Neville Goddard The True Story Of Christmas || EP 550

Well, this is our closing night for a little while. We close tonight and reopen on January the 5th, which is really three weeks from tonight. I will not be sending notices. I will take an ad in the Times just about a week or a few days before we reopen, so do not expect a notice and titles. It will be appropriate, the title and the subject, when we reopen. Because I am not speaking beyond tonight and this is the Christmas season, I would like to tell you the story of Christmas, the true story, not as hundreds of millions of people really believe it.

For ten days from today hundreds of millions will celebrate Christmas, and they will think in terms of some being who was born 2,000 years ago in some strange and unique manner. And that is true…but not as the story is told. Any attempt by theologians to equate faith with historical information or scientific facts or philosophic, I would say, speculation, is bankrupt. That is not the story of the birth of Christ. When Christ is formed in us, he is born.

We are the cocoon as it were; we are the egg in which Christ is being formed. And when he’s formed, at that very moment when he’s formed, and the time is fulfilled, then it is alive, it is awakened—-it’s our very self—-and we come out and we are born. This is the story. I wouldn’t care if the whole vast world rose in opposition. I am only telling you what I know from experience. This is not theory, I’m not speculating. And so any attempt to put it into any other form is folly. It isn’t so at all. Everyone in this world is simply being formed into Christ Jesus and Christ Jesus is the image of the invisible God. It takes all the pains and the sufferings of the world to produce it, and when it’s completely formed in us, at that moment then it comes out.

Now, let the churches this coming fortnight be bursting to overflowing. It makes no difference, it’s good. Let them hear it even though it’s distorted. Let all the priesthoods of the world tell their story in a distorted manner, it’s perfectly alright. But I’ll tell you, the few that are here, how it really takes place. And may I tell you, no one knows until that moment when the hatching is about to take place, but no one knows. I will tell you this night and tell you in detail in the hope that you’ll remember it.

But when it happens it is so startling, so bewildering, you will forget, but not really. Something in the depths of your soul will know what is taking place, and then you will simply return to the outer scripture and read it for confirmation of the experiences that you’ve just had. It will come in the most wonderful manner.


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