Interview with Brian Larson of Mettaverse || EP 100

If you have had a chance to listen to previous episodes of the reality revolution you have noticed that we have used some phenomenal meditation music. This is because Brian Larson of Mettaverse gave us permission to use some of his tracks as background on our meditations.

I am a meditation music junkie. I love all the meditation music channels and I consider myself a music frequency connoisseur. I am a huge fan of this genre of music. Mettaverse has created some incredible music on their channel. If I was to describe it, the music sounds like the sound of heaven or what infinity sounds like. It really touched my soul. I reached out and asked if Brian would allow us to interview him on our channel

I totally blew the interview when my microphone went out. When we started the interview over we talked for twenty minutes and realized we had not recorded anything. I tried to rerecord that portion of the interview. But doing it twice is never as good as the first time.

So I promised to interview him again soon. This interview still turned out great. Brian is a phenomenal talent and his music is inspiring and powerful. I learned a little bit of his background and recording process. He also tells a story of seeing a UFO once which was totally fascinating.

Even though the year has not finished the reality revolution named Mettaverse as the best meditation music on youtube in 2019! Tell me in the comments of what your favorite track of theirs is.

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Brian Larson. He is the musician behind metaverse, which is a meditation channel on Youtube that contains, in my opinion, some of the very best meditation music that you can find. The reason why it spoke to me is that it’s authentic and powerful. If I was to describe it, it’s the sound of heaven. It’s what infinity sounds like if you were to make it into a sound. It’s wonderful and incredible and he uses all kinds of frequencies and it’s allowed me to use music frequencies in my, in my meditations. So I was really excited to get an opportunity to interview Brian and he was so nice to spend some time with me and talk with me about his creative process and how he records and his spiritual awakening. Unfortunately, the interview got all messed up. The second half didn’t record properly. I’m assuming that’s for some positive reason, so some of our stuff you end up missing. We tried to recreate the second half of the interview once the microphone broke and then came back and so we did. I did recreate some of it, but the second half ends up being kind of a little bit different than the first. We’ll have to definitely bring him back again. So even though it’s a little chopped up, it’s still fantastic. And Brian’s a super fascinating guy and I highly recommend watching this interview. Welcome to the reality revolution. I’m so excited today. I have Brian Larson of metaverse. If you’ve had any opportunity to listen to any of my previous episodes with meditations or just deep dives, you’ll notice the music has gotten a million times better because I’ve been playing the metaverse in the background. And it’s an interesting story. I, um, if you go on Youtube, there is, there’s hundreds of different meditation music, uh, channels. Uh, and there’s just, they’re all over the place. They’re, they’re really good ones. Uh, you know, uh, and from my knowledge of making meditation music, some of these eight hour or 10 hour recordings, people can make them just on their computer and like five or six minutes. And so you can tell, you can tell the ones that are kind of genuine. And then then all of a sudden I came along to metaverse and this music spoke to my heart. It’s really, it’s genuine. A lot of it sounds very unique. It’s not just looped. There’s you there, it’s there. You can just tell that there’s a lot of time after. And so I reached out, I said, can I use one of your songs in one of my meditations? And Brian was gracious enough to allow me to do that. And then I started looking at some of his other songs and some of these songs are just magical and wonderful. And um, you definitely get the reality revolutions award for best meditation music of 2019. Oh, you didn’t say, um, we got some, we got some gifts, we got some gifts for you. We got some, I didn’t know a good album, some good amp. We got flying saucer attack on vinyl. Oh my gosh. That’s awesome. Wendy and Carl, we’re gonna get your information as a gift to thank you for letting us letting us play your music because I’m so grateful people have tried to add, um, when I was talking to somebody that doesn’t listen to what kind of music is it. And it’s like if you were to explain what infinity sounds like, oh my gosh, that’s a great way to describe it. That’s what it Kinda is. It speaks to me. And so I reached out to Brian and I wanted to talk to him about your process and about meditation and you use music frequencies. People are listening to and meditating that are listening to my channel are using these kinds of frequencies. And I wanted to get an idea about everything. So, so welcome to the reality revolution. Thanks Brian. Yeah, it’s good to be here. It’s good to finally talk to you. Yeah. You know, we’ve been just, you know, chatting back and forth on Facebook and, and I, I’ve been listening to your meditations. I just, you know, the one of the reasons that, you know, I jumped on it, you know, when you sent me that first message, I started listening to your stuff and I’m like, oh my gosh, this is really, this is really good stuff. I mean, your, your meditations are very well thought out. They’re very deep. Uh, and I enjoy it and I, I’m just, I’m honored to have my music, uh, you know, play into your deeply. Thank you. Thank you so much. Yeah. So you had, I watched some of your stuff on your Facebook page and so it got a little bit of a background. You had, you, you were a musician before you were in a band, right? Yep. And you went to the Er, you were touring with the band and it was the whole, the whole Shebang, right? Yeah. Um, we, we did some, a little bit of touring, um, and we, um, you know, we did a, I remember we did a showcase for a capital a and, and there were just a bunch of different things that, that happened that, uh, didn’t quite work out, which I’m grateful for now, um, because I think ultimately I wouldn’t have been able to handle the touring life and I always had reservations about that anyways. I’ve always kinda been just like going my cave and work on my art kind of thing. So yeah. Yeah. But yet sometimes when we have things that don’t work out, it turns out to be the best thing ever. I can. Absolutely true. And I’m super grateful because we probably wouldn’t have got so many awesome, such, such great music on your channel. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. It’s, it’s, it was a, it’s been a long time, um, brewing, right? So you probably went through a little bit of period where you’re like, aw man, this has been my dream. What am I going to do now? Because the music still inside of me. Exactly. Yeah. It was a, um, you know, we finally, um, several years ago and the, the band officially split up, um, and we had done, um, four albums and then we ended up, oh, I could send you a lake. And Yeah. Um, you know, we have some stuff on Bandcamp, but it’s kind of a, you know, indie power pop, kind of rock and roll. Um, and, and I enjoyed it. I loved it. Um, I think I was, you know, in a different place in my life spiritually and, and everything else. And I was really caught up in drinking and, you know, smoking and, and whatever else. Um, and I think that started to consume me. And, uh, then there was kind of a, the dark night of the soul period. Yeah. Well, you had, you had said that you had, you would become sober with a lot of it being because of meditation. Absolutely. I just wanted to get your perspective on that. I mean, I’ve had it a very similar experience and bar none, bar none. Meditation is the reason that I’m able to be sober. Oh yeah. Yeah. So what did it help you? How did it help you overcome that crisis? Because it is a dark night of the soul. It for people that struggle with it, it’s incredibly difficult and it’s a challenge, you know? So how did that work for you? Um, it was, uh, you know, I, I remember specifically there was one night I was really, really having a hard time. Um, uh, and, and I think it was just kind of a combination of withdrawal and, um, depression and anxiety. And I had just kind of that sort of a breaking like a snap sort of where like all of a sudden something opened up and I became aware of myself sorta like I became the person watching myself go through this, if that makes sense. Oh, that makes all the sense in the world. Yeah. Yeah. Um, and, and then, you know, I think I always had this, this urinating that was just kind of dormant within me and, um, and I, I, I turned to drinking and, you know, smoking and whatever else, I, I turned to that to kind of hide from that, to hide from my, from the self, from the yearning. Uh, and, and I thought that would give me some sort of like, um, you know, when, when I get high, I thought it gave me some sort of like, you know, quick little temporary connection to something higher, some higher realm. Um, you know, and, and, and, and I definitely don’t want to knock people who need, you know, cannabis or, or psychedelics, you know, I don’t want to knock any of that stuff or judge in any way personal thing all the way. Yeah. It’s absolutely. Um, but then, uh, I guess once that happened, I decided to just start to meditate. And I remember the, you know, sitting for 10 minutes was tough. It’s really tough. Yeah. And then, uh, slowly I just dedicated myself to it every day. You know, I had my little insight timer. I’d set the timer for 10 minutes, um, and that it’s starting to become more and more, uh, frequently, uh, longer periods of time. Uh, and then I found a, uh, this is my cat. I’m going to let my cats into this. Yoda just loves hanging out with me at night when I’m working. Very cool. Um, but I, I, uh, there’s a a Buddhist monastery, right, right up here in Minnesota, actually out in the northern suburbs. Um, I was just on meetup, you know, looking for some place to reach out, find somebody, people to meditate with. Um, and I started going there every Sunday nights, and, you know, the monks would bring us a fruit afterwards and it was just an amazing experience. It was like, here I am, this Minnesota boy, you know, you know, checking out this, this Thai Buddhist temple and just learning so much and absorbing that energy and, um, and it just kind of, it quickly became a lifestyle, just, just meditating every night. Um, and, and I think the longer I meditated, the more I was just constantly served in the present moment, you know? And, and then, and I think that’s what it was, you know, for a long time I was really, uh, caught up in kind of like, uh, the, the knowledge of the esoteric and which is, yeah, which is natural and it’s fine. It’s, I enjoy it, you know? Um, and uh, but it really started to kind of simplify things. Meditation. It just taught me how to be here and now and just be the awareness of my feelings. I kind of got this sort of like the non-dualistic, the non-dualism vibes, you know, where it’s like I’m just in the flow with the universe. It’s so hard to find the right words for it. Yeah. Well I think you found the words for it with your music. I think your words are the music, the music is the words for that. I really think that that’s what’s so authentic about your music is you’re capturing the moment you’re capturing that feeling, the sound of slowed down and let’s be in this moment. That’s at least my impression. That’s so cool to hear that from somebody else. Cause that’s, that’s what exactly what I’m trying to do when, because I, it’s hard to find the words and, and just this, this inner knowing of the stillness of awareness of being this and there’s no other way I can really communicate it. I’ve been to just find the right sounds and paint that way, you know, like paintings. They really are. They are. Yeah. Yeah. With the, yeah, no, no. So I wanted to talk to the members of the reality revolution. Oh, I wanted to go a little deeper on frequency because frequency is a fascinating subject. And I, my earlier meditations I really, oh, I’d really like to put this particular frequency in and it would for certain things and, and I’ve talked to people and I, you know, my own personal experience is always different in now that I watch my kids listen to music and just music in general, yet it’s all frequency. Music is all frequency and people go into music, maybe not understanding the power of frequency. And so let’s step down. You had, you had recommended on one of your pages that I think, uh, tonight I got it. Awesome. Really good start. There’s a lot more to frequency than I was aware of and people don’t understand it. Uh, when they say, oh, I want a high frequency, what does that mean? Because there’s a lot of different high frequencies and you know, low frequency is not necessarily bad either. Um, so, um, first of all, there’s this whole range of frequencies and if I noticed on your trailer, you’re not going to, through all the frequency, you really have clued in on some specifics frequencies that you really like to include in your music. Uh, you know, you got the four 23 and the one one one the seven, seven, seven hertz. So let’s start, when you first started experimenting with frequency, what was the, what was the first w the, the moment where you realize, I really want to experiment with these frequencies? What was w tell me a little bit more at the beginning of that. Um, yeah, so it started out with the, with binaural beats. Um, you know, I have this, this, uh, app on my phone where at nighttime I’d go into like Delta or Theta and just, just listen to binaural beats. And then I was like, what am I gonna incorporate that into some ambient music, you know? And, um, and then I started to research a lot more about, uh, four 32 tuning and learning how to do that. Um, learned how to take my music, bring it into audacity and tune it down. I’d ask him to design software program and to write down a four 32, and, and, um, and really started to dig into some of that. And it’s deep. I mean, there’s so much information and there’s so many different takes on it. I mean, you know, and I try to, I try to, uh, read what the skeptics say and, and greed, what the proponents say, and try to find that, you know, try to find my, you know, the way I, the way I understand it. And I think for me it’s more of kind of a heart-based understanding, you know, and, and I think a lot of it is the way the energy that’s put into it. Right? Um, and yeah, and there’s, there’s definitely, right, exactly. And there’s definitely a science to ’em, you know, and um, four 32 and to be solfeggio there’s a big history of your time between the behind the [inaudible] frequencies. Um, and uh, you know, I’m only beginning to really dig into the nitty gritty of it. Um, but the reason I’m starting to really, um, switched to kind of the repeating digits, repeating numbers that, you know, 11 or one 11 is I see those, I see that, I see those all the time. Like I remember driving home from work just in your everyday again. Yeah. I remember driving home from work and, and I saw an 11 or at one one one one on one license plate. I’m like, oh, that’s cool. Uh, and then I was almost home and I saw another license plate from another car that was one, one, one. Oh Wow. Like what, that’s crazy. And you know, and those, it’s just those things that happen and I just kind of giggle about it, you know, like, well, yeah. You know, so the, the, the first then were your most popular song is the holy frequency, the one on one hertz? Just such a beautiful song. And if I was to describe it, maybe, maybe I’ll do an intro before this in place, some of your music, but it sounds like what heaven sounds like, like tell me what happens. Sounds like, well, just listen to measure versus track one, one in each of the holy frequency and that’s what happened. Sounds like. Right, right, right. Uh, and it’s a very a, it’s the kind of song it gives you. It gives you goosebumps. I don’t know what it is. It’s, it’s a, it’s one of those things. It’s good. Now you’re capturing angelic songs through your software. Is that is tell me a little bit about the process. Cause you have about two or three songs that kind of, and they, and they all use different, um, different notes, um, where you’re, it’s, it’s, it’s kind of that, I can’t explain it, but it’s the, a, an angel, if they were just kind of doing that, ah, kind of like that, you know? Yeah. So is that from software is, it sounds to me like a recording. It sounds, it doesn’t sound digital. Right? Right. Um, uh, and that’s the thing. I do have, um, uh, my, my keyboard and I have, um, you know, some, some different plugins, uh, through my, through my Daw, my, uh, my, I use studio one, which is kind of a version of pro tools. Um, and, um, you know, the keyboard I’ll, I’ll try that gives me the freedom to, to put down the, the notes that I’m imagining, but I also have a kind of a database of just, um, samples of vocals that I’ve purchased from, uh, uh, artists name Holly Drummond. Um, and her voice is beautiful and I, you know, I, that’s her voice. Yeah. And so mix that in with the tones that I, that I kind of generate and I create my own samples and I just kind of mixed things together and just kind of like, it’s almost like, it’s almost like, it’s just weird. It’s, it’s, it’s a weird process cause, you know, I start with one thing, I just kind of starts to flow into where it’s supposed to go. Right, right. Yeah. And I just, I kinda let it just happen, you know. Um, how much, what percentage of it is lie by like for the Tibetan singing bowls with the thunder and first of all, the thunder and rain sound real. Yeah. I don’t know if we waited. Yep. Wow. So you waited until you had some thunder cause it sounds, uh, you can tell, everybody can tell just like watching CGI. That’s bad. Yeah. Thundered and no, that’s not real. Thunder thunders real and the rain sounds fixed. Spectacular. But that sounds like you’re sitting in a club playing the base, kind of a certain base tune. And then I listened to it a couple of times in some of those are just very slightly bury and different as if you had been playing that live. So what percentage of your stuff ends up being live? Because that’s what is so unique about your music compared to a lot of the stuff that I hear. Yeah. Um, so I just, you know, I, my, my iPhone, I carry it wherever I, and I hear things. Uh, I hear birds or, or I just, I push record, I set it on the right and I just go and I love it. Record for half an hour of, uh, of rain, uh, or, or you know, I live out in the woods and five acres and you know, we, we have some great nature sounds out here, you know. Oh yeah. In the spring, you know, the, the frogs and I just, I just record everything. Yeah. I know you have several tracks where you really use nat nature sounds and it doesn’t just sound like somebody’s loop nature soundtrack that they, it sounds genuine. That’s what, and you can, and the ear can always tell that and it’s very helpful. It definitely can. Yeah. And what I’ll do, um, you know, if, if I record like a five minutes sample, I don’t just, I don’t just repeat it, um, for an hour. I, I, you know, I run it and then I kind of slice little elements and so I take time to slice them together to try to carefully make it sound natural. Cause I, you know, that’s, that’s the thing like, you know, I just don’t want to say, okay, here’s, um, I record five minutes of, of a song that I trust. Then I just [inaudible] all the time. You hear that with some of these big meditation music companies and they for five minutes sample and they looped it for an hour, you know, which isn’t, sometimes it still ends up being great and I’m not done slaying everybody, you know? And that’s, um, you know enough. There are some tracks where you, where I’ve done, you know, uh, I’ve, I’ve recorded a certain amount of time, but then I feel it, it really settles into this trans type thing. I’m like, okay, I’m going to repeat this for a one hour in 11 minutes. Exactly. [inaudible] numbers. Well, how can you, you, you are doing something that I’ve had a hard time on youtube and that was hitting the one 11 because you have it at one 11 and then you post it and then it’s one 11.13 years. It’s always a little bit different. So that was quite similar. So when people see the hour and 11 minutes and 11 seconds, that is an accomplishment to put it, to get it on youtube, but it has to come out perfect. It’s, it’s so funny and I think, I think what I need, I figured out that extra one point, you know, 0.01 millisecond, whatever. I think I need to go into youtube studio and like just slice off that little bit or if you can figure out how to do that. Yeah. One second. Yeah. I get, you know, I’ve, I’ve tried my in Iowa, I can’t, I won’t be able to hit it this time. Yeah. And that’s the thing where, you know, when I export these tracks, um, I’ll, I’ll zoom in really, really close and just set that marker. Right. Right. You know, and that kind of helps. Yeah, I get that. Yeah. So question. So on one of the tracks, um, I magically took the one-on-one HC and put it with seven, seven, seven gather turned up. So when you have two different frequencies, hasn’t I just layered too? Does that mean it’s a completely different frequency or is there a seven, seven, seven and one, one one at the same time? That was my first question I wanted to ask. Like, I’m saying that there’s, you know, sometimes I’ll combine the two tracks. Does it just become a completely different frequency? There’s only one frequency at a time, or is there both frequency? Um, I think from my, from my understanding, there’s both frequencies. Um, and you know, when you get into the binaural beats, um, we would have, uh, for example, we would have like four 30, two Hertz, um, playing in the left ear in the left ear and for four 40, whatever, um, uh, it playing in the right ear. And so you’d have that differential, uh, which would create those waves. Right, right. Uh, but when you’re playing two frequencies, 1111, and a seven, seven, seven, uh, or one, one 11, seven, seven, seven, and a, you play both at the same time in both years. I think it just creates kind of a unique sort of a cord, if you will, I guess. Right. Um, uh, but, but when you, when you combine those, I, I heard it, I heard that one for the first time. I’m like, no way is for so well together. It’s the craziest thing. Blown away and yeah, actually in and combine the two and [inaudible] out a track that’s, that puts them both together. Cause I’d love to, you should, you want to know, you know, I know. Yeah. So, um, so yeah. Uh, is there, uh, is there a frequency now you’ve been playing with these, cause I sometimes get people that are scared. I need to know the frequency. This, the, these frequencies are dangerous. Is there a frequency that you don’t like that, that you’ve played around with that maybe you had a negative effect from that you kind of avoid it? Sure. Um, I guess not particularly. Um, you know, and there’s, I mean there, there’s the, you know, there’s the whole four 40, um, the thought behind the port 40, and it gets kind of conspiratorial, you know, right. With a t, you know, four 40, um, which is fascinating. It’s easy to go down that rabbit hole. So the argument is that they’re, they use four 40 as a form of manipulation or what, what’s the, as a form of manipulation, as sort of a disharmony state of disharmony. And when you, when you look at the, uh, one really interesting area of study is site metics, um, how you, you know, you apply frequency to a specific medium, um, like say underwater. And when you look at, uh, four 30 to four 32, as opposed to four 40, there’s, there’s just this intricate, beautiful pattern. It with four 32 and four 40 is just kind of, you know, hey, I’ll chaos. And then, um, you know, and, and we’re, you know, we, our frequency, we are, you know, we are water where, you know, and so, so, yeah. Do you retune if we were to say the human being frequency is, it’s always going to be very for everybody, but if they’re, we lock in on, it would be the frequency of water or is it, what do you, what is the frequency of a human body? I think, I mean, yeah, I’ve mentioned it in the book, but yeah. Yeah. Um, I’m, you know, I’m not quite sure, you know, to me, I think it varies. I think people have their own kind of, uh, unique energy signature, right? And maybe they’re on frequency signature, maybe it’s all kind of in, in sort of a close range, if you will. Um, um, yeah, and you know, for me, I’m, so, uh, I’m, I’m a very intuitive based person. You know, when you just kinda have this sort of feeling for a feeling where you just kinda know, or like when you, when you go in a public place and you just, you just sense, you know, energetically where everybody’s at. Right, right. And it’s hard to, hard to describe kind of [inaudible] well, that’s the thing about music. It’s, it’s hard. It’s hard to describe. And so, uh, a lot of people that are out there that want to meditate, guided meditation, you know, and then they’ve worked on guided meditation. Best thing that you can try is just some music frequencies on a, on a, on a channel, like a metaverse. There’s, there’s no words. You don’t have to get caught up or bothered by the words. If you want words, you can get that. But it’s such a pure and simple way to start. And for a lot of people, silence is too much. Right. Silence is just simply makes it impossible. Um, you know, my, my experience, I try to get people to meditate all the time. A of people don’t want to meditate. Yeah. So I, you know, I tried to make it fun and so I’m telling everybody else out there, if you, if you’re having a hard time meditating, just listen to some music. And yeah, Brian’s musics is, is perfect for that. And there’s so many different choices in ways that you can play around with it, but it’s awesome, you know? So, yeah. Yeah, go ahead. Sorry. Oh, I was as gay. Um, you know, but yeah, you’re right. Uh, I, you know, I remember when I first started meditating, I think there’s that initial kind of, uh, uneasiness or sort of on fear if you will, of just sitting by yourself with nothing. Um, it’s kind of intimidating. It is for a lot of people. They don’t want to do it. They’ll try it and then, then, then that’s it. Yeah, exactly. And then, yeah, they hang it up. So what is your favorite frequency and yes. Um, I, I did say, uh, W uh, one 11 is dead, you know, my, my favorite frequency because just because I have so many of those synchronicities where I’m seeing, you know, repeating digits and, uh, it just, there’s something about it that just really kinda resonates I guess. So at eight, seven, seven, seven, cause I was, I was born in 77, so I’ve always been just, you know, those things. So another weird coincidence, I just realized, I just interviewed Cynthia. Sue Larson. Yeah. You have the last name, last name. So just making sure everybody knows Brian Larson is not related to Cynthia Sue Larson. So they’re coming up. Right, right, right. So, um, so then we were talking, uh, about some different experiences we had and Brian told me that he had actually witnessed a UFO. And so I wanted to get your story on that. So you had, you were driving along with your friend. Yeah. Um, yeah, we were, we were driving, um, uh, right. We, we passed over the Mississippi River. Um, and I was with a friend of mine. Uh, I will have, you know, they’ll, they’ll remain anonymous, but they’ve had, um, they are, they, they had in the past some pretty high level tops, seer, uh, secret security clearance, which, which might be one of the reasons why we got contacted by somebody else, which I’ll mention in a few minutes, but we, we saw, we, uh, you know, he looked off to the, to the right, we’re crossing the bridge, he looked off to the right and the sky is like, man, those three helicopters are flying really low. Um, I was like, that’s weird. And, uh, I, you know, I turned and I looked and we were looking on closer. I was trying to drive, but he was looking at it closer and he’s like, those aren’t helicopters. And we, we noticed they were just like hovering. They’re just these amber colored orbs just hovering over the water. Uh, and then I’m like, you know what, I’m going to pull off. And so I pulled off as soon as I could. Um, and we watched them and they were just sitting there and they, and then as soon as we pulled off, um, they just kinda like lifted in a perfect sort of triangular formation. Right. And just flickered out. I remember the flickering, but they flickered out and all, all sort of in unison, which kind of rules out, you know, my mind, I’m like, okay, what are some practical, like what are, are these Japanese lanterns or what, what is this? Right. Uh, but you know, Japanese is just a ball of energy. Was it mechanical? Um, it just seemed like a ball of energy, you know, just kind of like, it just, they were, um, amber, just amber colored, uh, orbs, if you will, I guess. Um, uh, he, uh, my, my friends seems to think it was a triangular craft, uh, that’s works to get with all three are required for this. Yeah, yeah. You know, which, which reminds me of the whole tier three B craft, you know, that a lot of people have reported. Um, but I tend to think they were just like independent orbs, but I, yeah, but it’s just so cool. And what we were just talking about was there if feels like that there is a link, which with some of this stuff and consciousness, like this stuff might be coming from another dimension. And then we were also talking about how, uh, we’ve had visitations from, you know, other people. And you had told me your story about your father and I wanted to get them to hear that story again. Yeah. Yeah. Um, so five years ago, uh, my, my father took his life. He was struggling with, um, with depression most of his life. Um, and that was a, a pretty devastating time. Um, uh, so, and, and I, I, you know, after that happened, I was pretty beside myself. I had one final big relapse, um, and a almost lost my life. Um, but something kind of pulled me out of it. My support network, you know, my family. Um, thankfully, you know, when you were that, you know, this psycho, when you’re, when you’re that close to like losing your life and all of a sudden you’re, you come, you’re here, you’re back. You’re like, oh my gosh, I’m alive. Every day is a gift. And it Kinda, all of a sudden it’s sort of this fearlessness, you know? Yeah. But, uh, anyways, um, so after that happened, um, about three weeks, less than a month later, um, I was laying in bed in the morning, um, and just kind of laying there, I started to let, this year my son cried, you know, and he was, uh, what was he about two years old that, no, he was younger, maybe a year old. Um, and, and I’m like, aw, okay. Alright. He’s crying. I gotta get up. And then all of a sudden I felt this tap on my shoulder and just this, you know, something, it was, it was, it was substantial enough where I’m like, okay, this isn’t like a muscle spasm or something. This is like a real tap. And then I just heard this kind of, this go hit your son kind of thing. Right. Right. Here. And, and uh, I just kind of, you know, when things like that happen, you don’t really process it right away. No. You just, you just like, you know, you, you, you don’t really know how to process it. Um, and Oh my gosh, I get goosebumps talking about it. Um, but that was crazy. That was crazy. Right. And there were other, uh, occur. Yeah. Um, that we’re just like this, something’s going on. Yeah. It’s, and it’s part of that awareness when you start going through that process of meditation. You know, this is so sad because we had such a fantastic art conversation for about 30 minutes that we didn’t record actually right now just trying to recreate some of these conversations. But yeah, we also talked about your creative process. I wanted to make a meditation on creativity and I just wanted them to get a little bit idea of, of how a song comes to you and how you follow that, your creative muse when you have a song, when you create a song. Yeah. Um, I think, um, I guess this’ll, this’ll help me refine my, my answer a little more. So, um, so, uh, I think what the, the best ideas come from. They come when you, when you just kind of set your mind in the background and just use it as a tool, but you just, you, you, you let it flow through kind of this, this heart space. You let it flow through that, that awareness, that, that sort of, that being this, um, the, you know, the singularity, I dunno, there’s so many terms for it I guess, and it just happens. It just flows through you. It’s like the best songs are like, that wasn’t me. I didn’t, I don’t know how that happened. Like am I, I just kind of used my, my brain is sort of a tool to work out the technicalities of something that was already supposed to happen in the first place. You know, just the process. It’s like a meditation as well. It is. Absolutely. Absolutely. It’s just kinda like the song was always there. You just had to, to just clear away the stuff to reveal it. You have several songs like that. Like a was listening to five 28 solar winds. That was like, yeah, I was like, I don’t think I’ve ever heard that. It’s such a simple sound, but it just resonates. It’s something like, it’s like, I’ve heard this before, this is like a famous or something, something about it. I don’t know. I can’t explain it because I can’t think of another meditation song where I’ve heard that and then you had to have been like, yeah, this is our, this is a song that I need, you know, to take from the ether in and put it out there. Yeah. I mean, as, as crazy as it sounds. I mean, it does feel that way to me when I’m making these. It just kind of feels like it’s coming from another aspect of maybe some other aspect. It’s just kind of right. It’s coming through me, you know, so awesome. And I’m just using kind of my past accumulated musical skills to just, you know, just reveal it. That’s something that’s already supposed to be there. So, yeah. So we covered that. We covered a, I’m trying to, oh, and I had asked you if there was a meditation that you wanted me to create and you had, um, we, we talked about, um, out of body experience doing some kind of astral travel meditation. Yeah, yeah, Yup. Um, astro travel I think is the, just fascinates me. So you let me, let’s go back. You had said that you’ve experienced astral trouble, just a minimal amount, just where you were outside of, right? Yeah. Tell me about it a little bit. Um, sure, sure. Um, so there, there were times I, I’d be deep in meditation and all of a sudden I just kind of pop out behind myself and I just was like, just dove, just observing it. [inaudible] the thing that I’ve, I’ve, uh, I think is important for me, at least when I experienced these things or when I experienced those crazy synchronicities that are like, this is bizarre. I just have to kind of watch it happen and just humbly like, that’s cool. You know, that’s it. Yes. Cool. Like you can’t make too big a deal about it. Exactly right. So you can’t make too, once you do, then, then it becomes something else. But it’s still something that deep down and you’re like, wow, something very special and crazy just happened. It’s, it’s a profound moment when those things actually happen and they’re just not talked to, you know, they’re not something that you talk about or if fear arise or you hear about when they actually happen, you’re like, it just puts this whole new spin on it. When it’s real, it’s tangible. And, um, and I, and I’ve had a, you know, and even in dreams, um, you know, where, where I, you know, where I’d like shoot up into space and hang out, hang out on a craft with other people and just weird, you know, and it’s like I wake up and I’m like, okay, that was a fun dream. Right. And there’s always that part of me that’s like, what, wouldn’t that be cool if it was something more? But I think, I think what makes life amazing is just the Ministry of at all. So just if we lost the mystery of wouldn’t quite be as amazing, the mystery part of the beauty of it. And that’s what I write. I’ve grown, really appreciate that and love that. You know, just, you know, even just having the pre-cognitive dreams, you know, where the next day things we might be repeating ourselves. I don’t know if I talked about it before. We had to research that I asked you. Yeah. So I asked you about something wonderful and miracle that you’d had happen and then you wouldn’t. Yeah. Right. So if we are repeating ourselves, I’m sorry about that. But yeah, basically captured the, the, the brunt of what we talked about and we might’ve missed some stuff, but the key is I just want everybody to know that there’s that great place for you to get meditation. Music is on metaverse channel. You’ll find the link on this episode. And I want to thank you again for being so gracious and Nice, allowing you to play your music on your channel. And I really hope that we talk again, especially when your album comes out. Just let’s just plan on having another episode. We can go over your tracks and email me anytime you want me to do any kind of meditations with your music or anything like that. And just thank you. Thank you so much for speaking to my soul and all those people out there that have heard your music. It means a lot. I appreciate it. It means a lot to me. Brian. I, I, it’s, it’s great to finally chat with you and I appreciate your meditations and the work you do. And uh, and uh, yeah. When, when you’re, uh, visiting your sister in Minneapolis, uh, come on up and I’ll do it for sure. 100% we’ll hang out. We’ll have ice tea, ice tea. That’s right. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Thanks. Thanks so much and welcome to the reality revolution. Thanks, Brian. Thank you so muc

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    If you have had a chance to listen to previous episodes of the reality revolution you have noticed that we have used some phenomenal meditation music. This is because Brian Larson of Mettaverse gave us permission to use some of his tracks as background on our meditations.

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