Understanding Frailing In Transurfing || EP 124

This is a deep dive on Chapter 12 of the book Reality Transurfing. This chapter is called Frailing. Frailing is a complicated subject. It appears to be a new word created just for Transurfing, there is also the word Fraile which is different. If you are like me this is somewhat confusing the way it is used. The best way to fully understand it is to dive into the chapter on Frailing.

Reality Creation can be easy to understand until you start to bring other conscious humans into the process. Everyone has their own dreams and intentions. How can we create and choose realities, when everyone else is doing it as well.

You may think you can manipulate someone, but this does not work and even if you have skill in this regard, you will ultimately experience the effect of balancing forces in relation to your actions.

Zeland outlines a simple but powerful way to move towards the realities of your dreams in full cooperation with the humans you encounter along the way. You can use these techniques to find a job, expand business contacts and find love.

There is a lot of discussion in the metaphysical community about manifesting your specific person. This chapter addresses this issue within a reality transurfing context. You will understand how to tune into someone’s fraile (their soul signature). By using these techniques you will substantially enhance your relationships.

The key as Zeland explains is to abandon the intention of receiving and focus on the intention of giving and you will receive what you abandoned.

Focusing in on someone else’s self worth and understanding their motivations will give you a powerful reality creation tool.

In this chapter Zeland focuses on attuning to fraile, energy in relationships, the flow of relationships, forgiving, and how to use this when looking for a job.

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Welcome to the reality revolution. I’m your host, Brian Scott. Today we’re going to do a deep dive of chapter 12 of the book reality trend surfing by Vadim Zealand. You do not have to read any of the other chapters. This chapter is alone by itself. Very fascinating. The word Frayling, it’s called Frayling. So what we’re going to try to do is understand Frayling because that’s what they’re talking about in this chapter. First time I read this, I was still confused. It’s a different word. I guess maybe it’s the word. When you hear Frayling it seems, it’s not a word that we normally hear. It seems like one of those words that’s specifically been made up in reality trans surfing. The interesting thing about reality trend surfing is the language used. There’s a specific kind of language that’s being created for stuff that we probably already know about, but it’s interesting how these new words start being used and I would love if anybody has heard the word Frayling before reality trans surfing. It’s interesting how we have new words coming from this science of reality, trans surfing. But this chapter is very interesting and it may answer questions that you have, like can you manifest or find a reality where you meet a specific person or how do you use trans surfing in relationships? I can tell you being single and in this moment and understanding it completely about reality, trans surfing, deep trans surfing completely changes the game on relationships. It’s so amazing and so incredible. I’m just telling you that it’s, it changes everything. It’s very powerful. You will meet people if you use it the proper way and you will meet incredible people and it can, if you understand how it works and it’s a little bit intricate, it’s not like manifesting something else. The thing that’s different about Frayling is we’ve talked about, you know, finding a reality where you, you own a yacht. We’ve talked about finding reality where you own a private jet or something like that. Not that those are physical objects that are not living or conscious and they have their own intention energy. So when you start to deal with other people, there’s always going to be this argument is should you manipulate? And the argument that Zealand’s making is that if you manipulate, there will be balancing forces and it’s not as effective. So when we break this down, I think this is an incredible guide on relationships. Even getting a job, attuning to the frail, uh, on. It’s very interesting and we’re going to get a lot out of it. And I will try to create a meditation once we are done with this deep dive. And I would love to hear your comments if you’ve applied these things in relationships, if you’re, even if you’re in a relationship, you can improve your relationship. It’s just amazing. So the chapter is chapter 12 Freeling and they’re, the standard quote in italics is abandon the intention of receiving. That’s very important. I’ll say it again, abandoned the intention of receiving, replace it with the intention of giving and you will receive the very thing that you gave up. It’s the weirdest thing. If you go into a relationship looking to get something, you will not get it. But if you give something, you will get back more than you can imagine. It’s pretty interesting. It sinks a lot with just standard things when we talk about karma and other things that in relationships, but as I read this, you’ll start to notice the effect that he’s talking about in your current relationships. That’s the powerful thing when you listen to trans surfing or read the trans surfing stuff is that you instantly see the truth of it based on your own life and how you’ve seen other relationships work. So the first section is called intention. In relationships we tend to measure our success in life. On the one hand, by the level of our achievements and on the other by the volume of problems we have a mast trans surfing helps us not to fight problems and rather than how to solve them, how to avoid coming up against them in the first place. In the context of trans surfing, our goals are also achieved in an uncommon way with the help of outer intention one way or another, all our problems and achievements are born of our relationships with other people, personal and professional. The question is can outer intention. Now I’ve been doing this more and more. When you hear outer intention in reality, trans surfing, just replace it with God or your concept of God, universe, whatever it is, but it’s their convenient way to take that aspect out of it because we’re talking about outside events changing in the outside world, miracles happening, magic happening. So the question is, can outer intention be applied to relationships? Meaning, will the world around us change for us in a relationship? The trouble is that outer intention is elusive, difficult to control or subject to personal will. However, there are techniques you can use to activate its function implicitly with a certain approach. Outer intention can be set in motion so that it works independently, irrespective of your will, but nonetheless in your favor. Instead of working with personal inner intention, you can learn to work with inner intention that motivates others. If you let go of your own inner intention, outer intention will activate the workings of inner intention in others. Outer intention can give you what you want in life with a simple wave of a hand because it does not want anything for itself and it does not particularly have to do anything. It simply allows inner intention, which is attuned to the frequencies of the external world to work unhindered, use other people’s inner intention to achieve your goals. Now, wow, that popped out at me. So, and that’s in italics and maybe we’ve discussed that but that seems powerful. I’m going to say it again and I want you to ponder it. Use other people’s inner intention to achieve your goals and that has lots of implications. Other people have inner intention and goals and you can use that to achieve your own goals. So despite how selfish this last phrase may sound, it does not actually mean that you are using or abusing other people. It is more a matter of not getting in the way of letting them do what they really want to do. At the end of the day, all problems arise due to a conflict of interest surrounding inter inner intention motivated from another who has different plans and is intent on having things their own way. How can different interests be balanced and the needs of both fulfilled it is a difficult task, is it not? And yet it is not. Really. It comes down to finding the common ground in each other’s inner intentions. A sense of self worth lies at the core of inner intention in the world of pendulums. The only things that truly motivate a person at the same time as limiting their freedom, our inner and outer intention. So go back to that first sentence and that’s another one in italics. And I’d love to go through and take all the stuff in italics and make another book out of this book. Just the stuff in italics, but a sense of self worth. Why is it the core of inner intention? So we’re talking about somebody else’s self worth. So in the world of pet, and as we just said, everything is limited. Inner and outer intention. Our senses of self worth is linked with inner importance as informational energy entities. Pendulums are created by groups of people and later continue to exist independently. [inaudible] listen to previous episodes to better understand a pendulum, but at the group of thoughts that come together form basically and what he just said, an informational energy entity and these energy entities can take your energy [inaudible] they’re created by groups of people and later continued to exist independently. Finally subjecting people to their own laws. Wow. The pendulums aren’t use important to establish their control, and this is why for the majority of people, enhancing their sense of self worth is a key determinant in the information and the formation of their intentions. Other determinants relate to frail and the needs of the heart, but to a much lesser extent. Now that’s the first time we’ve heard the word frail. They don’t define it so other determinants relate to frail and the needs of the heart to a much lesser extent. Now, ways that we understand frail is different than for a link. Frail is your soul’s frail. It’s your soul’s purpose. It’s your unique fingerprint for your soul. As a rural, frail accounts for a very minor portion of our motivations and is poorly developed muffled by the constant need to maintain one self esteem in a world based on pendulums. And that’s one important aspect why it’s good even to meditate on self esteem and confidence because it’s affecting what your trying and your motivations are to activate the power of outer intention in human relationships. You have to first break down one more false belief. You may often hear what would appear to be very appropriate advice if trying to change others does not work. Start by changing yourself. This saying immediately evokes a feeling of inner discomfort and protest. So I am imperfect and a need to change, but I so do not want to and quite right that you do not want to do, not try to change others, but do not try to change yourself either. Now that’s an italics. Do not try to change others, but do not try to change yourself either. Now, a lot of law of attraction groups talk about everybody is you pushed out, and so this, there is a little bit of a distress contradiction with that, but I think if you apply the mirror, the idea of the mirror, then that’s more of what Neville Goddard was getting at when he talked about that. Whatever you do, try and change yourself or others will be ineffective and harmful work of inner will be the ineffective and harmful work of inner intention problems can be better solved using a different approach. Allow others to realize their inner intention. The act of allowing will stir outer intention, which will cause your inner intention to be realized seemingly of its own accord. Imagine a woman who is itching to get married, but for reasons she cannot understand her husband is resisting and fobbing her off with excuses [inaudible] I get that. Working with inner intention. The woman focuses all her thoughts on trying to persuade her partner to get married, pressuring him, will not resolve the situation and she will end up creating excess potential with her powerful desire and the importance she attributes to getting married. That empowerful desire, I just talked to Frederick Frederick Dotson, and that’s how he defined importance is when you desire something too much, you are actually subconsciously resisting it also. So you also are creating your own balanced forces. As a result, balanced forces will no doubt steal her loved one away. So what was the problem? Maybe her loved one. Maybe her partner was not committed to the relationship or was no longer in love with her. Of course not. [inaudible] the woman transformed their love relationship into a dependent relationship, making marriage the deal breaker. If you loved me, you would. You would agree to marry me. When you say those words [inaudible] it can work against you. So for outer intention to work, the woman would have to let go of her attachment to persuade her partner to merrier and ask herself, what does a man look for in a marriage? The answer is not difficult to find. He undoubtedly wants to know that his needs will be met and that he will feel loved, valued, respected, and admired, et cetera. If the woman were to direct her energy towards helping him meet these needs, she would not only meet her own goal, but would succeed in having her own similar needs met. What if you feel the man in question does not deserve your love and respect? Well, why be with someone in the first place? If you feel that way about them, everyone is free to choose everyone. As you can see, there is no need to change yourself if you are going through a massive transformation to be with someone else and maybe he’s suggesting that that’s a mistake. The thing is that the open window is in a different place then where we usually look for it. Once again, he may be referring to his example of the fly flying into the CLO closed window when all he has to do is fly up to go through the window. So he’s taking this as an example. As you can see, there’s no need to change yourself. The thing is that the open window is in a different place than where we usually look for it. And as a rule, people are so consumed with what they want to get from others that they do not bother to find out what those other people want. By shifting your attention to the desires and motivations of others, you will easily find your own needs met. All it takes is for you to ask yourself what the focus is of your partners, inner intentions, and that’s in in italics. What is the focus of your partners? Inner intentions. This is effectively like flying backwards from the pane of glass and finally spotting the open window. Next, all that remains is to refocus your inner intention on realizing your partners’ inner intention. By doing this, you transform your personal inner intention. If you can think of an example of this. I mean there’s a lot of examples that come to mind, but if you can think of an example of re helping your partner realize their inner intention, put it in the notes. I think everybody who is, who is a Transurban researcher would love to get your examples. I want to give examples, but this is a long chapter and we can go off on a whole episode just of how that works. It’s pretty amazing. So very often inner intention is aimed at attracting attention and presenting oneself in the best possible light. Or you may be worried about something that is not going very well. Imagine that you’re going to a party. You may imagine that all the other people invited will have their eyes on you and be aware of where you are all the time for they have gathered with the sole purpose of discussing what you are wearing, how you move, and what you talk about. If you were to hear someone in the group laughing, you would assume that they were laughing at you and you would catch so many disparaging looks. I sympathize. I sympathize is what Zealand, have you been to a party? Have you ever had the feeling that everybody was looking at you and everybody was talking about you and the whole thing was about you? Do you think that that was accurate? You have of course twigged that the situation should be interpreted in the opposite way. I guess he uses the word twigged or understood. Everyone else at the party is primarily concerned with themselves and what other people think about them. How they treat other people is the last thing on their mind, so you can relax, take it easy and feel free. Do not try to act with a lack of pretension or affectation. Just gift yourself. The quality of naturalness and the ease. Remember that setting yourself, the goal of acting in an unaffected manner does not work, and that’s in italics. Again, of course, you might get somewhere with the help of slides, but that takes time and the party is today. You can only achieve a state of being unaffected. If you eliminate importance, you will not be able to totally abandon the desire to present yourself in the best possible light just like that. In an instant, the solution is simple. When someone is talking to you, what they need most is for you to give them your attention and showing interest in them. As a person, try this with somebody that you care about. Give them three minutes of just intense intention, listened to them, look at them, ask them questions. You’ll be surprised just that three minutes and how they respond. Giving somebody your energy because your attention is your energy and so you can give them your attention. That’s what they love. You can only cheap a state of being unaffected if you eliminate importance. Don’t forget that, okay? It’s not easy to reduce importance. You’ll mom be able to totally abandon the desire to present yourself in the best possible light. When someone is talking to you, what they need most is for you to give them your attention and show an interest in them. As a person, you can be quite certain that people are exclusively interested in themselves, so be interested in them to shift your attention from yourself to others. Activate your guardian and stop playing the game of enhancing your own self worth. Play the game of increasing the significance of others. Show an interest in other people. Listen to what they have to say and observe. You do not need to Curry their favor. Just go with the flow. As soon as you shift your attention from yourself to others, the excess potential of your own appearance will fade automatically, so you don’t need to worry about how to reduce importance. Shifts your attention to other people and then you’ll succeed in behaving naturally. You now, this is in the Tallix. You attract attention to yourself by showing interest in others. Do not talk to people about what you are interested in. Talk to them about what they are interested in, including themselves. Then your inner intention will be transformed into outer intention. Other people will immediately become interested in making your acquaintance. They will have nowhere to retreat from the power of your outer intention, which is always completely subtle in its working, so he referred to outer intention as something that you can possess your own. He says the power of your outer intention which is always completely subtle in its workings. It is useless trying to get people interested in your own being. This desire is a reflection of inner intention. Showing interest in others is a reflection of outer intention. By abandoning inner intention and switching your attention to other people, you effortlessly achieve the result that you wanted initially. Only outer intention has done it for you. You may wonder how you can attract attention to itself to yourself by showing interest in the other’s thinking. Okay, so I show some curiosity. Will this really make me seem more interesting person? The thing is that even if you are a thousand times more attractive than you are now, other people would still be primarily interested in themselves and only interested in others as an afterthought. All the time that you are trying to attract attention, you are thinking solely of yourself. When you show interest in another person, you fulfill their inner intention and that is in italics. When you show interest in another person, you’ve fulfilled their inner intention. We’ve known this in NLP for a long time. The shift, one of the best things you can do in a relationship is listen, where does this feeling of fulfillment come from? If not from you and having realized that, who else would that person then be interested in? If not you? People are interested in other people when they’re well known personalities like the stars of show business in the cinema, but this is a different kind of interest. Unless you’re a film star, people look at you as a potential partner for business. Friendship or love fanatics are extreme in their fascination with the stars swooning over them gobbling up every tiny detail of their lives, but it would never enter their mind to consider their celebrity as a potential partner in a personal relationship, in everyday commute, and this is in italics. In everyday communication, it does not matter how interesting you are. What matters is how well the other person thinks you would suit them. In a relationship, and this is what they are valuating whilst communicating with you. When a person is with you, they are generally thinking of their own interests and consciously and unconsciously evaluating how well you would fit a relationship script in which they feel personally fulfilled. A person feels fulfilled when their sense of self worth is confirmed. They feel liked, interested, as respected, as worthy as anyone else and valued. So when you have this idea in your mind that everybody is you pushed out, which may be true, but you’re also take, you can, it can be a mental deficiency to do that because what happens is you begin to, if you, if you think about what this is saying, you’re putting too much emphasis on yourself and so you’re taking away that interest in other people. So the idea is the mirror. Everybody’s a reflection of how you’re acting towards them. Now, how you’re thinking, but how you’re acting towards them by the interest that you’re giving is the reflection. Now consider what the result would be of imposing yourself on someone in one case and showing interest in someone in another. Naturally, you will fit all their criteria if you fulfill their need for confirmation of their own self worth. If you are good for a person’s self esteem, they will be lenient to any evidence failings you may have and forgive your weaknesses. You may be concerned with your shortcomings trying to cover them up and put your best qualities forward, but this is the last thing on the other person’s, I repeat. Your positive qualities and failings are not your partner’s prime concern. Okay. The sense of self worth they experience when talking to you, however, is the utmost priority. You might be gorgeous in all respects, but that will not help you in the search for a friend or partner. On the contrary, many stars suffer from loneliness. Your Superbowl qualities may even set limitations on your search for a partner. People can see your full gorgeousness, but first and foremost they’re evaluating to what extent they will feel significant standing next to your perfection and that’s in italics. If you shine before them in all your glory, they will probably decide that their personality can only fade in the glaring light. Wave your hand at all your fabulous qualities and give your full attention to the person facing you. Make them feel that when they stand next to you, they will know their true worth and you will steal their heart. When you are talking to someone and displaying an interest in them, do it with sincerity, italics. Do not let them feel that you are trying to win their favor by manipulating them with a learned psychological technique or that you have a hidden agenda. This is what I see with theirs. There’s this community of people on dating websites where guys try to help other guys and dates and this is why it utterly fails is because it’s not assuming the intelligence of the other people involved and if they assume you’re using a psychological technique or a hidden agenda. If you’re using some kind of hypnotic pattern, which I’ve seen people try to do, then then people know if you care enough to want a person to be well disposed towards you, then at the very least they deserve your sincerity. Be sincere. People who present themselves at an interesting conversationalist try to show themselves in the best possible light by proving how clever they are and dropping names to show how much they’ve seen and experienced in life. The way of acting is inner intention directed, and this is how the majority of people behave when they want to appear interesting to others. Oh, that’s me. I suddenly what they just described as me. I’m the guy. Be the guy that’s gonna talk too much. And so when I started this, it was effective. It’s still difficult, but take a step back from the uniformity and take a different stance. Set yourself the task of giving your partner the opportunity to appear interesting. Rather than trying to be entertaining, conversant, just become interested. You create your own reality. Create a reality where you’re partners in trusted and it will start to happen. Open the interestingness up in them, adjust to their frequency and listen attentively. Ask questions and show interest in your partners chosen topic of conversation and their life. You will find that you can support a conversation in this way for up to several hours with your partner. Doing most of the talking towards the end of your conversation, they will be absolutely convinced that they have met a very interesting confidant and wonderful person all around. Outer intention works by allowing the inner intention of others to be fulfilled. You sacrifice putting your own personality in the spotlight to allow the personality of another to shine and as a result you received the very thing that you sacrificed and that’s an italics. Let me say that again cause it’s very powerful. You sacrifice putting your own personality in the spotlight to allow the personality of another to shine and as a result you receive the very thing you sacrificed. Greatest example is [inaudible] Zealand. Dude’s always in the corner, some sunglasses on full trench coat. There’s only like three pictures of him. He doesn’t do interviews but he’s letting people shine around them and you can see how it works. People, I’ve been tremendous respect for him. What can you do if you wish to gain the attention of a person who does not currently wish to enter into dialogue with you, such as the person you would like to accept your business proposal, who is not remotely interested in a situation such as this? They’re all the more reason to believe that you will only gain their interest by putting yourself and your proposal to one side and giving them your full attention. Take a genuine interest in everything that person is involved in and take time. Talk to them. Only then will they show any interest in your problem. You may ask why. You should have to listen to others taken interest in their life. Give them your attention and love and respect when they are completely self centered and cannot even be bothered to talk you. Okay, well why should they take an interest in Meijer love and respect you? Everything you imagined to be true about yourself, how wonderful you are and Oh, how wonderful and comparison to them is just a fantasy of inner intention clothed in the excess potential of dependent and importance relationships. Your inner intention is to be worthy, but you will only become genuinely significant in the eyes of others if you abandon your inner intention and allow the inner intention of others to be fulfilled. Instead, your advantage lies in the fact that you are outer intention directed, whereas others are the inner intention directed. Make the most of your advantage. Generally speaking, when you want something from someone, you should bear one universal principle in mind. Let go of the inner intention to receive and substitute it with the intention to give. It is very easy to do. If you want someone to respect and acknowledge you, do not wait for their respect. Treat them with respect on your part. Make them feel in your eyes that are important. If what you need is compassion and gratitude, do not expect others to give these things after them with sincerity. If you want to be thought attractive, it will not happen just on an account of a pair of beautiful eyes. Show someone else that you find them attractive. By definition. If you need help and support, be the one to help someone else. That way you increase your worth and will not be the one left owing. Finally, if you want to find mutual love, abandoned possessiveness and dependent relationships. To me, those things destroy relationships. When you feel that your partner’s possessive of you or there’s a co-dependence that starts to form, it always creates excess potential. You will find love if you can be the one just doing the loving without expecting anything in return. This kind of love is very rare and no one can resist it. In all these cases, you will inevitably receive the very thing that you let go of. There is one more question. How can you make someone do what you need them to do? This is important. I see a lot of discussion about trans surfing, about this particular question, so let’s see what he says. You can force a person to do something with inner intention. If you are in the necessary position of power, you can also persuade a person that is essential that they do something. However, outer intention offers the most effective method. Arrange things in such a way that the person wants to help you agree things so that it corresponds to their goals and aspirations. Ask yourself how you can connect what you want with another person’s needs. Start by defining the other person’s needs, what they strive for, what they lack, be it money, power, the respect of others, a sense of fulfillment from work well done, care for their children, prestige, a leading role in their team, social recognition, et cetera. All these things are variations on the theme of self worth. Everyone feels bad about themselves when they feel they’re of little significance to the world. When a person does not feel needed or worth anything, they naturally try and increase their sense of self worth. When a person achieves a result, they feel more confident and ready to set new tasks as the bar of their self worth is raised. There is nothing wrong with this. No one should be judged for their desire to feel more worthy. Everyone is trying to increase their sense of self worth. They just go about it in different ways. On the contrary. It is much worse when a person stops developing and does not want anything at all. Although this happens very rarely. Usually people are in some way dissatisfied with their current position in life and so strive for something however modest, so work out how the task that is important to you might improve that person’s sense of self worth. Then present the task to them in the context of how it would increase their stature. Allow a person to feel more valued and they will experience greater faith in themselves when they do be generously appreciative of them. If you let yourself be guided by this principle, you will easily prompt other people to act in their self interest in their interest directed by inner intention. You may try and force or cajole someone into doing something directed by outer intention. You simply express the desire for everything to work out in your favor, to fulfill outer intention. You have to arrange things in such a way that people act in your interests whilst thinking about their own concerns and doing what is important to them. All you have to do is wake up, drag yourself away from your own interests and think about the needs of others. For example, if you are involved in retail, you’ll be thinking about how you can sell your products to potential customers. The buyer, however, will not be thinking about how to please you and neither do they wish to be sold to. They want to buy. Can you see the difference? The buyer is more likely to be thinking, I wish everyone would stop trying to flog things to me and just let me choose what I want to buy. Do not think about how to sell your products. Think about what the buyer might want to purchase as somebody that’s been in sales forever. This is one of the key lessons that you learned from advanced salesman. It’s listening and really understanding what their needs are and selling your product around those needs. Desire to sell is a reflection of inner intention, so the people content as can sense that outer intention totally takes a different approach while which is to find out what the buyer wants. You do not necessarily have to know what product the buyer wants. Exactly. If they suffer from rheumatism and you take genuine interest in them by recommending a doctor or form of treatment, the buyer will make their purchase from you. This is an oversimplified example of course, but the principle is infallible. Every time you need something from someone or need to have them do something, let go of inner intention. Ask yourself what the other person’s inner intention might be. Act in a way that assists that person in fulfilling inner intention. Once you’re already helping someone else to fulfill their inner intention, consider casually what you need from that person. Whilst you are busy realizing the other person’s intention, make your request in passing, you might find that you do not even have to hint at your own need and everything unfolds of its own accord. This is the magical power of outer intention and even more effective way of influencing other people is to try to induce their inner intention. When you break it down step by step, the method is quite simple. Enhancing one Cylance of self worth almost always serves as the motivation for inner intention. Everyone is trying to emphasize and increase their sense of self worth to one degree or another and by one means or another. If you need something from someone, all you have to do is think of how doing what you require of them would increase their sense of self worth. This is what they call issuing a challenge. You can issue a challenge to a group as well as an individual in the form of so who amongst you is the best. If you’re playing on feelings of professional honor, then the challenge may sound let’s not lose face. You can also appeal to inner importance. Let’s show them what we’re made of. If a person accepts the challenge in the context of their self worth, they will carry out your will as if it were their own and you will have their commitment precisely because you have abandoned your own inter inner intention and paid attention to that of another work with other people’s inner intention, not your own. The next section is the flow of relationships. Most people or companies produce some kind of product for consumption. So how do you motivate consumers to want to buy your product? Listen, if you think they will choose yours simply because it’s such a fantastic product, you’re sadly mistaken. A typical mistake people make when they are directed by inner intention is to assume the standpoint that people are bound by our product because it’s a masterpiece. This position is flawed on three accounts. First, the phrase ours is a masterpiece is strongly directed by inner importance. You assume your creation is perfect, which means that it is important to you, and if this is the case, you will not be able to evaluate it objectively because you are not sufficiently indifferent. Secondly, honor intention is aimed at selling, but people will not want to buy because in their eyes, your creation is not a masterpiece at all and someone else’s intention to sell is of no interest to them whatsoever. Finally, the greatest mistake of this approach directed by inner intention is that it centers around the product rather than the customers needs. The narrow focus of inner intention creates the perfect product that no one needs and it happens all the time. The position of outer intention lies in determining what people want, what they’re missing, what they need, what motivates them and their interests. Our outer intention follows the alternatives flow, the stream of variations all the time that you’re busy creating a masterpiece taken from the glass ceilings of your own mind. You’re going against the flow [inaudible]. The mind is always prone to idealize its own abilities and it becomes so totally and utterly absorbed in the creative process that it fails to notice what is happening. Outside of that, the mind strives to subordinate everything to its control. However, consumer demand is a difficult thing to control because it’s gone with the flow and always follows its own course. It takes huge resources to influence the flow of demand and even then it does not always work. The mind cannot predict market trends, but fortunately it does not have to. All you need to do is stay abreast of the flow and note any minor changes in its course. There is no need to invent the object of demand. Almost all inventions that are ahead of their time do not end up being implemented and neither do they pay off [inaudible]. This does not mean that innovation has no place. The point here is that if you are counting on earning an income from a personal masterpiece that is ahead of its time, you’re likely to lose the bet. Of course, if your discovery is totally brilliant, it might claim a winner takes all market, but this does not happen all the time. Only ventures that are aimed to fulfill their customer’s current demands can be guaranteed of success and that we can return to the question of how to make people want to buy your product. The answer is you cannot. Trying to make someone want to buy something is if not impossible than extremely difficult acting from inner intention. You inevitably try to push or impose your product going with the flow. Outer intention works towards tracking what the customers want and where their needs have already been satisfied. Changes in demand are shaped by the alternatives flow. The alternatives flow contains all the answers and is the only thing that can guarantee. It is no coincidence that fundamental discoveries and inventions are sometimes made by different people practically simultaneously. Haven’t we all seen this when when we hear about new companies and two of them come up or two movies are the same, there’s as happens all the time. This is an example of the phenomenon of material realization and how it moves through the alternative space. Everything that must come into being has its time only very recently have many inventions accredited to Leonardo da Vinci been implemented in physical form. This would all seem quite obvious. However, the mind is liable to forget as it endeavors to break away from the stream and take control of the current. We’ve already talked about how the alternatives flow, his assumption was a gift for the mind. Remember this and make the most of the good fortune. If you do, many an obstacle will pass by you untouched. So the check out my episode on the alternatives flow, I have meditation for the alternatives flow. We’re talking about the flow in the space of variations and it’s totally fascinating. Many problems in relationships occur as a result of the mind battling against the alternatives flow. Criticism is one aspect of the battle and it’s the direct fruit of inner intention. Encouragement and trust in a person’s positive. Qualities is more concordance with outer intention. Criticizing people is the same as fighting against the outside world. It will not bring any dividends unless you consider the need to vent your bile and provoke your enemy a dividends. In contrast, encouragement is a true driver in human relationships. We blame and criticize others when we are trying to influence them with inner intention. Yet when you emphasize a person’s positive qualities, no matter what, you lose nothing and allow this situation to develop to your benefit. Never blame anyone. Many people reproach themselves and carry a sense of guilt around with them, but nobody likes to be reproached by others. People can be extremely condemning in relationships to themselves, even to the point of sadomasochism and yet they will take any accusation made by another very badly indeed. People will always take offense at criticism, irrespective of whether they’re in the wrong or whether the accusation is fair or not. So where does criticism get you? You might get to vent your bile, but at the same time you create excess potential and an up being the one to suffer. You will never persuade someone that you’re in the wrong that they are in the wrong. They must listen to years accusation but are unlikely to fully acknowledge being in the wrong. Even if they agree with you superficially, you may be successful in asserting yourself at someone else’s expense or establishing your power over them, but not without a doubt dotting the role of manipulator as a debater. I debated in high school and college and it was really a, almost a paradigm where I, you know, I learned how to debate where it didn’t matter what side of the argument. And so I, I, I carried that into early relationships that I had and I would enjoy having arguments and, and people don’t like that. So I’ve just found that there is no argument worth, worth it. I mean, I haven’t found one. Um, just let it go and you’re going to find a greater flow for your relationships. You don’t want to belittle yourself, but in the moment there’s really no reason for you to argue. And if somebody is telling you something that’s completely false, which is the usual for me, cause I’m going to show him what’s right. You know, in your heart what’s right, you know, in your heart. You don’t need to point it out to them. If this is not your goal, abandoned criticism and blame. When you are disapproving of others and find them at fault, you are in effect slapping your own hands about on the water trying to swim against the current. When you resign yourself to other people’s shortcomings and concentrate on their strengths, you go with the flow, which is immensely beneficial unless it it is dozing. Your guardian will always find an explanation for the behavior of the person you wished to judge as the inner witness. Your guardian will stop you from leaping headfirst into the game and starting a dispute or coral stand back and observe the game as a spectator. Remember that criticism only causes harm and go with the flow. Blame and criticism can never lead to anything positive because they catch a person off balance and knock them off course they were following. Everyone is guided by their own motives and aspiration and in a flow that is carrying them in a direction of a specific goal. When you encourage a person, no matter what, you earn them in a favorable direction without making them lose the flow or undermining their inner most hopes. When you incurred someone, nobody whose rights are impinged upon and nobody’s pride is knocked, your interest become one and their desires run parallel to your own. So I had a thought while I was reading this. Now if you read the book, the game by Neil Strauss was written a long time ago, but one of the popular techniques for men in certain dating circles is they for very, very, very beautiful women. They use a technique called nagging or they will politely say something that undermines the other person’s self-confidence. For instance, Oh, your nose is so cute. When you laugh, something that makes them stand back. The argument is that somebody that’s super beautiful, everybody is so adoring to them that when somebody comes along and provides that, that they end up proof wanting to prove their own self confidence to you. This is not mentioned in the chapter. If anybody that’s listening to this episode knows what I’m talking about. I have seen people use this technique on particularly beautiful women in certain circumstances and it’s surprisingly worked and it’s kind of ridiculous, but it goes against what’s talked about in the trans surfing so but there is a question of self worth involved in that. So it’s like a subtle criticism that doesn’t sound like it. It’s the polite job anyways. How do you feel when you’re criticized? You probably either refuse to take the criticism on board or try to convince yourself that the criticism is well-founded. In either case, do you actually accept the criticism outright? Unless you, of course you have developed your own personal guilt complex. In the meantime, criticism can spur you on or make you behave as you should. However, only the mind can be coerced. It is impossible to force the hand of the heart. The heart will always either do what it wants to do or hinder the mind from doing what it thinks it should do. Criticism makes the heart an enemy of the mind. Encouragement makes it an ally. Encouragement is a creative force. Criticism, a destructive force. The successful applicants for business management positions are not the managers who focus on criticizing poor quality work, which any idiot can do, but the individual is capable of creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm in which people are motivated to work efficiently. People feel driven to work hard in contributing to a common goal when they feel their individual worth is being valued. Arguing to the end to prove your point is a sure way of making enemies. We’ve already discussed how senselessness and harm it is to try and prove your at any cost in the episode on alternatives flow. If the argument is critical and your interests in no way allow you to step down, then go ahead and argue. In all other cases, leave the job of exercising the right to slap your hands around the water to others. So he’s saying there are circumstances when you need to. That way it’s okay to argue when the argument is critical and your interest in no way allow you to step down. Winning in debate will never pay dividends. Your enemy, however, may well benefit from your efforts. No one will ever think no one will ever thank you for pointing out that they have been talking rubbish with absolute competence and if they do it is only because they have a tendency for self-flagellation and heightened sense of guilt. Yes, what good is winning one over on a person like that if it is not going to compromise your interest in any way, allow others to freely state what they feel they cannot agree with you on the other hand, will avoid creating excess potential and barring against any current or battling against any current, I guess they have a misspelling. Again, people who argue are usually oblivious to anything else but the game, they’re in such a deep sleep, they cannot be awakened to protect yourself from being drawn into the game. You have to wake up and switch on your inner guardian. So it’s interesting in some ways. I don’t know if Zeeland is necessarily channeling to safety because he’s st using the same language in this. Did he channel the same person? He talks about waking up. You use the same principles. It’s an interesting synchronicity. Anyways. If several people are taking part in a debate, so he says, to protect yourself from being drawn into a game, you have to wake up and switch on your inner guardian. If several people are taking part in a debate, come down into the auditorium and watch the performance from there. There’s a huge advantage in playing the role of the judicious spectator. Whilst everyone else is trying to fulfill their inner intention, insisting on their own personal opinion, you have flown backwards from the window pain and are taking a good look around. You will see a solution that would not have occurred to you, any of the disputants do not try and force it upon them. All you can do is make a suggestion, leave the horn, locking to the others. In italics. It says if you win the argument, you can consider yourself defeated and that is almost tattoo level. If you win the argument, you can consider yourself defeated. I love that. Even if your opponents have formally acknowledged that you’re right, you can be sure that in their minds they will have found numerous informal arguments in their own favor because everybody thinks that they’re right. It’s one of the weirdest things. We have the illusory truth principle where people can start to reshape the truth in such immense and incredible ways. [inaudible] whatever the case, the one who loses the argument takes a knock to their self esteem and who delivered the blow. You did the one who succeeded in improving their own point of view. And so you’ve knocked down their own self esteem. Doing the opposite of what we’ve been saying. You would not want to punch another person in the face after all. So why would you possibly want to deliver the same blow to their feelings of self worth? Let them. Okay, so if somebody told you that the sun was blue, would it matter for you to argue and say, no. The sun is not blue. Let them believe that that’s kind of a dramatic option, but I’m saying unless their opinion is going to directly affect you, then you should consider not arguing about it or maybe changing the subject. People do not like to demonstrate their need to assert their self-worth openly. We’re all supposed to have a sense of self worth automatically, so no one wants to reveal that they have to fight for theirs. Despite the fact that we are all looking for confirmation at every step we take. Just because a person keeps quiet when they’re self esteem has taken a knock does not mean if they were not hurt or simply accepted the knock. The hurt will continue to live in them, not in their conscious mind, but in their subconscious. When you win an argument, you feel confident that you have risen in standing. However, you’ve only won by compromising the integrity of your empowerment. We all know that the hidden hurt will end in tears eventually. Moreover, the defeated opponent will never acknowledge your newly acclaimed worth. There is one sure way to set a person against you, which is to let them know how much better you are than day. Do not make idols for yourselves and do not create enemies is the most important slogan you could have for creating relationships that go with the flow. Avoid injuring other people’s sense of self esteem like the plague. Make it a kind of taboo. In so doing, you will save yourself from endless problems and niggling unpleasantries. You will never know the reason for because of the hidden nature of the blow to self worth. Man, I destroyed so many relationships by just arguing about stuff I never needed to argue about. How about you put your notes in the comments. It’s amazing coming to that realization because I always had to be right and I think that we all collectively we’re in that when I, you know, look back at the last election and how people argued, I’ve seen this shift in understanding how to put your attention towards arguments. What would the person arguing with you as really trying to do is protect their own sense of worth in one way or another. So meet them halfway, agree with that what they’re trying to say. By agreeing you will give them the person that they wanted, enabling you to calmly express your own point of view without having to insist or prove anything. When you take this approach, you not only go with the flow, you implement outer intention. The results will go beyond compare and far superior to anything you could have achieved via sophisticated intellectual contrivance. It is essential, but the tone of the conversation be set to one of agreement from the very beginning. If the first thing a person utters in response to your opening phrase is no, you can consider that trying to convince them of anything is totally out of the question. The person you are talking to has taken a different turning and there is no chance of them going with the flow together with their conversation partner. It is important to start a conversation in such a way that the first word a person says is yes. Never begin a conversation with a sensitive issue. It does not matter what the topic of conversation you choose to start with. As long as your conversation agrees with you. So start talking about something that you agree with, how many times you’ve ever had a serious issue and you went to talk to somebody and you, you took it up at the very beginning so that per the advice about him, Zealand is if you have those kinds of sensitive things, get them to say yes first, never begin a conversation with a sensitive issue. It does not matter what the topic of conversation you choose to start with. As long as your conversation greys with you later, you can smoothly navigate the conversation towards more contentious issues. There will now be a much greater chance of achieving the outcome you desire because by inertia both are moving in the same direction and going with the flow. The thought energy of the conversance will avoid being brought into dissonance somewhere you have slipped up and are expecting to be blamed fairly. Try not to get all prepared to defend yourself. Come forward in admitting your mistake. He has that into italics. Come forward. Admit your mistake. Then the person who in intended to vent their wrath of justice upon you is likely to take a more generous and gracious stance. In this instance, the saying attack is the greatest form of defense does not apply. You have effectively agreed in advance with your opponent’s line of argument giving their attention. That given light, your anticipatory submissiveness realizes their inner intention to put you in your place at the same time as increasing their own magnitude because you’ve taken the step voluntarily without being forced into it. Your self esteem will not suffer in the slightest. You end up killing two birds with one stone. You increase the standing of your opponent for which they will be grateful and you keep your own integrity. If it’s, if it’s a major argument, just let it go. You ever met somebody that can’t let it go? That’s changing. That feeling and vibration is changing. By defending yourself and trying to justify your mistakes, you end up rowing against the tide and giving your energy over to pendulums, whatever the circumstances, the desire to justify yourself comes from heightened inner importance. Lay down this crippling burden. Gift yourself, the right to make mistakes and allow yourself to make them do not justify your mistakes, acknowledge them and you will immediately feel relieved and the episode on the alternatives flow, I mentioned that irritating comments other people sometimes make can actually be very helpful. Other people’s suggestions that you may at first have been inclined to take coldly can in the end turn out to have more sense than you initially thought. The comments and suggestions of others only hurt if we have somewhat heightened inner importance. Drop the importance and stop fighting the current. Okay. Except that the other person was right or at the very least, try to bear it in mind. Tell the person that they were right about what they said and you will see the result. You are not obliged to say anything but do it anyway. You have nothing to lose. Everyone makes mistakes. Fools and thinkers alike, but unlike fools, people with brains can acknowledge their mistakes by admitting out loud that the person was indeed right. You win. They’re good grace. People live in aggressive world of pendulums, where at any moment they may be forced to stand their ground and protect themselves. Suddenly you’re offering to do that for them. In this moment, the problem of having to defend their position to you is preempted. They immediately feel a sense of relief and are grateful for the assistance afforded during the battle. You are no longer a potential opponent button ally. All this information passes through your partner’s subconscious in a matter of seconds. People think in it exactly the same way in lucid dreaming. If however you practice mindfulness, you will find it easy and even fun to adopt the role of witnessing other people’s right mindedness. When someone turns out to be right, other people usually keep quiet, whereas you openly express your opinion that the other person was right for the person. The moment you will have a huge significance and they will feel indebted or at the very least grateful to you. Although for the most part, the realization will be subconscious. Imagine what a jungle we live in. People have to be constantly on the lookout, ready to spot potential opponents. Even in relationships that on the surface of things look relatively friendly. Everyone puts themselves first and is ever ready to defend themselves. This is no overexaggeration. It just seems that way because we have long become used to the current state of affairs. Given the nature of the environment we live in, you can become a real treasure for those who are already tired of the battle. Can you just imagine how many allies you could find? All it takes is to ditch importance and not hold back and acknowledging other people when you know that they are proven right. Your advantage is that you act with conscious awareness whereas other people are asleep and will therefore never thank you in return. If they can wake up and express their opinion or attitudes mindfully, you would hear them saying things along the lines of yes, this is, this person is far from stupid. They are nice. I would like to get to know them better. What is sweetie? No one will say these words aloud and they may not even say them to themselves, but this is what their subconscious feeling would sound like if it could be expressed. Imagine the gold that lies at your feet. People are usually so anxious and burdened with importance that they wander around, failing to notice the nuggets of lying right under their noses. You have a huge advantage. Mindfulness, the absence of importance as well as willingness to give others your attention, make the most of your advantage and you will see gold where others can only see the stones [inaudible] attuning to frail. When people communicate with each other, they tend to make adjustments and allowances to take account of the character temperament and intellectual level manners, et cetera of the person they’re talking to. If two people cannot adjust to each other’s differences, they will not achieve a level of mutual understanding and any communication between them will be no more than empty words and hot air. You cannot achieve mutual understanding without attuning to the frequency of your partner. The term is attuning to the frequency of your partner is of course purely customary. You know by now that I am using an oversimplified model for the sake of convenience, it does not matter too much exactly how the attunement takes place on the physical level. The essential idea is that every individual is Besos with a unique range personality characteristics, which we refer to in trend surfing as frail. When you manage to establish a close connection with another person, you’re actually Frayling, which is I. E. attuning to that person’s special characteristics. How successfully you are able to communicate with another person is directly depends on how well you’ve been able to grasp the essence of your partners. Frail Frayling is not as difficult as it might sound. Giving your full attention is the most important aspect to successfully attuning to another’s frail. Without the power of attention, there can be no question of even beginning to attune to each other’s frequencies. On the one hand, this is an obvious thing to say and yet as a rule, people forget it and in conversation with another concentrate solely on their own thoughts. A successful businessman. One said, everyone wants to offer me something, but no one ever asks me what I need. People who want something from another are usually concerned with their own problems and wondering how they can solve them with the help of other people. This is pure inner intention. Accordingly, if you think about what other people want to activate the functioning of outer intention, how can you connect what you want with the needs of another? First of all, you have to consciously focus your attention on their interests in italics. Shift your inner sight from yourself to your conversation. Partner person will only be interested in delivering a counter question in the context of their own problems and aspirations, and it’s true. Just think about your interactions that you have with other people. People are thinking about themselves. 99% of the time. Best things you can ever do is give somebody compliments and just realize that that person’s in their own world and you can use that to your advantage. Your thoughts are currently focused on what you want, but this is absolutely no interest to anyone else. It is really of any significance to you what others want. They feel exactly the same way about their own concerns. They do not really care about anyone else’s needs, Sony and in italics, so the only way of finding a common language and understanding your partner’s wavelength is to lead the conversation within the context of the other person’s interests. You are sure to have mold your own problems over for more than long enough. Now switch your attention to your partner’s concerns, sets your partners intention at the foundation of your communication and only build your own concerns on top. For example, something that Zealand doesn’t give a lot of his examples. For example, you might want to take a holiday in August. It is essential that you take a break. You’re thinking of your own, your interests, what does your boss think about you taking leave? He’s thinking about your work and not even remotely interested in your need for a holiday. There are two ways around this. The first is to go up to your boss and start groaning about your problems and needs. The second is to explain that your workload is expected to increase in September and so like to take a break in August to be back at work and working fishing by September. Which approach do you think would be the most effective? Your boss? My suggest that you wait and take a break in October but likely is not. He will agree with you because he’s, here’s a suggestion expressed that you’re his own frequency. You attune yourself to the frequency of another person’s thought and energy when you talk to them in the language of their own interest. When the writer and the donkey are both lost in their own thoughts, the donkey will not do what the writer tells it to stubbornly refusing to go in the right direction. The donkey is thinking about carrots and so if you show the donkey a carrot, it will go wherever you want it to. You are in effect inserting your own intention into the context of the donkeys. Intention. How does fulfilling someone else’s desire benefit the donkey? Ask yourself this question every time you need someone to do something for you. If you can find an answer to the question, they will do what you need them to do. Listening attentively to what a person is trying to tell you is essential to attuning to their frequency, unless of course your intent is to dominate the conversation with your own themes of interest and opinions. In large groups, everyone talks at the same time, but it does not really matter because no one is listening anyway. Of course, some people will be pretending to listen, but 90% of their attention is aligned with their own thoughts. Just like I said, you do not have to shine with wit and erudition to stand out as an interesting conversation was it is enough just to listen to your conversation partner. If a person is indifferent to you, but for some reason you need to stimulate their interest or participation. Talk about what interests them just for a while. Forget about what your interests you personally because that radiates. Add a completely different frequency. Adjust to the frequency of your conversation partner. Put yourself in their shoes and you will begin to understand what motivates them and the reasons for their actions. And attitudes. When you attuned to your partner’s frequency, you can smoothly move on to the issue that interests you. A person’s name is the simplest key to their frequency. You cannot get away from the fact that since birth a person has been appealed to by name, use their name in the course of the conversation more often and it will have an effect. Calling someone by their name is like a password indicating that you come as a friend with good intentions and acknowledge that person’s worth. It’s true. It’s something I taught in public speaking courses and ignore linguistic programming. Use people’s names. It’s very powerful and it’s subconscious all the way. It’s immediately acknowledging that they paid attention. When you, when you got your their name and it’s a magic word, everyone to some extent or another maintains a protective field around them that jealously guards their self worth. You will not be able to attune to your partner’s frequency if they are surrounded by a protective wall of formality or distrust. Sometimes the obstacle can be overcome with the help of a certain disarming directness. If you show that you are not trying to hold up a field of protection around yourself worth and have no intention of pouncing, the other person will be encouraged to let down their screen of protection. The most effective way of dissolving a barrier of separation is to demonstrate your genuine liking for that person. Why do we love our pets so much is because they always show us how genuinely pleased they are to see us, at least one of my cats is they wagging their tails per jump up at a squeal and show their delight in any number of ways. There are other less communicative beings such as aquarium fish, but these creatures do not inspire love. They’re like plants are a part of the furniture. It is as if the creatures we love are saying to us, I do not need anything from you. I’m just so pleased to see you. This is one of the main reasons people adore their pets. So think about that. People love to be adored and what is your opinion when, when you hear the argument that guys play hard to get because it is a dynamic, especially in United States with women that if you seem too eager to please, that is a turnoff, but Zeeland is saying that it’s not and so Hey, everybody has their own opinion about that. In dealing with people, if you want to inspire a sense of fellow feeling, if someone show them how happy you are to see them, you don’t have to go far as expressing K9 delight, but you can smile and greet them enthusiastically. Call them by their name and listen attentively. Just those two things will change everything in the way you interact with people. If you just start doing that, if you behave with the warmth of an aquarium fish, you can expect the relationship to develop accordingly. The way it works is very simple. On a subconscious level, your partner will think, I’ve met a person who was happy to see me. I must mean something in this world. This person confirms it. What a pleasant, attractive person. People ask, how are you out of habit? Expecting the standard response, attention and participation in any dialogue must be genuine. There is nothing more off putting in sterile than a than a dialog raised to the order of etiquette. People pull on a smile as if it were just another accessory. It might as well be as Ty than a smile. Any answer that deviates from the norm is considered an anomaly. Nobody cares about other people’s problems really. So what is the point in asking? You can be in resonance with someone that you are communicating with by radiating energy at their characteristic frequency. It’s so simple. People are attracted to what like tracks like and so they’re going to attract energies that are similar to theirs and this is going next level. This is saying that person I like, I’m going to resonate at their frequency. Do you understand that? That you can use these techniques to get your specific person but no way would we acknowledge that because as soon as you do that you create importance. But if you can relate it radiate energy at their characteristic frequency and if you can frail with them attuned to their frill, then of course, but there’s a reason that he doesn’t say that you can. Everyone has their own resonant frequency, their own forte. The thing that they’re particularly passionate about, interested in or proud of a person’s forte is like a musical string that sounds at their resonant frequency. If you can determine a person’s true passion, discuss it with them, give them the chance to express themselves. This is most effective way of establishing a connection with someone. If you can catch the throat of their forte, wooing them will be easy. [inaudible] you can easily when a person’s favor by asking for their help with some difficulty or asking them to do you a small favor. When you ask your partner for a favor, you abandoned your own importance and increase theirs. Your partner will feel more significant if you convey that you need their help and give them an opportunity to express themselves, emphasizing their significance. If the person can provide you with the service you requested, they will feel needed when they are with you and you will no doubt when their favor, the feeling of personal self worth means a great deal to people. Anyone you managed to inspire this feeling in will remember your generosity to the end of their days. No doubt your still grateful to people who have valued your strengths in the past. You might think that I exaggerate the significance of self worth and it is true. If you look at the P at people from the point of view of Frayling, it can seem like everyone considers themselves King. Nonetheless, self worth plays an essential role in shaping human behavior and motivation. So when you look at some of the way that people are interpreting the Neville Goddard teachings and that they are, I read some unset on some of these that say I am God, as if you are a solipsistic, only God and everybody else is just a projection. You understand that attitude or mindset, even if there’s truth in it, you understand that what you’re doing is the opposite of Frayling. You’re tuning into your yourself, it’s an egocentric based and so you, you will not be able to tune into frail when you have that attitude because you’re going to think that you’re God and nobody else is. Okay, so, so there is more to this. When you look at the subtleties of this, please read some of these things that people are really referring to and there is much more subtlety and people think nonetheless, self-worth plays an essential role in shaping human behavior and motivation. What do you think causes a person to feel the most hurt? Perhaps when they feel ignored, insulted, or beaten or ma maimed a person wounded most deeply when they are degraded. Aside from life itself, people cherish nothing more dearly than their sense of self worth. The most powerful hunger aside from feeling physical hunger is being hungry for power. This naturally represents the extreme and final stage of the panel for self-worth. Not many people get to this stage and yet there is nothing more a person could wish for in a material sense. They are left with the battle for power. Nothing excites people more than power. So you can imagine the role of the feeling of self worth in people’s actions and motivations. Criticism in any form, NOx. Person, self-worth. Criticism is a kind of anti Frayling never tell anyone to their face that they’re wrong. That is in italics, a little more clear than the last section. Never tell anyone to their face that they are wrong. Man, I’ve been doing this. This is wrong for a long time. Even if you are confident that you are in the right, it is much more beneficial to remain a position of neutrality. That way you will avoid undermining the other person’s sense of self worth and protect yourself from the action of balanced forces. Another way that we hurt each other is by touching on our negative slides. The slide hangs on the film of importance and so when you knock this slide, you touch on open wound. The negative slide is a picture of what the person does not like about themselves. As you know, people with negative slides try to hide their unwanted qualities and project them onto others. Try making a counter-accusation I. E. handling the projection back to its owner and you will be surprised by the turbulent reaction it had Volks. Nothing will persuade that person to admit that you were right and they are more likely to become your worst enemy. It is better to leave other people’s negative slides alone to say nothing of trying to explain to them that it is all a negative slide in their head. Being in love is of course the most perfect way of attuning to another’s frail. It is difficult if not impossible to explain how and why love happens and so much has been written on this theme already. Mutual love demands that we let go over the right to possess and simply give our love unconditionally as long as it is not turned into a dependent relationship. Love can be preserved once it has already floured, but there is nothing you can do to make yourself fall in love. That is all I can say on the subject of love. So one of the only paragraphs in the whole book on how to fall in love is this chapter. The one I just gave. He says being in love is of course the most perfect way to attune to another’s frail. It is difficult if not impossible to explain how and why love happens and so much has been written on this theme already. So here I have a roughly here. Zeeland has roughly described the principles of Frayling. The way he has described the relationships as those directed by intention and those that go with the flow is purely relative relationships that go with the flow can be examined from the position of intention and vice versa. In the end it is all down to Frayling. You attune to your partner’s frequency, you both turn in the same way, you act in the person’s interests moving in the same direction [inaudible] and as a result you achieved something you could never have achieved be the standard methods of inner intention [inaudible]. The next section is energy relation in relationships. In the episode on pendulums, I talked about the benefit of visualization. Just to remind you the essence of visualization is the following. Let us suppose that someone is causing you a problem annoying you or even attacking you or perhaps the situation is the opposite and you need, you need something for someone. If this is the case, you need to roughly determine what is driving that person, what is it eating at them and what are they lacking? Health confidence and inner calm. Everyone has something that eats away at them even if it is something relatively small and niggling, especially if that person is causing you problems or it may be you causing them a problem. Now imagine a situation in which that person receives exactly what they need. For example, imagine that person doing what they love the most, the thing that gives them a feeling of pleasure, fulfillment and peace. [inaudible] there is no need to think too hard about the details of the favorable scenario. Just visualize the first picture that comes to mind. They might be sitting at home by the fire with a glass of beer, swimming happily in the sea, wandering through the Valley of wild flowers, riding a bicycle or jumping for joy. If you manage to please this person with the picture in your mind, they will become well disposed towards you seemingly for no reason and we’ll do what you ask for them or ease the problematic situation. Now do you understand what he just said in these last two chapters in the last two paragraphs he saying if you create a slide for another person that gives them joy or happiness or something that they will sense the slide you created for them and they’ll be more well disposed towards you. That’s pretty amazing. He’s dark. He is noting that we have a psychic ability to influence people if we create slides for them in a positive way. I mean the negative slide might not work for them cause they have their own power of attention, but they will know if you were trying to push them into a good positive slide there, deep down their guardian will know [inaudible] what is really happening here. It is pretty much the same as watching a good film and by that I mean a film that conveys a sense of the joy of life. You watch a film like that and you begin to feel good and your heart is filled with the light festive feeling. The film creates a celebration for the soul both on an intellectual and an emotional level. [inaudible] beneficial visualization also creates this feeling on an energetic level. If you’ve been able to successfully attuned to a person’s frail and guess what their needs are, they will feel as if a comforting wave has suddenly come over them. The difference between the feelings of celebration on an intellectual, an energetic level, is this. When a person receives the energy delicacy of your visualization, they experience a comforting feeling without being aware of its source. That does not actually matter. The important thing is that the person will now feel comfortable when they’re with you and you will have one their Goodwill. It is important to remember that a beneficial visualization like this should be carried out with sincerity by uniting the heart and mind if you generally wished the other person well, the effect can be quite substantial. You know what I like to do every morning as part of my priming routine is I go through a list of people that I wish well and I add to the list, especially if I was forming new relationships and it works. They notice, I notice a change. People warm to you. It’s like a magical voodoo doll. In trans surfing, visualize positive things slides for people in a just for other people. As you know, it is the abundance of free energy that makes a person charming, magnetic, powerful, and charismatic. People mostly pick up on the energy of a powerful personality subconsciously, depending on whether the person’s energy is softer or harsher, they will come across as more or less charming or powerful. In any case, the force of a person’s energy is proportional to the volume of free energy they run and the strength of their connection between their heart and mind. The excess of free energy overflows in a fountain and is felt by others. Free energy is programmed by thought the closers of the strivings of the heart and mind, the pure the programming will be. It is no coincidence that strong personalities come across as having a strong integrity and wholeness. Check out my energy meditation to get an increase in your free energy. I will probably use some of those exercises in the meditation I create for this as I’m starting to combine more and more [inaudible] as I think that one of the coolest things to add in is the Platte, which I have been using in relationships and it’s beyond incredible, especially in relationships, in business relationships, all kinds. It’s amazing. As I have already said, charm is in fact mutual love between the heart and mind. When the heart is let out of its box, it makes a person more attractive and magnetic. Their attractiveness lies not so much in their personal power as in the connection between their heart and mind. This is what people are lacking and so they feel drawn to such people as moths are drawn to light on an energetic level, charm represents the energy a person radiates when they have union of heart and mind. If the force of their energy fountains is great enough, they will literally shine within amenable charm. People with heaps of charm live in a condition of harmony between heart and mind that is in accordance with their own credo. People like this are happy. They enjoy life and bathe in their own love. Without the slightest whiff of narcissism, other people can sense their constant feeling of celebration. Such people are few and far between, but you could be one of them. You just have to turn to face your heart, love yourself, and set out on the path to your inner most goal. Not only will your personal qualities change, but your body will become more attractive, your face softer and your smile more in chanting. When you are firmly on your target lifeline, your external appearance, the part of the scenery that of that sector will correspond to the characteristics of the energy you radiate. When you see your own perfection. This is not as unlikely as it might seem if you do not believe me. Just look through some photographs of yourself that were taken when you were going through a dark period in your life. By training your meridians and increasing your energy levels, you will develop an unusual ability to influence people and inspire the Goodwill towards you to become the life and soul of the party. All you have to do is abandon importance and turn on your energy fountains. I will try to create a shorter energy fountain meditation, just something that’s quick so you don’t have to sit and do a full hour meditation without energy. I always do it long ones first and I’ll try to do shorter ones for some of these as we go, but a short one probably would be helpful for the energy meditation. You might find yourself having a discussion with a group of colleagues or friends. The frequency of the thought energy of those present will be attuned roughly to the same theme as if they were all swaying and unison like a pendulum. Turn on your fountains and let them flood your group. Feel your energy field and sense it expanding to encompass everyone taking part in the discussion. Then your comments will have greater weight and other people present. We’ll feel the power of your thoughts. That’s pretty amazing. Now, as I mentioned in the energy chapter, we make the mistake thinking that we accumulate and want to increase our energy, but we have a trillion of energy all around us. The key is not keeping the energy, it’s letting it flow so you’re not drained of energy. When you do something like this, your energy is flowing [inaudible]. When the meridians are wider, you’re pulling in energy and it’s coming out so you’re not being drained. It’s not. It’s not on an emotional vampire energy vampire type of situation. As he says, by training your meridians and increasing your energy levels, you will develop the unusual ability to influence people. So you can do this through the energy exercise and your comments will have greater weight when talking to a person one to one, you can mentally launch a beneficial visualization for them of your energy fountains are working at the same time, you will create a most favorable impression. So just sit there. Imagine fountains coming up from the top and on the bottom. Creating an energy field around you and flowing and then send out a positive picture of them on the beach in Hawaii or something. Super happy, exciting for them. That’s an amazing idea. Now, if you’re, and if the fountains are working, the enter the technique will grant you a huge advantage in situations that require your personal charm or strength making you successful in negotiations, exams, job interviews, and personal relationship. What if that has been the secret all along for these people that are so diabolically rating out there so they have such rapport that they’ve been able to figure out how to send visual slides. The next section is called, pardon. If you know you have shortcomings that could hinder you from achieving your goal or think that you lack the necessary knowledge and skills except it except yourself. Okay? Just the way you are. Allow yourself the luxury of having shortcomings and lacking the necessary qualities. This will help and give you a sense of relief and inner calm. If you try to hide the fact that you lack the necessary qualities and conceal your shortcomings, they will undoubtedly show themselves at a critical moment. Lack of self acceptance will always manifest in the form of obstacles. We create the obstacles in our lives ourselves. Firstly, feeling guilty or an adequate creates excess potential and balanced forces then exacerbate the situation. Secondly, outer intention inevitably realizes your fears. Anything you try to block out will become part of the script. For example, someone will always ask you the one question you fear to answer or request that you demonstrate the one thing you don’t not know how to do, but worst of all, you’ll be overcome with tension or freeze up at the critical moment. Where does your free energy go? You’re free energy is spent on exporting the excess potential of importance on battling with balanced forces and managing situations that are fast, threatening to roll out of control. The more importance you attribute to your shortcomings, the more insistent the resistance of balanced forces will be. The tighter your grip of control, the stronger the pressure exerted by the alternatives flow because it has no intention of stopping. I noticed on one of the message boards, Renee used the term stream of variations, which I guess is the other version of alternatives flow. Since alternatives space is only used in one translation of the book and so because it has no intention of stopping, eventually the energy of intention is exhausted. What would you expect to be capable in this condition? Imagine if you had to carry a piglet around with you wherever you went to the piglet would be squealing trying to wriggle free and you’d constantly be trying to keep it tucked tightly under your arm and somehow quiet it down. Then you would finally let the piglet go and immediately feel free and light with relief. The energy you had been spending holding onto the squeaker would now be entirely at your disposal to channel into other things. So he’s saying when you tighten your grip on control, it’s the same thing. It’s very interesting analogy. The piglet comparison is not as up to use as it might seem. It is unlikely that you will be able to hide your shortcomings and so it’s better to concentrate on your strengths. You will see for yourself how much freer and at ease you feel. If you let go and accept shortcomings before an event where you have to be at your best. It may be an interview and a performance, a contest, a romantic date, or say an interview with a famous writer. Take off your cloak of inner importance. Give yourself a pardon for your shortcomings in the sense of absolution, and you will feel as a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders as the excess potential disappears and the energy of intention is released. The battle with your own shortcomings is the work of inner intention. It is the work of the fly beating itself against the window pane. In contrast, eliminating excess potential and freeing up energy gives you a huge advantage. There’s a grain of truth in the saying what the eye fears the hands do what is better to be tortured by doubt, to wallow in your hangups, to lick your lips in desire and fit with Collete, conceal your weaknesses were to simply shake off the baggage and calmly fulfill the work of purified intention. If you cannot drop importance, you must at least let go of the grip of control and shift from worrying to taking action. Just begin the process of doing in whatever way you can. It does not matter whether your actions are effective initially or not. Allow yourself to act badly. The potential of importance will dissipate in the course of action. The energy of intention will be released and everything will work out fine. So that’s interesting. He saying that we can reduce importance through action. So the final section of it of the of this chapter is called job hunting. And this is pretty interesting to conclude this chapter. Zeeland likes, wants to demonstrate how the principles of trans surfing, including Frayling work in a practice in is in a situation that is relevant to everyone. You probably read various sources, giving instructions on how to write your resume and how to behave in a job interview. You may gain new and useful insights from the material I’m going to share with you below. First, you have to decide which job is right for you in making your decision. You can rely totally on the of choosing goals and doors, so there’s no need for me to repeat the details of those steps here. You must keep in mind that you generally do have the right to choose and that your potential is only limited by your intention and the level of importance you attribute to it. In the process of coming to a decision about the kind of job that would most suit you, do not think about prestige, the means to achieving it or your shortcomings. Focus on whether the job is really for you or not. You may have doubts about whether there will be vacancy for you at the position of your choice. If this is the case, you should be aware that pendulum’s will create the necessary conditions for anxiety, disappointment, and even despair. You must remain aware of this and constantly affirm that you have the right to choose and that if you make an order, sooner or later it will be delivered. Just say, I have the right to choose and if I make an order, sooner or later it will be delivered in dreaming. Your intention works instantly. But material realization is inert like tar. And so it takes time, patience and indomitable conviction that you have the right to choose in a restaurant with power, with poor service. You may not, you may have to wait a long time for the waiter, but you are certain that your order will appear eventually go into a restaurant, takes a long time, but you have, you know it’s going to come eventually. And this instance, I recommend using the following slide, you make your own choice deciding on the kind of job you want. But how will you find it is nothing to do with you. So you can apply the, the teachings from this section to relationships or anything else. And so that slide is important. You make your own choice deciding on the kind of job you want. But how you will find it is nothing to do with you. Don’t worry about the how anything is possible in the stream of variations. Although pendulums will do their best to convince you otherwise, all you have to do is choose and hold the firm intention to receive your order. Of course, if your financial situation does not allow you to, you will have to resign yourself to taking whatever is currently available and that should be obvious. However, once you have work that provides at least a minimum wage, you can make your order for the best and calmly wait its arrival. If you enjoy your work but feel a little tense or inhibited, carry a slide in your mind picturing how well you do your work and the feelings of pleasure and self fulfillment that you get from it. If the feeling of tension does not dissipate over time, it is a case of Intercom discomfort. In this case, it might be worth looking for something else. Instead, once you’ve decided upon the job you’d like to have, you can begin running the slide in your mind picturing your goal as already been achieved. At the same time. It is essential that you do your part and do not sit around with your arms folded before you set about writing your resume and preparing for interview. Focus your intention in the right direction. It would be a mistake to make being offered the job, the focus of your goal. [inaudible] the goal should sit in your thoughts as a slide featuring you already having been offered the job with the application process behind you by wondering whether you will be chosen or not. You inevitably create scenarios of defeat. Remember the transfer chains. The first link is writing your CV. This is where you must focus your inner intention when you are writing your resume. Stipulate all your skills but only indicate one position the one you are currently applying for. There is a good reason for this for displaying the willingness to do this. That or the other will not evoke confidence in your potential employer who will assume that you are desperate enough to accept any physician as long as they take you on S of you as they take you on somewhere. Now. Secondly, by setting yourself several goals all at the same time, you spread yourself too thin and intention is transformed from a central core to a formless amoeba. So that answers a question that I have get often is, you know, can I, can I focus on five or six things? And he’s saying, you can’t because then your intention becomes formless a. thirdly, when you take on too much at once, you’re constant. You concentrate access potentials around you and as a result end up with nothing. You have the right to choose, but on each occasion choose just one quality. When you’re choosing a toy, you do not demand that it combined all the qualities of a doll, a gun and a board game all at the same time decide who you really want to be and what position would suit you best. There’s no need to be shy or hold back for you are choosing this position for yourself. Remember, you do not have to fight for your place in the sun. You have the right to choose, indicate the speculum specialization you have chosen and do not worry about the fact that jobs of that kind might be scarce. If you can allow yourself to have, you will get exactly what you want. How it happens should not concern you. Give this task to outer intention. When you’re writing your resume, inner intention. We’ll be intent on showing what a brilliant specialist you are, but outer intention focuses on what the employer’s looking for and that’s in italics. Do you see the difference? Of course everyone needs a brilliant specialist, but if you are new to job hunting, you might be completely bewildered to find that the employer has favored another brilliant specialist with more modest strengths, your competitor will beat you to the post because their characteristics are a better match for the employer’s perception of the position. You may protest that you are a match to and a perfect one at that, but that is the problem of perfect one at that creates a situation in which perfect is the enemy of the good. The employer is completely focused on inner intention to select a specialist in accordance with the characteristics he considers or she considers necessary. They’re beating themselves against the window pane. Failing to notice the wide open window that you represent the mind is not capable of predicting demand. It will do what it can to present you as the masterpiece it perceives you to be. Yet the market did take dictate totally different criteria. Naturally, you should show yourself in the best possible light without over exaggeration, but in the process of writing focused all your thoughts and motives on the problems faced by the employer. Ask yourself what he wants or she wants from you and what they need. Put yourself in the employer’s shoes. You can take the easy approach and simply read through the that match your specialization and make a note of all the responsibilities and qualities required of the candidates. You will see that many things are repeated from the general mass of information. Select everything that relates to you. Then adjust and adapt to the responsibilities and qualities required and you will be left with a picture of what the employer wishes to see in your resume. You can literally copy into your resume everything the employer expects from the successful applicant. When you are looking for ways to embellish your resume, make sure that you express yourself using the employer’s language rather than conjuring up your own eloquent phrases. That’s an italics. Imagine that rather than being a job applicant, you’re actually the employer compiling a template of the ideal resume of your future employee and then your resume will meet the employers criteria rather than your own. To do this successfully, you need to look through an abundance of vacancies and put yourself in the shoes of those who posted them. You should indicate all your skills beyond those required. However, make sure that you especially highlight and emphasize the requirements indicated. Your resume should sound a chord with the employers conditions before you upload your resume to the internet. For example, put yourself in your employer’s position and do a search for the resume of specialists in your field. It will give you a huge advantage and you will discover all sorts of useful details. The majority of applicants directly directed solely by inner intention. Go directly to the search or vacancies section and upload their resume straight away. Try first doing a search for the resumes of specialists in your desired position. Imagine that you are the one choosing the best candidate and that you will become aware of all the strengths and weaknesses of your competitions or your competitors and will understand that the employer feels when he reads the same resumes, then you will understand that you might need to change in your own. Once you’ve compiled your resume, send it off to various companies, but be careful not to bang on the door to fervently allow the door to open to you. You need to recommend yourself without pressuring. Let them choose you. For example, publish your resume in various media forms. Do not pressure the world with your desires and aspirations. Shift the center of gravity from searching for work to announcing your presence in the work world market as far as possible. Allow the work to find you. Never send your resume to the same address twice. Have respect for yourself and know your worth. If you are an exclusive specialist, send your resume to recruiting agencies and calmly await the catch. Do not expect an immediate response. You may have to wait for a long time for your order to proceed. It all depends on the purification of the intention. If your desire is burning like a bright flame, balanced forces will interfere in all kinds of ways. Often an order is fulfilled just as all hope has been lost. [inaudible] the greater your indifference to your order, the sooner it will be completed. That’s in italics, so the greater your indifference to the order, the sooner it will be completed. Here, here it’s crazy. Put the order out and say, eh, it’s nah, I don’t care. And it works every time. The absence of desire Grant’s a freedom that allows you to concentrate on the intention to act rather than on worrying about the possibility of failing. Eventually, you’ll be invited to an interview. At this point, you must be extremely careful of your intention. The narrow mindedness of inner intention will prompt thoughts such as how working for that particular company would benefit you. Enter intention. We’ll concentrate your thoughts on what you can bring to the company. This is the moment to clear the target slide from your mind. Forget about yourself and focus totally on the needs of the employer. You should now be solely interested in the employer’s inner intention. Learn as much as you can about the company beforehand from their promotional material. Identify what the company prides itself in and how do they choose to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Make sure you have a clear picture of these things in your mind. It’d be sure to bring them up during the interview. Every company, just like every pendulum has its own resonant frequency, which is characterized by a number of qualities. Get a sense of the spirit of the company. Are their corporate ethics regulated or unregulated? Is the preferred form of inhouse communication official or informal? What is more greatly valued in the employer’s relationship to their work, enthusiasm and initiative or discipline and can do attitude? Do they favor teamwork or individual creativity, et cetera? All these factors, place certain restrictions on the company’s employees and determine the behavioral style that makes them a part of the group. If you managed to get a clear sense of the spirit of the company, even at interview stage, you will be considered there type of person before the interview. Give yourself a pardon for your shortcomings and weaknesses. If you know that you have shortcomings that could weaken your chances of achieving your goal or think that your lack certain knowledge and skills and accept it, accept yourself the way you are, accept everything you’d rather conceal and walk calmly into the interview. There is no such thing as the ideal candidate just as there is no such thing as the ideal employer, so you can boldly abandon internal and outer importance. You do not have to justify your actions to yourself or anyone else. Of course, this does not mean that you should not work on your shortcomings, but during the interview it is essential that you give yourself permission not to be perfect. Everyone knows that it does not help to feel nervous during your interview. People try and control their anxiety with the power of inner intention, but however insistently you try to convince yourself that you are calm and however much you try not to get anxious, it will not work. You cannot do anything about your nerves unless you eliminate the cause. Battling with interim panic can make you freeze and then you will behave like the mummy of an Egyptian Pharaoh. The only effective way to reduce stress when you are in the hot seat is to accept the possibility of failure beforehand. The desire to be chosen creates excess potential. The more meaning you attribute to the X successful outcome and the more important the job is to you, the fewer chances become. It is essential that you purify your intention of desire. You’re going to the interview not to be offered the job, but simply get through the interview. Not to pass the interview, but literally to get through it. Do not strive for your goal. Concentrate on the process. Enjoy the interview process like any other event. Nobody is going to eat you and you have nothing to lose. This is the time to relax and take pleasure in the proceedings. Set your mind on this thought for the interview is wonderful opportunity to show yourself in the best possible light. Grants yourself. The rewarding experience. Cast away any thoughts of messing things up. You have already accepted the position, possibility of defeat so you can really do have nothing to lose at interview. All the applicant’s thoughts are usually focused on showing themselves in the best possible light. This is inner intention in what light. Exactly. Can you show yourself to be best. Outer intention is focused on expressing a genuine interest in the issues of the employer. Only in the light of the employer’s concern. Can you be the best. Your task lies in answering questions in such a way that you return the context of the employer’s concerns. The skill lies in doing this at the same time as giving precise answers without talking for Fuseli or deviating from the subject. It always irritates an employer when an applicant gives vague answers to a question and indulges in lengthy explanations. That said, as soon as the opportunity arises to touch on issues related to the company, employer does what? It takes pride in what problems that may be facing. You should develop the conversation within this context. Your strengths should be conveyed in the light of the company’s problems. Talk to the employer about these problems and how your professional qualities are relevant to their solution. This is outer intention. If you have been able to lead the conversation in the direction of the employers concerns, you can be confident that the game is being played according to your script. And finally, if you are not successful applicant, the job obviously was not meant for you. You never know what problems you may have escaped, so luckily, so assume it’s to your advantage. He’s saying if you don’t get it, be calm and wait for the job that is meant for you and you will be successful. Applicant, if you have been accepted to a position that has meant for another, you can expect to come into problems. So carry on searching for the job that is yours. How to go about this. You already know the issue of work should not be grounds for the slightest wave of inner discomfort. This is the time to go to work as if to a celebration. So this is the summary of this chapter. Use other people’s inner intention to achieve your goals. It’s clearly obvious. That’s the primary idea of this chapter. The feeling of self worth lies at the core of inner intention. Do not try and change others. Do not try and change yourself either to act more naturally. Switch your attention from self to others. Play the game of increasing other people’s sense of self worth. If you want to attract attention, show an interest in those around you in conversation. People are not inclined to evaluate how interesting you are. They are evaluating how well you might suit the role of realizing their self worth. Express your interest in others with sincerity. Outer intention helps you to realize the inner intention of others. Let go of the intention, get and replace it with the intention to give and as a result you will get the very thing that you gave up. Argument and criticism or the minds battle with the alternatives flow or the stream of variations. Avoid any action that injures another’s self-esteem and at the beginning of any conversation, take a turn with your partner so that you are moving in the same flow direction together. Do not justify your mistakes. Consciously admit them. Adopt the role of defending other people when they’re right. A display of genuine liking for someone brings down their protective barrier. Asking a small favor of someone is the best way of befriending them. Healthy visualization creates a condition of comfort on an energetic level. An individual’s personal power and influence is proportional to their free energy. Charm is the result of mutual love between the heart and mind. Allow yourself the luxury of having shortcomings and lacking strengths. The excess potential of inner importance is dissipated through action and that is basically the way this chapter works in explaining Frayling and how to have a relationship. The flow of relationships, attuning to their resonant frequency, the energy and relationships, pardoning yourself so that you don’t let your problems overcome. And a really good section on job hunting, which you can take the lessons from and even apply that to relationships or other things. It would have been inappropriate for him to have a section on how to go and find the person that you want to love. So he gave this section on job hunting and you can take the lesson from job hunting, make it into a first date or even a specific person, a way of dealing with the relationship itself, how to start it, how to treat it, and how to think about it. Very interesting stuff if you apply that section. So this is very interesting. Uh, Frayling is a different word that you may not have heard of and this is what it is. When you hear people say they’re Frayling when they were talking in trend surfing terms, it’s very powerful and very obvious. You can tell when I’m saying this, things that anytime that you’ve done these things, they work and we kind of naturally already do a lot of Frayling because it works. That’s why it seems like you already knew that, but still very powerful. I would recommend that you, if you’re interested in interpersonal communication on this kind of level, the next level would be like new Orleans caustic program, which, which I don’t think that contradicts with that, but there’s, there’s of talking with people that have become a pattern, a stick language that people use in sales that are very powerful things to focus on that focus on other people’s interests. You can get very good at it. It is very powerful. It’s the secret to politicians and businessmen and sales executives and charismatic people. That was a fun chapter and put in the comments. If any of this stuff resonates with you, if you’ve been able to apply any of this stuff, if you now please, as soon as you can, if you have any suggestions for how I can make a meditation out of this chapter, then let me know. I don’t know what I’m going to do to create a meditation out of this. I don’t know. It’ll either be a hypnosis to lock in a way of thinking. I’ve got to think about it, but if anybody has suggestions then let me know. But in any case, it’s always a joy and pleasure when you share this time with me. If you have any need for coaching, please go to www.advancedsuccessinstitute.com for all episodes of the reality revolution. You can find them@therealityrevolution.com keep an eye out for my book, which is coming out soon and was just working on it right before I got on to this episode. It’s going to be awesome. Something I’m very excited about. The reality revolution, the mind bullying movement to hack your reality. This music has been also pretty awesome during this whole thing. And so thanks again to Brian Larson metaverse for this incredible music. And I hope that you all got something out of this that helps your relationships or defined relationships to find love. And I love you all with all my heart and welcome to the reality revolution. [inaudible].

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