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We meet massively talented people all the time who never realise their dreams because they just lacked that little bit of confidence to take the next step. We can find our confidence in a moment. We see that in sports all the time. The reality revolution offers a way to access confidence like a scripted program. This confidence meditation/hypnosis will transform your life. People find it great to use before a job interview, public speaking or for any reason at all that you need that extra shot of confidence. With a fantastic soundtrack and powerful NLP techniques, this meditation will rewire your emotions and massively increase your motivation, confidence, and self-esteem. Be careful, it could change everything for you. It starts at about 2:30.

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We meet massively talented people all the time who never realise their dreams because they just lacked that little bit of confidence to take the next step. We can find our confidence in a moment. We see that in sports all the time. The reality revolution offers a way to access confidence like a scripted program. this confidence meditation/hypnosis will transform your life. People find it great to use before a job interview, public speaking or for any reason at all that you need that extra shot of confidence. With a fantastic soundtrack and powerful NLP techniques, this meditation will rewire your emotions and massively increase your motivation, confidence, and self-esteem. Be careful, it could change everything for you. It starts at about 2:30.

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00:04                                     Welcome to the reality revolution coming to you from the void. I’m your host, Brian Scott. This podcast is dedicated to all those spirits out there who think life is meant to be magical and fun. It contains advanced viewpoints for the multidimensional human beings of the 21st century. Here we ventured a share mysteries of self. In reality, my primary purpose is to reawaken your sense of fascination and awe towards life, to help you hack your reality, to unleash your potential and opened unlimited possibilities of health, wealth, and relationships in your life. To explore the very mysteries of the universe. We are experiencing a quantum shift in the world, a reality revolution.

01:02                                     Okay.

01:03                                     On today’s episode, we’re going to do a guided hypnosis and meditation for confidence. You know, I talked to a lot of people and try to help ’em out and a lot of times the key and core problem is they have such a low self image. They have such a low view of themselves that they can’t get past that. They literally believe that they cannot do it. They may have a dream, but they just don’t have the confidence. So there’s two aspects. It’s confidence and motivation, but if you don’t, if you have the confidence, you’re going to overcome a lot of obstacles and there’s a lot of different ways we can build your confidence. There’s a lot of techniques we can talk about, but hypnosis, meditation is one of the most effective ways you can use this for public speaking. You can use this for job interviews. You can use this for anything where you need that little kick of confidence. This is deep and powerful. I’m using newer linguistic programing and I’m really hoping and it can help you out, so let me know. We’re going to begin this meditation now. Do not listen while operating machinery only. Listen when you can relax completely. I want you to sit or lie down to ignore the outside world. This is not the same as sweep. You will hear everything I say. You will be able to hear everything I say. It’s like daydreaming. Just sit back and relax. You may find you don’t all of it afterwards,

03:02                                     but there will be changes as you find yourself comfortable. As you follow my instructions. Make yourself comfortable

03:16                                     now

03:18                                     and close your eyes just as soon as you wish. Pay attention to your breathing because if you need to awaken, you can awaken fully alert and for now just let go. You are listening to this for a reason and as you hear my words, you’ll become aware of certain sensations. As you allow yourself to relax deeply as your self confidence improves for the better, you will feel more in control in your life. At the end of this process, you will awaken, refreshed and invigorated with a sense of inner calm and refreshment.

04:23                                     Now

04:25                                     notice your breathing, the gentle rise and fall that happens all by itself. As you focus your attention on your breathing now my voice will go with you. As you relax. You don’t have to make any effort at all. Simply let go. You can also notice your pulse, the beating of your heart. Allow yourself to become more and more absorbed in the life energy of your body and in your mind. Now start counting backwards from 300300290 92982907296 to 95 that’s right. Keep going. Doesn’t matter if you get lost or leave a bit out or or forget just again and then in about the same place. Keep counting and notice that you don’t notice when you lose your place and your drift off and you were turned momentarily. As you drift off, it’s okay. That part of your mind is active. That part of your mind. You don’t need to listen consciously. Your unconscious will hear what it needs to hear. I would like you to notice where you feel the most comfort in your body. Most at ease. Drop your shoulders more with each out breath until they feel quite free, quite relaxed. Let easing comfort go down your body, into your legs and your size, and then your feet.

07:06                                     You can notice words. Notice, noticing word. Notice. Noticing, noticing words. Notice, noticing your body can relax. Your mind can relax. Your mind has become very sensitive to my suggestions that helped you the most. Breathing carries on all by itself.

07:46                                     Okay.

07:46                                     Your mind carries on thinking oh by itself, but you are still with me. You can just watch it and wonder away your experience.

08:08                                     Yeah.

08:09                                     Your experience and understanding, your awareness can just detach and slow down. My voice can be very soothing. It can come for you can ease your mind. I’m sure you like to relax some place. Imagine a warm, sunny place, beautiful, clear blue skies, gen tools, sunshine glinting off the ocean, relaxing sound of the ebb and flow of the waves in the distance, the refreshing breeze. It’s all so calming. Now relax the muscles around your eyes. Relax your jaw.

09:26                                     Yeah.

09:26                                     Ease off your muscles in your neck.

09:30                                     Yeah.

09:31                                     Let your shoulders drop.

09:36                                     Yeah.

09:36                                     With each out breath. Let them drop a little more until any tension is released here. You can be confident. Hauntcon diffident here. A confident feeling can be in you. Imagine exactly how you would look if you were totally confident. Step into a feeling of confidence and success. The human imagination is always more powerful than you can imagine. Here you are programming your subconscious mind to program your thinking and behavior towards a more confident and positive you. Some people develop an overwhelming compulsion to think of themselves repeatedly in positive ways and to see themselves in a positive new light. To change your self image to one, have a happy, successful self, confident centered person. No deep down inside you what’s good for your mind. In the past year, old patterns of thinking and behavior may have had a function. They did things for you, but there are other ways. I’m telling your subconscious there are better ways to get all the positive things that the old patterns used to get for you to them in the future. I would like the creative part of your mind to generate new ways to do all of those positive things without having to choose all those old patterns. You may or may not know what they are, but you know they’re possible.

12:25                                     I would like your unconscious mind to integrate those new choices of patterns into your thinking and behavior only at a rate and it’s speed acceptable to you. From now onwards. Imagine how much better life will be as you were more confident as you start thinking beyond the old limitations of your thinking. New possibilities open up everywhere. New Doors, open new opportunities. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? I am instructing your unconscious mind to prove a right, the old software of your thinking or behavior, that old operating system to make sure you are more self assured, authentic and confident. Right now I want you to think of someone who is happy and confident. What is their posture like? How do they sit? How do they stand, breathe, smile. How do they talk? What is the tone of their voice and kind of language they use? Imagine stepping into them now. See through their eyes, hear through their ears. Feel how confident they do borrow from their confidence. So in the future you find yourself feeling this good every day. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the simple truths. We can’t avoid risk, but we can’t accept it and it passes quickly and as you evaluate how to do what’s best for you, it becomes easier every day, just like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger you get. Imagine watching a movie of a more successful. You

14:54                                     notice every detail, the expressions on your face, how you hold your body, the light in your eyes. As the movie plays in front of you, you will see many moments of successes from your past and others from your future. Now, I want you to sit back and enjoy the show. When you were ready, float over into that screen into that it’s successful. You see through the eyes, hear through the ears. Feel the feelings of your most successful south. Let the colors be brighter, Richard. The sounds louder, the feelings stronger. Notice where that feeling of strength and confidence is strongest in your body. Give it a color. Move that color to the top of your head, down to the tip of your toes. Double the brightness. Double it again. That’s right. Fantastic. Now run through the success movies of your past and future on the inside. That’s it. Good. See it all, all the moments from the past and all the moments that are yet to come. Feel how good you feel in the past. Your emotions sent strong signals to get your attention. Now they recalibrate so you get the benefit of your emotions without the distortion. When you feel joy, follow that joy. Notice it and take it seriously.

17:24                                     Feel the joy,

17:32                                     feel it.

17:37                                     Imagine it’s a year from now and you have had the best year yet. What has made it such a strong year? What has happened in your life? What has happened in your health and your career, your relationships, and any other areas of your life that has made such a fantastic year? Imagine your idea [inaudible] de go through your ideal day now.

18:31                                     Okay.

18:32                                     Imagine how it starts.

18:42                                     Okay.

18:44                                     Imagine the people you meet and the ways they respond to you. Imagine the places that you go, the things that you do. Take the time to do it now. Enjoy the power of your imaginative mind here. What you’re here. Feel how good you feel. It’s important to keep one point in mind. Whatever the circumstances, you can always return to the immediate calm perception of your breathing. Find there the courage and simplicity to be sure of yourself. You don’t know what will be the most useful result of this process. Many people achieve in fact, confidence without knowing exactly how they did it. You can succeed and feel good about yourself for your achievement. You will find the motivation to achieve your goals increases. Once we’re done, remember a time when you felt really motivated in the past. I want you to fully return to it now. See what you say. Hear what you heard, feel what you felt or think about how much better your life would be if you were totally motivated to take. Now, imagine how good you would feel if you had all the tenacity and courage that you need. Do you see it now? Make the colors are brighter. The sounds louder, the feeling stronger.

21:13                                     Think about that situation in which you want to feel more motivated. Imagine things going perfectly exactly the way you want them to see what you will see here. Watch your here and feel how good it feels to take action and make things happen. You know the direction of your timeline.

21:54                                     Okay,

21:54                                     and imagine now big bright images of yourself achieving your goals. Look at those pictures of your future success along your timeline. Make them bigger and more solid. Learn the journey of success. Sometimes before we go on a journey, we look at a map so we know where we are going. So let your mind imagine a wonderful life that you’re going to have. See it as you regularly look at the positive slides in your timeline. You’ll know that your future is good. It is important to be alert. It’s important to be relaxed. You can ask your unconscious mind

23:08                                     when it’s safe to relax and it will know so that you’ll notice sweet, soft feelings in your muscles and find your inner peace. You can let yourself relax all the way down to the level you really need. And when you awaken, you can awaken with a bright level of awareness. I want to reinforce every positive thought that you’ve ever had about yourself. Imagine right now we can put them into a thumb drive. All of those positive site. Now I’m going to plug it in and I’m gonna open up this file and I’m going to release all of these thoughts into you right now. You will find yourself enjoying this. Now I want you to go to the cinema with a tiny screen, some distance from you. Make a black and white scene of that thing that you don’t want. The thing that takes away your confidence, and at this tiny black and white scene, I want you to watch the movie backwards. Perhaps it’s something from your past that is affecting you. Now I want you to watch it backwards. Keep watching it backwards in black and white. Faster and faster. You’ll find it becomes more and more ridiculous and you’ll detach from it. Now take the movie of your success and make it big. Bold in full color with a loud sound track. Float into that movie and see through the eyes here what you hear and feel what you feel. Now

25:19                                     as you perceive and become involved in this process, you are interacting with these sensations. Your unconscious mind is learning, adapting, developing,

25:36                                     okay,

25:37                                     and creating new neural pathways to fill your life with fulfillment. Feel how good it feels to experience your future successes. Think about something you feel very motivated about a person because a thing,

26:05                                     make the picture big, bright and bold. That’s right. Keep going through that. Remember a time when you thought, what the hell? I’m just going to do it and return to that time. Now like you’re back there again in the moment and see what you saw. Hear what you heard. Feel how determined you felt all over again. Passion and motivation are new row chemical events and your unconscious mind knows exactly the neuro chemical equations of motivation, passion, and confidence. Take those confident, passionate, motivated feelings to every area of your life where you need more motivation. I imagine doing the things you need to do to achieve your goals. Push your motivation switch now. Squeeze your thumb and finger together as you fire off. Motivation by choice. Anytime you want, squeeze your thumb and finger together. When you need confidence. Every time you do this, your confidence, your motivation and passion will double or triple will quadruple from wherever you’re at. No matter what your situation to achieve your goals. Now think about someone that you know that is totally motivated. Maybe a famous athlete, maybe a business achiever, someone with amazing drive and tenacity. See the total motivation on their face. See the inner drive and strength and now float into their body. Completely. See the world through their eyes

28:15                                     here, through their ears. Feel how totally motivated it feels. Take those passionate, motivated feelings and let them build.

28:33                                     Yeah,

28:35                                     no. Put them into every area of your life. Imagine doing all the things that you need to do to achieve your goals while you feel this feeling up, tenacious, resolve. That’s right, because your unconscious mind will make you feel more automatically motivated in the future. Now simply because you listen to this recording, you’re unconscious is helping you overcome every obstacle. Take your self confidence for granted. Everything is good. Everything is wonderful. Your unconscious mind will make sure your goals are consistent. Now that you watch, your mind will begin to make things happen using all of its resources and all of its knowledge. As I speak to your subconscious mind, awakened now is the time. Now is the time. You are free to awaken to your true power and now you work perfectly. You know how to go through all those thoughts to organize and prioritize them by being aware of obstacles that you might’ve gotten in the way it’s possible to know the solutions beforehand. Your mind can constantly change and adjust as it gets more feedback. Just as a plain will alter course on its way to its destination. Based on the wind currents and the weather, you are stronger, wiser, happier, and more fulfilled. It is automatic now.

30:43                                     You will feel so much better from now on. If you find yourself talking to yourself in a negative way, you know you only want to be the best for yourself. Let yourself know in a constructive and encouraging voice, what kind of thoughts will you have about yourself and what can you achieve? How will you find yourself more and more in the posture of a completely confident and motivated person? Let go of negative beliefs. Your subconscious mind will guide your behavior, your subconscious mind and your heart. No, you have things to fix.

31:25                                     Okay?

31:25                                     I would like for your subconscious mind to go and change them. Now in coordination with your heart, you will enjoy greater happiness and success. I command you. Your whole life will be more fulfilling. You can do this. You are free. Your conscious mind. We’ll concentrate on success now you will take action. Your unconscious mind will remind you that you have the energy you need ready and waiting. You’ll become more and more responsive to your situations. Each day you will understand more and respond more. You will become more flexible and adaptive so that you continue to work towards your goals. Whatever happens around you,

32:19                                     okay?

32:19                                     Every day your tenacity increases. Every day you achieve something. Every day you move towards your goals.

32:31                                     Yeah.

32:31                                     You have the confidence that allows you be as flexible as you need to be. As you say yes to life, you feel more power for more and more motivation. Feel yourself with the desire to achieve, feel, confidence and motivation with every fiber of your being. You can do it from now on whenever you want or need to make changes and how you feel about some unresourceful memory of the past. I would like your unconscious mind to automatically step out and move back from that unresourceful memory to a resourceful and powerful memory to automatically step out of and go to a positive memory. Your unconscious can make all the arrangements for you to benefit from all your past experiences without any discomfort. There’s wealth, abundance, and great comfort and deep down you are wiser, stronger than you sometimes thought, reinforce every positive thought you ever had. You can daydream, you can sleep, although we don’t consciously know how we wake up, but we do wake up now I’m going to count from 10 to one ten nine calm and confident. Eight, seven, six gradually awakening. Five, four. Maybe you want to stretch. Yod as you wake up, three, two, one fully awake and now you have this calm sense of confidence. You may not know where it came from, but it will remain now and into the future and you have new techniques and tools to increase your confidence anytime you want.

35:11                                     You are extraordinary and you can do extraordinary things. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you with this, and I can’t wait to see the wonderful, incredible things that you’re about to accomplish.

35:27                                     Okay.

35:28                                     Thank you so much for joining the reality revolution. Peace and love to you.

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