Frank Rudolph Young – Banish Tension Using Pyscho Astral Power Using The Mind Navel (W/ Meditation) || EP 549

Psychastra (Psycho-Astral Power) is the magic key to unsurpassable secret power….They discovered it concealed in the innermost sanctums of the psychic masters of Egypt, India, Africa, and the West Indies.

Here Frank Rudolph Young who we last heard about in the episode on the Mind Navel talks about a unique technique of using your astral body to reduce pain and change your reality. In this we learn about the hidden connection between our physical body and how we connect to our astral body through our navel. By using these specific techniques you can abolish tension, pan and a so much more.

What if your belly button connected your body to your astral body and through a powerful breathing technique you could use it to change your life?

As a personal trainer Young has a physicality unique to his writing and I have already included this techniques in two meditations.

Frank Rudolph Young was a post new thought author who was a chiropractor and bodybuilder who wrote several books.

The end of this is a meditation designed to use the mind navel to banish tension

Music By Mettaverse

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