Henry Thomas Hamblin Dynamic Thought Success & Character Building Lesson 4 Changing Your Subconsious || EP 686

WE now have to deal with that part of your Mind which is the center of all action and  the  seat  of  all  memory.  Not  only  the  memory  of this  life,  but  the  race memory of all mankind. This  division  of  the  mind  we  will  call  the  sub-conscious  mind,  we  will  do  so  in order  to  distinguish  it  from  the  mind  of  creation, intuition,  and  inspiration, which  we  have  already  considered,  and  also  from  the  objective  or  conscious mind which will be described later. This   sub-division   is   not   orthodox   according   to   the ordinary   teachings   of psychology.

The usual practice is to term the whole of the submerged mind sub-conscious. That this is not correct must, if we think for a moment, be apparent. The sub-conscious mind acts only according to instruction and instinct. Thoughts and commands flow from the seat of the Will through   the   conscious   mind   down   into   the   sub-conscious   mind   and   are immediately  acted  upon.  The  sub-conscious  mind  is  a  blind  intelligence.  It cannot reason–it can remember, it can act–but it cannot think, plan or reason. Yet  we  have  a  mind  within  us  that  can  inspire,  create,  and  bring  forth  the  most wonderful  thoughts.  

A  mind  which  can  solve  our  most  complicated  problems, that can guide us through the most difficult situations if we will but trust it. This cannot  be  the  sub-conscious  mind  because  we  have  already  seen  that  this  is  a blind  intelligence  acting  only  upon  instruction,  suggestion  and  animal  instinct. Therefore, there must be a mind or minds other than the sub-conscious, and this I have termed, for the want of a better word, the subliminal.

The sub-conscious mind is a kind of a sleepy giant, or a slumbering volcano. It only requires arousing to cause it to manifest extraordinary power. It  is  a  vast  and  wonderful  intelligence,  so  wonderful  that  our  consciousness cannot  form  any  conception  of  its  wonders.  All  that  we  know  is  that  this wonderful center of life and action is as far above our understanding as our own consciousness is beyond the comprehension of a beetle.

Yet  this  sub-conscious  mind  of  ours  is  subject  to  our  will  and  guidance.  Within us  is  this  wondrous  power–the  almost  infinite  intelligence;  yet  its  use  and control are in our own hands. Unto us is given the ability to govern a power whose extent we cannot gauge, to direct  an  intelligence  so  great  that  it  is  impossible  for  us  to  grasp  its  full significance.

The  sub-conscious  mind  is  the  center  of  all  action.  It  is  by  this  mind  that everything that we do is accomplished. It is the personification of tireless energy. It works constantly, it never sleeps; for while  WE  sleep  the  sub-conscious  mind  is  busily  engaged  in  repairing  and rebuilding the body. Whatever  thought  we  allow  to  pass  into  the  sub-conscious  mind  is  translated into action. This is why a thought has been described as “an action in the process of being born.” The  great  lesson  for  you,  dear  reader,  to  learn  is this,  that  if  the  sub-conscious mind  translates  each  thought  into  action,  then  thought  control  is  the  one  great transcendental fact of life. If you possess the power to control your thoughts, you have  at  once  the  power  to  control  your  actions.  If you  can  control  your  actions what a life of possibility opens before you!

One  of  the  principal  causes  of  failure  in  life  is  due  to  inability  to  control  the thoughts. Wrong thoughts each the sub-conscious mind, these are translated into wrong actions and these bring failure and disaster in their train. When the thoughts are uncontrolled, then the sub-conscious mind will act upon any thought or suggestion that may “float” in.

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