You’re just relax. Hold you. Just relax. Hold. Okay. And um, for the longest time I couldn’t get past the minute, but once I started, um, this is years ago once I started really incorporating a lot of self care [inaudible] de-stressing meditation where I’m able to get my body to re Max cause you’ll be surprised how many people sleep and the stress date. Yeah. So when I’m able to get there, I was able to hold my breath for three and a half minutes and I couldn’t get past the minute for the longest time. Right. It’s a trip breath. Yeah. When you do the Wim Hoff, it’s interesting how you find out how you can you save oxygen, how you hold oxygen in your body, that just, that Bret breathing technique, it’s something that people don’t realize that you’re [inaudible] here’s a reserve of oxygen that you save up. Do you understand it? Yeah, absolutely. And then we have the belief that carbon, you know, your exhale is bad. You got to get rid of it, but the blood needs five to 7% of carbon in it in order to infuse the oxygen. Ah, very inter, you need carbon. So what an, the breath hold builds up that carbon to a point where you can relax. Right. Okay. So then after the breath work, next step after that, take the dogs out to go potty. Okay. Right. And usually I do that barefoot, um, even in the winter. So, um, I, I just connect with the ground while they’re doing their thing and just be grateful for earth. And it really puts myself in a space of slowing down. Because when you get up, you start thinking, I got to do this, I gotta do this, I gotta do this, I gotta do this interview for the podcast with all of these things. But if I can come to a space of just connecting with the earth, with the physical and just allowing myself to be, this kind of sets the mindset. Cause I know when I get up and I don’t do my breath work and I don’t do my connection, I’m stressed. I’m like, okay, this, this, this, this and this. And there’s just no space at all. Yeah. What’d you, so when do you meditate later in the day? You don’t first call first with your breath, you do the meditation. How long do you meditate? I know it really depends. 10 minutes, 10 minutes, one morning, 30 minutes the next morning. Um, I was recently going through some bs, you know, with the legal system and all that stuff. Right. And, um, I would find my breath naturally wanting to be more stressed and I would need more meditation, get that breath back down. So it really depends on what’s going on in my outside world. The more stress out there, that stuff coming at me, the more I have to say, no, I need this time. What’s the longest you’ve ever meditated? You know what I couldn’t say, but definitely, um, probably a couple of hours. It’s, yeah, it’s a weird thing going on a couple of hours with a meditation kind of thing. Yeah. It’s usually at a meditation retreat. Um, I love going to those and, uh, I do Korea Meditation. I love that. Incredible. Yes. Yeah. We have a temple. No. Uh, the initiations in Korea are fascinating to me cause I, I’ve read that they, people make people cry, uh, that when they go through these, these are, these are simple movements in exercises. Right. And they bring up, so I’m, yeah, I don’t, I’d have, I’ve always been fascinated in looking into doing some of those exercises. Very interesting. Um, so then after that, do you have any journaling practice? W when do you usually eat in the morning? When do you exercise? Hey, these are things I got to know, you know, so, um, I exercise by activating, uh, try and activate all the major muscles in the body with Yoga and then stretch them out. I love to hang upside down. Yeah. I hang upside down in my garage. I don’t use, do yoga. I just, you know, with an inversion table. So, yeah, absolutely. And you know, I’m 53 and I’m, when I was a kid I was in gymnastics. So, um, I’ve been trying, working with my body to keep it pliable, inflexible, because when the mind gets rigid, the body gets rigid. When the mind is pliable and flexible, the body stays pliable and flexible and yoga just connects the body, mind and spirit together. Yeah. So you said eating? Um, I was a vegan vegetarian for a long time, for many, many years. However, working with Dr Mercola, I found that I have a severe immune responses to soy. I actually have. Um, AH, so that might’ve been what was causing the problem when you were 35 years old hospital. So soy gives me ms symptoms. So my whole right side of the body will become numb if I get so aid. I can’t drive after 45 minutes. When it happened one time who think my son was with me, we switched so that he could drive home. So soy gives me, um, ms symptoms. Wheat causes me after I eat anything with wheat within, within two hours I look like I’m nine months pregnant. I mean I literally get this distension and it’s painful and corn causes skin reactions within me. And of course legumes, a lot of vegans and vegetarians eat beans there. They cause a severe problems within me. So, uh, breathing issues and I can’t eat bananas. So I, I learned that, oh my gosh, my body responds to that yet I’m being told I should be vegan and eat those things. So I went through a time where it was really hard and I decided, you know what, I have to listen to my body and I eat tons of vegetables, some berries, and I introduce minerals. Minerals is a big thing into my body and very little protein. I try and keep the protein down as much as clean protein, local grass fed, free range. Uh, not this industrial type meat because I can, I can chicken, I don’t know if it’s psychological, uh, local meets, we have bison local, we have chickens. Local, we have whatever’s local. Yeah. Locally and humanely raised. That’s another big guy that had to be part of your recovery. And so it’s, Oh, absolutely. Question. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, probably sugar is a grain. So along with soy, wheat, corn, sugar, sugar is a grain, so soy meat and corn and have the same effects as sugar. So sugar in the body is poison. Very cool. It’s, um, I always also like to ask if you have any movies that you, you know, I’m a big movie buff. Uh, do you have any movies that you liked or Eric amend? It doesn’t have to be related to what we’re talking about and any ones that we might not have heard of that or it’d be really great to check out as a movie buff. I always like to ask everybody. Oh yes. Yeah, my all time favorite. I love that movie. You know, um, groundhog day and anything side by when Lucas on came out with his new science fiction movie that was kind of looked like the fifth element. I forgot the name of it right now. You remember what I’m talking about? Oh, okay. There’s a movie that he made and I will, I will message you that the name of it, I’m sure that people can put in the comments and it’s, it’s looks exactly like fifth element. It’s like a little bit different and so by the same director. But yeah, fifth element is as it is the all time classic. No doubt. And any books that you’d recommend, books that we might find Super Other Than Reality Trans Surfing, which is obviously one that we share, but any other books? I know one thing I’d, everybody on the channel, you gotta listen, Denny reads your invisible power by Geneve Genevieve Behrend, which is terrific reading. If you listen to it, she does an awesome job and it’s a very relevant book. I was listening to it and you know, it’s a could be written for today. Oh my gosh. Yeah. Have your green book in many ways and what she’s talking about is consistent with reality, Trans Surfing and everything else. And that book was written in 1912 [inaudible] yeah. I really enjoyed your reading of it and I recommend anybody gets a chance to check that out. Do you have any books that you recommend that in this, you know, that, that the people in the reality revolution might find interesting? Um, when I was going through a really, really hard time, um, at work, there was a book that I kept with me and just would open it up and just whatever page it opened up to was autobiography of a Yogi. Oh, okay. It’s a classic and I love that. And a lot of people talk. There’s, are you there? Did you freeze? No, I’m still here. I mentioned the word autobiography of a Yogi and we freeze. No, you just froze. Oh No. Okay. There you are. All right. Well hopefully they can at least listen to it. Like we still got it. But autobiography or Yoga. When people see that book when they’re at the bookstore, I don’t think they realize how crazy some of this stuff is in that book. The stuff that he’s talking about with different dimensions and apparitions right off the bat, this is not your, just a, hey, this guy lived in the city and he learned how to cook and this is crazy stuff. The antibiotic free of Yogi and one of Steve jobs favorite books, and I’m every time, I mean the first time I read it, I might, my jaw dropped. I was like, I don’t. Is that real? There’s a, first of all, the question is, is it real? What do you think? Do you think it’s all real? You know, it’s the mind asking, is that real? Right. But the heart knows, the heart knows. Right. And I felt my mind going, bullshit, bullshit. But by heart going, oh my God, this is awesome. Oh my God, this is awesome. Right, right. I had that the other day when I was reading the, the, the law of one. Have you had a chance to, to read that? I may have. It sounds familiar. It’s a, these three guys, uh, channeled in the 80s, and they channeled raw and listened to, it’s on their website and um, they describe how we’re all moving into different densities and what our higher self is and uh, social memory complexes and, and you know, like you just said, my first thought was this doesn’t sound right. It sounds, but my heart was like, this is right. This stuff’s completely correct. The whole idea is that, that the whole universe is one thought. It’s based, the whole universe is the result of one thought. Exactly. And you know, I’m going to mention idea, you know, so go, I’m sorry, go ahead. And I’m going to mention the Bible too because you know, I grew up Christian in a Christian organization in it and I came to a point where I was just like nothing Christian because of the doctrine in the, in the uh, you know, the men being in power and you know, I was told by an elder in our church that I wasn’t spiritual enough and it kind of like spiritual enough. What does that mean? And autobiography of EOB is, is my start of answering that question. So what does that mean? So I was kind of resistant to anything Christian. However, I started reading the Bible again and, and just little passages and even things in generate genesis or joke, the book of job or any of these things has a whole new meaning. Oh my gosh. So if we can get past the words and our brain saying these other words and these are what we have to do, but get into the experience of it, it’s, it’s a whole different meaning. It takes on a whole different, you know, that happened for me recently and I had re-read the Bible because of Neville Goddard and the way that he makes it, that the Bible is this ultimate treatise that gives you the secrets to life in every way when you truly understand, when he explains it. And I went back and I was just blown away by the how timeless the Bible is when you, when, when people will use it for however they want and whatever they want. And they, and so yes, I recommend, I get exactly what you’re saying and that was a great choice. I appreciate that. And, uh, very powerful. Well, it’s been a super pleasure to spend this time with you and I really appreciate it. Thank you so much for having me on your show and I’m so glad that you could come on mine. I learned so much and we should definitely collaborate and work on. We should do another interview again soon because we’ve covered all the basics next time we can go even deeper. And I just wanted to thank you so much. I really appreciated this and thank you to welcome to the reality revolution. Thank you so much for having me, Brian. This has been spectacular. This is a

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