Understanding the Alternatives Flow in Reality Transurfing || EP 102

This episode continues a series in which I do deep dives on Reality Transurfing chapters as a form of research to create a meditation. This episode I go over Chapter 6 the Alternatives Flow, one of the best chapters in the book.

As Vadim Zeland says, “The alternatives flow is a truly sumptuous gift for the mind. The keys to any problem are encoded within it. To access them you have to learn to move in the direction of least resistance. As a rule, people look for complicated solutions because they perceive the problem as an obstacle and as we know, obstacles can only be overcome by applying much effort. It helps to get into the habit of choosing the simplest possible solution to any given problem.”

So sit back and lets talk about the alternatives flow.

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Welcome to the reality revolution. I’m your host, Brian Scott, and this is dedicated to all those spirits out there who believe life is meant to be magical and fun. Here we’ve ventured to share the very mysteries of self in reality. My purpose is to help light that spark inside of you to reawaken your sense of fascination and awe towards the world. I’m going to try to help you hack reality and unleash your potential and open unlimited possibilities of wealth, health and relationships in Europe life. Welcome reality creators. Today I will continue a series that I’ve been working on where I do deep dives on chapters of Reality Trans Surfing. My ultimate goal is to do a deep dive on each chapter of River, both Reality Trans Surfing into 50 the priestess right now we’re on Chapter Six of Reality Trans Surfing, which is the alternatives flow and even though I have reviewed this stuff and summarized it, when we actually go into the chapter itself, the very wording of it has power. This book is a unique book because w reality trends surfing by Vadim Zealand is the book we’re talking about and because on multiple readings there are different layers to the text. One of my favorite chapters in the whole book is the alternatives flow. This is what it all comes down to and this is going to make a spectacular meditation because it’s really what I would love to be able to tune into sometimes in certain meditational space. The alternatives flow. And so I’m gonna go through this chapter and we’re going to do our best to try to understand this. Hopefully when I come out of this I will have a better understanding. I’ll try to share my aspect of this and hopefully it will help you to better understand and how to access the alternatives flow. And this chapter starts out with the information field, which is what the aspect of Reality Trans Surfing. I’m very fascinated by the space of variations or the alternative space is an information field or energy matrix, a template for what things could be like. Now again, we have the translation idea that might be a problem in one text. It’s the alternative space and the others, it’s the space of variations and to me, they both have quite different meanings. This text is translated from Russian and so it’s possible that we’re not getting the full meaning and so it’s good. Note these, these differentiations, but he says the alternative space is an information field or energy matrix, a template for what things could be like when a sector of the matrix is lit up by an energy that has the same resonance, that part of the template is transformed into reality, so that part of the template is are transformed into reality. When a sector of the Matrix is lit up by an energy that has the same resonance, that part of the template is transformed into physical reality. The question is whether the information held in the matrix can be used whilst it exists in its intangible form. You could say that we are using this information on an every day basis. The conscious mind might not be able to read the information held in the alternative space, but the subconscious mind can access it directly. So this is why I believe meditation is important. Meditation in conjunction with sleep, meditation and Lucid Dreaming, the conscious mind might not be able to read the information held in the alternative space, but the subconscious mind can s access it directly. So what I’m trying to do with these meditations is to access your subconscious mind. I’ve tried hypnotic trends inductions and basic yogic meditation techniques and you really kind of have to pick your own whatever works for you to reach your subconscious because everybody’s just going to be a little bit different. This is where premonitions intuition, prophecy, inventions and works of art originate. So let’s the, these two sentences are huge. The conscious mind might not be able to read the information held in the alternative space, but the subconscious mind can access it directly. And this is where the premonitions intuition, prophecies, invention and works of art originate. Some of this we already already know, but the conscious mind sources information both by interpreting data from the external world. And by receiving it from the subconscious via intuition. Put bluntly. The data recorded in the information field represents truth in purest form. It represents objective information undistorted by interpretation. When truth passes through the filter of the mind, it becomes an interpretation. For instance, knowledge or I e. Knowledge, all living things. All living beings have their own way of interpreting the truth. A chicken, for example, sees and understands the world very differently to a human [inaudible]. Even different people will see and understand the same things in different ways cause a result of knowledge. Is it more or less distorted representation of the truth? The data contained in the information field exists in the form of a complex energetic structure. [inaudible] the field is a record of everything that causes matter to move in accordance with the laws of nature. Initially, data from the information field is received by the subconscious, the soul and the conscious mind reason translated into word and symbol. This is how many innovation is brought to life, be it a new John or of music or work of art or anything that a person could not have seen or understood directly. Intuitive knowledge and premonitions are received in the same way. This explanation might be a little perturbing [inaudible] well, hard to accept. Can It really be? You ask that the mind is incapable of creating anything new independently and is actually drawing on data from an external source of information field outside of their own brain. Perhaps it’s too categorical to say that the mind can never create anything new. The mind can build a new object or solve a problem using knowledge of objects and logical constructions that is already familiar with. In other words, their rational mind can build a new house but only from old bricks. It can construct something using ideas that have been made accessible to the conscious mind previously, but it cannot directly access information that is fundamentally new scientific discoveries or not made as a result of logical reasoning. So much as from an Aha moment of insight when knowledge seems to come from nowhere. And I can tell you in my own life so many times I have ideas just come out of nowhere. Some of them bad, some of them good, but a constant stream of ideas and if you’re in a creative space, tapping into those ideas and when they come is very important. [inaudible] the mind can build a new object or solve a problem. Yes, but only with what it’s familiar with. It can construct something using ideas that have been made accessible to the conscious mind previously, but it cannot direct access information that is fundamentally new. Good music just comes to the musician. It’s not created via the intelligent choice of notes. When you’re in the flow comes to you, perhaps they are listening to the Russell in the morning. Stars works of art are created as a result of inspiration, not professional and technical skill. A picture that from a technical point of view has been executed perfectly, will not necessarily be proclaimed a work of art. The special quality that makes something a work of art lies beyond the realms of technical execution. Poetry that has the ability to touch your heart is not written by the process of choosing rhythms, but comes from the depths of the poet’s soul. Creativity based on inspiration and insight is totally different to something produced by the rational mind. It is only later that a product of true creativity becomes an attribute of the mind. The mind may be capable of making a perfect copy of an old work of art, but it is incapable of creating a new one. The mind canalizes data received from the information field by the subconscious mind and endows it with symbolic form, producing a painting, a melody, a poem, mathematical formula, et Cetera. We do not yet know how the subconscious accesses the information field, but we can witness the access. Clairvoyants for example, are capable of proceeding. Events that have taken place in the past have not yet taken place or are happening somewhere beyond our field of vision as we cannot yet explain the mechanism for such things. We refer to them as paranormal phenomenon, not wishing to reveal their impotence. The pendulums of fundamental science refuse to take such phenomenon seriously. However, the fact that we cannot explain them does not stop them from being real or justify the tendency to dismiss them out of hand. There are people who are capable of seeing events in the information field as clearly as if they were witnessing them in the material world. I can only say this for myself. I am in this boat. I have seen incredible things in the information field and I’ve really struggled to try to translate them into something that I could explain to draw. People like this are capable of attuning to manifest sectors in the alternative space. In the space of variations. A clairvoyant, for example, can attune to the sector of a missing person by looking at a photograph of that person or touching an item of their belongings. The police have been known to make use of the services of clairvoyants in their investigations. Not all clairvoyants can see perfectly and so mistakes are made. Mistakes can be made for two reasons. First, the clairvoyant may attuned to a sector that has never been realized in the material plane and never will be. Confusion can also be caused by the fact that separate sectors differ in script and scenery to a lesser or greater degree depending on their relative distance from one another. This can affect how information is interpreted. For example, [inaudible] ancient prophets who observed unusual scenes from the future interpret them according to the knowledge available to them at the time, causing their predictions to be inaccurate. Whether you believe in these things or not is a very personal thing. It’s always good to remember that Trans Surfing is just a model that allows us to apply the laws of the universe to serve our own interests. Again, I’m not claiming to know the truth. Trend Surfing is just a model that allows us to apply the laws of the universe to serve our own interests. It does not claim to provide a comprehensive description of the structure of the universe. Neither is Trans Surfing a monument in granted bearing. The inscription here lies the secret. The truth, as you know, is only ever somewhere close by the idea that man is capable of synthesizing anything new. Using. The rational mind alone is simply the product of a certain attitude. It is just that society has been relying on the model that generated that attitude for a long time. Now it should be pointed out however that the conventional world view is, it’s impossible to prove as the Trans Surfing model, whether things actually happen according to one system or another does not concern us here too much. The fact remains that information originating in the alternative space is somehow available to us in the form of hunches, visions, insights and signs. And as far as we are able, we must attempt to understand its meaning. One of the most fascinating aspects is the idea that we get knowledge out of nowhere and so there is a section on in here on the knowledge out of nowhere, only a few very unique individuals are capable of reading data held in the information field. The majority of us receive reverberations of data in the form of momentary premonitions and vaguely perceived knowledge. People involved in the worlds of science and creativity often receive insights after many long days or even years of contemplation. It can take such a long time to unveil something entirely new because thought energy, however deeply a person concentrates can be more easily attuned to the sectors of the alternative space that have already been transformed. Physical reality, it is harder when it hasn’t already been done is what he’s saying. Anything fundamentally new originates in sectors of the alternative space that have not yet been transformed into physical reality. Unfortunately, we do not yet fully understand how to attune our thoughts to the sectors. When the subconscious is somehow able to access information held in an unrealized sector of the field, the conscious mind can be confused. Finding it vague and obscure. You’ve gotten information or hints or clues that were just so obscure because your conscious mind couldn’t understand it, and this is because the data has not before been interpreted using symbols that are familiar to the rational mind. If however, the brain manages to reach deeply into the essence of the information, newly available insight and clarity is achieved, there is much that is unclear and contradictory about the mechanisms of the conscious and the subconscious mind. Rather than delve deeply into all these issues here. We will just look at a couple of themes related to how they function. Also to avoid getting mixed up in semantics and terminology. For simplicity’s sake, we will define everything connected with the conscious mind as reason and with the subconscious as the heart or soul. If the mind was capable of understanding everything the heart wish to share with it, humanity would have already gained full access to the information field. One can only imagine the heights human civilization would have reached as a result. The mind however, is just not very good at listening to the heart and it does not want to. It’s attention is either taken up with things relating to the outside world or with its own inner bag of contemplation and anxiety. The mind is busy controlling its unceasing internal monologue and is by comparison highly inattentive to the faint signals of the heart. The mind authoritatively insists on doing things its own way when reason thinks it draws on categories which it uses to mark the qualities of visible objects in materialized sectors of the information field. In other words, it’s thinks with the help of established designations, symbols, words, concepts, diagrams, rules, the mind, unscrambles, all the information it receives using an appropriate designations. Designations are attributes are attributed to everything that exists in the world around us. The Sky is blue, water is wet, birds fly, tigers are dangerous, winter is cold. If the information received from a non materialized sector has not yet been attributed, rational designation, the mind perceives it as unfathomable by the Annabelle knowledge. If new designations can be introduced or if it can be explained with the Co within the context of conventional references, then a discovery is made and that’s really what I would, I want this meditation that we do based on this chapter is to access that some part of a non materialized sector. It is always extremely difficult to find designations for new knowledge. It is like when a person hears music for the first time, a type of information expressed in the forum sound. How many times have you heard a song and the first time you heard it, it’s so incredible and you love it. I mean instantly. And then there’s those songs you hated the first time aided the second. Oh my gosh, the third time. It sounds wonderful. And then sometimes you have it takes the fifth time and sometimes they never sound good. [inaudible] it’s interesting how you’re getting new information and how you interpret that information and how that information changes. I think as songs are really a powerful way to look at this. If the information received from a non materialized sector has not yet been attributed rational designation, the mind perceives it as unfathomable knowledge. So we need to be able to find a way to create designations for the unfathomable when we meditate and we might be able to find a way to utilize this. It is fine and difficult to find designations and it’s like when you hear music for the first time, so when a person hears the music, their mind receives the information it carries, the mind knows it is hearing something but does not yet understand what it is hearing because it has nothing to make reference to. Understanding comes later when the person has heard music many times and all the relevant designations and objects have been demonstrated. Musicians, instruments, notes and songs. When music is heard for the first time, it is perceived as simultaneously as knowledge and a mystery. Try explaining to a small child that milk is white. Young children are only just learning to use abstract categories and so they ask a lot of questions. A child may know what milk is but not understand what white means, and so the child asks, what is white? White is a color. What is a cupboard? It’s quality. Objects have what’s a, what’s quality, what’s object? And so it goes. Rather than trying to explain it easier to just show the child objects of different colors than the child’s mind begins to recognize how to differentiate objects using the abstract notion of color. This is a how a child learns to define everything in the world around it and then think using these definitions, the heart, unlike the mind, does not use designations. How could the heart explain to a child that milk is white? Ever since the mind began. Thinking in terms of abstract categories, the connections between the heart and mind gradually atrophied. The heart does not work in terms of categories. It does not think or speak, but it has major power. It feels and knows because the heart is not able to express what it knows in words and symbols. The mind finds it difficult to understand. How will then can the heart communicate with the mind if it has discovered something in the alternative space or the space of variations or the void that does not yet exist in the material world, the mind is always busy with its own chatter. It has a logical explanation for everything and it’s constantly trying to control information. It picks up on vague signals from the heart, which it is not always capable of defining with the help of categories, the vague feelings and knowledge signal by the heart are drowned out by this vociferous thoughts of the when control over the mind is released. However, intuitive feelings and knowledge can break through to consciousness. The sync signals of the heart are conveyed as an ambiguous premonition, which we call the inner voice. In moments when the mind is distracted, it allows you to experience the feelings and knowledge of the heart. This is the rustle of the morning stars. Now this is in Italics when he says this, so let’s this is that Russell of the morning stars and he says before this, the signals of the heart are conveyed as an ambiguous premonition which we call the inner voice. In moments when the mind is distracted, it allows you to experience the feelings and knowledge of the heart so I can distract you enough. In the meditation you can listen to the heart, the rustle of the morning, the voice without words, reflection without the height and sound that ball you. When you hear this music, you know, okay, that you have understood something [inaudible] still has an elusive quality. Do not think so much feel and listen to your intuition. Everyone knows what intuition is. Everyone has some times had feelings that someone is about to arrive just before a visitor appears at the door, has had the feeling that something is going to happen and then it does. Or is that the feeling that they simply know something that requires no explanation. The mind is constantly generating thoughts and the voice of the heart is literally drowned out by the thought churn making it difficult to access intuitive knowledge. This thought churn is what we’re trying to slow down in meditations. If you stop the train of thoughts and simply contemplate the emptiness, you will hear the rustle of the Morningstar’s, the inner voice that has no words. The heart can provide answers to many of our questions. If only we could hear its voice, and I’ve discussed this on previous episodes of the reality revolution. It is my belief that we have a sense of waves coming from the future in the past, and the sense of it is in her heart. The heart knows about the future, and that is what we’re trying to access, where you’re simply trying to stop the train of thoughts and contemplate the emptiness. If you stop the train of thoughts and simply contemplate the emptiness, you will hear the rustle of the morning stars, the inner voice that has no words. It is quite difficult to deliberately attune to unrealized sectors of the information field and to force your mind to listen to what the heart is trying to convey. So we will begin slowly. The heart has two quite clearly discernible states comfort and discomfort. The mind has designations for the states. I feel good. I do not feel good. I feel confident. I am anxious, I like it. I do not like it. Every step we take in life we have to decide whether to do one thing or another. The thing we call life emerges when parts of the alternative space are transformed into physical reality. [inaudible] depending on our thoughts and actions, one sector or another is realized on the material level. The heart has access to the information field and yet and somehow the hardest given to see what lies ahead an as yet unrealized but impending. Anything sectors when the sore has to set its sights on a sector that has not yet been realized in the physical, it knows what to expect and whether it will be pleasant or unpleasant experience. The mind interprets these feelings as vague sensations of inner peace or the lack of it, so we’ll try to open up our heart and we’ll try to work through our heart. The soul often knows what lies ahead and tries patiently to communicate what it knows to the mind, but the mind hardly hears the voice or attributes very little meeting to the vague premonitions. The mind is hooked by pendulums, preoccupied solving problems and convinced by the reasonableness of its actions. The mind makes resolute decisions guided by logical reasoning and common sense. As we know, the sensible reasoning is no guarantee of an ideal solution. Unlike the mind, the heart is rarely mistaken because it does not think it feels and knows. How often do we hear people claim post factum I knew nothing good would come of it. The task is to learn to interpret what the hardest trying to communicate to the mind. At the time a decision is being made. It is not difficult. All you have to do is instruct your inner guardian to pay attention to your inner state before making a final decision. Your mind is usually trapped by pendulums or absorbed with the job of solving various problems. To hear the rustle of the moral burning stars, it is enough to simply remember to note your inner condition. It sounds quite banal and commonplace, but it works. The only problem is in paying attention to your feelings and sensations. People tend to be more inclined to trust arguments based on reason, then their own feelings and so forgotten how to pay attention to their own inner condition and the feeling of integrity. The inner piece of Gibbs. Yeah, and the feeling of integrity. That inner peace Gibbs in the moment of considering a possible solution to the problem, the mind is guided by sensible reasoning, not by feelings. In fact, the moment of decision making the mind is unlikely to even notice that there are such things as feelings. If however you’ve been able to remember, then take the next step and note what you are feeling. There might be something about a situation that puts you on guard or worries you. There might be something you do not like about a situation. Once you’ve made a decision, ask the mind to be quiet for a moment and ask yourself how you feel about it, good or bad. Then imagine having made a different decision and ask yourself the question again. How does this make me feel good or bad? How does this make me feel good or bad? So imagine having made it right different decision and ask yourself the question, how does this make me feel good or bad? Once you’ve, once you have made a decision, ask the mind to be quiet for a moment and ask yourself how you feel about it, good or bad. So this is after the decision [inaudible] so there might be something about a situation that puts you on your guard or worries you and there might be something that you do not like. Once you’ve made the decision, ask the mind to be quiet. If you cannot pick up on a clear feeling when you do this, it suggests that your mindset is still not very good at listening. Instruct your inner guardian to alert you to your interstate more often [inaudible] and so we’re going to try to integrate that into our meditation. This won’t be on this episode. We’ll do the meditation as a separate one, but if you get a clear sense of yes, I feel good about this or no, I do not feel good about this, then you have clearly heard the rustle of the morning stars. Now you know the answer to your question. It does not mean that you will necessarily act according to the dictates of the heart prayer. We are not always free to act as we would wish to, but at least you will know what to expect from a sector which has not yet been transformed into physical reality. [inaudible] the needy, the indignant and the fighter and any situation a person can respond with two extremes of behavior. One extreme is to be swept along by the current like a powerless paper boat and the other is to row stubbornly against the tide. If a person is lazy and capable of taking the initiative, has no goals and is happy to simply exist, then they can be controlled by other forces. It is very easy for this kind of person to become a pendulum’s puppet. People like this effectively declined from choosing their own fate or choose to believe that their fate is predestined or produced through their choice. They affirm the statement that there is no flying from fate. What will be will be and they will be [inaudible] proved right because this life path also exists as a potential reality in the alternative space. Having made this decision, all a person can do is complain about their faith and their impotence. Hope for the mercy of higher powers. When a person gives up responsibility for their fate, they take one of two paths, one path. They accept their circumstances and beg for handouts, cap in hand, appealing either to the pendulum or to some higher power. A pendulum will force the needy to work hard and the person will break their back earning a very humble living. They may naively call on higher powers for help, but speaking higher powers have more important things to do. The needy abdicate responsibility for their own fate in the matter [inaudible] oh, it’s all in God’s hands. [inaudible] perhaps they believe that all you have to do is ask nicely and as God is merciful, he will give you what you need. Yeah. Imagine the prayer, mountains and valleys, rivers and oceans. Oh, sky. Oh Earth. I buffet bow before your power. My heart is filled with faith and reverence. I believe that you will help me buying my morning newspaper. Perhaps this is too exaggerated an example and yet why not? After all, it makes no difference, surely to the higher powers, whether you’re asking for a newspaper or palace for they can do nothing. If the needy for some reason ended up without a morning paper, they could surely conclude that they just did not ask properly and still carry on. Asking. There is a Russian joke that goes, a man is lying on his sofa praying, God, make me rich. I know I can’t. I know you can. I totally believe in your greatness and annoyed. The Lord tells him, listen mate, you have least buy a lottery ticket. It is a convenient position to abdicate all responsibility for your life at the same time as wallowing in your own self-importance. Pretty self-important to imagine yourself so significant that God in all His Majesty and mercy which see to your needs personally, God has already given man the ultimate gift, freedom of choice, and yet some people are to infant tile to accept the gift, preferring to remain constantly dissatisfied. Oh, people will always find ways to justify their actions, claiming that their path is too densely Strohn with obstacles and that for them something always goes wrong. [inaudible] that’s something of course is balanced forces and pendulum that arise as a consequence. The excess potential generated by their self importance. It is like in the children’s game that goes [inaudible] Hong Kong, are you hungry? Yes, yes, yes. We’ll fly on home then we can’t. We are afraid of the gray wolf that stands at the foot of the mountain. If a person does not fit the role of the needy, they may choose the role of the indignant expressing there, dissatisfaction and demanding to be given what they are supposedly do. By being so very demanding, the indignant person harms the potential shape of their destiny. Even more. Imagine a man who visits an art gallery but does not like the exhibition and so has a tantrum believing that he has the right to express his dad. Dissatisfaction [inaudible] he stamps his feet, making threats, breaking things and demanding that the organizers take the exhibition down. Naturally. The man would be punished for his actions, which would make him even more resentful and all the more inclined to express his indignation. A person who believes that their own wants and needs should be a priority for others would never dream that they’re merely a guest in this world. [inaudible] from the point of view of Trans Surfing, both roles appear equally absurd. Trans surfing offers a different path. If you want something, don’t plead for it. Don’t demand it. Just go ahead and get it. There is nothing new in this position. It is the natural stance of a person who makes their own choices and believes that their destiny is in their own hands. However, people tend to take this too far in the struggle for a place in the sun taking a hard stand. People declare war on pendulums, get drawn into competition and elbow their way forward. Their entire life becomes a continuous struggle for survival. This is their choice and their choice will be played out because it also exists as a possible reality and the space of variations. We already know that passive acceptance and over dissatisfaction cause a person to become dependent on pendulums. Perhaps you recall the content of the earlier episode that we did on importance and excess potential and check out my episode on balance and expected the needy create excess potential via their feelings of guilt and voluntarily offering themselves into the hands of manipulators. The victim automatically assumes that they are condemned to have to ask for what they want and wait until someone decides to give it to them. The indignant person creates excess potential with their continuous expression of and ruins their own life by endlessly invoking balanced forces, having chosen to battle the fighter takes more productive stance, but their life is hard and demands a huge amount of energy. No matter how hard a person tries to resist, if they take this position, that will just get more and more entangled in the web. The fighter believes that they’re battling for the sake of their own destiny, while in fact they’re simply wasting huge amounts of personal energy. Sometimes a person wins, but at what cost? Their example goes to convince everyone that the laurels of victory can only be hard one. With that, the widespread belief that if you want to achieve something, you have to slog away and fight for it is further consolidated. Public opinion is mainly shaped by pendulums. The excess potential of self-importance serves as a feeding trial for pendulums, and so beliefs based on some aspect of self-importance are widely supported. The belief that a personal goal is difficult to attain represents a projection of outer importance. Whereas the belief that the goal can only be achieved by a personality with extraordinary qualities is a projection of inner importance. Either way, the individual is fleeced. They may be allowed to reach the finish line, which will no doubt make them very happy, bored. The person will not realize is how much energy was wasted, not so much on reaching the goal as an indulging. The exactions of the pendulum, they use the word exactions. I’m not quite sure about that. Metaphorically speaking, it is like a person trying to make their way through a crowd of pleading beggars in order to reach their goal. The beggar’s bustle about block the way and grasp at the person’s clothes and body. The person tries to justify themselves, apologizes, gives the beggar money, pushes them aside and forces their way through the crowd. Finally, and not without great difficulty, the goal is reached. The energy was spent on actually achieving the goals comparatively small enough to place one foot in front of another. The remaining portion of energy went on battling with the needy. When a person learns to break the loop with the pendulum, they will have their freedom. The scroungers will leave them in peace and focus on some other individual. To free yourself from the burden of pendulums, you have to abandon inner and outer importance. If you manage to do this, the obstacles you would have encountered on the way towards realizing your personal goals will simply fade away. Then you’ll be in a position not to ask for what you want, not to demand it and not to struggle for it, but simply go ahead and get it. Now the question arises as to how the phrase go ahead and get it should be understood specifically and how to go about it. [inaudible] all of the additional chapters in the book are devoted to answering this question, how to go ahead and get it [inaudible] and so that’s what they’re trying to answer. So far we’ve outlined general strategies for choosing one’s personal destiny. One of the roles described the needy, the indignant or the fighter. None of those are for us. What Role Do you think trend surfing would describe to the master of their own fate in the game called life? That is the homework. The answer can be found as we continue the needy and the indignant go weekly with the flow of life. Well, the fighter perse pushes against the flow. Of course in life, no one person is a pure example of either role. We all adopt one or more of these roles to a greater or lesser extent as life changes and yet none of them are particularly effective if it is not advisable to fight and going with the flow is to limp. What other options are there? Earlier we described how reason authoritatively asserts its will based on common sense. Some people rationalize in a very reasonable, intelligent manner and yet are totally incapable of solving their own problems. How useful can common sense be if the mind cannot use it to provide an ideal solution to a problem? The thing is that even though the mind is being rational, it remains unaware over the fact that it is influenced by the thought patterns created by pendulums. Certainly while a person is playing the role of the needy, the indignant or the fighter, there can be no question of freedom of movement. In reality, the fighter has no more freedom to assert their true will than the little paper boat, metaphorically speaking. This is how the fighter moves with the flow of life. Pendulum’s provoked the fighter who then swims against the current not understanding it would be easier and more advantageous to use the flow. The fighter’s mind is gripped by pendulums, but the fighter is resolutely set on battle and by making resolute decision whips the water with all his Mike in places where calm, smooth movements would have sufficed. Now imagine a person who neither goes against the flow causing additional eddies in the water, nor lets the current carry them utterly like a little paper boat. They would be intentionally moving in harmony with the flow, noting the sand banks, obstacles and dangerous areas along the way, making smooth movements to keep their chosen course. This is the person at the helm. How useful is it to think of life in terms of flow and why is it so injurious to swim passively or try to resist the flow? The information that lies in the alternative space is stationary like a matrix. At the same time the information structure is organized into chains of cause and effect, which give birth to the flow of alternatives. So this is the first time we’ve heard alternatives flow, which is that the title of the chapter and this particular paragraph is beautiful and we need to read it again because I think it is very essential because it’s the first time we talk about flow. How useful is it to think of life in terms of flow and why is it so injurious to swim passively or try to resist the flow? Man, the information that lies in the space of variations is stationary. So this void where all the information that we get is in one place. It doesn’t move like a matrix. And at the same time the information structure. So they are differentiating it by seeing the information structure organized into chains of cause and effect. So what we see in our daily life, it starts to happen to us and the things that are happening is the chains of cause and effect, which give birth to the flow of alternatives. This is what we mean when we talk about the flow in context of Trans Surfing. The main reason to avoid resisting the flow is that in doing so, you expend a huge amount of energy either in vain or to your own detriment. Neither can you rely entirely on the alternatives to flow. Four could carry you into a calm lagoon as easily to the edge of a waterfall. One should therefore proceed with a sense of caution correcting one’s movement with smooth actions. A person should also be aware of the general direction of the flow, which is determined by their chosen goal and the means achieving it. Once the general course has been determined, one should rely on the flow as far as possible. Everyone has a rough sense of the general flow of events in their life. And most people first study then get a job, have a family, worked their way up the employment ladder, build a house. And so on. Many people make a lot of mistakes along the way in retrospect, wishing they had done things differently, but it is too late to change anything. What is done is done. The flow takes them in a direction far away from their goal and the rational mind is powerless to do anything about it. All they can do is regret knowing if only they had known where they would fall, they would have put something in to soften the landing. Everyone wants to know what awaits them just around the corner. Not everyone is serious about turning to fortune tellers and astrologers for advice, but many are interested in them, at least out of curiosity. The advantage of a reading is that an optimistic astrology or forecast or prediction can light a spark of hope, whereas an unpleasant prediction can be trivialized as meaningless and later forgotten. Despite the fact that astrological calculations and clairvoyants cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, the Trans surfing model does not negate their value because prediction and site are sourced in the alternative space. So they’re saying that astrological calculations are are real in soar clairvoyance. In any case, if the accuracy rate was too low, no one would take these trends. Luminary predictions. Seriously, astrology does not only exist because people are curious to take a peep into the future. The alternatives flow also allows us to take a glance at other sectors of the field that exist in physical. All reality, how much one chooses to rely on forecasts and astrological predictions is also a very personal thing, so we will respectively placed this subject to one side. Consider what we can. You simply conclude from the simply the knowledge that the alternative flow exists. The main question that arise are to what extent can we can surrender ourselves to the flow, how to determine whether we are going in the right direction and why we should surrender ourselves to it at all. As we mentioned previously, the mind is constantly under pressure from projected levels of importance and so hindered from make truly efficient decisions. Inner and outer importance is essentially the main source of the problem causing balanced forces to manifest in the form of rapids and whirlpools along the person’s path. If you reduce the intensity of projected importance, the flow will return to a calmer current. The question of whether one should surrender oneself to the flow is also important. Outer importance encourages the mind to look for complicated solutions to simple problems. Inner importance convinces the mind that its reasoning is sound and capable of making the only right decision. If we reduce the intensity of projected importance, the mind can breathe freely because it has been released from the influence of pendulums and the pressure of artificially created problems. It can make more objective appropriate decisions. The beauty of this lies in the fact that once the mind is free of the burden of importance, it has no great need for powerful intellect. Of course, to solve everyday problems, you need logical thinking, knowledge and analytical skill, but this requires much less energy. The F flow of alternatives is a luxurious gift, which paradoxically the mind hardly ever uses. The alternatives flow contains the solutions to all our problems. The majority of problems. We are in fact artificially created by the mind, pendulums prod, the anxious mind, which sets about solving all sorts of problems. Just to try and keep the situation under control. It’s willful decisions are for the most part, pointless like randomly slapping your hands on the surface of the water. The majority of problems, particularly minor problems, resolve themselves if the alternatives flow is allowed to take its course. There is no essential need for a powerful intellect at the solution to a problem already exists in the alternative space. The optimum solution will appear of its own accord as long as we do not go rooting around in the debris interfering with the alternatives flow optimally. It is a principle that is inherent in the structure of the information field. Chains of cause and effect create streams in the flow of alternatives. These streams represent the best possible ways in which cause and effect can move. Everything exists in the alternative space, but is the optimal or most energy efficient alternative that is more likely to be realized. [inaudible] nature never wastes energy, which is why people walk with their feet and not their ears. All processes strive to move along paths which are most energy efficient, so the alternative stream or organized along the path of least resistance. This is where the optimal solution to any problem lies. The mind is constantly losing a sense of the flow because it is influenced by pendulums and acts in their interests. In other words, the mind gets caught up in amaze looking for complicated solutions to simple problems. All these abstract notions may appear overly conjectural. However, you can try out some of the ideas in the Book Reality Trend Surfing in practice and then decide whether you you think the flow exists or not. The alternative is as low as a truly sumptuous gift with the mind. The keys to any problem are encoded within it, the access to access them, you have to learn to move in the direction of least resistance. As a rule, people look for complicated solutions because they perceive the problem as an obstacle and as we know, obstacles can only be overcome by applying much effort. It helps to get into the habit of choosing the simplest possible solution to any given problem. We all have to learn to something new at some point or think about how we can do familiar tasks in a more effective way. One approach to doing things in the most efficient manner is so simple. It is hard to believe it actually works in accordance with the principle of harmonious movement. Everything should be done by the easiest and simplest means possible. [inaudible] the most optimal alternatives to any action are organized and streams which are like chains comprised of links which represent optimal cause and effect. Deciding to take the next step in a given action is like choosing the next link in the chain. It is a matter of deciding which link is a part of the stream. What normally happens though is that a person makes a logical decision based on what they think would be the most correct based on their day to day experience of life. The mind makes willful decisions believing that it is capable of calculating and explaining anything, but this is not true. You can probably recall many occasions when you have suddenly seen how things could have been done differently and yet it was too late. It is not that the mind is scattered or lacking in sharpness so much as the chain in the stream does not always correspond to logical construction. However meticulous you are, you will rarely choose an optimal action relying solely on logic. Generally speaking, the mind is always under some kind of pressure, be it stress, anxiety, depression, or heightened activity. In other words, the mind is constantly distracted by pendulums, which make it a little bit pushy or prepare to launch an attack on the outside world. So in order to choose the next chain in the stream, all you have to do is free yourself from the puppet strings and have enough compliance to follow the flow. This means adopting a condition of balance and having enough mindfulness not to project inflated importance. Once you feel that you’re in a condition of balance in harmony with the world, just follow the flow. You will notice a multitude of signs that will guide you. Let go of the situation, be the objective of [inaudible] observer rather than the [inaudible] participant. These are things that we need to put in the middle. The meditation. Once you feel that you’re in a condition of balance in harmony with the world, follow the flow. You’ll notice a multitude of signs that will guide you. Let go of the situation, be the objective observer rather than the participant. Perform your actions simply adopting either the position of slave nor master. Instruct your inner guardian to nudge your every time your mind tries to make a sensible but nonetheless willful decision. Detach yourself emotionally as if you were simply an administrator and observe your work from the outside. Everything can be done a lot more simply than you think. Yield to simplicity. It is not. It is the mind, not the alternatives flow that carries you to the edge of the [inaudible] waterfall. I imagine there’s something you need to buy, but you don’t know where to find the shop that sells it. You rely on your mind to suggest the most sensitive. It’s simple and the most complicated way of finding the shop you need. You drive around half the town looking for the right shop only to find one right next door to your house. If you would attributed less importance to the search, the mind would not have been set on finding such a difficult solution. Here is another example. You have a list of things to do and you’re wondering which task to start with in which to put off until later. Do not think about it. If there’s no particular need for the tasks to be done in a specific sequence, do the task that you feel most inclined to start with. Go with the slope. Separate your mind from the influence of the pendulums. It is about learning that smooth light. Simple movements are enough to navigate the water. You do not have to be impotent paper, boat or splash your hands wild. We have about in the water, he does not go on with a long list of samples. If you spend even just one day truly going with the flow, you will discover for yourself just how helpful and surprising living your life in this way can be. Every time you have to come up with a solution to a problem, ask yourself which approach would be the easiest and go with that. Every time something or someone comes into your dis to distract you, do not hurry to resist it or skirt around it. Try to touching yourself from situation, situation and then observing what happens next. Every time you face a new task, ask yourself, how can I do this as simply as possible and then allow whatever it is to get done with as much ease as possible. Every time someone suggest something different or tries to prove their own point of view, try not to jump in and argue. Maybe the rational mind just cannot understand the advantage. Receive the alternative. Activate your inner guardian first, observe and then only then take action after observing. Come down into the auditorium. Do not hurry to take control. Let the game develop as far as possible overtone accord under your supervision. There’s no need to madly splash your hands about in the water. Do not get in the way of the flow of life and you’ll feel much better for it. So when people say, hey, they’re suggesting a different way to do it, don’t start arguing. First, observe and then take action. [inaudible]. How can we distinguish between approaching sand bank or waterfall and a normal turn in occurrence? There are always tangible signs that will help us navigate ourselves through life. Life is constantly sending us signs. The most common well known sign, it’s an omen. They’re good and bad omens. Seeing a rainbow is a good omen. A black cat crossing the road is supposed to be an element of misfortune. Widely acknowledged almonds are creating, are created as a result of multiple observation and comparisons. If the percentage of correctly predicted moment is high enough, a certain pattern is determined, which then becomes public opinion because people love to talk to one another about strange phenomenon. However, almonds do not always come true far from it. In fact, in Russia, when you forget something and have to go back for it, people worry because they say returning to a place you have left is a bad omen. Even if a person is not particularly superstitious, the strong social stereotype, there was a shadow across their subconscious. The person begins to fear that something’s unpleasant or happen and so decide that is not worth returning to pick up the thing they left behind. Unfortunately, that does not help either because an even flow has already just Sterbai and the person is already slightly out of balance. Love that. Even float Pearl Jam is interrupt reality. Trans Surfing, the expectation of misfortune introduces change into parameters of a person’s thought energy and they shift to a lifeline that corresponds in quality. Not surprisingly, they then end up experiencing whatever it was they were fear. In fact, the person is allowed the possibility of the event to enter their personal script. This explains why an increasing percentage of o Omens are fulfilled. As you can see, the omen of itself cannot serve as a law or pattern. Why is it that everyone considers a black cat in particular to be a bad omen or put it differently? How is it that a black cat can have any kind of influence on our lives? Of course it is not the cat that has the influence, but a person’s response to seeing a cat and that’s why they end up being bad omens. It’s how we respond. If you believe in omens, they will play a role in shaping you the events of your life. If you do not believe in omens but still experienced doubts, you realize you’ve seen one. The influences will be slight. If however, you do not believe in omens at all and pay absolutely no attention to them, they will have no influence in your life whatsoever. The principle is very simple. You experience what you allow into your personal life script. A person who believes omens to be empty, superstitions will experience no indication of their validity and the layer of their world. Omens may appear real in the layers of other people’s worlds because those people look for of them, whereas the skeptic does not. So this might be happening with the 1111 phenomenon. People see the 1111 they expect good things to happen in x. Good things happen. It may not have anything to do with the 1111 but it’s the person’s response. If Omens have no direct influence on the events in our lives, then what do we mean when we are talking about guiding signs? The black cat cannot have any direct influence over you, but it can serve as a sign warning of you own an event that will take place further down the line. In the alternative flow. It is amazing how many signs you can spot. Once you decide to be observant of what is happening around you, you can end up seeing them just about everywhere, so which signs should be considered guiding signs? The other issue is how signs should be interpreted, but we will not go into that as it is too comprehensive and vague. The topic, all you can reliably do is increase your interview Guardian’s level of watchfulness and vigilance. Notice this sign and take its presence into account. Guiding signs are signs that indicate a possible turn in the alternatives flow. In other words, a guiding sign serves to Harold an event that will substantially change the flow of everyday life if you’re expecting some sort of change in the current. However small assign will appear to signal an onset. A characteristic sign may also appear if an unexpected turn is coming up in the near future. When you alternative low makes it churn, you shift onto a different lifeline. The lifeline will be more or less homogenous as far as quality of life is concerned. The stream and the alternatives flow can intersect many lifelines that have different parameters. The changes may relative be relatively insignificant, but you will nonetheless experience the difference. The qualitative change is noticed either consciously or subconsciously with the knowing that something is not quite the same as it was a minute ago. [inaudible] guiding signs only appear when a shift to a different lifeline is initiated. If, for example, you pay no particular attention to a separate event such as a crow squawking. If it does not put you on your guard and you do not feel any qualitative difference in the moment, it suggests that you are on the same lifeline as before. If, however, the phenomenon does attract your attention and you feel that there’s something unusual or odd about it, then it’s probably a sign assigned differs from other everyday phenomenon and that it signals the beginning of a shift to a lifeline that differs considerably from the current one. Often we find signs like this a little disturbing, especially if they’re spotted immediately after a shift to a different lifeline. This is because there is a qualitative difference in the current and former lifeline that we cannot rationally account for. Often it is hard to put your finger on what exactly has changed. You may have just have the feeling that something is not quite right. When a shift has been made, it is sensed intuitively and sometimes we even notice change in the type of signs we spot. It says if out of the corner of our eye we see or suspect that something new has happened in the flow, so sign serve as indicators that a shift is occurring or is in the process of occurring. This is a long one and we’re going to have to keep on going because it is just getting good. Some people are unaware of most of what is happening around them and so unlikely to notice even the most obvious signs. Generally speaking though, if we fail to notice anything unusual about an event that takes place on our current lifeline, it is probably because it has the same quality as all the other phenomenon. We experience the shift to a substantially different lifeline normally occurs gradually passing through intermediate lines along the way. The signs on these lines can appear as warnings with different levels of severity. The Times that person ignores their first warning, the shift continues and then a second warning appears and then a third and if the person is taken no heat of the danger and event finally occurs, it is encoded in the final line of the shift. Interpreting signs unambiguously is very difficult to do. Sometimes you cannot even be 100% certain whether the phenomenon that attracted your attention is a sign or not. All you can do is take into account the fact that the world seems to be trying to communicate something to you. We are mostly interested in approaching sandbanks and rapids, so it would be nice to at least get a hint of what lies ahead. In most cases, you can explore the sign by phrasing a question in such a way that will produce a yes or no answer. For example, will it work out or not? Will I get it done in time or not? Will I be successful in doing something or not? Is it good or bad, dangerous or not and so on. The interpretation of a sign should be simplified enough to hint at a positive or negative type of answer. There is no point in expecting a high level of precise detail in a sign. The sign carries a hint of the quality of forthcoming return in the flow. If you associate the sign with unpleasant sensations or it fills you with misgiving unpleasant a surprise or anxiety, it means the sign signals a negative turn of events. If the sensation is an ambiguous, there is no point in trying to interpret the sign as your evaluation of it will be too subjective to be reliable. Assign may bring a warning that you need to be more careful. Change your behavior in some way or stop doing something. For this reason, it is important neither to negate or sign, nor let it worry you too much by attributing too much significance. Signs can take various forms, but in each case, the most useful thing to do is to decide whether their meaning is positive or negative. For example, if you’re in a hurry and an old lady with a stick block shear her way, this could be interpreted as a mean, meaning that you’ll be delayed, that the bus will normally crawl along. For some reason, fly past today, perhaps you went too far in a situation and she’d be more careful, or maybe you’re trying to do something that is not going very well and no matter what you do, obstacles keep getting in the way. Bringing things to a grinding hall, maybe you have chosen a dead end road and should take a different route. The main benefit of signs is that they have the capacity to wake you up in time making you see that you’re acting in the interest of a destructive pendulum or to your own detriment. People often make fatal mistakes when they are under zombified anesthesia of pendulum. Only later realizing they were unaware of their actions and forgotten to be vigilant. It can be useful to interpret even innocent signs. As a simple warning, it is always wise to maintain a sense of caution and awareness with regard to what is happening around you. As long as cautiousness does not deteriorate into anxiety and suspicion, suspicion, you have to be able to take care without worrying beat attached at the same time as impeccable in everything you do. However strange it may seem. Sometimes the clearest and most concise guiding signs are phrases spoken spontaneously as if there were no important. When someone is trying to force their opinion on you, it is better to pay no attention, but a spontaneous phrase uttered as a casual recommendation or piece of [inaudible] ice might be worth taking seriously. Spontaneous phrases are spoken without the speaker planning what they’re going to say beforehand. You can probably recall an occasion where you responded to a comment immediately without thinking. It is as if the answer already exists somewhere deep in your consciousness and it just comes out bypassing the analytical mind. The same thing happens when your mind is dozing or busy with something else and seemingly random phrases or other. When the mind is dozing, the soul speaks and the soul after all has direct contact with the information field. For example, someone just on the off chance says, don’t forget your scarf. You’ll catch the cold. If you do not take their advice, the likelihood is that you’ll regret it later. You might be absorbed in thoughts about some problem that someone makes recommendation in passing that at the time does not seem very relevant. Listen to these words and phrases. Do not be too quick to discard them. You may be convinced you’re right about something and then someone opens your eyes to see things differently without even intending to do so. Try not to be too stubborn to reconsider your point of view and ask yourself whether you were not. In fact just randomly splashing your hands about in the water. Feelings of inner discomfort are also a very clear sign. Otherwise, a rural, we do not pay these feelings. Do attention if you have to make a decision, no one better than your own soul knows what the decision should be. It is often very difficult to understand what exactly the soul is trying to tell you, but the principle is the same. As with other signs. You can quite unambiguously determine whether the decision is to the soul’s liking or not. When you have to make a decision, stop and listen to the rustle of the morning stars and if in your mind you’ve already made the decision and remembered about the rustle too late, try to recall what type of feelings you were experiencing when you were making the decision. Those feelings can be characterized as I feel good about it or I don’t feel good about it. If you made the decision reluctantly and it left you feeling cold and this feeling would clearly fit into the, I don’t feel good category if it is not too late to change your mind. Do so listening to your gut feeling, assessing how comfortably you feel is not difficult. What is difficult, however is remembering soon enough to listen to your heart for the mind. Reasons with authority, with no inclination of listening to anyone else. The loud drumming of common sense drowns out the whispering voice of the heart. The mind is always trying to substantiate and prove its position. Here you have a choice, yes or no. The soul tries timidly to object. No. The mind is aware of the soul saying no, but pretends it does not. Here putting forward persuasive arguments based on sound judgment to support its own. Yes, having read these lines, store them away in a separate file in your memory and the next time you make a decision, pull out the file. You will see that the process is just as I have described, I would suggest keeping in mind this simple, reliable exercise as a way of recognizing your inner no. If you have to convince yourself and talk yourself into saying yes, then your soul is really saying no. When your soul says yes, you do not have to talk to yourself into it. Pay attention to the signs the world is giving you. Without going over the top and looking for signs everywhere, it can get a little absurd. If you say, look, the birds are flying high in the sky today. I wonder what that means. Maybe it just means that birds are not afraid of heights and so are able to fly at high altitudes. It is sufficient to be aware of what you notice and keep in mind that something you have seen might be a guiding sign. As soon as you forget to be vigilant, pendulums will latch onto you and you could become the victim of circumstance. It is also worthy of meticulously checking out desires and actions that could dramatically change the course of destiny. If you get a negative gut feeling about something you’re thinking of doing, if it is all possible, do not do it because the negative feeling you are experiencing indicates that the original desire came from the mind and not the heart desires and actions that come from the mind are always imposed by pendulums. If you ignore a negative gut feeling, in the majority of cases, nothing awful will happen, but sometimes you may deeply regret doing so. Therefore, whenever possible it is better to forgo desires and actions that evoke feelings of guilt, doubt or Perhentian apprehension. Sometimes you don’t have a choice. You have to make decisions that can evoke feelings of guilt, doubt or apprehensive, but if you can avoid it, you should. If you can get into the habit of doing this, it will greatly simplify your life and free you from all sorts of problems. There is just one, but if a series of misplaced steps, I’ve got you all tied up in a knot, it might not be enough simply to rethink certain desires and actions because sometimes a person is called to do something which causes them discomfort, like not telling the truth or going to work. When you hate your job, however, once and not has been untied and you’re freed from a more complex situation, you can confidently try out the principle of foregoing desires or actions that evoke a feeling of inner discomfort. That is all can be said about guiding signs within the construct of trend surfing model. Ultimately only you can interpret the signs that are personal to you. There is no need to teach you how to interpret signs. You will instinctively understand their meaning. If you’re observant of yourself and the world around you, be wary of attributing excess importance to signs they’re not sufficiently clear or that would introduce negative interpretations into your personal life script. You will not get caught up on a sandbank or fly off down the rapids if you avoid creating excess potential. After all is said and done, we can survive quite well without signs if we have to. It is not given us to us to understand their meaning fully. The only sign, particularly worth focusing on when you are making a decision is your gut feeling and intuition. It really is worth listening to the Russell of the morning stars. Final section is letting go and I know that we’ve gotten an hour and a half into this, but this is a very important section and it will be a very important part of our meditation and I’m just going to finish it off because letting go is the key. The existence of streams in the alternatives flow can potentially free the mind of two overwhelming burdens, the need to solve problems rationally and the need to control that is if the mind will allow itself to be freed, the mind will require a more or less rational explanation to be comfortable enough to let go. As you may have noticed, quite a lot of what is described in this book and in this podcast is irrational, which is why although it is not the purpose of Trans Surfing, to offer a description of the structure of the universe, Zealand tries to validate the conclusions that you’ve drawn that would otherwise be difficult for the mind to accept. By the following examples, providing an explanation the mind can accept is actually essential because the mind will not take anything on faith and it is extremely difficult to shake the monolith of common sense. The mind demands proof and circumstance [inaudible] which can provide yourself. If you try putting the principles of Trans Surfing into practice, I offer a couple of feasible explanations here to sue the incredulous mind for if I did not, the reader would be unlikely to try out the Trans surfing principles or read any further. If this, and if this is just the beginning, many exciting revelations lie ahead. The burdens of the mind are placed on us in childhood. As children, we’re constantly being reprimanded. Think with your head. Do you realize what you’re doing? Explain yourself, do your homework. You won’t get anywhere in life without a brain. Don’t be so stupid. Will you ever learn teachers and circumstances sculpt a soldier from our minds ready at any moment to produce an explanation, give an answer to a question, assess a situation, make a decision and control those around us. The mind is trained to act in a practical manner based on common sense. I am not presumptuous enough to advocate getting rid of common sense altogether. Quite the opposite. Common sense provides us with a minimal set of rules on how to behave in life in order to survive. The mistakes of the mind is that it follows the behavioral code to literally an obsession with the common sense prevents the mind from opening up, looking around and noticing all the things that do not fit the rules. There are many things in the world that are inconsistent with common sense. The rational mind is incapable of explaining all the phenomenon we witness in the world. Neither it is. Is it very good at protecting a person from experiencing problems and disappointment? However, relying on the streams in the alternatives flow can compensate for the limitations of the mind. The justification for doing so is very simple. There’s a purposefulness to the streams in the alternatives flow and this is the quality the mind seeks. As we’ve said before, the streams take the route of least resistance. The mind strives to reason sensibly and logically relying on the principles of cause and effect, but the imperfections of the mind prevent it from navigating correctly in the external world and finding the one prime solution to any given problem. Nature is in essence perfect and so the streams of the alternatives flow have more purposefulness and logic than the wisest reasoning mind. However, convinced the mind is that it reasons clearly it will still be prone to making mistakes. The mind would make fewer mistakes if it did not try so hard to get involved and allow problems to resolve themselves. When you let go of the situation and relax, you’re controlling ripp. You allow the world around you more freedom and the flow can take its own course. You already know that it’s feudal and even dangerous to try to pressure the world, and yet when the mind loses a sense of harmonious flow, it creates excess potential, which in turn creates obstacles. Trans surfing demonstrates a different way of being. Firstly, if you reduce the importance you attribute to an obstacle, it will fade of its own accord. Secondly, if the obstacle does not respond to your efforts to overcome it, move around it or guiding signs will appear to assist you. So if the obstacle does not respond to your efforts to overcome it, move around it and guiding signs will appear to assist you. The problem with the mind is that it tends to interpret any event that fails to fit it’s script as an obstacle. The mind likes to plan. Everything beforehand makes calculations, and when something unexpected happens, it fights against it. Trying to make it fit the script, and unfortunately this only makes the situation worse. Obviously, the mind is not capable of planning events. Ideally, this is where more freedom should be given to the flow. The flow has no interest in ruining your life. As such, an action would lack. Purposefulness lives can however, be ruined by ill designed actions. The mind would have it that purposefulness is what happens when everything is going according to the script and unwanted problems are what happen when something does not go along with the script. Problems have to be solved and so the mind sets about doing so with great Gusto, generating new problems and cluttering the path with endless obstacles. Think about it when, when are people happy, fulfilled and pleased with themselves? If not, when everything is going according to plan, self-importance prevents the mind from allowing any possibility of deviation from the original script, which is automatically interpreted as a failure. The mind thinks, but I planned it all and it worked all beforehand. I know what is right for me and what is not. I’m rational. Life often delivers people gifts, which they accept reluctantly because they were not planned. I wanted a different toy. Life rarely gives us the toys we’re planned on getting and so we walk around dissatisfied and sad. Imagine how joyful life would be if the mind could forgo some of its importance and accept the fact that deviations from the script also have their place. We can all regulate how happy we are. Most people set their minimum happiness bar far too high and so do not consider themselves happy. I’m not saying that you should not always be satisfied with what you have in the spirit of dubious slogan. If you want to be happy, just be happy. This is not what Trans Surfing is about. You can have the toy you want most. We will return to that later. For now, we are concentrating on how to avoid disappointment in experience, fewer problems. It is the mind’s unwillingness to accept deviations from its script that prevents it from making use of ready solutions present in the alternatives flow, the mind’s compulsive desire to control everything turns life into an endless battle with the flow. If only the mind could allow the flow to go its own course rather than trying to force its will upon it. The mind’s greatest error is that it strives to control the flow itself rather than its own movement. Within the flow. We cannot control the flow rather than its own movement within the flow. This is one of the main causes of the majority of problems and disappointments that people face. The purposeful stream that takes the path of least resistance is incapable of generating problems and obstacles. There are, these are created by the madness of the mind. Activate your inner witness and observe, at least for one, how the mind tries to control the flow. Perhaps you’re offered something but you refuse it. Maybe someone tries to tell you something but you fobbed them off. Somebody tells you their opinion and you argue someone does something their own way and you try to set them on the right path. You are offered a solution but you protest. It will not work. You expect one thing but receive another and expect your suppress your dissatisfaction. Someone bothers you and it makes you angry. Something contradicts your script and you go for the jugular to force the flow into the right channel. Maybe things are different for you, but there’s undoubtedly a grain of truth in these words. Now try releasing your grip and giving the flow more freedom. What does this mean? When I read that and I read these references to letting go the flow, sometimes it seems too ambiguous. What do you guys think? Anyways? He says, I’m not suggesting that you must agree with everyone and accept anything that is happening, but you could consider making a tactical adjustment. Move the center of gravity from control towards observation. So I think what he’s saying is try to be the observer. Do not be in a hurry to fobs. Someone off of checked. Argue. Prove yourself, get involved, manage or criticize. Give situations a chance to get involved, manage or criticize. Give situations a chance to resolve themselves of their own accord without active involvement or resistance. If not dumbfounded, you will at least be surprised by the result. For something quite paradoxical happen by being willing to release control, you will acquire more control over a situation than you had before. I’m telling you to try this. You don’t want something so bad and you want to control all the variables around it. Let go and you’ll get more control over it. The objective observer always has the advantage over the direct participant and this is why they is. These words are so often repeated in reality, trend surfing, exercise, detachment. In retrospect, you will see that the control you were exerting before was making you go against the flow. This suggestion other people were making did in fact make sense and it was not worth arguing about. Your intervention was not actually necessary. What you thought were obstacles were actually nothing of the kind. When you let go, problems resolve themselves quite satisfactorily without your having to know how the things that happen that do not fit with your plan turn out to be so bad after Raul chance freeze is can actually have quite powerful meaning. Your gut feeling and instincts are there to warn you. You do not waste the same amount of energy as you did before and find that you’re quite happy. This is the sumptuous gift of flow. As mentioned earlier, of course, in addition to all these that have been said above, we could not forget our old pendulum friends. When people go with the flow, it vexes the pendulum and so they try to provoke us at every step into beating our hands wildly upon the water. Pendulums are poor streams in the flow for simple reason. The stream moves in the direction of minimal energy expenditure and the pendulum wants the most energy. When a person goes with the flow of the stream, they do not put energy into battling against the current create excess potential and fodder for pendulum. The only form of control worth your attention is control over the intensity of projected inner and outer importance. Remember that projected importance prevents the mind from letting go. In many cases, letting go of a situation is much more effective and productive than insisting on getting one’s own way. Even from childhood are striving for self assertion generates the habit of trying to prove one’s personal significance from this stems the harmful tendency to prove that one is right. Whatever the cost, this driving creates excess potential and a conflict of interest, people will go to great links to prove that they’re right even when the verdict either way will not directly affect their interests. In some people feeling of Interport is so exaggerated, they insist on their own way. Even in matters of very little relevance. Now, as an ex debater, I have this problem. I have this problem big time. When somebody says something that I know is wrong and I want to tell them you’re wrong, and it’s such a terrible habit of mine and I’m definitely working. So I’m really proud to say a couple of times I’ve heard people say completely false things in my presence and I simply smiled and maybe that’s all we have to do. So from importance can develop into a mania. It produces a compulsive need to control everything. I’ll prove I’m right. Whatever it takes, it is a grieve that makes life much more complicated, especially for the ones so intent on defending their truth. As long as you do not risk seriously compromising your interests, let go of the situation and let others exercise their right to beat their hands on the water. If you practice letting go consciously, the feeling of relief will be greater than you succeed in proving your point. I say to let go in every debate, in every meditation, in every hypnosis and I mean it, you will experience a sense of fulfillment knowing that you moved on instead of insisting on your own self importance, you managed to act like a wise parent dealing with difficult children. Here’s another example. Excessive commitment to work is just as detrimental as neglecting one’s responsibilities. Imagine that you have just taken a on a new prestigious position that you’ve been dreaming of getting for a long while. You demand a lot of yourself because you want to prove your potential. There is nothing wrong with that in principle, but if you throw yourself into the job to zealously, you may find that you cannot take the pressure over time, particularly if the work tasks are very difficult. In any case, you will become less efficient and at worst you could earn yourself a nervous breakdown deciding wrongly that you’re incapable of handling the position. Another possible scenario is that you generate vigorous activity without observing the established order of things. You may see all sorts of things that could be improved on and initiate necessary changes, confident that you are behaving appropriately. However, if your innovations change the usual daily running for your colleagues, no good will come of it. This is the kind of scenario in which your initiative can become punishable crime. You entered an environment with slow, peaceful, even flow, and with your action started wildly slapping the water with your hands, trying to swim faster. Ever worked in a small office and somebody shows up and they, they, they changed the filing system or they moved the coffee machine. That stuff doesn’t work. Maybe that’s what you’re doing and trying to fix your problem. Does this mean that you should keep your mouth closed and your head down? That would be a little extreme. The question should be approached with a sober mind. You should only consider getting annoyed and telling someone off if they’re bothering you directly and then only if your crust criticism will change the situation for the better. Never criticize anything that happened in the past and cannot be changed in everything else. Go with the flow. Not in a literal sense by agreeing with everything in everybody, but moving the center of gravity from control to observe, observation, observe more, and do not be in a hurry to control things. There’s no need to be concerned about getting the right balance. A healthy sense of moderation will come with practice. So let’s summarize this chapter, some information that we’ve got that’s super powerful. I’m going to try to put into a meditation that will be coming up after this, which will be the alternatives flow meditation. And I’m excited about this one because I think it goes to the core of meditation. So we know that one, the mind interprets information using a set of rational, established designations and to the heart does not think or speak, it feels and knows. And three, the mind is only capable of building a relatively new version of a house from old bricks. The mind doesn’t do anything new for fundamentally new discoveries originate in unrealized sectors of the alternative space. Five the heart serves as a medium between our, between new information and the mind. Six the heart perceives unrealized information as knowledge beyond interpretation. Seven a discovery is made when the mind is able to interpret information accessed by the heart. Aight, the mind is capable of perfectly assessing one’s level of inner comfort. Nine and learn to pay attention to your interstate 10 bye for going. The projection of importance, you are free to choose your destiny. 11 freedom of choice means being free not to ask demand or fight for what you want, but simply to go out and get it. The information structure is organized and chains of cause and effect. That’s 1213 chains of cause and effect generate the alternatives flow. 14 paths of least resistance are organized into separate streams and the 15 thing we learn is that streams in the alternatives flow contain the solution to all of our problems. 16 inner and outer importance jolts the mind out of the optimal stream. 17 in the alternatives flow, it is not the streams but your mind that brings you to the edge of the waterfall. 18 everything works a lot more simply than you think. Yield to this simplicity. 19 what works is not the omen itself, but your attitude towards an omen in 20 guiding signs indicate a possible bend in the floor of alternatives. 21 lifelines differ from each other in quality. 22 signs put us on guard because they appear during a shift to a different lifeline. 23 signs are characterized by their tendency to evoke feeling that something is not right. 24 spontaneous phrases can be cert perceived as instructions. 25 the level of importance one feels represents a clear sign. 26 if you have to talk to yourself into something, it means the hardest saying no. 27 if it is possible to change your decision that causes you to feel uncomfortable in your gut, do so. 28 soften your grip on things and allow unforeseen events into the script. 29 projected importance hinders the mind from accepting a deviation from the script. 30 the mind strives to control the flow rather than its own manner of moving with the flow. 31 shift the center of gravity from control to observation. 32 having let go of attachment to control. You will find you have genuine control of situation in 33 if you move harmoniously with the flow of alternatives, the world will meet you halfway. There’s been a lot in this chapter and we’ve really seen the importance of importance and we’ve seen the importance of letting go. We’ve seen a number of different strategies to use the heart and the mind. There’s a lot of stuff that’s captured in this and in many ways I think that it might be even more effective to meditate on it, but I think it’s good to have this knowledge and information. A lot of this stuff sounds basic, but it’s really not. If you go over this information, again, we’re talking about lifelines created from parallel realities that can put you on negative lifelines and that the heart knows what’s head on and how to use your heart to read the future. And that’s what’s in this and it’s amazing. So I hope that you enjoyed that. I deeply enjoyed it and I learned a lot and keep an eye out for the hypnosis. Slash. Meditation. Of course these are not stranded meditations and you can find a lot from meditating in silence and there is a lot that you can gain from that. They’re kind of a VR version of programming. What we’re trying to do is program and lock this stuff into our minds so it becomes automatic and we become natural trans surfers and that’s what I’m aiming to do. But in any case, I’m always greatly appreciative when you join me on these long excursions and it’s been a lot of fun to do this. So please contact me if you have any questions. You can email me@mediaatadvancedsuccessinstitute.com I will most likely respond to any comment you make on this video. Please subscribe and hit the notification bell. We have new content coming out on a regular basis. Keep an eye out for my book, which is about to drop the reality revolution, the mind blowing movement to hack your reality. If you need coaching, go to my website@advancedsuccessinstitute.com and all episodes of the reality revolution can be found a duh reality revolution dot comm. It is always a blessing, peace and love to all of you. Welcome to t

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