This is not your normal episode of the reality revolution podcast. In this episode I talk about my dream visions of the infinite, my first out of body experience, the infinity palace and the love test. Is it a meditation? You be the judge.

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Welcome to the reality revolution. This is your host, Brian Scott. Today is going to be a little bit different than any episode that I’ve ever had on this podcast. If you’re new to the channel, that’s perfect, but if you’ve been on it before, you’ve seen, I do a lot of meditations and discussions of different things. Try to go deep and research different variables of reality creation. I’m fascinated by everything, but I want to get this down. As I was reminded of Frederick Dotson when I interviewed him, he said, really higher consciousness stuff tends to fade away and it’s true. You might’ve had some really powerful moments in your consciousness and they’re so dimensionally at a such a higher level of vibration that you just forget what happened. So I’m trying to document this and you can see some resonance of it in a lot of my meditations because I’ve tried to take you to the same place. But the whole story is a dream perhaps that I had as I’ve explored expansion of consciousness, especially after what happened to me and believing that I had traveled to a parallel reality. I wanted to know if I could continue on, how crazy could I travel to different parallel realities. So I started in a period that was perfect for me to really deeply meditate for long periods of time for five hours at a time trying every form of of meditation, float tanks, vibration machines, different kinds of techniques to using the Ganzfeld effect to create States and really exploring my consciousness. And I, at one point, my goal was to have an out of body experience. So I would had read mastering astral travel by Robert Bruce and it’s a 90 day program and it’s set up so that you go over a 90 day period has different intentions. It has different programs to listen to. So I, I had struggled with the Audi body experience in this book. It really helped me, so I followed the 90 day program and there’s some really tough days where you do a lot of meditation in this program, but I did finally was able to leave my body and started to explore with that. I think there was a part of me that started to explore this when I was in college and I believe that that part of me, the higher my higher self had per purposely installed things to let me forget about it as if I wasn’t supposed to remember. You know, when I was going through college, I was definitely experimenting with different kinds of meditation and hypnosis. I wrote my master’s thesis on neuro-linguistic program. I became certified in hypnosis and really studied the whole aspect of using language in situations to develop trends and how trans state works. I’m fascinated by all that stuff as you can tell with this podcast. But it was one particular day and I had been experimenting with dr Joe Dispenza’s void meditation and he has a Kundalini type breathing technique that he uses on several of his meditations. And it’s all you, you read it, you do read about it. And yoga. Uh, there are several different YouTube ERs that use this breathing technique and trying to create DMT States that get released in your brain. So it, it involves squeezing your muscles, your lower muscles, and instead of releasing, polling the energy up your body and squeezing it in, just putting it in your forehead and listening to music at a certain frequency and T if you really focus on it, squeezing your muscles, holding your breath at the top and pulling the energy up. And I’ve done this exercise on several of these meditations. It’s also in yoga, it’s been around for thousands of years and it just seems like it’s now coming back a little bit. Like maybe in the past, meditators didn’t use these techniques because they are powerful. And so I had been doing that and I entered into another state. I was able to leave my body and I was taken by someone who wouldn’t talk to me but just wanted me to follow them and I went to the infinity palace. At least it was a dreamlike place, this eternal, infinite place and it wasn’t like I was talked to directly. It was a sudden knowing as if I’d already been there and I had known that this place existed and it was a place that had really explored the dimensions of infinity and what it meant. This place, right and integrated completely with the Akashic record. At some point in time, some species or maybe on some dimensional level or maybe it’s always been there, I was able to tap in to the void, to the infinite space, to the space of variations and get the full variation of all the different possible realities. Just like the question that is asked in two 50 of the priestess, who is it that recorded all the, all of the scripts and that is not for us to know. It’s a really cool place. You felt super comfortable when you go in there and there’s a room that’s a like a love room where has all the different loves that your soul has ever experienced in one place and the greatest loving feelings that you’ve ever had in your entire existence in the future and past. There was a room that was an abundance room that really clarified all of the abundance and wealth that you had experienced in all the different incarnations and the future ones and the choices that you had available to you. You can meet all your future and past selves and it was a place that I, it felt like I explored for an eternity. I know that I had started to beditate and it was like a, it was like a Friday and I would like, I went from 3:00 PM and then went straight and meditated like almost all the way through and it was like a so much knowledge was there. Any question could be answered, anything was available there and it was a place that everybody went. It’s like a tourist attraction right there. The Akashic record, right? This place that people go, there’s a, an actual library that you can go, like Frederick Dotson talks about where you go and you can see usually it’s an a visual type of information, but you can get a full record of your soul and so many different little bits of information. It’s a place that you can go. My original intention had been to go to this place, but there was more to it and it was just a thought and it was, it wasn’t like a place in space. It was a dimension. It was like I went through my third eye, like in, it felt physically different than a normal dream I could touch. It was tactal, I could breathe, I could smell. It was much more rich and vivid. So on any level I was able to create some kind of holographic experience. I had been experimenting with using eye movements in my meditations at the time. So I was able to access feeling States and so I was able to, so it was very interesting and just my writer’s mind thought it was a dream and I wanted to write this stuff down. But it was very powerful part. And I have an infant Definity palace meditation. Uh, very few people have really gotten into, it’s a weird super weird meditation because I kind of take you to that to the same place I went. But the second part of the story was the weirdest because I had been there for a long time and then I left. I was like happy, like I felt like I was leaving Disneyland. Right. And so I’m leaving and I’m super happy and um, okay. Next thing you know, I, I find myself awake in a star ship of some kind. How I knew it was a star ship I had, it had the star, the home, like the star Trek home. So maybe my mind had created that sound to tell me that I was on the star ship, but I just felt like I was on like a, it had a certain vibration to it and it was this long hallway that had no end. It was a gigantic equation on the wall all the way as high as you could see. Couldn’t see the end of it in every, it was infinity to every angle and there were people on these different parts of the equation, this equation and these people were walking through it, discussing different parts of the equation. And I just went on and on. I remember walking through this equation, walking or walking and it just kept on going. And it was, it was, it was a slow walk and it just kept on going like one of those big long hotels that has one of those hallways. But it keeps on going. I kept on walking. It finally had got behind uh, these people and the one man was talking to another man and I couldn’t tell what they look like cause I was walking behind them and they had, they had uniforms on. So I just kind of observed and they were saying, and we’re talking, at first it was jibberish and it was like, aye, aye, aye. Pardon me, tuned in and said, okay, I understand this, I want to translate this in a command. And myself and I started to understand clearly it was something else or some kind of understanding going. And they were talking, it was very fast. But I’m pretty good at, you know, I listen to books fast and, and I, and, and I can understand. So they were saying that about the history of beer and that at one time a different, a different creator had [inaudible] had attempted to create a species. There’s like some kind of planet heaven and they have different people and then they’re like artists. They create species. That’s the, you know, they go into the planet and they, and they interact with the planet and they create these species. It may take billions of years. They put together the recipe and everything. So this one creator was very passionate about his creation and he had created what appeared to be the dinosaurs from the, from what I was interpreting. And this, these, this race existed on the earth for millions of years. And every race is given a test. And if it doesn’t pass the test, they do not let the race continue on. And it’s a simple test. Every race is given this test at some point. And it’s the love test can this race and species love. And so how did they figure it out? How are they going to figure out? I mean that that’s kind of arbitrary, right? How are they going to figure out if a particular species is more loving than another? This particular artist argued that his, that his species were, were gigantic and muscular, strong, and really illustrated the physical power that was available in the, in the genome and the DNA genome that they were experimenting with [inaudible] but he lost in the trial and I could see the trial and he lost in this trial. So another creator came along and seated and created the humans. Like tremendous amount of jealousy exists between both of these artists. One, because he saw his very creation destroyed. He had just said asteroid to let them choke to death and it hurt him in the [inaudible]. On the other hand, this new creator had created week animals that would easily die, that his creatures would easily dismantle with the slightest bite. They were weakened, they would never survive. But slowly they began to develop technologies and understand and can grow to a level of consciousness that the other creator did not think possible. And the answer to the question is this equation, the equation goes on. You cannot see the end of it. It’s all a love equation. And so I kept on walking with these two. As they walked, part of the equation, started to thin out and it looked as if there may have been an end. Suddenly they stopped. One of the men looked over and I sort of hovered there and he opened up a wall display and he said, it all comes down to these two people, these two people. If they cannot fall in love by the natural course of their meeting together, then this planet is doomed. I’ve looked at all the equations and there is no way we can get around this particular pairing. It will come down to them and them alone. And I looked at the screen and I was one of them and another girl, and I can’t remember what she looked like. So clearly there was somebody that looked like me because I’m just a bald guy, so it could have been like that, but I saw myself and so I’m going, what is this? What are they talking about? And the other man said, well, how much time do we got? And they calculated by the rotation of this planet, it appears we have no more than three spins around the sun before it would be too late and trial will begin. And so then I began to see the different parties involved and then came back and had I seen this image somewhere in the infinity palace. Was it just a possible future somewhere that I had explored? Was it a dream that I had? Was it a simple dream, a dream? There was nothing more than that or was it real? That’s a question I will never know the answer to, but I thought I’d just might share it. Have any of you visited the infinity palace? Have you heard of the love test? I did not know for. As Frederick Dotson said in his interview, all ideas come from imagination. They’re all real, every science fiction idea. Where did they come from? Have you asked yourself where they come from? We are connected to a source of space like a hologram. Every art particle of space contains all of the information of the entire universe in one particle and in that particle, all of it exists through fractal geometries that are beyond comprehension, all of it in one particle. And we can access that particle and it contains the infinite possibility of everything that could possibly happen in your future and in your kids’ futures and your parents’ futures and every future beyond you and your soul’s future. The planet’s future, the universe’s future. It is all available because all of time is available in this same space because time exists as one block, not a proceeding movement for us to experience time we have to experience in a movement. But you could step out of it and it would be a block. You can access different parts of that block. So I don’t know. Most likely it was a delicious dream. I certainly hope that I passed the love test and I will do my best. So what do you think? Did I go to the infinity palace or was it a dream? Leave your notes in the comments and I wish you’d have a wonderful and joyous day. Welcome to the reality revolution.