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This is short 10 minute meditation designed to pull you into a parallel reality. When you are done with this meditation you end up in an entirely different universe. It starts at 2:50. See you on the other side.

Show Notes

This is short 10 minute meditation designed to pull you into a parallel reality. When you are done with this meditation you end up in an entirely different universe. It starts at 2:50. See you on the other side.

Music by Chris Zabriskie
Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International— CC BY 4.0

Music by Chris Zabriskie
Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International— CC BY 4.0

Music by Rebecca Reads
Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International— CC BY 4.0

Edited by Quinn Brentson

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00:01                                     Welcome to the reality revolution coming to you from the void through the stream. This is your host, Brian Scott. This podcast is dedicated to the spirits who believe life is meant to be magical and fun. It contains advanced viewpoints for the multidimensional human beings of the 21st century. That means you, we’ve ventured a share mysteries of self. In reality. Our primary purpose is to reawaken your sense of fascination and awe towards life, to shatter your rigid belief systems and ways of seeing the world. My goal is to help you hack your reality, unleash your potential and open unlimited possibilities of wealth, health opportunities and relationships in your life. To explore the very mysteries of the universe. We are experiencing a quantum shift in the world, a new reality revolution where we are becoming more aware of the ways that we create and trend surf our own reality. On this podcast, will you explore everything from quantum physics to meditation, reality, Trans Surfing to the law of attraction?

01:34                                     Okay.

01:35                                     Today we do the parallel universe meditation. This is different than the other meditations. I’ve designed this to be short and sweet. Today, you’re going to move into a parallel reality. Be ready for it. Be prepared for it. If you’re driving, maybe pull over. Don’t operate a heavy machine vehicle of any kind and just know that if you’re interrupted for any reason, you can wake right up. No, I just want you to relax in this guided process. You will not create something new. Instead, you will receive something that already exists on a parallel timeline. You will enter a new version of yourself. Before we do that, simply come to rest. Relax.

02:54                                     Okay.

02:55                                     I have created this trip through infinity, true the universe.

03:01                                     Oh,

03:02                                     to wash away the day, to let go, to become present, to feel your connection to all that is no on the out breath release. Oh your tension. Please follow this amazing trip. Release everything you know,

03:57                                     oh

04:09                                     and tall already having emptied yourself.0

04:16                                     Feeling now much better than before.

04:24                                     You

04:26                                     are open to receive. Receive what? Make the intention. There is a parallel universe version of yourself with his or her own past, present future. Completely separate from yours on a timeline parallel to yours and allow yourself to receive an impression, thought or emotion. Oh, of this more appealing, more pleasant, more successful version of you. Allow something to come up that you would like to experience. Imagine yourself traveling through a wormhole at the end of which you arrive in that reality, to that new version of yourself, letting that other version of you into your heart identify with your new timeline, relocate your consciousness to a place with this experience is already true. The state of being is already true with this reality already being real. Imagine it’s been real for a long time using cause that feeling to capture your mood a certain state or mood or I’m beyond, feel it from head to toe as if you were already that person living on that timeline jean from that person’s eyes rather than looking at that person walking as that person talking as that person thinking as that person.

08:55                                     Hmm.

09:02                                     No, no, no. This is true. In real. Where are you? Who else is there? What did they say to you? How did the things look and feel? And if you are now on this new timeline, you will have different memories of how you arrived at this place. A different past. I would like you to remember some things of this new past, brand new surroundings, brand new memories, brand new intention from this place. If you were already this person,1

10:14                                     What have you already fulfilled? What are the things that you’re interested in now? What are the things that you want? If you were to rest in this reality for several weeks, how would it feel? Would it feel more natural? How about several months? Can you rest in the naturalness of this mood, this feeling, this reality? What are the things you were doing in this reality? As you sit there and notice your body and your surroundings, notice your current here and now reality is that reality. Notice your current frequency is the same frequency. Notice the kind of thoughts you’re having now, the environment that you’re living in. Welcome all of that. Now remember the other version, find the different fine God feeling. Release the resistance and separate from that to the new reality Shit and be as it is. If you find within yourself any impatience, allow yourself to welcome that impatient because in this new frequency, there is no impatient. So on the out breath, let it go and really be with what is except what is be with what you are, the sounds to music you hear just be, you’ve created this in consciousness. This is now a different Brian talking to you from a different reality.

13:01                                     Welcome. Open your eyes. Do not forget,1

13:09                                     To recapture. Refresh this feeling, this mood. Maintain your focus and refresh your flow. Recapture this mood every couple of days. Keep moving towards this reality. Breathe it in and accepted. Welcome to your new world. Welcome to the reality revolution.

13:41                                     Yeah.

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