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Frank Rudolph Young – How To Get Immediate Power To Perform Any Skill || EP 687

There is no such thing as a  positive, unchanging career. There is no certainty that any career will remain profitable for the length of your life. When yours changes due to different needs, inventions or demands, varying times or even bad times, your age or what not, you must have to master another branch of […]

Frank Rudolph Young – Banish Tension Using Pyscho Astral Power Using The Mind Navel (W/ Meditation) || EP 549

Psychastra (Psycho-Astral Power) is the magic key to unsurpassable secret power….They discovered it concealed in the innermost sanctums of the psychic masters of Egypt, India, Africa, and the West Indies. Here Frank Rudolph Young who we last heard about in the episode on the Mind Navel talks about a unique technique of using your astral […]