Frank Rudolph Young – How To Get Immediate Power To Perform Any Skill || EP 687

There is no such thing as a  positive, unchanging career. There is no certainty that any career will remain profitable for the length of your life. When yours changes due to different needs, inventions or demands, varying times or even bad times, your age or what not, you must have to master another branch of your own skill, or even a  new technique to continue with the skill you already have–or be “out in the cold.” Having grown used to one skill for some time, however, it is not easy to dis-card it and learn another. You have adapted your mind, your nerve impulses, your muscular movements and your gland re–actions to fit the old skill.

To uproot it and learn another over-compels you to change your whole make-up-including your instinctive Somo-Psychic Power. And yet, you have no other choice because a  new skill may enable you to continue living at the level you have grown accustomed to. Although you also prefer to master a  new skill which fits you, it might not be easy to find work with it. It might belong to a  tightly unionized occupation, be saturated with applicants, etc. You may be compelled to prepare for a  job that is not exactly to your liking, but which offers more opportunity to master it quickly, or its openings might dwindle. Your best bet is to master the Somo-Psychic Power to leap into performing a  new skill expertly.

Frank Rudolph Young was a post new thought author who was a chiropractor and bodybuilder who wrote several books.

The end of this is a meditation designed to use the mind navel to banish tension

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