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Brian discusses everything about energy, the different kinds of energy, levels of energy, energetic connections, cords, and chakras. To finish, Brian outlines a mindblowing morning routine to massively build up your energy before you start your day combining the five tibetans, qi gong and energy psychology.

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Brian discusses everything about energy, the different kinds of energy, levels of energy, energetic connections, cords, and chakras. To finish, Brian outlines a mindblowing morning routine to massively build up your energy before you start your day combining the five tibetans, qi gong and energy psychology.

Music by Chris Zabriskie
Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International— CC BY 4.0

Music by Chris Zabriskie
Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International— CC BY 4.0

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00:07                                     Welcome to the reality revolution podcast coming to you from the void. This is your host, Brian Scott. This podcast is dedicated to the spirits you believe life is meant to be magical and fun. It contains advanced viewpoints for the multidimensional human beings of the 21st century. Here we’ve entered a shared the mysteries of self. In reality, our primary purpose is to reawaken your sense of fascination and or towards life to shatter your rigid belief systems and ways of seeing the world. My goal is to hack your reality, to help you hack reality and unleash your potential and open unlimited possibilities of wealth, health, and relationships in your life. To explore the mysteries of the universe. The world is changing. It’s coming into a quantum event. We’re slowly learning the true power of our mind to create reality as we know it, and this is what we’re talking about on this podcast and so happy that you’re joining me today.

01:13                                     Today’s episode is about energy. The way it relates to manifesting your dreams, changing your reality’s probably the most important thing outside of understanding your subconscious mind is energy. A lot of times we forget about energy, we go about the day and we get tired and we get grumpy and we don’t realize the absolute power of energy and the essential understanding that is needed for anybody that ventures into a greater understanding of how to make themselves better, more effective at whatever they want to do. Energy is everywhere. Energy is all things. We are all energy. Remember your skin and your body is not solid. It’s a bunch of an interplay of a bunch of quantum particles vibrating sometimes at the speed of light, creating what feels like to you, a solid surface, but whatever you’re sitting next to, if you’re on the couch or in a car, the fabric around you is all energy as well, vibrating at a different string, a different pace and so all around us, all the objects, the air, everything around us is energy.

02:31                                     Everything is energy. The physical universe with its space and time, it’s objects, nature, people and planets is all energy. The nonphysical universe of thought, emotion, spirit and various planes is also energy. This singular energy manifests spectrally in many different forms, shapes, qualities, radiations and densities and analogy to think about energy is is steam. Water and ice are really all one thing, but they manifest in different qualities. So there’s several things we’re going to talk about. We’ve talked about what energy is. We’re going to talk about the levels of energy. We’re going to talk about energy cords. We’re going to talk about shock grows. We’re going to talk about Geo magnetics. We’re going to talk about protecting ourselves from negative energy and using this knowledge at the end. What I’m going to do is provide you a surprise, something I’ve been working on for a long time.

03:36                                     It’s a 15 minute routine. If you do it before you meditate in the morning, if you do it when you wake up, it’s going to transform your life. It’s going to give you so much energy. It is literally better than 20 coffees. I’ve tried to hack my particular routine multiple times and I’ve tried multiple different routines in different orders. I’ve tried not having a routine. I have found a routine that is so incredible. And when I introduced it to you, it’s so easy. It’s not hard. This is not a workout. This is a set of movements that you can make in the morning if you want to do it before you meditate, you will have so much energy and I’m really excited to go over that with you. But first we’re going to go over everything else and where it all comes from. So the first thing we’re going to talk about is energy cords.

04:27                                     When people talk about energy, your first thought is being tired or being awake. And energy is a lot more than that. And there’s so many different forms of energy all around us on so many different levels, frequencies and vibrations. So when we have an understanding of string theory, and particularly in quantum physics, the idea of quantum entanglement, there is the idea that everything is connected. And you know, one point in time, right before the big bang, the universe was no bigger than a pea and it was all she mushed together into this one tiny, incredible object. Could you imagine? Now that would be incredible just to have seen this tiny object that’s explodes into the Big Bang, but at that point in time, all those molecules and chemicals and electrons and neutrons were all so compact. They were entangled so that the entire universe itself is entangled.

05:25                                     We can see the effect of entanglement just in lab experiments when quantum particles are separated for long distance, they are affected by each other faster than light speed instantaneously as if they’re in the same system. We are a quantum coherent system of cells and nerves and molecules that we have with our bodies and it’s simply the coherence of them all staying together in this one place as a body which makes us who we are. Well, many of these particles that are out in space are commingled and in tangled in the same way that we are with our body and our body is also commingled and attached to different things throughout the universe. When you look up at the night sky and you look at the stars, each star has a tiny invisible thread. If you could see it, it’s beautiful. That all connects to you, all those stars, those threads are all connected to you.

06:20                                     Now we have different cords of energy all around us. We have some that are very strong. We, when we’re born, we have a cord that’s attached to our mother and so we always have that chord. And even when that court is, is detached, we have that energetic connection for a very long time after we’re born. And you can tell this and that’s where the people, when they grow up, the way they have interactions with their mother, they always have this energetic attachment that goes all the way back to our youth. You can gain attachment with things and people and places all the time without your knowledge. So a natural attraction to a person thing, idea, inherit and likeness or agreement also at signifies a close resemblance or connection. So if something similar in frequency or it’s similar, there’s always a cord, a link that is stronger than others.

07:11                                     In the realm of chemistry. Affinity is the force by which a t Adams are held together. So the idea of affinity and an energy strands having an affinity for one to one another as an important thing to understand. So the way I use the word positive affinity, which means it can increase energy and something has negative affinity, which depletes energy and strands can both reduce your energy or can increase your energy and they all, sometimes they work two ways. Sometimes they work one way. Sometimes it’s hard to define, they work back and forth, but unevenly they can be in intestinally thin, but the idea to understand is they exist. These, these cords, these strings like microfilaments are spiderwebs. They can be bigger and stronger like thick ropes of energy. They can be flexible flowing in softly. They can be rigid and seemingly immovable. They can be clear, iridescent and shimmering with light, or they can be dull.

08:11                                     Sticky Denson, murky energy strands are not just the etheric and astral cords of connection between people, events, places and objects. They also serve as a pathway for subconsciously sending and receiving energy and information to and from the people, places, events, and objects around us. Here’s how it works between people. When you form a relationship with somebody, either negative or positive, malleable energy filaments link you to the other person and them to you. And consequently, information, emotions and energy frequencies transfer between the two of you. Highly Intuitive People Schamens from ancient cultures and native lands are often able to see or sense these strands. I believe I can see these strands. Sometimes the strands emanate from the solar plexus. As I mentioned. Other times they radiate out from other places in the body. There’s particular energy strand that is mentioned by Vadim Zealand and in his most recent book, Tiffany the princess, and it’s very fascinating the idea of that there is a plate flowing from the back of our head and there is some yoga pick examples of that.

09:27                                     So I’m, I’m gonna probably go over that later, but we formed these energy cords to pendulums as well to our favorite team, to our favorite group, to our grid favorite family. We give and take energy to these pendulums. That’s how they receive energy and sometimes they give us energy back as a part of the process. Most of the time the pendulum is taking more than it’s receiving. You can be energized or depleted by what streams between you and another person or group in much the way that the ocean ebbs and flows. Sometimes you’re giving energy and sometimes you’re receiving it through your courts and sometimes you and another person are giving and receiving at the same time. Have you ever felt exhausted and drained after chatting with somebody but they seem vibrant and energized? This could be the result of an energy strained drain. In other words, the energy transition from you to that person, but there wasn’t an ebbing back to you and it was a one way journey.

10:27                                     Hence you felt depleted energy. Strands of attachment exists between you and almost everyone with whom you’ve ever been in a relationship. Sometimes these trends are so thin that they barely or a whisper and sometimes they’re like the Los Angeles freeway information, energy loving feelings, toxic thoughts can flow back and forth through these strands of energy. So you ever get Easter you don’t feel for on good on a particular day. Who knows? It could be a past relationship that you had. You don’t even know what’s going on, but you’re connected energetically. Everything has consciousness is one of the rules to understand and more and more quantum physics shows this possibility. Everything. Every object around you has consciousness and therefore you could have energetic links to everything around you, the books, the, the computer, the wall, the art, everything around you. One of the reasons that I argue that books are such incredible things is that books can create a very positive quarter of energy because it to an experience if the book is positive, even if you’re not reading the book, it’s like a lifeline of free energy that you get that pulls you back experientially as well.

11:43                                     When you have these connections, it’s very powerful and you may not know. For example, you might have the same thought or emotion at the same time as someone that that your cord connected to, or he might go to same location at the same time or purchase the same object or into intuitively know what they’re doing or feeling when the cord is strong. Even if that individual was half a planet away, you still may be aware of their emotions, their physical pain or their thoughts because the strands that unite you, sometimes strands can grow and become even more solidified. Even if you’re not in physical contact with the person. You may feel their emotions as your emotions and even feel their thoughts as your thoughts, especially if you are strong sender or open receiver when you were in close physical proximity. The energy currents between you strengthen and even act as magnets pulling you together.

12:33                                     So that’s the idea with these patterns of energy, these chords, these links and you can start going through your life and think about the things that are important to you, the things that you think of that affect your energy and you can, you can choose to cut the cord or strings that are connecting you to ones that are not working for you. So three tenants underlie everything that you’re exploring when, when it re regarding energy that flows in and out of you. Everything is composed of constantly changing energy. So one, everything is posed, a constant changing entity. Those living in ancient earth based cultures understood that all forms of life from the clouds to the trees to the buffalo that roamed the great plains to the mountains and stones were all transients swirling patterns of energy. This is an understanding that goes back to primordial times and native clan spanning the world.

13:28                                     Our present day concept of the universe is fixed and stayed is dramatically at odds with this fundamentally ancestral insight. We are immersed in an ocean of energy that flows and moves and constant ever changing undulations through time and space. All life is energy. Physicist acknowledged that atoms and molecules, even in objects that seems solid are in constant motion. As I said before, beneath the surface of fixed objects existing in linear river of time and a nonlinear pool of time is a realm of energy that’s swirls, dissolves and coalesces. Once again, there’s an innate harmony and cosmic order apparent in all life as waves of energy and pulsating electron spiral into an out of existence. The world around us is an interplay of these patterns of energy and an ever flowing relationship. It is a dance of two opposing yet harmonious, harmonious forces in the universe, Yin and Yang, the mystery inform an infinite yet pattern, timeless drama of dark and light.

14:40                                     The second rule is that we are not separate from the world around us. As we become closer and closer to new technology and we start looking and depending on our phones, we’ve forgotten the primordial wisdom that all creatures in all things on our planet are connected. We intuitively know this, but we have separated ourselves. We’ve forgotten that we’re connected with the living universe that sings with life and pulses with intensity of spirit. We forgotten that everyone and everything has a conscious spirit and that we are all manifestations of pure energy forever fluctuating. It’s essential to make the journey back to connected view of reality, of oneness that is in innately natural to you as your connection to you or mother in her womb to remember that there is nothing out there that isn’t you.

15:32                                     Yeah.

15:32                                     Much of this we can’t fully understand on an intellectual level inside of us is a longing and yearning and a remembering of that exquisite place of oneness, unity beyond time and space. We can’t put it into words. However, deep inside each of us, we all know this. Many of the difficulties people experience in the modern world stem from erroneous belief. The idea that we are separate beings and we are not separate beings. Energy flows through you. Now ask yourself, do you feel energetic? Do you feel okay? What kind of energy do you have in the morning and at night? Is your question? Sometimes that you don’t ask yourself. So the third rule is that everything has consciousness. As I mentioned before, everything that no, everything is conscious, the stones, the mountains, the rivers, and of course that was an ancient belief too. But by believing this, you can access these energy fields and become aware of the links of the items that are around you.

16:47                                     It’s pretty incredible. The next thing I want to talk about is the levels of energy. We are all kind of stuck on a scale of energy and there’s been several writers that have written about this Frederick dots and I think has the best scale. It’s between one and a thousand. His is based on David Hawkings work of a scale of consciousness and also Hindus have a level of energy. There’s a theosophy scale. I’m going to go over these because it’s a good way to understand the different kinds of energy and the place that you’re at and once you become aware of this chart, you start to see the differences. You’ll start to give people a numerical expression for the place that they’re at and it’s not stereotyping. The truly incredible thing is about this is that this is very real. So to start off with, on a level of 30 or below, you have the energy of guilt, shame, psychosis, humiliation, or hatred moving up on level 50 so you get beyond those things. Level 50 is apathy, despair, depression or hopelessness. And once you move from that gear up the level 100 which is I think a lot of people are stuck at this particular level and if they can’t get past it, they remain at that level of energy. And that’s fear, worry, shyness, inferiority and paranoia.

18:24                                     So moving from two level one 20 is craving, need, compulsion, unfulfilled desires. It’s still a fairly high level, but they’re moving all the way to one 60 meaning that you’ve gotten rid of those cravings, all of your above, all of these other emotions. That’s when you move into anger, domination and aggression and coldness. And of course we have a lot of people in this world that never leave this area, but if you can move past it, you’re still given the energies of antagonism or criticism, discontent, complaint, blame. Then moving to one 90 is pride superior, an arrogance. 200 is contentment. Routine functionality, boredom levels, low levels of energy, but much higher than those others to 75 is courage, relaxation, eagerness and fun, but you go to three 20 and then there’s willingness, kindness and optimism and then 400 is acceptance. Interest. Attention, neutrality for 50 is intelligence, knowledge and reason. Then it moves up to four 75 where there’s joy, creativity, and then five oh five is beauty, creativity, imagination five 10 is power initiative, integrity, moving up to five thirty’s love, intuition. Five 40 is humor and happiness. Five 50 is unconditional love. If you can move to five 70 there’s ecstasy and exaltation and 600 is bliss. Peace. 700 is oneness. Nonduality non separation from everyone.

19:56                                     Now there may be more refinement to the scale, but beyond that to a thousand is infinity.

20:04                                     The theosophists break it into the physical plane being zero to 1000 the lower astral plane being above that, anything from above the 1000 is beyond the physical plane. The lower astral plane is zero to one 60 the mid Astros won 60 to 75 I believe that it goes to the mental plane, which is for 75 the boutique planes like 600 and and then the mic plane is like seven 40 and then the Hinduism scale, how it starts from Thomas at zero to one 99 all the way up to Moksha, which is 600 plus. So David Hawkings is similar as well. But the idea is there’s these levels of energy. They may be a level of consciousness or vibration, but in terms of what we’re talking about today, we’re talking about energy. And I think that when you start to be aware of that, once I started to become aware of these levels, when I, when I would talk to a group of kids, I can soon figure out that they were one 50 or one 20 and I can completely change the way that I would speak to that group.

21:12                                     And if it’s, you know, level 400 to me is, is like actors. If I’m in a group that’s a higher level, I can, I completely communicate with them because there are certain levels they simply cannot understand. They would, for instance, they would never even know about this podcast. It would not be attracted to their world. And if this was a book, they would never see it. Th the the level that they’re at, they’re incapable of being energetically entwined with higher level thinking on any level. So it’s an interesting thing to keep an eye on and understand. And by understanding these energy levels, you tune in and tap in to higher energies, which can help you float into greater manifestations. There’s different forces that are usually working for and against each other, up and down the scale vein versus pride being more versus being less important versus nobody admired versus looked down. Status noticed versus ignored. Special versus ordinary accumulation versus group acquisition versus saver, remembering against reflect. There’s a lot of duality that goes into this. But the idea is we all want to get to the 700 we all want to get to that point where we are not separate and we can access these energies and these energies are truly powerful and divine.

22:37                                     So the next thing that I wanted to talk about is once we understand these kinds of energies, remember you’re affected by the energies around you and then the energies within you. And if you want to manifest the things in your life, then you need to manifest with energy. When you look in quantum physics, the idea of quantum jumping is when one electron changes orbit. And the only way, the only precedents that it can move from us fixed orbits to uh, uh, better orbit is with energy. And so to build that energy, as I have shown in some of my meditations, you build the energy at the beginning of your meditation. If you want to do some sort of quantum jump or some sort of transformation through the void, you can do those things. So the idea is, now that we’ve talked about that, what do you do with these energies?

23:37                                     There’s obviously good energies, there’s bad energies, and I think there could be bad or negative energies that are around your house or in your room. We all talk about it, we all think about it, but what do you do to get rid of these energies? I’m not saying that they’re their demons, but their energies. How do you find a way to clear these energies? And it’s probably a good idea to clear the energies in any room that you decide to meditate in as long and two up to some level that you understand if you’re thinking of it as an atheist, purely on a scientific level. If you activate the particles in a particular area, it seems to awaken it. So one thing, if you ever move into a house or you have a room, what I recommend is clapping. Go around to different corners of the house and just clap.

24:27                                     Do not touch anything with your hands. Go around and clapping the areas that you want behind around windows and corners, and then just wash your hands. I have heard the most powerful and effective way to get rid of negative entities and negative energies if you believe in them is to laugh. The laughing scares them away, but looking at the old masters, you can see the different things that have been used that can cleanse and energy and there’s great energy cleansing programs offered on the Internet by people that are incredibly good at it. Denise Linn has a book called Energy Strands and has an excellent section on ways that you can cleanse and clear the energies in your room. But going back all the way to Dion fortune who was an old writer from the 18 hundreds through to the night to through the 20th century that wrote about spiritual practices to cleanse a room and yourself and you should read her book psychic protection.

25:37                                     The idea is that there, that salt is also pretty, pretty powerful that if put in certain places and in that book there’s a recipe to make your own holy water or if you follow the process. But there is a very good exercise just to encompassing yourself in somewhat of a, of a cleansing circle by just swooping your hands around and, and visualizing in your mind that you’re enclosed in a protective space. A lot of times what you’re doing when you’re cleansing is you’re doing something in your mind symbolically that you are saying since you are the one that has the powers to to do this, you are saying that I’m cleansing it and it gives you a means to do that. It gives you a, uh, a way of doing that.

26:23                                     One of the very interesting books that I’ve read that I recommend is by Damien Echols and he has a book on magical practices. And uh, it was the second time I’d been exposed to this, but if you go back and read old occult books by the Golden Dawn and secret society that was formed in the last century that was kept secret, they would experiment with different techniques and they have a technique for banishing negative energies. Some people may not like it, it has a religious connotations. And if that’s outside of your purview, then you shouldn’t do it. But people have reported that it works, that you don’t have to believe it in that particular lesser banishing ritual that is outlined in Damien Echols book is very powerful. He described and it just is you go around and Co create a circle and call upon four corners of the circle to have angels come to protect you and if that’s something that is within your wheelhouse and you believe in that particular ritual when exercised with something called the middle pillar is supposed to really cleanse your energy.

27:36                                     The truth of it is, I don’t know. I’ve certainly tried that ritual and I’ve tried the middle pillar ritual and I do think that there is something to it. They’re very powerful. According to Damien Echols, it is the number one way to control and manipulate energy. And the reason Damien Echols is interesting is he was accused of murder and was on death row and had to survive. Incredibly terrible situation and the way that he was able to survive was he used magic and magical practices to control his mind and overcome really bad circumstances and it came to be a way for him to deal with it psychologically. The interesting book, and I do recommend it and that’s one way to cleanse energy. The other is smoke. People have reported using just incense or smudging or different kinds of sage, which can be burned to cleanse room. A one technique that I found, there’s a technique on youtube where you mix, you mix just a little bit of oil, salt and water in a pan and then you torch it and let the fire burn in the room and it’s supposed to eradicate negative energy. I’ve done it. No, I’m not somebody that claims to know if the energy was actually cleansed, but if you do something symbolically, every once in a while, I think it’s a good idea in your mind, this energy, this area is cleansed and that’s all that really matters.

29:01                                     The next thing is to understand is the energy that you have in your body. We will talk about bio hacking your body to get energy a little bit here at the end, but the interesting conversation that comes up is the idea of shock Russ and you see different references. Chakra has a connotation to it, kind of a new age, Woo Woo and the truth of it is these are nerve bundles of true energy centers in the body that flow along the spine up from the bottom of your body to the top and they all have unique characteristics that affect the way that you go about your day and your way, your body functions and the things that you do and usually you hear the about seven shockers. There’s actually many more than that. For instance, you have the soul star Shakara, which is so situated outside of your body.

30:00                                     It’s about six inches above your Crown Chakra, which is below at the very crown of your head. And this is located in the middle of the top of the head and this is one of the main energy centers within the body and the concerns, devotion, unity, spirituality and self reason. And many people say that if spirits enter or leave the, you enter through that point. So this may also include us connection with the spirit world or the higher self. Maybe that’s where that happens. Now I’ve heard people argue that you have to have the previous shock. We’re open for the each one to open. I think that they can all open independently, but the next one is the third eye. You refer to my podcast on the pineal gland. There’s a discussion of that and there are ways to open it and I do believe that it has gives us a direct access to source of greater understanding and knowing it’s associated with intuition, seeing things as they really are, and spiritual insights.

30:58                                     It tends to get a lot of attention, as many one of these types of skills and spiritual gifts in their life, so then you move from the third eye to the throat Chakra and that’s related. You know, this is typically associated with speaking your truth and if you’re unable to speak your truth, maybe that particular Shakur has not been developed and opened. It’s a part of you that speaks and and and put yourself out there. Then there’s the Thymus Shakara, which is located slightly above the thymus gland, which is located roughly between the heart and the throat Chakra. The shocker is, is one of my favorite works with, you know, if you work on and focus on it, it is associated with compassion for self forgiveness and increasing and maintaining vitality and wellbeing. The heart shocker, I believe, is the most powerful and important shocker in the body.

31:51                                     It’s directly connected to the subconscious mind. It’s located roughly in the center of the chest, close to the heart. It’s not the heart, but it’s close. This shocker is it’s associated with compassion, acceptance, forgiveness. I don’t think that you can truly love without a fully open heart. Shocker, the energies of love and compassion. When you have those energies that could mean that, that that shocker, that energy center is working properly. Then there’s the solar plexus, which is located roughly between the solar plexus and the navel and the, and it’s often referred to as the powerhouse Chakra. It’s the center of your personality and the functioning well. It gives off a lot of energy. It’s associated with people that have personal power and magnetism and force of will, and it’s very important to give you personal power in the world. And there’s the sacred Shakur, which is located between the Navel and the Para Niamh, and it’s a specialty with emotions and expressing sexuality.

32:53                                     Then there’s the base Chakra located in the perineal area, which is roughly between the anus and the genitals, and it’s associated with grounding and how you, how you feel. Life takes care of you, survival. And then there’s the earth star Shakara, which is below your body. It’s situated six inches beneath the soles of your feet. People forget about the Earth’s star. Shocker and the soul star shocker. But there’s one more shot cra that is very interesting to me because it’s mentioned by Vadim Zeeland and his most recent book, the plate, which is, uh, uh, an energy center behind the head that doesn’t go down the spine, but actually like a cord extends outward from your body. And in that particular book he talks about reflecting your intentions, your true desires or tensions into that, what he calls a plate. When I looked up the word play, it kind of stands for a braid, but a braid of energy that’s tached to the back of your head.

33:53                                     I try this experiment and I’d sent just recently, there’s something to it and it’s interesting. And so I tried to look at where this had come from, where the Zealand had got the idea for it. A quasi said that it was possibly the umbrage point that’s discussed by Carlos Castaneda. And he made, didn’t make a good point. And I also, someone else said that the bay, it’s could be, uh, related to Tantra. I noticed the Bindu Shakara could be what they’re talking about. And so the Bindu Shakara a lot of people don’t know about and it’s pretty fascinating. It’s blue. It’s a on a more advanced phase of development. It’s, you know, Yogis was shaved hair for a tiny area close to the top of their head with a pony tail. They’re focusing on that particular Shakara and it’s Ma. It’s a metaphysical shock, raw primal point of appearance, of clear consciousness that exists beyond time and space, energy matter or form.

34:47                                     It represents very subtle levels of consciousness. The subtle Pranic energy that flows through this Chakra is concentrated into drops, elixir and wins. The Bindu is the point where we gain true experience about the divine because here the many forms of manifestation cease to be observed. As such, he, we are faced with the infinite as one, not as many. The Bindu is located on the back of the head, near the top. It’s placed behind the place where most people have a lock of hair growing in the opposite direction from the rest of their hair. And what he refers to is like a, it’s like a limb and artificial limb that we’ve had severed. But we are so aware of this riffing of energy and if you just focus on it right now, you can notice this little thing of energy and it holds our life force within.

35:35                                     It’s the center of where our life or is located according to texts about the shock road. So I know the shockers are kind of for some people they are rolling their eyes right now and that’s fine. But it is a way, a method of understanding how energy is both radiated outward and inwards through your body. There’s also Moodra as which are hand exercises and tongue exercises. Uh, there, there’s, you’re putting your tongue up to the roof of your mouth. The bugga can activate these particular, uh, chakras. It’s pretty interesting. And so there are a number of meditations I’ll create one soon that we’ll focus on awakening your shockers, each one separately, linking them together all the way up your body to the roof of your head to the crown and and out and getting a balance and understanding what they truly are and focusing in and feeling them.

36:42                                     And if we can do that, we can do some pretty cool things. And I’ve noticed that people can really transform if they focus on these particular energies. The energies of those lower chakras all the way up to the solar plexus are really rooted in energy. That is as a particle. And once you get to the, the energy of wave of possibilities, that’s in the heart, in the throat, in the third eye. So the higher you go up your body, the more powerful the energy is because it’s a quantum level. It’s a wave instead of a particle. It’s energy instead of matter. And that is what we’re, if we can utilize that particular energy, greater things can happen for us. We can maneuver through more fantastic realities. So the thing that I promised that I’m excited to, to to describe to you a little bit more, and I will do a separate podcast where I will run through the instructions on this and a meditation and we’ll try to get it down to 25 minutes so that you can do these exercises and 10 12 minutes and then you can do the meditation in 10 minutes and I’m trying to create something that you can knock out in 24 minutes.

37:58                                     That’s my goal. I’m giving myself 25 the idea, it depends on how much time you take to do these exercises, but there’s two different sets of exercises that you do together and the combination of these two is so powerful. I promise you that if you do this for even seven days, I’m telling you if you can do it for 21 that’s where you wear the habit really kicks in. But it’s the combination of the five Tibetan rights. So the five Tibetan rights. I’ll give you a little explanation here, but then by that it’s also attached to a Ci Gong routine called knocking the doors of life knocking on the door of life. And I’m going to give you a really quick explanation of these. If you want to start experimenting with it, I may try to put a link on my podcast with an explanation of each of these.

38:55                                     And if you just start with the five Tibetans and then you do knocking on the door of life, you do not need to be in shape. Anybody can do these and I’ll give you a work around for the hardest of the Tibetan rites. But the, there’s an interesting history behind the five Tibetans. They’re said to be a form of Tibetan yoga similar to the yoga series that originated in India. However, the five rights and traditional Tibetan yoga both emphasize a continuous sequence of movement. So the five Tibetan rites are also referred to as the five rights or the five Tibetans or the five rights of rejuvenation. And his book Kilder, Peter Keller, who had published this book in 1939 called the eye of revelation. He claims that while stationed in India, British army officer, Colonel Bradford, a pseudonym from what I can tell her, the story about a group of lamas who had apparently discovered the fountain of Youth and the wondering natives as he called them, told him of old men who inexplicably became healthy, strong and full of vigor and virility after entering a particular lamb story.

40:06                                     So after retiring killers, Colonel Bradford went on to discover the lamb though mastery and lived with the llamas where he, they taught him these five exercises, which they called rights. And according to the booklet he described seven spinning, psychic vortex’s. So we have our 10 or 11 chakra is that we’ve now gone over, but then we also have these seven vortex’s and I’ll talk about that a little bit more. But he, I, the book identifies it on an image that there is these psychic him within the Bali to are, these are in the brain, one at the base of the throat, one on the right side of the body and the vicinity of the liver. One is in the reproductive anatomy, in one in each knee. And as we grow older, the spin rate of these vortexes diminishes resulting in ill health. However, the spin rate of these word Texas can be restored by performing the five rights daily resulting in improved health.

41:04                                     I don’t know how much of the spinning vortexes is, but on a scientific level I can see that, you know, maybe it’s good to maneuver and get your balance going in the morning. So I’ll explain what that means. So, and he was also given a sixth right? I, I do try to incorporate the sixth. Right? But this is basically, he got the idea when he saw, you know, you see whirling dervishes or spinners at grateful dead concerts and he, there’s something about the spin from left to right in a clockwise direction and the orientation of the poems and there’s something spiritual about it. So essentially with the five Tibetans, you start out with your arms extended out to the sides, palms down, and you relax your shoulders and bring the arms in line with the shoulders. Turn in place in a clockwise direction, focused on taking your vision on a single point straight ahead to avoid dizziness.

42:03                                     After the, after the exercise, you take three deep breaths and then you with hands together and raise arms on the inhale. Exhaling, Laurie harms the sides and down. So you start to spin clockwise. You can do it for 21 times, so you spin with your arms out clockwise. You might get dizzy. Some people have a hard time doing it at the beginning. The second is you then lay down, lie with your arms flat. You just do leg lifts. Basically, palms down, breathe in roughly through the nose, the same time, lift the legs off the ground, keeping leg straight. And anybody can do leg lifts, relaxing muscles for a moment, and then you repeat. You try to do each one 21 times. At the beginning you might only be able to do three. So the third exercise is you kneel on your knees and then you just with your under hips and toes tucked hands to support the lower back.

43:01                                     You’ve leaned back and breathe out and it and lower your chin towards your chest and then breathe and you extend back and you do this 21 times u s stretch back out and then in. And then the fourth exercise you sit with the legs extended in front of you, your feet, hip width apart, palms are placed alongside the body, fingers pointing forward, breathe out and tucked chin toward the chest while slowly breathing in, raised the torso, the side, buttock forward and left hips off the ground and drop your head back while holding the position. This is the part that gets most people at a tough point. There is a work around if you can just lean your upper back on a bed or chair and you can just lift your legs up and down. You can do it that way and you can get away with it.

43:50                                     They talk about in the original book that there were people that simply couldn’t do this at the beginning. So do that and it’s actually pretty easy. So I even recommend doing that. And then you start in downward dog. If anybody has done P90x, but you, you do that position where you’re, your buddies in the area aren’t legs are straight, you kind of trust yourself out and you just do a son, you know you’ve basically just went from that position. You then move up into a sun salutation where you are with your lower part of your body down and your back stretched up in your face looking up at the ceiling and you’re stretching your lower back. Try to do that as many times as you can. 21 it’s not hard and you can do some version of it sometime. So after you’ve done the five Tibetans, you do knocking on the door of life.

44:45                                     So this is the Ci Gong exercise in the morning that you can do. And if you can’t do the five Tibetans, if you can do a portion of them and then try to do some of the this exercise, it’s great. So bring your feet in, standing with sort of with the park starch starch slurry. Turn, slow turning motion from the hips, just going back and forth, keeping the shoulders, arms and upper back. Relax. Let the momentum from the center of your body move your arms as you continue to let your arms gently knock across your lower back and across your abdomen, knocking the doors of life. So what this does is it stimulates pressure point called the [inaudible] or the door of life located directly below the navel on the spine. This point enhances overall vitality and energizes the central nervous system. You do that seven times. You allow the movement to slowly unwind and bring your arms back to your sides.

45:35                                     You breathe naturally and then you start tapping with loose fists over your lower back area. Start as high as you can comfortably reached down to your lower back and work your way down to your tailbone. So you start on your lower back area and you just tap on it and you go down all the way with, and then you start slapping your outside of your legs down to your feet and then inside, all the way up to your chest. And then like Tarzan, you just stimulate your chest by knocking on your chest, sternum, and the senator with liked fists. And then you do this three times. And then once you’ve done that, then you can slap the outside of your right arm through your neck and shoulder area, back down to your arm and then slap the other side of your arms. So he just kind of wake up the blood flow in your arm.

46:27                                     And if you do that, and then the final thing is that you just kind of go into a very slow type of squat, pulling energy from up above or making the hand movement and then pulling it from down below. And you do about, uh, you know, seven to 21 of those. All right? And then the final process is a tiny version of energy psychology. And the idea is that you just make a slow relaxing tap on your cheeks around next to your nose and then down into your chest on the top of your chest. And then on your sides you just tap it on it just slowly tapping on your sides. And then you are done. That takes about 10 to 12 minutes and if you do that, your body will wake up. The energy that you have stored in your body, you’ll, you’ll give it some more vitality is very, very, the next way we can modulate our energy is through eating and so how do we do that?

47:37                                     You know, you, you, if you eat too late, you’re too tired in the morning. It’s very different for most people. There’s a lot of different diets and there’s a lot of different ways that it can affect. You obviously need food to create energy, but we don’t necessarily need to eat as much as we have now and it’s okay if you want to not eat for a given period of time. A couple biohacks that I recommend that you do that’s going to give you energy. Try The 30 day, no sugar challenge and you will be blown away by what happens when you cut sugar out. It will be, that means sugar in all things. That includes noodles, that includes white rice, cut out sugar. It will boost your energy in a burn fat and it will increase your testosterone, upgrade your focus. It’s incredible. I was just reading about British politician Tom Watson who just got off sugar and how much it had blown his mind did with me.

48:33                                     And so the next thing that you want to do, it’s a simple hack, is try to eat organic. Your grandmother had it made because she could locally source her food, pesticides free. She could go to the local market and get food that was local and there was organic meats and they didn’t have pesticides and chemicals and there was the eggs had deep orange yolks and the meat was grass fed and fish was wild. Those old days though that meat worked. Now we don’t have that and we do the out of the opportunity. And I do think that there that just that will give you better energy when you’re not exposed to these chemicals.

49:16                                     Understand that stress is going to be a negative reduction in your energy, stress produced by cortisol. So you want to find a way to hack the stress that you get and you can look at what the military does. Soldiers learn to function to make smart decisions under extraordinary duress. There’s ways that you can biohack like a soldier and that’s monitoring feedback for your, for how your body is responding, visualization techniques, breathing techniques to modulate your stress response. Another interesting hack is to add ice in the morning when you wake up. If you get under a cold shower, if you add ice to your workouts, the ice really reduces inflammation and increases your energy to recovers faster, but the energy increases in net gain, have your genetics tested. Sometimes you can do that and you can develop foods and you can take diets and make changes in your life based on your specific genetic variable and your blood type.

50:19                                     Your blood type is also very indicative of what kind of foods will give you more energy. And there’s some, there’s several books out there, um, that you can get that talk about what kind of Diet that you can have specific to your blood type. I would customize your pre and post workout meals. And if you do that you, if you time it out, that’s something that can give you energy if you’re, if you’re exercising and working out. Uh, I do think that the key to energy is to get the best sleep. Find a way to get your body into sleep, hack the sleeping system, read about the best sleep supplements and the ways to sleep and do the best possible routines. Keep your temperature at around 68 degrees. Try to figure out if it’s best for you to drink water or not to drink water and try to reduce any lighting in the room that you have.

51:16                                     And so there’s different things and there’s incredible research on it and in and try to get yourself the best sleep. And we’ll try to do a podcast on how to hack your sleep routine in the future. Drink lots of water. The water allows their body to process energy faster, the vibrations of water or pure. And if you are aware of your connections to the energy around you, water can give you greater control over that. And also if you have the means to do it, if you can do it, then you should. There is cheap forms of lab testing that you can get done. If you read about Tim Ferriss, you can test your biology after you eat certain meals. After you do certain workouts, you can really get to understand the way your body’s reacting to the foods and the exercises that you’re doing and you can really take control of your energy.

52:09                                     So there’s some different things about energy. We’ve talked about energy cords, we’ve talked about levels of energy, we’ve talked about the Chakras. We will certainly talk about several of these. What we’re going to try to do is create a podcast that is going to go over step by step to discuss each of these particular workout routines. And then I will give a 10 minute priming meditation. I’ll also try to put this in video form soon, but it’s something that if you do in the morning, and I can get it at 24 minutes, maybe just maybe it can take you from where area to something even better on an energetic and spiritual level. And I would love to give you that for free and I’ll figure out a way to do that. So I just want to thank you for spending this time with me. It is always an honor that you download the podcast.

53:01                                     Thank you. Please subscribe to the podcast. The reality revolution podcast is growing by leaps and bounds. Join the Facebook group. The reality revolution. Email me at or on Facebook. You can see me at Instagram at the_reality_revolution. You can also find me on Twitter @mediaprime if there’s questions that you have, if there’s any topics that you want to discuss, let me know. I’m always open to everything and if you would like for me to create a custom guided meditation for you, I would be happy to do it. Let’s talk about it so you can contact me on those places. You can also find our website, should be ready to go by this weekend and continuing to work on it and hopefully you’ll be seeing some new articles and even some new clothing that will be tied to the reality revolution podcast. We’re so excited. There’s so many different possibilities. Thank you so much for joining the reality revolution. Peace and love to all.

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